Freedom Firm Overview

we know that girls are trafficked because they're promised jobs and we know that girls are trafficked when they're abducted we also have heard a lot that girls are trafficked by family members there's communities called media communities where historically they have been putting their women into prostitution in order to provide for the rest of the family the girls grow up knowing that they're destined to be a prostitute when they're rescued they are really confused because they say to us what are you rescuing me from this is what I'm supposed to do this is what I meant for and then the fourth thing is girls are trafficked because they're they fall in love promised marriage and they go along with their fiance and then he saw her love the girl and when she got to the big city to Pune or Mumbai whenever we go to the police and ask them to to do a rescue we play the role of leading them to the location primarily and identifying the girl and the brothel keeper we never go without the police so during during a raid there's there's built-in protection because we're going along with a police force the danger levels change when it comes to the investigation because the investigation is totally done by freedom from independent of the law enforcement agency and our investigators young men who are going into the areas pretending to be customers do you have to be very careful but their objective is to go and leave if there's no young girls if there is engaged the young girl get as much information as they can from her they're always there always wearing undercover cameras so everything is documented everything is recorded and that's actually first and foremost for their own protection and their own accountability and to identify who the brothel keeper and brothel manager are once you've found a young girls to find who's the person that that's exploiting her 70% of our girls HIV positive and so teaching girls you know what that disease looks like how do you self care in that situation the girls we rescue are completely uneducated typically most wouldn't have even been to kindergarten and so just learning to read and write in any language not just English but their own language beginnings of literacy learning how to add subtract use a pair of scissors and cut a straight line just a lot of practical ways of being with the girls and teaching them and then I developed the leg up program horse therapy was just this really tangible way of bringing a horse and they get to ride and groom the horse and and interact with the worse and also other disabled children and not focus on themselves so much in learning how to trust an animal learning how to love something else we said we saw little steps in in being able to counsel them relate it to real-life situations and probably the biggest way that we see rehabilitation for these girls is through a job what are your skills what skills do you need to learn and how can you be successful in the world can you survive and so we do that through the platform of through hama designs which is the business that freedom from runs and the girls make jewelry they learn computers they learn how to upload photos they learn how to take photos they can learn different parts to manage the business they'll help me in designing the products packaging all kinds of aspects of real business and so our challenge is how do we bring these girls from a place of brokenness into reality of what a real employer would expect and so that when they leave us they're not just going to fall back onto well the only thing I can do is go back to the brothel and and if you look at any organizations that are working with these girls across the world that's the biggest challenge there's lots of ways that you could combat trafficking but probably the most effective is to hold the perpetrators accountable so when you can catch a brothel keeper who has been forcing a minor girl into prostitution living off her earnings abusing her and you can bring that brothel keeper before a court and actually get a prison sentence and that brothel keeper spends time behind bars you you have stopped that brothel keeper from being able to exploit more children but you've also done something far more significant than that even is that you have sent a message to all the brothel keepers and the messages if you exploit minor girls you're gonna spend time in prison you're gonna spend time behind bars so there's there's a multiplying impact putting even one ruffle people behind bars you

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