Fraud Calls from bank

Fraudsters start conversation in a professional way ! Usually they tell they are speaking from .. SBI or Verification dept. or ATM dept or IRDA ! I don’t know how they come to know about our usage of SBI card ! Might be guessing or might be picking up using printout receipts from the ATM dustbins ! For using our debit or credit card they need 2 things….. Card number & CVV number CVV number consists only of 3 digits, so the possible combinations are only 999 ! which could be guessed by a software by trial and error ! Fraudsters use female assistants to make calls ! I think probably they hire ex call center workers ! who appear to be very professional on phone ! Remember genuine bank employees never need your card number or CVV! They would ask you whether its Master or Visa card! Dont be surprised if they know initial 4 numbers of your card because its the same for all cards ! All Visacards from a bank start with same 4 number ! and master card from different 4 numbers! Once you tell them the card number they would ask for card expiry date ! and CVV Once you give the details then …… they can feed this details in a blank ATM card and use it in another ATM They would withdraw all your money and run away ! In recent years such calls are becoming extremely frequent. There is nothing like open verification ! What can we do ? Never entertain any phone calls like this ! Report the number to TRAI Report it to local police Install app like truecaller blacklist the number on true caller so that other persons can know about it ! Install call recorder on your phone Share the phone number of fraudsters on all forums and social media ! Report phone number and recording to MEDIA. Let us name and shame the fraudsters! No meaning of arguing with this people on phone They dont have fear of law ! Female fraudster would transfer the call to male collegue who would abuse us. Unfortunately there is no gov forum online where we can share the phone recordings! Unles the gov catch few of them and give vigorous imprisonment……. such fraudsters would keep harrasing people !

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