Freedom – Beyonce ft Kendrick Lamar Song Meaning Lyrics Review

Max! Sunday’s here and today we’ll be
reviewing freedom by Beyonce and I am so excited for you excited are you excited
yeah we’re excited this one’s going to get racy and honestly some of you guys might
be offended by some of my views at the end of this video but we’re totally up
for discussion in the comment section below Sup peeps! My name is Aaron and this is Max
and we do Christian reviews on all things pop culture and today culture
meets Christianity in freedom like the most influential woman in the world
meets an angry bee freedom is not on the billboard top 100 but it should be
Beyonce drop to album lemonade in April and its peak on the billboards top 200
charts at number one and currently sits at the number four spot for albums the
whole album revolves around overcoming hardships and touches on a variety of
different struggles she faces but for today we’re discussing her song “Freedom”
which talks about equality for black women and their empowerment freedom was
recently acclaimed as the highlight of the BET music awards the high energy and
power and performance was used as a cry for racial equality Queen Bey Beyonce needs no introduction she’s
probably one of the biggest influences of the world today with a career
spanning over 19 years over a hundred million records sold in over 60 million
with Destiny’s Child she has 20 grammy awards making her the
most nominated woman in award show history Queen Bey sits at the top and few are more
influential than her and the Bey Hive are her die hard fans that hail her as Queen let’s get into the lyrics freedom
touches on many things issues affecting black women equality justice and
institutionalized racism it’s a powerful anthem led by arguably
the two most influential black entertainers today that’s right the first-ever
collaboration by queen bee and King Kendrick tryna rain tryna rain on
the Thunder tell the storm I’m knew this song starts off strong with the
introduction Beyonce use the storm and thunder as
metaphors for racial oppression and injustice and she’s saying that she’s
new declaring her entrance into the arena where she’s talking about racial
oppression this is also an admission of guilt being
that she has such a big platform and such a huge influence that she has yet
to use it for her voice in this whole arena of racial oppression and racial
inequality and she admits that she’s a late entry as a freedom fighter in this
modern day painting white flags blue among wartime a white flag signals
surrender Queen Bey want to paint the white flag blue not because it’s cuter
but because traditionally a blue flag has been associated with freedom liberty
and justice Queen Bey is calling the BeyHive to rally around her for the
fight for freedom Lord forgive me i’ve been running
running blind in truth this to me is an admission of guilt by Beyonce that she
hasn’t been more vocal about the racial tensions in America and that she has
been in fact running away again maybe because she’s had such a big influence
and platform that she has refused to use up until recently then we head into the pre-course I’m
telling these tears go fall away fall away the last one burned into flames this is her line for empowering black
woman beyonce is allowing women to grieve and cry and feel pain but then
not to dwell on that and instead turn that into passion and fire and to fight
for the future of african-americans also in the video it highlights the mothers
of Trayvon Martin Michael Brown and Eric garner and they
are seated with pictures of their deceased son’s Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move! Freedom cut me loose!
Freedom! Freedom! where are you because I need freedom too! I break chains all by
myself I won’t let my freedom rot in hell this
is the big rally the big cry that unites everyone together this is the big
anthem and it’s a rally for african-american women to rally around
and getting powered and strengthen like I said african-american women are at the
front line of all this racial tension in America right now but a lot of their
struggles are going unnoticed in mainstream media black women often don’t
get a lot of coverage by the news outlets but did you know it was actually
three black woman who started the black lives matter movement Alicia Garza Opal Tometi many Patrisse
Cullors Imma wade, Imma wave through the waters tell the tide don’t move I love this line has so much frieght
behind it and this verse Beyonce references the 19th century Negro
spiritual wade in the water and that’s song references Old Testament Israelites
escaping from Egypt escaping from slavery and wading through the part c
and it equates the slavery of the Israelites the slavery of black people
in America and Beyonce is using that reference now calling for the same
attention from modern day and injustice now if you guys know me you know i love
Kendrick Lamar he talked about police brutality and institutionalized racism
and what he does he actually uses a countdown method to explain his
struggles 10 Hail Marys a Hail Mary is a Catholic prayer for sanity and peace and
he’s saying that that’s what he wants you want some kind of inner peace
channel line tells me I’m moving backwards this is a response to his critics on fox
channel 9 news and they say that he actually contributes to a racist America
rather than erasing it eight blocks left and death is around the corner Kendrick
is from content which has a severely high crime rate and that could be around
any corner seven misleading statements about my
persona again this is his response to his critics painting him in a different
light in which he intends to be painted six waving lights in my direction it’s a
reference to the six lights on the top of a police car 50 asking me what’s in
my possession now this has a lot of weight behind it because 50 as a
reference to police officers but also it could be a reference to his countdown
going from 520 he skips for through one and this could possibly be alluding to
the idea that black men’s lives are cut short and cut in the middle and then the
rest of his verse he spends time referencing Malcolm X bar blues king and to pot but Kendrick vs all
about referencing the struggles and fears of african-american men on a
regular basis all right so all of that is just
objective it’s what it is what it means this is where it’s going to get
controversial and I think some of you guys are going to disagree with me so
I’m very open to comments and discussion but this is a Christian of you so I feel
like we should pull some kind of truth out of the song we’re called to enter into these arenas
with a biblical worldview but as a church I feel like we have been
shy scared and silent about the racial tensions in America sure will be a huge voice against
abortion and we have a lot to say about the gays but when it comes to racial
tension we become you Christians should be outraged at all forms of injustice Christianity is the truth about
everything there’s a way that guy created this world and how we’re
supposed to operate to love to forgive to show mercy to bring peace to unify
people and as a Christian we’re supposed to live like that live like Christ you know those little
bracelets what would Jesus do that’s like how we’re supposed to live wwjd
it’s cheesy but it’s true and we’re called to bring Christ voice
and presence into the moral arenas of life but not as an army to force the
other side to been to our will but as Christ did lay down our lives our
opinions and our sense of justice for the other side for the enemy my point is
the church has been absent in the arena of racial tensions and we need to enter
it with a christ-like demeanor the world needs us to enter it because
the world needs Christ because Christianity is the truth about
everything Beyonce might be new to the discussion
about race in America but the church is not we have been here in the church has
led the way for racial reconciliation and progress but it’s like the church
has been missing since MLK my personal opinion I love this song I think it’s far better than some the garbage out there in mainstream
media because people think empowers people and give them hope and more
importantly I think it highlights the struggles of my black brothers without
really attacking any particular group have a lot more to say about this topic
on the race and I’d like to hear what you guys stay so we create some
discussion so leave a comment in the comment
section below because I reply to every single comment thanks a lot for watching
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in the car ask yourself what this radio studio
thanks a lot again for watching my review of freedom by Beyonce on CXC i’ll
see you guys next time

32 thoughts on “Freedom – Beyonce ft Kendrick Lamar Song Meaning Lyrics Review

  • can u do a review on Timmy turner by designer a lot of people are giving their own opinion on what it means I'm curious to see what u have to say.

  • I agree about how the church should be vocal about these matters. This is happening in our communities after all, and even if it isn't, as MLK would say: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Regarding Christianity, It's your belief, so that is your truth, but it doesn't make it "the truth for everything". Although, I don't agree with your views about Christianity. It's just a difference of opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that. Overall, I can tell that your intentions are positive, and that is a good thing.

  • This is my first time checking out your channel and I must say I am not disappointed in the words of today's youth you rock, you're on flick all good things. Seriously it truly refreshing to hear and see a young person with such great views not to mention be so well spoken. I have a personal relationship with my LORD JESUS CHRIST as well, but just like real Christians I don't discriminate against anyone, again great views, well spoken you now have a new subscriber

  • Excellent review!

    And I'll take it even further. Because everything is so politicized these days, you have Christians overlooking what is right and wrong, and aligning themselves more with what they politically believe, than with how Christ would view a situation.

    The political division also divides Christians. Some have even denounced this more outspoken version of Beyonce, despite her speaking the truth.

  • I may not be in America and all.. I'm Kenyan and that is actually a question I have been asking myself. There is so much discrimination in the States, except for singing about it, making it trend on twitter and all… What is being done about it? Maybe I am the ignorant one or I have not followed up but yeah, I think the church should do a lot more than it is doing concerning these matters

  • three women who started Black Lives Matter are lesbians. Non Christian lifestyle and my boy Aaron your breakdown isn't good on this one because you don't understand the scripture.

  • This was one of the most great and powerfull lyric review I've ever seen. Thank you, (and beyonce should be thankfull too) for showing more deeply the values that some of the most influencial people in music industry are trying to achieve with their influence, instead of just sex, party and "money makers" song. I know beyonce has been through this stage, but I think she achieved a position in her career that she actually can do whatever she want, using her power for the biggest purposes. For me, this is a true artist.

  • I love this I have always been a Beyonce fan but this album was so powerful I started doing even more research on our culture and I've always knew the story is so much bigger when it comes to our culture and being black.

  • I have so much respect for her now not only as an artist but as a mentor and a teacher for these young kids now I am 38 years old it was only up until three or four years ago and this is coming from a Puerto Rican guy telling me more about my culture than what I know he was talking to me about melanin and that blew my mind more than the album did but it didn't seem like at that time it wasn't that much important because I didn't do the research and it seems like nobody knew anything about it or didn't have any interest in it I wouldn't believe me if I told him that so when this album came out and I didn't want to watch the bet award that day. Bath & Beyond say what's up and I said f*** it I need to listen to the album lemonade until I heard this song Freedom I was blown away by the performance because finally the information that's out there that we've been robbed from for centuries it's finally out there for us and it takes a bold courageous person especially someone that everybody looks up to and listen to I mean actually listen to is putting the message out there for all of us not just black women before all people especially young people to know that we have been brainwashed and lied to every single one of us with it if you're black white Latino Chinese whatever you are she can't come right out quickly and just say what she probably really want to say so you have to read between the lines and I hope you got good people young people that are listening and hearing and researching because if they knew what I know right now some people might not even want to hear it well that's their problem just know only the meek and humble it supposed to inherit the earth so being meek meaning teachable if you better open up your ears and don't just listen to what they're trying to say you need to hear every single word that they're trying to tell you if you don't do the research don't want to know the facts you want someone comes to you and try to tell you something that you probably don't know or something that you need to know the facts are out here now leaving Grey's Anatomy Jessie could have said it more bluntly they have data now so they know that the police manages not to kill white people everyday data for me mean information in4mation about Who We Are as a people how people been wandering around the country for decades not knowing what are real true culture is all we knew was what they told us which were all lies I can't begin to tell you how many lies. all of them because they've been lied to too new teachers are you Scholars that are just now finding out the truth Big Ups to those white Scholars trying to put the truth out there because you know you can't hide from the truth I'm going to say Tupac was right we are not African American some of us may be African but there's a lot of black black people out here who need to know that we were black before they told us we were black we are black Egyptians/ African and what they try to keep from us is more then just letting us know that we were slaves that's all I remember learning in school listen to me people all people especially black people we are so much more than slavery in the first man invented peanut butter the person who invented cream of wheat I'm surprised they didn't call the cream or white who was the one that came up with the Shakespeare plays they did not want to give us no credit for nothing you want to know how to read you actually tell us that we don't have souls and it was okay for them to beat us like that I mean if you're smart enough and you know yourself I'm talking about nowadays I can go way back until the 7th and I was born in 78 we know that we have a souls evey living thing has a soul for a purpose do you think if you told a black person back in the 1800 where in the 1700 but they didn't have a soul he probably looked at you like you was crazy and said this b** is one that has no soul but you would have hung for it can you take anybody's and I'm talking about you young kids and I'm going about your life on your phone on Facebook talking about nothing. And those who still wondering why the black race is the most hated race out of all other races. one word there is only one word it's like people really when I'm about to say right now this is the key to our existence what makes us who we are this is why we are undefeated and anything that we do or everytime they take something from us and get it right back if we defeat what they said that we would never be able to do we've done it and more I can go on and on and on there's only one word this whole world needs to know especially the black race is melanin that is the key to our existence that's what makes us who we are and it is so special that it scared the s*** out of your those European . I just learned about melanin 4 years ago years ago I believe that you have these Scholars that are out there now that are telling you they just are now researching about melanin . that's how important it is but we knew nothing about it but some of our ancestors did as well as some of our black leaders. musicians we're trying to put the message out there. most of dead. that's my body not want to know the truth because if you knew but they actually stole from you us you would be so mad so don't be mad at all white people because they've been lied to too and we all been brainwashed no matter how all these races come about we are all people and the key is not to to be racist even though it'll piss you off that badly when you find out what they actually took from us you would really have a type of way about people I know this no matter who you are or where you come from you better know your history your real history and do not be ashamed 2 pass this message on teach our kids all people the truth about who we are as a black Nation and I m done .

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