Freedom at San Salito by DR Horton, St Augustine; For Buyers Only Realty

hey gang welcome back to the for buyers
only Realty YouTube channel and Dwight’s famous windshield tours today I thought
we’d take a little ride through freedom at San Salito it’s a DR horton community out here at
san salito and saint augustine we’ve done this before but they’ve got a lot
more improvements got a little further Fro Buyers Only Realty along so I thought we’d just see what’s
going on in here today looks to me like they might be doing some more stuff over
here to the right doing some land clearing some road putting in that sort
of thing but let’s go take a look inside of freedom freedom’s DR horton some
community 55-plus gated own small amenities center with a
part-time amenities director activities director I guess they say so let’s take
a peek and see what’s going on beautiful they got a lot of cool little homes in
here let’s see what we got going on here beautiful look at all these homes are in
here now last time we were there wasn’t hardly but a couple in here but if we
look here to the right we’ll let this truck pass in a second here again we’re
in San saludos free I’m 55 plus and over to our right is even our left our other
right right it’s where the amenities center is going for the 55 plus it’s
gonna have a pool looks like some sort Freedom by DR Horton of courts may be some shuffleboard or
something there I don’t know what that’s all about but there’s definitely a pool
over there small amenity Center very nice it’s
coming along also the folks that live here in freedom sands Lido freedom will
be able to use the sand cielito of a menu center which is huge that place is
absolutely humongous but they can’t come over here and use this so this is kind
of cool it’s like you get two for one so a lot of homes available in here they’ve
got a lot going up I know there’s avons there’s a couple others I have to check
out all the different floor plans when I get home ST Augustine Buyers Agent For Buyers Only REalty very nice there’s one going up there’s
one in framing right now that’s a great way to see what the house looks like
before they put the skin on it right you make it through traffic here sorry about
that I don’t want to wreck our trucker correct somebody else’s truck see they
got that one going up that’s in framing that’s on that’s on some water back
there so that’s kind of cool very nice sorry about switching hands
there got my buddy with me today look here steady
there’s steady who’s with us today so these all these lots over here are on
that water right behind it so that’s kind of nice it’s got a dog park in here
at all so freedom over here at San Salito is coming along that’s for sure
still got a lot more homes to build so you got plenty to choose from in here
and which really kind of cools our smaller footprint homes there’s some two
bedroom two baths two bedrooms with den small three bedrooms multiple plans
floor plans to choose from so I’m very very nice so anyway I just want you guys
to get an updated video it’s coming along I was showing property here to
suggest the dog park right there I was showing some property to some other
folks in here a few weeks ago and one of the neighbors stopped over a man what a
nice there’s some really really cool people living it I’m living in here it’s
gonna be an awesome community when it’s done so anyway just want you guys to get
a feel a new feel for the freedom San Salito by DR Horton we do appreciate you
guys tuning in if Sharon and I can help it anyway give us a shout out we
appreciate you have a great day Dwight Cole, Sharon Stevens, For Buyers Only Realty

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