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How dangerous the guerrilla freedom fighters had operated in Bangladesh It’s very difficult to guess right now They were always ready to liberate their country To dedicate their own lives For torturing the Bengalis… Pakistani Militant forces were sent to Bangladesh by misinterpreted There were a noise then in Bangladesh called “Militia” Militants came to this country and started oppression They used to tell us the lungi of our Muslims as the dhoti of the Hindus I think, the Pakistani Army brought the Militants into this country by lying and misunderstanding them Those militants were informed What I found out in the commission later, The militants were informed Hindus are fighting against Muslims in East Pakistan So, go and kill those who wear dhoti like Hindus This is when Pakistani militants lined up eight to ten Bengali people When the militants started firing… You just think that, I’m the first one After the Pakistani militias opened fire, you think, maybe only after saying “La Ilaha…” that my breath was gone That’s when, the next person was shot He had already spoked “La ilaha…” The Pakistani militia who was firing, then ran and came in front of those mens and asked, Brother are you all Muslims ? Then they said that they were all Muslims So why do you wear dhoti ? It’s not dhoti, it’s called lungi You don’t lie, you wear dhoti Are you all Muslims ? These Pakistani militants… Even… It is also seen that ten out of ten people were Muslims Everyone said “La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah” Then the militia turned around in anger The captain of the Pakistani Army who ordered them to fire Against him, on top of him The Militants closes his eyes and fires a brush Within fifteen days to a month of that incident, Those Pakistani Militant forces then Totally disarmed and taken back to Pakistan That was the kind of thing which I saw in my own eyes Dhaka City… Kamrangirchar… Narayanganj… Then think over the river Munshiganj… In many places I used to walk around As soon as the Pakistani Army started checking more in Dhaka city We saw the danger of being caught I moved out of Dhaka Crossing the river at night Let’s go over Nawabpur… Islampur… KathPotti… Munshiganj… In those areas & in different people’s houses I used to hide in slums [Music] In those days the freedom fighters carried out guerrilla operations in Dhaka All operations triggered panic among Pakistani troops in Dhaka Actually A.T.M Haider told us, You’re the first one in Dhaka City You go to Dhaka In different places Where’s the Army… Where’s the Ansar… Be the home of a non Bengali… Get on the road… Try to create a terror wherever you can There were numerous Every day we were In different places Grenade charges And think of Ansar camp That was near the science lab It looked like there were a police station We were suddenly coming down that road one day Why we used to work in those areas without any fear My younger sister’s husband Golam Mostafa He did a favor to us For our ten freedom fighters, He made AG’s Identity Card, which was false Identity Card To make somebody LDC… To make somebody UDC… Yes, by employing them in such government positions He made for us Government Identity Card Because of this, we used to go around the city without fear where there were a lot of checking in several places If there was an army of Pakistani officer level he would ask us “Are you a government individual ?” We used to say, “Yes brother, we are government people” They’d say “Okay, go” Because of this, we used to planning for action in different places Like in front of Kalabagan on Mirpur Road I hit the grenade in the bus at night Then no one except Bihari people on the road at eleven o’clock or twelve o’clock at night “Any way you can” Our Sector Commander Haider told us, “You should create a disturbance in the city” “Every day you will attack different places” “You have ten to twelve freedom fighters” “However you can” “Don’t sit down one day” [Music] This is the Hotel Noor on Green Road On the night of August 21, 1971 With a few freedom fighters Sheikh Abdul Mannan laid on explosive mines on this road [Music] Then they took place on first floor of this hotel Pakistani Army’s vehicles which were coming from the Science Laboratory While crossing the street in front of that hotel Pakistani army’s vehicles turns upside down by explosion After firing for few times, the freedom fighters left the place But in the meantime, The Pakistani army had already faced many casualties [Music] Four freedom fighters with me Dulal… Mahmud… Alamgir… And Abdullah Started from the subway called “Bhooter Goli” Crossed over Green Road We found an empty building called Noor Hotel This was the building we were calculating If we ambush from this place Let’s try Whether a good work can be done Many people and cars passed by that road over time We put explosive mines on the road below It doesn’t work Till the last… Then it was twelve o’clock in the night I took Dulal down with me We spread explosive mines all over the street like “W’ shape After getting up It was almost two o’clock in the night Suddenly we saw, from the science laboratory One after another Three yellow lights started to come towards us [Music] When first, second and third vehicle arrived The first vehicle’s accident happened to be near my feet under the building As it’s two wheels became burst Our attack began… There were two SLR on on both ends of the building I was in the middle I had a Chinese machine gun That’s what I took away from a young Navy officer The fire opened… The second truck stopped near the pavement on my left We saw the third truck also got accident There was an overloaded army in those trucks The firing started… Seeing no way out, we started the fire with all five of our weapons And there, we were in this war, Approximately forty five minutes We kept firing… Unfortunately, those two SLR which were mounted on both ends of our building Those SLR’s bridge bolt were locked They cannot unload their empty magazines One is Mahmud… Another one is Alamgir Both of them came to me and said We could not load our guns I tried it for a while… The empty magazine could not be extracted in any way Then I advised them Dulal had the bags of hand grenades and phosphorus grenades Take those grenades from there and charge it If you do not provide me some cover, how can I cover it alone ? I do not know, when my freedom fighters fled My magazine was almost finished, then I saw the bullets were still running I found out, all of my companions were off guns Then I was repeating fire towards enemy I’m only covering those three trucks At that moment, when my magazine ended I told Dulal who was next to me, “Dulal, get my magazine out of my right pocket” I look around and saw that Dulal was not there And all my companions fled Then I was terrified and Got up on the roof of that building Jumped down from the back of that building I tried to save my life From there, my arms and legs were broken, that’s how I’m alive today I got news later There were a lot of casualties Seventy-eighty people had died in those three trucks Army officers were dead The next day, I went to CMH and got the news by my own people By the source of the cantonment, I got news that the casualties were great Pakistani Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi and The eastern commanding general of the joint forces of Bangladesh and India The winning commander Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora Signed historical document of surrender [Music] Bangladesh is freed from the invading forces The sky and the air were fulled By “Joy Bangla” slogan [Slogan] [Music] When the freedom fighters of Bangladesh heard about the surrender of Pakistani forces They celebrated in different ways The first hour of victory People started screaming at six or seven o’clock The country has became independent We couldn’t believe it then We reached the Rampura Television Center from Malibagh We were hiding ourselves That would be six and a half or seven at that time People’s procession were on the street What was the procession, all the people came out of the house They saw the rifles in the hands of ten-fifteen fighters with me Those people said that, they are the freedom fighters Besides, in Dhaka City There were no other freedom fighters on that 16th December It was a wonderful thing, I can’t explain it to you From that Rampura Television Center to the Mouchak I didn’t walk Also my fifteen freedom fighters We don’t know how we got there We thought, we climbed over people’s heads and shoulders What could be the joy and excitement of people It’s not like I speak in my language [The sound of human cheering]

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  • These peoples are real freedom fighters of Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Our government should recognize the original heroes of Bangladesh. Very few of them are still alive now. But they are still neglected by our country. That's really shame for us. I salute to this real life hero of independent Bangladesh.

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