Freedom – Faroe Island

After we are dead, the body is gone, and your soul, it will be somewhere. Maybe like an albatross, I can go out to the sea and fly for the rest of the life. The bird – they are a symbol of freedom. They do what they want. Yeah yeah, I think I am free because I do what I want and I was lucky to have a job that I like to do. The sea has a soul. And the stone is alive, there is a soul inside. So I want, in my painting, to go inside the mountain, behind… there is something behind. You never only work with what is outside. You work with what is inside. I can do a painting of you, and it looks like you. That would be ok. But when I really do an artwork of you, I have to get your soul, your inside. And that is what artists have to do. They have to give it some insight… some power. No, it is not easy. In the beginning, it may be hard to stay alive, because it is difficult to sell your art in the beginning. You maybe have to spend 20 years before you can really live off of it. One of my friends here in Faroe Islands, he says, ‘I do the best of my work when I sleep.’ And that is something like instinct that you have. In the beginning you have a plan, I want to do that and that, but in the end you don’t know what it will be. Don’t think so much about it. Do what the picture wants you to do. And that’s a good way to do it. I think you have to be free. You have to listen to what you think is best for you. You have to work for your freedom to do what you want. You have to be strong enough to do it by yourself. That is your life. Hi everyone, thanks so much for watching this weeks film. We really appreciate all your wonderful comments. It really helps to motivate us, wanting to make these films even better for you guys. If you would consider donating towards us, and helping support us, just click on the link below.

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