FREEDOM! Exploring the lands of The Bruce (Geocaching in Scotland)

It really is quite surreal standing here
on the fields of Bannockburn now surrounded by farm lands where the most
significant battle in Scottish history occurred and most importantly we have
here a statue of Robert the Bruce The namesake by which I like to associate. Braveheart is one of my favorite movies and although William Wallace was kind of
the star of the film, arguably Robert the Bruce was the bigger star. It is so cool to be able to stand right next to the monument of King Robert the Bruce. Very cool. I mean, you can almost try to imagine what
people who lived in that era would have thought if we told them that hundreds of
years, many hundreds of years from now, people would be walking around freely
on these lands trying to remember what their time was like. It’s both
fascinating, humbling, makes you glad that we live in a lot of the places that we
do these days. They fought for freedom, and we have
– “…our freedom!” And of course there’s a cache there. Next up: Stirling Castle This is wild!
This is Queen Anne Gardens in Stirling Castle Wow. Ooh, cool.
They’ve got cannons along the wall. You can see them from the ticket booth,
and I was wondering what they’re aimed at. There’s really just so much history here,
too much to put in one video. And that right there is the Wallace Monument And here we go!
It is high… ♫ da da da daaaa da da da daaa daaa ♫ ♫ daaa da da daaa … ♫ More stairs! We visit the Wallace monument, and of
course, there’s a cache there. Could it be a … unsuspicious pile of rocks? What!
It’s a film can! And – And – Oh man! Wow!
BAD. GOOD. So we’re just about to stop for the day and… One more.
There’s always just one more. We pulled into Kilbryde Church.
This is a very very old church. But we found the cache. We’re hoping to find a cornerstone with a year on it
so we know exactly how old this church is. Oh look at this, cool. You’ve got the outer gate The inner door. Found the year!
Right up there at the gate. 1864 This tree right here – that is massive! That is a gorgeous tree and it’s covered in moss.
It’s gorgeous! Look at this thing. All right, well on that note we are off to
Castle Kilbryde where we are staying overnight, and tomorrow is the first of
two big hikes. So, got to get some sleep. And on that note,
happy caching, and excellent adventuring!

12 thoughts on “FREEDOM! Exploring the lands of The Bruce (Geocaching in Scotland)

  • Nice! We saw Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument, but only from a distance. So, it was great to see what we missed at those spots. Stirling castle seems very similar to Edinburgh Castle, but with a LOT less people! That church at the end is practically brand new compared to most of the old buildings in Scotland. lol Thanks for sharing!

  • When I was in Central Park I saw a man dressed as Elmo. I felt the same way as you about being with my namesake.

  • A good tour vlog. When we were at Stirling Castle I was in the midst of my streak and had very little time to get a cache so while Karen and her choir sang in the great hall I raced down to the bottom of the hill to get a cache then raced back up before the bus left. The William Wallace tower looks really cool.

  • Great tour of the different places. Loved going to castles when I was in the old country. So many cool places to go and see.

  • Wallace Monument and Sterling Castle were both amazing places to visit, appreciate the great tour! Some nice caches bagged too😎👍

  • Nice vlog and gorgeous locations! We visited a bit of Scotland before geocaching so I guess we will return some day and go to the places you're showing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Braveheart is one of my fave movies too!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 It’s so great to see some of Scotland through Geocaching’s Cache The Line 👀 ~ those roses & that miss tree & Castle & monument & steps, so many steps. Looks amazing!! I bet you worked up an appetite with all that vlogging ~ did you venture out & try the haggis?

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