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and what's awful about the prosperity gospel is it's saying your life is going to be completely different I promise you it'll be completely different from what Christ went through you're gonna be healthy or me wealthy the people are gonna love you people call prosperity some kind of twisted doctor God wants you to be in good health and he wants you to prosper what the prosperity gospel teaches hey be surprised if there's any type of trial in your life because you should be experiencing man he's our Heavenly Father he wants us to experience the best the devil doesn't ever want you to get a revelation of finances ever because if he does he loses control of you do you know you should be treated like kings when Paul saying the exact opposite people get attitudes with this get over you I could care less what you think right now about this I don't know if you guys ever heard of Benny Hinn some of you are like me I don't care what you think nobody wants to die nobody wants me sick and nobody wants to be poor well God's will is hell come on God's will is life health and prosperity it's in the Bible there has been some amazing teaching today that's the first time I heard Todd preach live and I'm going oh my gosh these are bold bold men of God when I think about the sand I think about Jesus when he sent out his disciples and and I was thinking about how like if Jesus had a conference how would he promote it three you cry fire and when you said fire it will come upon you are you [Applause] so it just goes against what Jesus preached and what Paul preached and what Peter preached people get attitudes with this get over you I could care less what you think right now about this I really don't it doesn't matter to me I love you but you need to be free

22 thoughts on “Francis Chan vs. Todd White – Prosperity Gospel

  • I listen to both of these men and they are both great men of God. Someone pulled out bits and pieces of what Todd says and don't even know him or what he preaches. They did this same thing to Jesus. They called him all sorts of things – even a demon. So this is no surprise I suppose. If you care so much love him and pray for him and even go to him. Todd is very approachable.

  • I strongly believe That people are taking both of these minister's words and twisting them. This whole video has a divisive spirit and it is not OK. This is what puts a lot of christians in the seat of judgment and causes them to be in danger of the hell fire. Straight up. These highly respected and awesome men of God that are our brothers in Christ. If you can truly understand what the word of God is saying both of these men aren't combating each other at all. You can't take clips of certain things that people say and pin them against each other. If these men were sitting in the same Room an discussing what they meant when they were saying these things there would be a better understanding and they would be on one accord with each other like the word calls for us to be. from the clips that were shown about Todd white I could understand what he is saying it is in the word it is biblical. And I can also understand what Francis Chan is saying it is biblical. Sometimes people think OK when I receive Jesus everything is just going to be great for me. No that is not the case. People expect all the riches and promises of Jesus without a changed perception or a changed heart. Todd white is speaking from a place where you become completely engulfed by the Holy Spirit and your mindset and your perception is completely changed into what the lords vision is for your life. He is Yes you will prosper yes the promises of God will be completed and Fulfilled in your life if you receive Jesus christ as lord and savior and you walk out the word of God with a genuine, pure, honest heart.

  • This video is short and takes snippets of different things both people were saying. I don’t believe this accurately represents them. If you have a problem with any prosperity look at Solomon and Joseph. You know Jesus never had a broken bone in his life, that was a promise for him. He healed all that came to him. God healed me of terrible migraines I used to get many different years. These migraines would last for a week and my friend prayed for me. I felt God’s power go into my hand and something in my heart changed. The pain didn’t go away right away, but I didn’t care as much any more and just wanted to love other people. The next day my reoccurring migraines stopped.

    -I don’t think either of them are preaching that if you don’t have health or wealth something is completely wrong or that you’re not following God. Todd’s stance, from what I’ve seen, is that God wants to have you, your heart and along with that comes your finances. So people can trust God in if he tells them to give lots away, even beyond your means.
    -Judge a tree by its fruit. Look for the good or evil that is being produced by their teaching. Also look for the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus is truth and he shines through his disciples. No matter what the enemy will try and do like he has in this video. The truth of God stands firm and all glory will go to him. Yes and Amen to the truth of Jesus Christ!

  • You will know them by their fruits and Todd is clearly out there bringing Jesus to the world. Be careful of speaking about God’s anointed because he doesn’t take that lightly.

  • What Todd White considers genuine works of the Spirit is a shameful affront to the name of Jesus Christ and His reputation. Todd brings public dishonor to the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Has anyone on here heard Todd White speak met him in person. He is always preaching about the freedom of Jesus. How is that prosperity or false!

  • I love both of these guys they are sold out for Christ. They live for him all the time. Look at their fruit.

  • Why Christianity is so confusing. What you guys are saying those preacher which seem good turn out to be bad. And why there is so many movement Nar or something something. Why don't we just live out how Christ live. Worship him , pray and ask holy spirit for guidance . For me I like tood white preaching on YouTube and many other Christian speakers. End of the day is our relationship with god that matters .

  • Francis Chan is such a fake. Can't believe anything coming out of his mouth. There is not a genuine bone in his body.

  • Just another twisted edited critical judgmental video put together with a religious Pharisee behind the editing and with all the important details missing so to confuse the people that don’t do their due diligence with the leading of Holy Spirit..

  • Having watched hours of Todd White and am working on viewing as much of Francis Chan videos… I agree with another comment. This video seems a bit deceptive from what I've seen of these men. Though there are elements of Todd White I disagree with, I don't recall him presenting a "prosperity" teaching. In a nutshell, I'd say his main message is how to take one's Christianity out of the church building and make it a very real part of your life. How to be a honest disciple every day. This video also seems problematic to me. Instead of criticizing another's view of Christ to people (essentially gossiping about people), why not present your understanding? If you have an opinion on "prosperity" teachings, share it. Support it with scripture. But let's be fair… The only real reason to put names like Francis Chan, Todd White, etc. is to get a video on your channel to pop up on a search for these men or so YouTube algorithms might "suggest" this video to folks who watch videos by those men.

  • This is highly edited. Todd has never preached that there should be no struggles or trails. He is always taking about struggles we must face a believers. And preaches generosity and blessing others in every way possible. He has rejected the idea that to serve God is to get rich. He says we should trust God and He will provide not that He will make us rich. This is a deceptive video. Lying is wrong. Check your heart.

  • Todd White is not a prosperity teacher. He believes in being generous and lives it out. He believes God will provide your needs if you seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and that He wants to bless us. But He certainly doesn't believe that you become a Christian with an intention of getting rich. He preaches that we need to lay down our lives in every way when we give God our lives and not to let money be our God. I have listened to a lot of his teaching. Hope you all can see that too. Blessings

  • I wish you people would leave Francis alone he has his reason he is befriending these heretics the people they draw need to hear the gospel to and Francis knows that.I have heard a bunch of his sermons and i know he is sound and when i hear him saying something thats not bible i will change my mind.

  • Your video is a bit confusing to me. In your snippets Francis seems to deny the prosperity gospel because it contradicts the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, but his current actions of lining up with IHOP and consorts is at least worrisome. What was the message you wanted to convey with this clip?

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