Freedom Camping in New Zealand

New Zealand has a beautiful
and unique environment that is ideal for
exploring in a camper van. We’ve created a short
video to show you what you can do to be
a responsible camper during your travels. We understand that
it’s often hard to find public toilets,
rubbish bins, or dump stations when you’re in an
unfamiliar area. So CamperMate has created
a free iPhone and Android app which will show you the
nearest facility quickly and easily. By using these free
public facilities, you’ll be helping to reduce
your impact on the environment, and you’ll keep
the locals happy. It’s important to know that you
can’t just camp anywhere you like in New Zealand. Most councils have laws
against roadside camping. By failing to comply
with these rules means that you can
risk an instant fine. To avoid this, you
should know what the rules are for the
region you are staying in and where the designated
camping locations are. The rules can vary
for each campsite, but are generally signposted. You can find the
location and the rules of each campsite in advance
on the free CamperMate app, or you can also ask at
the local i-SITE. In it’s very basic meaning,
being self-contained means having an on-board
toilet and being able to hold water from
your sink, for example. However, many freedom camping
areas on council or Department of
Conservation land require you to be
certified self-contained, which is a little stricter
and means something more. For your vehicle to be
certified self-contained, it must comply with a
certain standard, which is checked by a testing officer. When your vehicle has been
certified self-contained, it will display a sticker
like one of these. Camping at a
campsite that is only for certified
self-contained vehicles, when your vehicle isn’t,
risks an instant fine. If you’re coming to New Zealand
and renting a camper van and aren’t sure, check
with your rental company. If you aren’t certified
self-contained, you might like to stay
in one of over 200 Department of
Conservation campsites, or 400 fully serviced
holiday packs located all over New Zealand. By camping responsibly,
we’ll ensure that we keep New
Zealand beautiful. Your help will ensure
that future visitors enjoy the country just as we do. Thanks for watching.

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