Freedom Concepts

Freedom Concepts is a mobility company which
also specializes in custom positioning. The company’s original premise was to get
kids and adults that have differently-abled needs and try to get the mobile and to get them
propelling and turns out it’s in a shape of a bike. First bike we built was
extraordinary for sure. Physical therapist asked me to build a
bicycle for a child with cerebral palsy. So that started as a one off and
that bloomed into what we have today. We always say, give us the
need, we’ll find the concepts. Reliable shipping for us is critical. We want to be exceptional. It’s not just the design and the build at
the beginning and making sure we get all that information to build the
bikes and the chairs properly, but it’s then the follow through after
that’s been a great relationship with FedEx. Freedom Concepts
serves the entire world. Whether it’s Christmas presents. Whether it’s
birthday presents. Whether it’s telethons. Whether it’s presentation dates. We’ve never missed a date. We choose to go FedEx rate primarily
because the nature of our customers, the product that we build is complicated and
it needs to arrive on site fully assembled. Our FedEx salesperson has helped us by
getting us to consolidate our shipments. If we have eight or ten packages or more, we
submit all the paperwork to FedEx and FedEx submits them to our broker as one package as
opposed to eight or ten individual shipments. Our FedEx sales representative worked with
us on our packaging to come up with a clear cellophane wrapping for our bigger bikes so
that you could see it through the shipping process and also worked with us on our boxing
to make sure that our products would not be damaged in the shipping process. Future of Freedom Concepts is to look at the
international markets and that’s all countries because the nature of our product, being so
custom to be able to offer that customization to other parts of the world and be able to do
it in a timely manner is critical to our growth, and I think FedEx
involvement in our company. I think for us it’s the convenience, the professionalism
and knowing it’s going to make it to the door. We’re not really out there to
just sell mass amounts of anything. We’re really trying to make
sure the product has the needs. There is nothing that we will not try
in order to make a bike for a person. FedEx has helped us to grow our business
by being as reliable as they are. The product always gets there. The product get there on
time and people are happy.

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