Freedom and Fire Alarms – Because I’ll Forget

I not happening because I got yelled at
by that that tour guide It’s happening because someone pulled the fire alarm, Katie. It’s happening because we can’t do fun things. We can do fun things for free! We can’t do it. It’s impossible. Something always goes wrong. If it’s free….it is not gonna be fun and it’s not gonna work out. Ladies and gentlemen we are evacuating. Please exit. I’m jumping. I’m jumping over. Why are you so much taller than me? Cause I was up in the air! Look at all the people. Evacuations. Are you gonna use this? Maybe. Yeah probably. We’re currently being evacuated from the Observatory. Katie’s just squatting by the hydrant. That’s all. Jo! Don’t say things like that. You are squatting by the hydrant! We just want to go to the Observatory. I just want to see the sunset from the top of Los Angeles. I want to see the lights come on. And now we can’t do anything…we can’t have any fun! Except this girl, she’s having fun. What girl? The pink girl. She’s having lots of fun over there . Oh whoa….that girl is killing it. And when I say killing it …getting everyone’s attention. I think Jo’s just standing in the
middle of the parking lot instagramming. She already instagrammed. She’s doing more. Her photo is not of our faces. Oh well….that’s saying a lot. That girl in the pink dress…she’s a model. I think you’re doing much better than she is. That dress is so pink though. It’s pink. All of my people. All my friends. These are all of my friends. They came here. Yeah! It’s like a free concert yo. You mean all those people were in line for Genuwine? yeah they were. Genuwine! And Blackstreet though. No diggity. No doubt. *Dog Snoring* Meghan thanks for throwing this party at your awesome house. I’m glad to finally have people over to my new home. Paigy… You’re just sitting on the step. Did you spill my sangria? Yeah… Why did you leave it there? I thought I left it in a safe place. Well that was not safe on the ground where someone could kick it! He’s like woman I did not permit you to take my picture. Oh my gosh. Wait til you’re 10 and I show you this video and you’re like “I hate you.” She’ll be like….”Michaela, why did you do that??” Can I have the bottom? Thank you. It’s like raaaaain…on your wedding day. Do impressive things! boom yeah Whooo…you smell. Yeah, she smells like wet dog. You smell Bunny. It’s a free riiiiide…when you’ve already paid. Katie, do you want a picture with me and the flag? Cause that’s a thing that were doing. No I don’t really want it. Say “Hi Aunty Katie. I love you.” I love you! It’s like *mumble sing*…. *Typical iMovie fun times song* Go! Woo! yeah! Oh my gosh. Wow, he can hold his breathe for a long time. Yeah, Malcom is kinda crazy. Good pointed toes! Now don’t be a bitch about it…ok? Here we go! Awwww Eye irrigation solution. Shake it off, Shake it off. Awww she hates you guys. She’ll love us tomorrow. When you can open your eyes. nobody is in focus. I don’t know where to look. Do I look at myself or do I look at the camera? Well, Hello. Hiiii! *Michaela’s rendition of “Proud To Be An American”* and they sleep with their tongues out. Do all bulldogs have sleep apnea? Yes. Yeah. Basically…

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