Freedom: An Expert’s Greatest Gift | ISOT #5 |

Hi everyone! tThanks for joining me. I’m
Dr. Jacob and this is my read along for In Search of Truth. Today is an exciting
day because we finish up with the Author’s Note. We’ll begin on page three,
and we will begin second-to-last paragraph. Now, this paragraph really goes over an issue that I had and trying to figure out what was correct. And that is: Just because
someone tells you that they have a solution or that they understand, doesn’t
really mean that they do. “In the science “realm, for example, there are many people who have ideas and explanations that do “not follow the laws of physics. There are
some mathematical principles that also “could be called into question. And then
there are the common existential “questions, such as Does God exist? Do we exist after we die? and How do we come “into being? Millions of people claim to have the “answers for them but few have proof.”
Towards the end of my undergraduate career, I started to realize that just
because a professor tells you something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s
correct. In fact, in many of my classes I started finding out that I was being
taught someone’s opinion on what was going on, not necessarily what was
reality and what was accurate. The other thing I started to find out at this time
was that just because of principle is very popular and many people believe it,
doesn’t necessarily make it correct either.
“To solve this problem, some “people decide to make this an individual
quest and seek their own answers. However, “this only works for so long. There’s only
so much time in the day and no one will “ever have enough time to verify all the
information out there to learn for “themselves. Thus, with our limited
understanding how can anyone know what “reality is? This question fueled my quest
to find the truth to understand “everything and in doing so to hopefully
become perfect. We’re gonna move right into chapter 1
here. Introduction: Unlocking the Truth. This
chapter goes over the beginning of my quest and my journey on improving and
progressing and trying to figure out what was going on in life. “College is where
my journey toward finding the truth “began. During my experience at Arizona
State University, I became involved with “the construction leadership group led by
William W. Badger. Dr. badger was old “enough at the time to have served on
both my father’s dissertation committee “and my own. Dr. Badger’s only rule was
that he had no rules. This allowed me “freedom in my academic career to shape
my research and education into what I “wanted. Dr. Badger, my father who is also
a professor at ASU, helped me realize the “keys to finding truth. To start my
journey, I quickly found out two pieces of wisdom that has helped me along. The
first, is that nobody makes it alone. Everybody who has ever become successful
has always had support and they have had a lot of support. Dr. William badger and
Dr. Dean Kashiwagi (my father), these two were the start of my support. I
actually had many people who were helping me and who have mentored me
along the way. But you need somebody. Second, is that Dr. William badger was
not in my career field. I wanted to go into Industrial Engineering and supply
Chain Management. Dr. badger was in Construction
Management. I actually went into the master’s degree program in the
construction school because of him. And the wisdom is: When you find someone
respectable, someone who you believe knows what’s going on, and that will
support you and help you along the way, you do not let that person go.
Going into the construction masters degree program was the best decision I
ever made. Because, under his tutelage and also
under the mentorship of my father, they helped me to find my path. It hasn’t led
me to be a construction manager but it really helped me to figure things out
and the freedom that they gave me allowed me to take the best use of my
academic career. So your challenge this week, my challenge to you, is: If you do
not have a mentor, if you do not have a good support group that is helping you,
that you can talk to, that can help you to figure out your path, GO GET ONE! This
is a very easy thing to do. You go find the person that you respect the most and
you ask them to become your mentor, you ask them to help you. Usually someone
who’s respectable will always want to help and so you shouldn’t have any issue
with them agreeing to being able to support you on your path. But good luck!
This might be the best decision you make in finding a mentor. It is one that many
people do not take advantage of but one that will really help you out. Thank you
so much for joining me! Hopefully you have a great week! Thanks so much we’ll
see you next time.

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