Freedom Distraction Blocker – 2019 Review | Features, Pricing & Opinions

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s video We’re going to be taking a look at freedom, which is a distraction blocker Which is designed to help you keep focused when you’re doing a specific activity Now this piece of software is available on pretty much all devices and we’ll be taking a look and how effective it is today Also a little bit about the features and how it specifically works on the Mac edition Which is replicated pretty much across all of the desktops. So without further ado guys, let’s dive in to freedom So guys just before we dive into this video I just want to thank brain FM for sponsoring this month here on key productive for those who don’t checked it out yet Brainy FM is a music application that uses AI to help choose the most effective music for a range of different scenarios Now if you haven’t used it yet You can choose a range of options from sleep to meditation to focus and you can use it during those times and it’s quite useful because what it does is it actually Helps you to focus even further. So when you’re using like freedom you could use this alongside it to help your sessions go even more effectively now you can try it for free on Android and iOS using the free five sessions link below but if you really Fancy and love it when you use it do check out the code keep the 20% off I was playing around with this one when I was in San Francisco as I mentioned in yesterday’s feature And I used it to have a really good old sleep And also using it during a few of my focused work sessions, too Especially when I’m editing a video as well or doing something like an article to really retain the focus. So guys big Thanks to Brenna phone for sponsoring this month here will keep productive. So guys, let’s dive into freedom I have my Mac open here in front of me. And what we’re gonna do is we may actually dive into the application Okay, so I have downloaded freedom and I’m just gonna show you it will appear in the area So for example here I can click and freedom freedom is available on the menu bar on the Mac So it will be up here as this mini butterfly Don’t get confused for the likes of the Ulysses logo Okay So they have an iOS version Android Mac and Windows and it does allow you to essentially Block the entire Internet now a lot of time the distraction we face during our days is from the websites We use on a day-to-day basis Now you can use the application for seven free sessions and unclick the link in description below But during that you get the opportunity to try out pretty much all the features And there is a premium and premium is priced at But if you want to go for the yearly plan it’s $29 per year so at the end of this video you should get an idea of the features how actually works and Whether it’s a good investment for your workplace or work productivity, so as you can imagine, this is the Mac version I’m going to demonstrate how you go about using this. So as you can see here, I’ve got obviously my francesco mac connected I’m gonna go ahead and press launch dashboard because essentially it takes me to the website which has a bit of a like an Overview of all the devices you use so I’ve been actually connected it to my iOS device I wanted to do a separate feature on there to show you what actually and how that works Because I think that’s a bit more effective You can see here that you can actually start a session from here so you can start a specific timer You can choose what to block whether that’s actual Mac applications or all website and on the devices you use it so for example if you wanted to block like all Buying habits for an hour on specific prices you could do and as you can see here, I’ve made what’s called blocked lists So as you can see You can create a block list down here and you can choose a certain sites that you want to reduce blocking so for example you can have anything from games to sports and you could just block LinkedIn for a couple of hours or you can choose the specific website that distracts you most maybe you want to put in read it in there or something like that or even Slack if you want to have a bit of time off Now you can choose the actual time. Then you choose you can actually set one for later Now it’s actually only available in the premium. But now it actually allows you to set up a for example scheduled one so for example, if you know you’re gonna be writing or you wanna like, you know, Set something very specific up. Then you can have that going now you can actually add a session you can add a recurring session as I said that’s available in the Past the free session actually, it’s not included in there, but it actually allows you to set up a recurring one so for example if you wanted to have a Routine hour to spend not touching any websites to be writing in your own book than you can do So now locked mode again is available on the upgrade. I’ll go through the full pricing When we finish but I’m just going to go back to here and this is my sessions and what if number 14c session history I had a thirty one minute session a couple of weeks ago and you can write your accomplishments here and What exactly you blonde? So I blocked all the websites and apps on this Mac and I accomplished edited a folder YouTube video and Again, you can see the same so you can see here over the last seven days I’m saved 26 minutes with freedom apparently and that’s aimed to help you. Keep a track of how well you’re doing Now if I go out of this, I’m just gonna minimize this for now and go back up to the area here I can go ahead and select devices. I’m gonna be actually blocking on I can actually select the block place I want to choose So for example in this case I’m gonna block all web sites block all app use and that means that it won’t connect to the internet and also block the buying and distractions online now if I go ahead and start the session based on any bit of data, for example I can have a custom length, which I could choose to be like, you know, like 45 minutes specifically and Press start a session now once I’ve started a session, obviously everything gets blocked and can see up here I’ve got 45 minutes left on this one and It goes about blocking everything. So for example, if I went over to Chrome and I decided I’m gonna be like, okay I’m gonna go to You can see here blocks automatically and a message should appear Serang saying take – take a deep breath You are free So it has a sort of website blocker automatically installed and it will reroute to that website Now if I just go ahead and cancel this one if I wanted to cancel Actually, I don’t think there’s a cancel button. I think you are sort of locked in I haven’t actually tried canceling a thing before. Okay, that’s a good indication that it’s quite an effective way of doing it For example, if I wanted to manage the blocks desktop, perhaps I could specifically block a certain set of apps now this is really useful because if art for example I’m gonna be using like there is like my writer and I wanted to write an article in a 45 minutes I’m doing it for I keep keep that one unblocked and if I wanted another one You know blunt I could certainly do that Now you can only save this before the freedom session starts So that you’re not going and changing the settings during your session because that would be sort of Defeating the point of the concept and you can only do that with the freedom exceptions here So for example, you have to set this up The websites that will not be blocked when you start so the way you do that is just by hitting add a site and go And had it an specific one So the one thing I actually haven’t done is you need to be able to set this up with the exceptions list And then actually go over to here and enable website exceptions so for example If you’re a social media manager and you need a specific couple of pages Or you want to be able to get access to your my pages Facebook then this is probably the best place to set up So make sure you’re enabling web exceptions now in terms of the overall Experience when I was using this during the sessions on the Mac and it blocks all the apps out that I didn’t want to Distract myself, which is really useful And for example if I wanted to go over to this manage block desktop apps list You can see that I’ve specifically got like calculator blocked and if I go up to the search bar and type in Calculator and I specifically try and open that it automatically shuts the app down so I actually can’t access it it like shows it for a second, but then decides to like Force closed it which is quite a good technique Um, but sometimes it’s sort of like if you forgot that your block apps list You probably be like panicking whether your actual devices were probably working now overall I think this applications most suitable and I recommend it for people Who are really getting distracted by social media and I would like to do a full review of the iOS application because once you connect this with your iOS and Android apps I think this would be really effective But the way that you can select your devices and block certain things is quite nice now the full feature set Includes a lot more for example block the entire internet the Mac App Windows iOS and Android apps you get session history Allowing you to see more details which we demonstrated earlier session annotation website exception So we called locked mode which actually gives you sort of locking so that you don’t make any edits During the future or ender session also recurring scheduling and advance scheduling too You also get freedom parks and windows website extensions as well so there are a Huge bunch of benefits for this one if I go over to the area then I wanted to create that So if I go back up here and press launch – sport Then I should be able to get access during this period of time and you can see my current work session here So it gives me an idea on the pricing But if I go to upgrade I can give you a bit of an idea on what that looks like now They actually have a discount at the moment. It just appeared here sixty four dollars fifty four forever access to Freedom and that’s using may 20 19. I’ll try and clue down the description That wasn’t plan now. It’s just and she just came up They one things after note is the windows website exceptions isn’t currently available So that’s just something to note But probably what I recommend doing is trying to free trial first setting up maybe Seven sessions of work that you’ll be doing a specific activity like editing setting up all your settings edit all the right website to be blocked in all set up and then giving it a go and actually Making sure and seeing if it’s a good investment I recommend actually Testing it seeing if it works for you because some people are pretty good at being able to set up a habit of them not Touching it, or maybe even like putting a jar in your room of just having like, okay I’m gonna put a pound in there every time I go on Facebook or something like that also telling a spouse that they’ll donate to a bad charity if you if they do this and being honest about that or Having like an accountability bunny showing your website history For example, I don’t know but if you don’t see like freedom beneficial in those 7 sessions Then necessarily it might not be for you. There are other sort of mini distraction blockers, which I’ll probably be reviewing soon So it’s probably worth checking those out as well. So guys are hopefully you found this review useful of freedom I’ll probably doing the iOS app soon because I want to do a separate feature on it. But all the informations available freedom Oh Soon to check out all the details there, but I really appreciate you stopping by today If you’re brand new to keep productive YouTube channel hit subscribe it be absolutely fantastic to have you in the community if you enjoyed this video and found it valuable hit the like button and If you’d like to comment below with your own experience of freedom Please do or any other distraction blocker because it’s good to know what other solutions are out there. Anyway, guys huge Thanks, and I’ll see you guys in a future video Cheers

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