10 thoughts on “Free Planets Alliance Anthem

  • I think what makes this scene so impactful is that these are triumphant, defiant lyrics written in support of liberty and freedom. But the context for why the anthem is played here and the current state of the FPA makes this anthem become less a rallying cry and more the dying screeches of a doomed nation.

  • melody was ok, but the lyrics need refinement.
    someone with PhD in English and English literature should rewrite the lyrics.

  • It's strange that they tried to send liberty and freedom to the land under dictatorship when clearly there were no oil over there.

  • Какая тошнотворная лживая патетика. Вылитый Советский Союз.

  • There is a sharp contrast between this rendition and the one after the proclamation of the Iserlohn Republic, in this one you can feel the decadence of the FPA.

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