FREEDOM for zoo animals in Jordan! ๐Ÿ˜„

it was on one of the occasions when I
was in Jordan on live export work that I decided to do an assessment of the zoo’s
what I saw I have to say shocked me but in reality was probably what zoos were
like in Australia in many other countries half a century ago barren
enclosures no quality of life I just couldn’t not try to do anything
to help these animals so I’ve been working with zoo owners in order to
secure the surrender and release of animals from their zoos you know it’s
extraordinary the the owners are really quite attached to the animals and so
that made the task of negotiating quite difficult
they took enormous goodwill for them to release the animals to our custody
and to allow us to work with them increase the welfare standards and the
conditions at the zoos for the ones that cannot be released it actually gave me a
lot of hope that there is a way forward with the zoo okay mr. Rochelle scientist I wanna say one
for advice and recorded a part of innuendo to the other Shakira relative
and confit you know with animals Australia it’s
like it’s really really about the ethics of it and it’s not just about well this
is a good story so we’ll go with this one ever and they don’t give up hope you
know they take these small steps and they really try and find solutions and
it’s about improving the world most of my work in the Middle East has been
working undercover in slaughterhouses and seeing some horrific horrific
cruelty so it’s been a real delight actually to see these animals being
released into such beautiful surroundings we are always looking at the cause of
animal suffering and inevitably no matter which country I have traveled to
it is inherited thinking and conditioned thank you so this is a very specific
project here in Jordan about transforming the lives of animals but
transforming thinking as well through kind action today this moment the first time that
they have actually felt sunshine on their backs and they caught it’s just
there’s seriously no words to describe this I don’t ever remember feeling this good
I’m so relieved and so happy you

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