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welcome for visiting this demonstration of the freedom manufactured by E-njoint the revolutionary company that doesn’t copy but they invent and set the trend okay take it step by step what you’re looking at this moment is the standard freedom Oil vaporizer and the freedom stealth edition well just show you the difference between two if I unpack this one the pack itself and just put this to the side and if I unpack this one this back to the side you can see that there’s a difference only in the graphics the products are identical but here there’s a you know they got the typical weedleaf printing on that joint users and also in the front there is a printed laser engraved leaf this one is sure black it just has E-njoint written there and the front actually contains a peace sign so this we call this a little bit stealthy less obvious for people that don’t want to show people that they are smoking cannabis or extracts so that’s the difference between the standard and the stealth version all right so let me just put these decide functionality is identical i’m going to show perform the demo with this product here so i unpacked it we see that there’s a cartridges mounted the batteries there and there’s a USB charger there let me just take you there from the beginning if you take this one make sure that you open this up because it does have a warning sheet how to dispose of the batteries and it also has instruction manual you know with graphics clearly showing what to do what not to do and it has some good information on the back about the products itself how to fill etc but I’m going to walk you through the cartridge when mounted is actually mounted with a red dot little silicon there because that disconnects this cartridge from the battery you know whenever something does happen in transportation or if the button is pressed and is not intended to this battery can not power up this cartridge as long as this little silicon button is there just pull that out to remove it i’m going to show you just really quick how to charge this so this battery screwed on to this one you see this is a USB standard port this charger is a 5 volt DC is different than a charger from the other and joint products so this is just plugged in you know within about one hour and you will see that this light will turn from red to green that means it’s fully charged okay so I’m going to disconnect this and take this cartridge remove the little silicon plug here put that to the side and screw this on and then I’m going to show you how this product can be filled so the top piece hair can be screwed off and you see that there’s a pin there and when you put this down and you take a normal needle bottle this actually this has a very good extract from some haze we really made it pretty thin so this viscosity is very low so I’m just going to put it to the side there and you can see that you’re filling it filling it all the way with the end and then right now it’s full it holds about 0.45 ml and make sure that you don’t keep take this cap off too long so immediately just rotate it and twist it on there so it’s tight right now it’s really not ready to use because what happens now is this oil has to saturate all the parts inside so in the manual it says you know leave it standing there for for about five minutes says here also don’t overfill it ninety percent is a good percentage don’t overfill it because that increases the chance of the oil leaking out the top when you’re screwing this down but right now it’s fully filled I mean you can see when I’m turning this around there’s going to there is some air cotton there you see a small air bubble coming up but rather you know almost since nineteen ninety five percent fool show you how this product is turned on like pretty much standard in the ecig industry is five clicks one two three four five towards the product on and you can see that when I’m pressing this button right now that the cannabis leaf is actually lit also the LED on the button will also be illuminated again I need to leave this for about five minutes before all the oil actually hits the heating element while this is standing there and you know being impregnated I’m going to tell you some other things for the freedom versions there’s available the standard cartridges like this one it’s the same product just bought separately but we do have them like this went in in a CBD version prefilled we also have in like this and they’re empty so this is the freedom oil clearomizer and I already have one unpacked somewhere that I can show you but it’s also there’s the version also you know has the the manual in the back in the registration but it’s basically it’s just a separate cartridge that you can buy and put it on the batteries either standard or stealth now I’ve experienced that I’ve been filling this refilling this over 25 times before I found there’s so much residue in there that the product starting to taste a little bad so it really depends on what kind of liquid you’re using if you’re using a normal eliquid with with a some nicotine or something that is possible we don’t recommend that but that tends to clog up quicker because there’s a residue inside the oil if you’re using maybe a homemade oil for this that has a lot of little fractions of the plant in there it’s not filtered correctly that can clog up but when your oil is nice and clear you probably are able to refill this up to 25 or maybe even more times before you have to distill you know replaces but people buy these separate cartridges because maybe they want to put some some CBD mint or they want to put some some other liquid with a pineapple taste or whatever this for example is the five percent prefilled cartridge with organic CBD it contains 26.1 a milligram of CBD in there this is a nice product to have of course the freedom also comes prefilled especially for CBD so it’s the same product the stealth aversion and then it’s got already prefilled CBD cartridge in there so punches we knew that this is important to know that there is flexibility between the batteries and the other cartridges that were selling you currently marketing we have the prefilled cartridges with the cannabis flavor we have the mood changes very famous whether the terpene based I liquids and right now I feel that this is saturated enough to to create some vaped and left it there for about five minutes so all I need to do now is press this and take a vape I’m going to do it you see that there’s a really a lot of smoke really nice taste and if it really depends on the viscosity of the oil that you’re using but one cartridge can can hold about 150 puffs and the battery when fully charged is enough power to use one cartridge so your cartridge is going to run out before your battery does um there’s not that much to tell other than how to turn this off because when you put this in your pocket maybe and you know your buttons pressed the heating element is uh being heated up there is a security software in there that turns off the heating element when this is pressed for longer than 10 12 seconds because you don’t want this to be continuously heating up and that’s not good for the lithium-ion battery so the last thing that I want to show you is how to turn this off is again is five quick clicks one two three four five and it will respond by flashing and right now i can press this and nothing will happen i can press it twice on two three now I’ve already pressed to five times but this is now I turned it on and five quick clicks one two three four five and it’s flashing back at you when it’s done all right this is considered to be a very very sexy product you know it’s not just for the female market the guys like it as well a lot of these are being sold to men and we actually have a rose a gold plated and a gold plated version as well that we’re launching in January and we’re very excited about that because the women love that one also alright well thank you for your time don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you might have because we appreciate your feedback very much and talk to you next time

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