Freedom for Asia Bibi (ENGLISH)

if they have persecuted me they will persecute you whoever by words either spoke for my visible representation or by any imputation innuendo or insinuation directly or indirectly defiles the sacred name of the holy prophet muhammad shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life and shall also be liable to fine [Music] I’m writing them from my prison cell in Shikoku Rebecca Stan these are the last days or even hours of my life that’s what I was told by the court been sentenced me to death I fear not only for my own life but also for the lives of my husband and children because of me my whole family has been sentenced my name is Ozzie and allene baby I’m nobody is the local women say around here I need an Wally a tiny village in Micucci province in central Pakistan I hadn’t killed or robbed anyone but according to the law of my country I have done something much worse I have blaspheme I’m a Christian and I believe in my god but everyone should be free to choose what to believe in I want to finally explain everything I want to shout out the truth [Music] [Music] [Music] have you met Sidra no she’s married now I’ve been interested in france24 TV channel since it’s very beginning its mission was to bring the news from all over the world and I’ve always been interested in international politics so I applied for a job there and was offered the position of news anchor I accepted it knowing that given my previous experience I’d be soon covering international conflicts firsthand then after eight months my editor proposed I set up her office in Pakistan I immediately said yes and before the summer of 2008 I went to Islamabad [Music] I covered events in Pakistan for four years in a way I felt Pakistani because I no longer lived in France I wasn’t disappointed you can learn a lot there and it’s a country full of surprises [Laughter] [Music] Allah has given us the courage we know how to pull the trigger we know how to behead a blasphemer we are the protectors of the dignity of the Holy Prophet Allah has honored us with courage and the power to strangle blasphemers to cut out their tongues we can riddle their bodies with bullets and nobody can stop us under any law the blasphemers punishment is only death I [Music] think is the power of violence the power of violence is like a in a classroom in any university in the world you think of a classroom with 60 students now you enter one with a machine-gun and everybody will do whatever that guy says and if somebody tries to say anything and shoots the first one all the others will just follow command so unfortunately I used to think of Pakistan as a country that is in this moment is somehow kidnap it cannot show all the goodness it has you have to be living there to see it for the eyes of an outsider is very hard to imagine to what extent can Pakistan be part of your heart but I’ve been living there for for 11 years and I can assure you that in very few places on this earth I have known the goodness and I have known the human quality I have found in Pakistani people the Pakistani people are the ones who are suffering these fundamentalist let us not forget it the people who are getting killed our Pakistanis the people who cannot live at peace are Pakistanis the security guards who are killed at airports at bus stations or the innocent people who are killed in a market are both Christians and Muslims Pakistanis dozens of Christian worshippers were killed in Pakistan on Sunday as two suicide bombers blew themselves up among worshippers more than 50 people are reported dead and dozens more have been wounded in a suicide attack on Pakistan’s border with India the attack occurred at the historic All Saints Church wimpish Walker as worshipers left church following Sunday Mass the bomb disposal squad head said each suicide vest contained at least 6 kilograms of high explosives and ball bearings to maximize casualties the two attackers detonated their vests within seconds of each other as they stood among the crowds a senior Pakistani Taliban commander has claimed responsibility for the blasts which happened after a daily ceremony at the Wacka border crossing that always attracts crowds [Music] obviously I had to cover the talibans terrorism bin ladin etc I was also lucky because my editor gave me a free hand to deal with social issues daily life so I could discover the Pakistan that is relatively unknown to the outsiders we are joining an ISA Delta lettin a solid ad good morning we’ve just launched a report first tell us how you managed to get this interview well it took me a month first I asked one of my sources here in Islamabad to find a militant a Taliban or an al-qaeda member who had agreed to be interviewed by a foreign TV channel these days the international community is following with great concern the plight of Christians in Pakistan who are often victims of violence or discrimination today I express my feelings of spiritual closeness to MS Asya Bibi and her family and I asked that she be released as soon as possible as usual I was skimming through the local papers and in one of them I noticed a small item it really wasn’t front-page news it was about a woman condemned to death for blasphemy I suggested to my editor we do live coverage of this as this had been the first time a woman was sentenced to death for blasphemy apparently her only fault was that she had drunk a glass of water from a well belonging to Muslims listeners we are very polite people we are peace-loving people but we can’t tolerate disrespect and blasphemy of our holy prophet it gives us unbearable pain no blasphemer can be left alive in Pakistan luckily at the time I was very close with the Shabazz body for then Christian Minister for minorities in Pakistan he knew me well so he asked if I could cover the story so that the West might learn about it thanks to him I had easy access to all information to her family her in-laws the place where it all happened this was important because at the time it was all very unclear the information was scarce and when the foreign journalists wanted to find out about anything the authorities would deny us access to any information – frogs 24 viewers what blasphemy is according to the Pakistani Constitution according to Article 295 feet everyone who defiles the Holy Koran is to be sentenced to life in prison – article 1095-c but if you do or think anything that defends the Holy Prophet Muhammad you will be sentenced to death I suggest we go to prison I interview hacia TV record her testimony and write it down in the first person [Music] and this was what we did together with her husband the Sheik who went to prison many times to the prison she was then kept in which was in shape or near Lahori before each visit I would say does Sheikh listen today I want you to ask her what she wants to say to the rest of the world what her messages it was necessary to identify with us a baby completely in order to be able to write in her name My dear Sheikh my dear children you are facing a terrible ordeal this morning I was sentenced to death I confess that I cried when I heard the verdict but deep down I was not surprised I did not expect either mercy or courage from the judges who have been under pressure from the Muslims and religious fanatics [Music] [Music] sesh she you know this just as you know that I am incapable of violence and cruelty but sometimes I can’t be stubborn as for my trial it was quickly over I was condemned to death in a matter of minutes I do not know yet when they will hang me but do not worry my dearest I will go with my head held high fearless Lee because I will be with our Lord in the Blessed Virgin Mary mykola take me close to them my good husband keep raising our children as we would have done it together aashiq my beloved children I’m going to leave you forever but I will love you for all eternity [Music] in 2010 I went to check for a jail I’m meeting with hacia baby we just asked for half an hour meeting but it takes three hours meeting she was happy to say something after long time nobody was asked osya for their defense when I was meeting her she said after 18 months of imprisonment she was given a letter with the death sentence nobody was there to ask what was happened this is totally against the law if there is law then there must be a justice nobody told us what had happened but after a few days those ladies said that hacia blaspheme against Muhammad I asked hacia did you say anything like this and she said No [Music] we came to the FASTA plantation and there we saw ten women surrounding Asia they made a false allegation against Asia they said she had blaspheme against the Prophet Muhammad it took one week to accuse Asia and sent her to prison she got arrested five days after the so-called incident they said that she had blaspheme against the Prophet Muhammad yes they captured her on the plantation and took her to a Muslim man’s house from there they called a police officer who took a shell way the situation was very dangerous at this time new Christians in our village panicked they were laughing and clapping their hands they made fun of us and insulted us she was beaten by people who captured her when she was working on the field they took her to a place in the village and they beat our kids afterwards they beat our daughters who told me that when their mother asked for drinking water they gave her urine instead no she didn’t admit she had said anything they forced her to say she had even in the police station they also made her say yes I blaspheme they said accept Islam and you will be free marry someone else and leave your family everyone is happy hallelujah hallelujah let’s all come together and clap our hands for the glory of Jesus the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof the world and those who dwell therein the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof the world and those who dwell very [Music] [Applause] [Music] for he has founded it upon the Seas [Music] and established it upon the rivers [Music] in three hours meeting make even a single damn hacia Billy did not disclose any kind of willingness that she was mistakenly sticking this word she all the time denied he said I never said these words she said I was blindly involved in in this case and even she has nothing to do with the blasphemy the problem is that this law can be used against you and enough that a few people gather and make the accusation on you even if you have nothing to do about it that they will they will bring you to court and they can provoke the anger of the people they can play with the sentiments of the feeling and they can provoke a situation that later on what everybody can configure eight osseous troubles began here in her village hers was the only Christian household she was working in the fields alongside local Muslim women they claimed she insulted the Prophet Mohammed she says she was falsely accused to settle an old score human rights groups say that’s often the case with the blasphemy law the story is so shocking that you need to be familiar with all the details to understand how it is possible to be sentenced to death for drinking a glass of water it’s just incredibly adequate said she knew immediately she would get a death sentence because even if you are not sentenced by the court even if the court does not kill you people will know the accusation of blasphemy is already a verdict if you’re accused you won’t be safe in Pakistan anymore when I first came to attend wali my initial impressions were not great I was not well received I went there on my own just with my Pakistani interpreter people did not trust me not because I was a woman but because I had come from the West and I was interested in I see a baby story so when I arrived at the village I was immediately surrounded by children I started looking for us a baby’s house I wanted to film it enter it and see how she lived people were soon put on their guard they started throwing pebbles and rotten oranges at me they were openly hostile I quickly asked for a meeting with a local mullah when we went to the police station they asked us who witnessed it I gave my name because if we show some effort for Prophet Mohammed Allah will bless us more I became a witness because I wanted to give some effort for Prophet Mohammed I didn’t listen to those words but in front of me she confessed that she had blaspheme the mul agreed for an interview about hacia BB during the interview he was very hypocritical he said that he could not repeat Accio boobies blasphemies because that would make him blasphemous so the interview was pointless he was not there at the time of the incident but he was positive I see a BB had committed blasphemy if the High Court frees a SIA what would be your reaction if they free her then will protest in the whole of Pakistan we will sacrifice our lives for the blasphemy law inshallah at the village mosque they want the death sentence carried out the local Imam says he cried with joy when hacia was sentenced he told us she’ll be made to pay one way or the other agar kahoon kimitaka couscous irani the yeti if the law punishes someone for blasphemy and that person is pardoned or released then we will take the law into our own hands okay Kundalini for now hacia remains behind bars here at shek Acorah jail where she’s being held in isolation the cleric the man who had accused her was saying that she had committed blasphemy in the honor of Holy Prophet and that person did not listened it he stated this in the fi are but some mother told him that Isaiah has committed this blasphemy in normal cases such evidences are not acceptable and such version of the complainant goes in favour of the accused it has a history it was long and long discussion the owner of alsa garden the berry gardener he was very noble to her he was very kind and also gave her chance to hire some women for the picking of falsi so this was also again a jealousy among the Kovach is that how a Christian lady can have a leading role or can be a in charge of laborers women you know here in our country we the Christian are nobody and the field against the Muslim majority community even if they want to kill us we will always be faithful to the words of the Prophet Muhammad I prefer to die than allow you to record me asthma and mafia the two ladies became annoyed from hacia baby they used abusive language against us it was unbelievable for us here that why these ladies are using slang language against her after few while these two women started shouting that hacia will be has passed some derogatory remarks against prophet muhammad because this was the only chance for them to involve hacia or give her a lesson there is no is is there only these two ladies i see i found herself alone in front of all these muslim women accusing her of committing a terrible crime and she and good faith said after all the quran doesn’t say christians are forbidden to use the same vessels as muslims I haven’t done anything wrong I don’t understand prosecutors say hacia be be insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad they say the alleged incident happened when she was picking berries in this field in the town of it’s on wali just about at two hours west of Lahore court records show hacia was sharing a bucket of drinking water with fellow workers but when she dipped her cup her fellow workers refused the water saying it had been touched by a non-muslim woman president after this interview I went to a CVB’s house I wasn’t welcomed by the local women by her neighbors they were glaring at me they couldn’t understand my interest in this Christian woman because for them she was completely worthless so they were baffled by my interest they all said they wanted her to die since she was a threat to Islam they said that her death would be a relief for them this visit in Nathan Wiley was really crucial for me it enabled me to describe her life there and what happened on that day in the field I wasn’t there at the time but when I saw these women who talking about us see baby were so full of anger and extreme hatred who said she deserved to die I could easily imagine what had happened on the field especially that I was very familiar with the situation of Christian communities in Pakistan before I see a baby story I reported on the plight of the Christian minority in Pakistan many times on the first day villages beat habibi brutally they put some leather rope in her neck so pushing her like dog and beating her probably from here the thing started it was illegal act so these things lead this situation carry Mohammed Salim said he is not sure if he is released nothing can be said about her security any Muslim can attack her and kill her and the other man namely of the Rashid he said if she is released by the court they will Lord protect they belay their lives they prefer being killed in this movement but resist the court judgment in her favor hacia Bibi is a Christian the women argued mafia sitar and her sisters say they were there and heard osseous insults she said your Mohammed had worms in his mouth before he died sitar told us a crude way of saying Mohammed was no prophet should hacia be be be hanged in her hometown the verdict – that a unanimous yes asiye another woman he used to work at this garden which is no removed and this crop is arming road these are belong to a Driss who is also one of the witnesses before the court against our Xia when hacia tried to go and fetch water for them they stopped her and they said no we won’t drink water brought by there was an altercation between Austria and all of the government all of the women were Muslims and they had one version on the other hand Austria was fun and she supposedly tried to defend herself after that many people gathered in the village hacia was pressurized by the mob as fear she was single they put fake accusations on me in the past we had a conflict about a certain sewerage issue and they stole my goat and did other damage when they brought me to the police station they were rude slapped me four or five times when they brought me into the village from falsa garden they tied a belt around my neck dragged me and tried to kill me the situation got worse because hacia answered back instead of lowering her head in remorse and saying I’m sorry I’ll never do that again as a result the word blasphemy was shot at her it was enough for it to be uttered just once and the wall of silence surrounded seob and that was enough to accuse and stigmatize her this word alone meant that the mullah had to intervene that there had to be an official complaint filed against her by the police if we observe and read witnesses of those women there is a fickleness change of statements in that which the core totally ignored but he is given the maximum punishment which she can be given when this fight took place I told her to go away after 2 or 3 days people started gathering together on that day she came to me and she asked me for help to deal with the issue but I said no I cannot do this because you have insulted the Prophet I hadn’t heard it myself but when she came to me she accepted she had blaspheme [Music] if my children do not lose your courage nor your faith in Jesus Christ there are better days waiting for you and when I’m up there in the arms of the Savior I shall always watch over you a sheep I have loved you since the first day and the 22 years we have spent together are proof of that I have always been grateful that I could marry you for love instead of having an arranged marriage as it is usual in our province our characters were well made but now there is nothing we can do weak people have blocked our faith you are alone now with the fruit of our love keep our family brave and proud you know why I’m going to die and I hope that you won’t be angry with me for leaving you soon because I’m innocent and have done nothing of the things I’m accused of how do we kill blasphemers with prayers or with bullets how will he die speak up [Music] bullets we don’t commit suicide attacks against the army we don’t target the police but anyone who defends blasphemers will pay for it they came to us and asked where my mother was and we didn’t tell them but they kept asking so we told them my mother was on the field and they went there and beat her tearing up her clothes when they brought my mother from the field we tried to stop them but I held my mother’s hand but they pulled us apart [Music] my mother was crying I held her hand and we changed her clothes we all went to the place they were taking my mother to she asked for some water to drink but they said no they were beating my mother seriously they even threw me against the wall and when I asked for water they said there’s no water for Christian dogs [Music] they are in donor intolerant as well as wild they are interested to kill the person without knowing that he or she is guilty or not [Music] [Applause] [Music] many people governor’s lawyers called me to say I should be discreet and cautious they said it was a very delicate matter and it could end badly for me they advised me to abandon the story I understood their warnings because I had already lived in Pakistan for three years and I knew that this country was capable of everything I knew something might happen to me for example a bad car accident so I informed everyone that I was letting go of it that I was no longer interested in Nicaea Bibi as there was no chance for me to get to visit her in prison the news spread very quickly the lawyers and others called me and said it was a wise decision that the sooner I lost interest in this matter the better I kept pursuing this story meeting with a CEA’s family in Lahore but it was all very discrete because no one could learn I was still at it I understood that all those warnings had really been threats in fact ever since the book was published in France I was promoting it quite heavily in the media there was a dispatch by AFP and the news got to Pakistan one day some members of the religious group jamaat-e-islami came to the house where I lived at the time and wanted to see me they claimed I had written a book against Islam that I had criticized that blasphemy laws and therefore I was to end like Shabazz bothy and Salman Taseer already Islamic groups are out on the streets promising anarchy if a seer is freed her case has provoked some debate about reforming the blasphemy law but the government would have to face down the hardliners there seems little appetite for that her family too is at risk forced into hiding so we met them after dark her husband a sheikh is exhausted from being on the run from guarding the children at night and from threatening phone calls no the time at present it’s difficult to defend such kind of kiss this is a recent example one of our colleague mr. Rashid Rehman Khan he was following up a case of blasphemy since last six months two unidentified attackers came in his office and shoot him disappeared or they disseminate some pamphlets by this warning that if anyone tried to defend the case of the semi in the code must be killed this is a sign and this is a message from the religious extremists so we are afraid he was a very good lawyer as well as humorous activists and known to everyone in the city of Multan where as a baby is confining now the problem is that there is fear problem is that the violence seemed to have always their way around and therefore the the fight is not so much for hacia bb’s freedom but a cities for making a legal system that is fair for innocent people today we have with us facias husband Hoshi Massey he is from the village of Chuck Dean in Ghana sahib district 80 kilometers away from the whole city when I took their interviews the case was very fresh and many people were still hunting them also and they were also hiding and running from one place to another they were terribly afraid because they were harassed no they were followed by different people so they were hiding the younger girl said she is afraid to go to school because the other children asked me make questions about the mother so there are you safe and who can you say okay this man is safe this is unsafe you are afraid of everybody anybody can kill you all extremists and all the Taliban want to keep these laws as they are the Pakistani government even though it wanted to make them slightly less strict very quickly understood the danger it was threatened by extremists religious parties and the Taliban who said if you abolish or amend these laws we promise you there will be chaos all over Pakistan in Pakistan protests are infrequent but when it comes to defending death penalty for blasphemy hundreds of thousands of Pakistani show huge determination here in islamabad but also all over the country you can hear angry slogans ever since it was suggested that the law condemning everyone suspected of insulting Islam be amended we are peaceful people but if someone is looking for us they will surely find us we are lucky to be good Muslims but I need help to make sure our country is also following the right path of Islam if you are accused of having blaspheme against Quran obviously to inflate the heat of the people to the point that they will not think anymore because they are people ready to die for their faith not only ready to die and people ready to kill therefore you are touching the most intimate of their livelihood you know that which is a non-negotiable for them because of their faith they are ready to kill even a daughter even a husband a wife to betray a close relative to betray for us but to be faithful to their faith for them human rights groups have long claimed Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for persecution and violence against religious minorities like this attack last year on a Christian village and recent bombings of minority Muslim mosques activists say the government has refused to amend the law for fear of a backlash from Islamist groups and their followers who deem scrapping the law is on Islamic she became a symbol of the fight against blasphemy laws ICS case became the focal point in all the discussions about these laws should they be reformed abandoned etc [Applause] anybody who will protect or defend the Blessed Mother these are subtly blessing so we are going as blessing which will stand behind the decimal in Pakistan the blasphemy law is misusing against animal and increase especially Christians cannot speak in front of the Muslims we are under pressure we are minority in Pakistan we don’t have the equal rights whatever the Muslim has every person’s know in ‘days the blasphemy law is the like of weapon for the bitches so every single person wanted to save his self for his family for his children for his business to not to involve in this case and not to say anything not even to ask for their own rights only they prefer to silence [Music] as we said something as we say something it could be used against us our own words used against us and charge the blasphemy people have been assassinated people have been lynched for this blasphemy law there have been chapters wherein prisoners accused of blasphemy have been killed in jail they have been killed on their way to jail they have been killed outside the tribunal even after being declared innocent so once this accusation of blasphemy is upon an individual in Pakistan it means his life her life is in danger then the government of Pakistan has to reach a moment wherein they will be able to tackle it Solomon Tissier was governor he was killed Chavez but he was the minority Minister he was killed both of the key person of the government they were killed why because they both were in favor of us heavily whoever other I other judge as a lawyer or anybody who ever will be in favor of assembiy be caught by the radicals caught by the fundamentals [Music] you have to understand that Islam permits to the whole life of society in Pakistan therefore when you touch anything that has to do with Islam you are somehow provoking a reaction so when the local movie when the local Muslim cleric tells the community that the person has blaspheme against the Quran obviously the community follows [Music] pakistan’s Christians want better protection from attacks like this more than 170 homes in a Christian neighborhood in Lahore was set on fire at the weekend after a Muslim man accused a Christian of blasphemy we have been destroyed what wrong have we done we had done nothing wrong it was extremely cruel it was inhumane we’ve been made homeless without any reason we didn’t do anything wrong we committed no blasphemy we’ve done nothing [Music] with all humility I can say that it is partly thanks to the publication of blasphemy that osseous still alive the book was published in more than 12 countries and it provoked a huge international outcry I was given the opportunity to speak in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva I was invited to the Security Council during the UN summit to talk about a CBeebies case because the book deeply moved the whole international community the Pakistani government was under huge pressure I know that the then president mr. Zardari called the superintendent of the prison hacia was in and said the case of this woman is extremely delicate do what you can to keep her alive if she dies we’ll be in trouble we will have to justify ourselves in front of the international community we really do not need such troubles right now deal with this in your own way but she has to stay alive but now if someone asks for forgiveness and kindness even if they ask for forgiveness from the core of their heart it will not be acceptable as Mohammed is not here to forgive forgiveness mercy and human rights we can forgive only our personal insult but not Mohammed I will show you I see a baby’s appeal for forgiveness but I don’t have the right to forgive her because she had insulted Mohammed and only he can do it I think I see a baby is an extremely courageous woman I’m not sure how many of us would survive what she has gone through daily humiliations atrocious conditions suitable for an animal not for a human being despite all this she has not lost her faith she has always believed she would be released she has never ceased to believe in God in the justice system of her country but also in divine justice [Music] this is the other clerics behind all this situation and people follow them blinded leave whatever they are saying it is right that’s why it’s taking action against blasphemers they consider as a religious obligation for the Prophet we offer our lives for the Prophet we offer our lives for the Prophet we offer our lives here in our Muslim Zionism with results they are preaching hatred against non-muslim citizen of the country this is happening and anybody will ask they will not say anything they say no no no we are doing like this we have no problem with any religion [Music] a Christian couple were allegedly burnt alive in an industrial kiln in Pakistan on Tuesday after angry workers discovered the Christians had set fire to several verses of the Quran shabana’s must say 26 and his wife Shalaby b-24 were attacked by colleagues at the brick factory where they worked in punjab province a model of several dozen attacked the building where they were said go they broke their legs so they couldn’t run and then move them on to the fire punjab province is home to the majority of Pakistan’s around 4 million Christians nil said that word got out over the weekend that several verses of the Koran were among items burned by baby after they were left behind by her deceased father setting fire to the religious texts his considered blasphemy in Pakistan while technically punishable by death under strict Islamic law its more common for vigilante moms to take matters into their own hands there is an international pressure but the government has also very strong pressure from within the country from the fundamentalist so the government is under terrible pressure they do not know what to do punish the blasphemers behead them punish the blasphemers behead them punish the blasphemers behead them session judges and magistrates who are sitting as a judge in the lower courts they are afraid they will always give sentence whether the guilty or not guilty because they have a public pressure you see I have been going to courts also number of time following these cases number of fundamentalist standing in the court so there is a pressure on the judges also and we have the history that one judge who acquitted one Christian he was short right after the court session he’s dead so all other judges are afraid so in the lower courts they will always prove that the person is guilty and hacia case is just the same and as the case goes up they will always drag and drag and prolong the case without giving any sentence there will be never decision so there is not a single case where the case is proven guilty even if you feel or even if you know that she should be free her freedom would bring other problems to any present government in Pakistan you can see the Central Jail where the Aussie baby is we are ship and the children and just going to see inside to the prison then you you must say in the car I say it clearly if the government is listening it should write it down let that dog out and you will see that even his body will turn beyond recognition we are the slaves of the Holy Prophet and ready to die for him he who is the friend of the blasphemer is a traitor [Music] because the verse is a holy book they say there is none God which is Allah Almighty and the last prophet is his last messenger so give him full respect [Music] if you don’t give him full respect it means the message which is given by him to us you will not do any respect to that message so this is the basic belief of Muslims that they have to respect the personality of last Prophet peace be upon him asiya is a woman suffering more than anybody I think under this blasphemy law even Pakistan has lost one of its corners one of his ministers only for favoring hacia arriba these are the glaring examples of public pressure pressure of majority pressure of clerics here was our religious cleric who openly declared Salman Taseer as deserving death for favoring us here bébé and declaring blasphemy law as a black law and I think that statement of that cleric was behind killing of Samantha’s here when my father heard about this you know he did he was the governor and gather the die and he decided to find out why this woman had been sentenced and when he went and met with her in jail she was so forth and she had covered her face because she was so petrified and my father was very moved and there was no evidence to prove that he was guilty at all you know and he said very strongly but this was an unjust law that is being used to discriminate and thousands and thousands of people have been sentenced unfairly the processes know and they are Jews languishing in prison I’m starting in the name of Allah who is merciful I have come to meet hacia Bibi she’s been in prison for the last 18 months I think her punishment is inhuman she made an appeal to President Asif Ali Zardari that her punishment should be forgiven hopefully the president will forgive her for the sake of humanity he said she’s innocent lady and ask her write an application for the mercy she wrote and unexpectedly just he said this is the black law which could be changed as soon as possible these are the remarks of the Samanta see is cause of death Salman Taseer is a traitor he wants to forgive a woman who abused the Holy Prophet he also deserves the death sentence according to the Holy Quran we must kill Aslam evey kill her kill her Salman had a lot of humanity about him he had a lot of humanity about him and he was a fearless kind friend I had no more problems occasionally I would tell him that Salman you know you better be careful and he would say that any partner don’t worry I think we’ll be fine and you know this happened but I mean while I’m in no position to comment on Salman Taseer and how Allah will treated Salman Taseer if you have any respect for the Prophet then admit that she did blaspheme Muhammad and we won’t accept it if you forgive her [Music] no Muslim can tolerate people saying anything against the Prophet they should be killed [Music] solamente said don’t know about what could be happen he just came out of the hotel after having a dinner as he was near to the car the security person shooted him and he was killed in the same place the Sangha has cost a life of a top politician Salman Taseer the Governor of Punjab was assassinated a few days ago at the market in Islamabad his own bodyguard shot him 27 times for defending a Christian as he be sentenced to death for blasphemy quadri Mumtaz Qadri he was the security guard of force element Aziz might be he was the agent of any fundamentals any Muslim organizations any radicals and he included in the security of special security of salamanca seat [Music] [Music] today I sang for the Prophet and my prophet loved it Oh Prophet peace be upon him I wanna take care of those who love you his hero has on very next day he was produced before the court many lawyers showered flowers on him as dubbing him their hero and even now there is a movement by some religious scholar clerics that movement is a movement for release of Mumtaz Qadri the Mumtaz Qadri killer of karna burner the seed was also sentenced for that the next day is port was attacked by the lawyers as well as other people and now the judge is in hiding and not living in Pakistan on the outskirts of Islamabad the father of the killer was cheered by the crowd we all love our prophet today we bring flowers to Mumtaz Qadri family we want to show he is not alone oh I know Salman very well Salman was a very very close friend of mine I know someone’s family extremely well and can you imagine that none of the clerics a lot of whom are government servants were willing to lead his funeral prayers and will it became a problem who would read his funeral prayers cause everybody was very scared here in Pakistan this is 90% of the time when something like this of Salman happens they may think that he has committed blasphemy obviously when it comes to my father I will speak up and I would always defend his views I would like to for as many people as possible to know that my father was innocent he did not say anything that that was even very bad unless you do not in any way he sentences out for the fences and for a Christian woman who will being guided unfairly so I I mean I’m not an accident but of course I will sign up for my father’s you know as many times as I can the most dangerous thing is you do not know who to trust you can’t trust your own security somebody gets up from within your own security they’re all got guns and he shoots you but I think that it is very possible that just for his standing up for hacia bebe and losing his life allow me forgive him all the things that Salman did lot of people said to me that you know you’re making mistake don’t do it and I said no if I can’t stand up then other people who think like me won’t be able to stand that I was deeply shocked by the death of Salman Taseer who was a Muslim I realized that they’re ready to kill their own Muslim brothers in the name of these laws they decided that by criticizing these laws and taking hacia side he acted against Islam this also shocked me because I understood that this was much more than just a sensitive topic in Pakistan this is not just something people don’t like to talk about the blasphemy laws actually kill people in many different ways if you are condemned you will be killed either by extremists or by the crowd in this country when it comes to blasphemy lives are at risk [Music] Salman de-seed was a brave man a man with principles and all his killers we will not let them go and we will fight them in court it’s my appeal to the government the one who gave the fatwa against Salman Taseer should be brought under investigation so those people who were on their hit list will be saved [Music] today because the daughter of a cpp were with us jail Authority gave us the double-time so we spent almost one hour with Asya baby she is physically fit and happy and asked please do prayer for her and do something for the freedom of as soon as possible when we go inside we have a security token three time till the reach of the main office so the jail authority just to getting the permission we got some problems there because accordingly only the acid and the daughters allowed for me we have had a problem to ask permission and finally I got the permission to see the possible [Music] when I found out about Tessier’s death I immediately called Shabazz bothy he was also devastated and he said it will be tough to which I replied Shabazz now I have only you be careful and he said I know I know when six months ago I campaigned to change the blasphemy law I got a fatwa by the religious extremists that if I will propose any changes I will be beheaded and I will be declared blasphemer he knew how delicate this matter was especially after his colleague Salman Taseer was assassinated I kept telling him this is dangerous you should keep a low profile your car is not armored you have to install bulletproof windows you are the only government minister without them one day you will regret it you can’t think you’re immortal because you defend everyone don’t think that if your actions are noble this gives you full protection he answered I know all this but if I do not engage myself fully with this matter if I’m not a hundred percent in this fight I would have to leave the government I’m not afraid I believe in this fight and I’m going to bring it to the end even if it means death for me [Music] [Music] mr. Bhati we forgot one question in the interview and your life is threatened by who and what sort of threats are you receiving I want to share that I believe in Jesus Christ who has given his own life for us I know what is the meaning of cross and I’m following of the cross but these threats and these warning cannot change my opinion and principles I will prefer to die filed my principle and for the justice of my community rather to to compromise on these threats thank you and minute Peppard a car carrying Shabazz bhakti with bullets a spokesman said Bochy was dead by the time he arrived at Shifa hospital though police added that his driver escaped unharmed pamphlets found at the scene of the killing warned the same fate awaits anyone opposing the country’s blasphemy laws which imposed the death penalty for insulting Islam the leaflets were signed by al-qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban movement in Punjab province my mom said that that early in the morning he always prayer for half an hour in his own home after prayer he went away mom and my mom said that day he was bit strange I mean she was looking a bit worried about my mom then it was harpist and I think that between 10:00 or 11:00 it was more any day and my mom said that he left and he went away and she started hearing wise has something a rumor that something is happening like when you fires a lot of firework you have car of my brother were stopping there and the driver was some very hidden there when my father was that I’m bleeding from all the body and he was sitting there and there was Bible of one side and then they brought him in hospital very before him died dead [Music] [Music] we work for very poor people the first to defend us a baby he raises question what I said baby he was moved by the poverty of this formula in a sense of disappointment and she belongs to the most Mozilla’s part of the society and I miss her young woman when she is in a prison he was saying that it is not acceptable [Music] I call on Lord Jesus that the moving sacrifice of the life of Pakistani Minister Shabbos Botti may rekindle in people the courage and commitment to protect religious freedom for all mankind and in this way also promote equal dignity for all I have to admit that when I learned about it I was shocked I was not surprised because even he himself knew he might be killed by religious extremists but I was shocked and saddened anyway I thought now that Shabazz is no longer here they have managed to kill everyone who still had the courage to criticise blasphemy laws and defend poor I see a baby who has done absolutely nothing wrong who just drank a glass of water who was going to take over no one well first of all he was my younger brother we grew up in a very Christian family and since we grew up in that time his environment our faith our ideology was purely Christian and my younger brother Shabazz he have some special love for the people who are persecuted so he decided such a moment in his heart that he has to do something and he has to follow that but in his main struggle it was to bring peace in Pakistan to protect oppressed and marginalized community of Pakistan I see his family whom I was in contact with as well as a seer herself whom I kept in touch through her husband were devastated when they learned about Shabazz Betty’s death they felt like orphans they trusted me with a mission and in fact I did not have a choice they said you are the only person we can trust only you can support and help us so please do not abandon us and so I did it involuntarily because I’m a journalist not a mother Teresa I do not work for any human rights NGO I was just doing my journalist job but when you were confronted with something like this you have to engage if you find yourself in such an intense unique situation you cannot leave these people just like that I decided to do it also because I did not want Shabazz’s death to be pointless so I told myself I have to fight till the end publish this book and do everything I can to secure osseous release in this way his efforts would not have been in vain so I kept going also for him [Music] Simon Samantha’s here governor’s on job and Chavez party the minority Minister were killed because they had the courage to support me they were murdered by fundamentalist that’s terrible even animals are not killed so cruelly while thinking about their families makes me cry thanks to my dearest husband a sheik thanks to attorneys who are risking their lives by dealing with my case and thanks to people who have to remain anonymous for their own safety I can write to you today from my prison cell in which I have been buried alive I’m asking for your help please don’t leave me alone I need you Habibi remains in a Pakistani prison since 2009 on November 7 2010 she was sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy against Mohammed based on article 295 C of the Pakistan Penal Code despite the world’s protests and requests for pardon her situation remains the same and the sentence can be executed at any time if this issue is forgotten and then I think is more possible that ashabi we could be killed in jail that a Sevilla could be free from jail so put to what could happen if this issue is forgotten I think in the context of Pakistan it could be worse for Asha Bibi that the world stops reminding the government that there is an innocent person in one of their jails [Music] we came here to Lahore Pakistan because we wanted to know how Christians live in this country they suffer discrimination by law but also by society and we want to make sure that people in Western world know about it [Music] that no may disappear in the future but just if Western societies Western democracies Western governments keep on putting pressure on Pakistani government they want to protect human rights protect freedom through not religion but they will only do it if they feel they have the support of other countries and also of Pakistani society you you

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  • Most people must find that noise in the background to be maddening. Please remove it. You are going to be turning of over 50% of the listeners. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS ADVICE. I had to turn it off after 1.03 minutes. Of course a message to other listeners … turn off the sound and read the close captions


    Wonder how many would BOLDLY do the same… am questioning myself as well and YAHUAH MAY YOUR GRACE HELP US OVERCOME. MAY YAH BLESS HER, May YAH BE HER ‘SHIELD’ PROTECT HER, HER HUSBAND AND DAUGHTERS WITH HIS WARRIOR ANGELS so that the Muslims don’t harm her. Pleading the BLOOD OF THE LAMB!

  • I am South Indian Christian we have happy and peaceful life in India. Jesus save Asia Bibi family and all Pakistan Christians.

  • that background music is incredible disturbing.

    the video itself is very good and shows so much truth about so many things…

  • Asia Bibi and her family have suffered long enough, let us all who are touched by their story go back to the roots of what had initiated all these. Let us focus in our thoughts and prayers either for forgiveness of those who have accused her at the beginning or initiated a curse on them, their families and their descendants yet to come.

  • Ya Almighty Allah ☝️, plz help this woman Asia, I'm Muslim but i love secularism.. May Allah protect u my sister Asia

  • Hello.Please tell someone if Asia Bibi is mofher of five what happened with other three children ? I see in media only two oldest daughters

  • What horrible brain washed primitives the Pakistanis are. I don't think she will escape from her tormentors, they won't be happy until she is dead. Stop all aid to Pakistan and stop all non-essential travel to and from Pakistan.

  • Really puts me off Pakistan. I think all the Christians should leave the country. We in Britain could round up and deport an equivalent number of muslim PAKISTANIS AND SEND THEM BACK THERE, then we could take in the Pakistani Christians in place of them.

  • Precious Sister in Christ, and Family, God has now done the IMPOSSIBLE He has set you FREE from prison. Praise God.!!!!

  • Imran Khans party is Insaf meaning justice – if he is serious about justice then he needs to stop being a hypocrite & coward, deal firmly with these devil possessed, blood thirsty animals, and work to get rid of these medieval laws which cause injustice & cruelty to many innocents and are taking the country backwards hundreds of years, further away from the development of a civilised society.


  • Great news for Asia Bibi that SC upheld the acquittal and finally she is free.I salute Asia Bibi for her commitment and all activists for their contributions to seek justice. I will continue raising voice against Blasphemy Laws as they are being abused to persecute minorities.

  • Evil and wickedness is going to increase in the world. Speaking of the last days, Jesus said:

    And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12)

  • The world is in rebellion against God. It hates God, and when he came as a man in the person of Jesus Christ, the world responded by murdering him. Jesus promised us that the world would treat us the way it treated him(John 15:20, ESV).

    The first followers of Jesus consistently experienced suffering for the sake of Jesus, in Jerusalem (Acts 8:1), Galatia (Gal. 3:4), Philippi (Phil. 1:29), Thessalonica (1 Thess. 2:14), and Asia Minor (1 Peter 4:12), along with the recipients of the letter to the Hebrews (Heb. 10:32). Paul went through horrible suffering (2 Cor. 11:23–29), as did the other apostles (Acts 5–8). Paul was quite explicit in saying this was to be expected by everyone who follows Jesus (2 Tim. 3:12, ESV). In the Bible, suffering and opposition are a normal part of the normal Christian life.

  • Shame on Pakistan, not only because she suffered, but also because she went away. The government should have apologized and offered her and her family protection. Half of the Muslim population wanted or would have wanted her dead, the other 45% (I know that 5% of the Muslim Pakistani population is still liberal and tolerant) was probably willing that she went abroad, so motivating the other Christian people to do the same until the county will have no Christian minorities.

  • Just think about when there was no rules and regulations
    that time how many innocent were murdered by Islam

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