Freedom From Addiction – Dr. Neil T. Anderson – Host, Dr. Freda Crews

time for Hope has had the privilege of
having many gifted and insightful authors appear as our guest through the years we
have decided to rerun from time to time some of our past shows related to
subjects that did and will again give our viewers the opportunity to be
informed and inspired to accept the challenges they are
currently experiencing in their lives for meeting the challenge of dealing
with addictive behavior doctor freda has chosen to rerun her
interview with her friend Neil T Anderson as they discussed his book freedom from
addiction welcome to time for help today I guess it doctor knew your tea
Anderson author speaker founder and president America sup
freedom in Christ ministries and we’re discussing money
his many books freedom from addiction addiction for
jews in town change your pain and problems
that grow with each day and seem impossible to overcome but the
good news is that anyone can be set free from addictive
behavior the key is to identify the root cause
I’ve your problem and instead running away from it rhonda
gone do this in your mind in spirit will be renewing and neil is great having you again on
time for help door is going to be here you’re
kinda wanna registers great some dose and we’re always happy to have
you I like this word freedom that shows up
just across the board almost in your books and so I’m gonna
right off the bat I’m gonna ask you Neil what’s behind that how did you
start coming out with this whole idea freedom from the S
freedom from that deliverance from this deliverance from there well what are your favorite verses you
told me earlier was is for free like I said it’s free and a
my burden is is that I’ve not seen that in lot over christian people in fact
after years of trip around this world in this in this
country and talking the pastors in you know finish in our conferences I’ve
asked him i said what percentage of your people you think I live in a free
productive life grace and I would say the pretty consistent
answers about 15 percent and oh what a tragedy you know to be
alive freeing prices a birthright of every child a garden and so that’s been my passion is you
know just for years trying to figure out okay how do we resolve that Howard result is
that and keep looking to set something is a resolution so that people can
experience a crisis really you know promised them
in which i think is potentially to for every child of God now we knew this when you’re speaking
out freedom from this in freedom from that freedom from the other and freedom
in Christ here thinking of various things that
Christians themselves can be calm in slave to buy are be bound by who no you not hear this to to reduce it down to you know the
bottom line I guess basically their bodies to the line I mean it’s a in this wise truth that sets us free I if you look at any way trying to come
out an addiction was the first step gotta get out of denial that face the
truth and so I mean it’s true the bearing compass in thing I mean
it it it has a very relative dimensions to the June are talking right now it’s
true that the temperatures this and so there’s a very factual aspect to that
but but God is truth he is the way the truth and the life in
in the truth will set us free and he will set us free and so this is something that was every
every child that I think to experience not all are unfortunately and in so you
know that’s been my journey versatile at the pastor to teach at the seminary i
mean when I was a pastor and other people
later to problems that in their ventures for which really bother me I believe prices
the answer to the set people free but I’ll in so you know you’re right I have the
dive apply this to chemical addiction to depression to
anxiety to anger to can you name it in the less been my
journey because I really do believe in my heart that that we as children a Darkling
deliberately life in Christ no Christian has to be banned have to be
bailed buying anything new is when you say
that’s a true statement now let’s go back to truth but I was
doing now or world for my de mi and finishing up my demand and I
had this o’rourke committee there and I use this
very thing you know a the truth shall set you free and monitor those interrogators 10 my committee to stop to me right
there and said not now that saw not always true think
if the person that has murdered someone and if they tell the truth it’s not
going to set them free %uh show %uh that’s kind of ironic when
we speak the truth setting you free but you and I still believe it no in
spite have that view well and its focus pathetic a headed myself with that well you can be
free in a prison I mean you know it’s your souls unease
and I think really wanted us to see that we came over the so he realizes all
freedom in the the glutamine so I mean in the free
we’re talking about is is not the external world that we’re dealing
with is the internal world being free examples I been free to be the person
God created me to be in you know if you falsely accuse me in
a prison near whatever else I said that doesn’t mean I can be free, I mean
that’s a little delivery people I meet other people I deal with inside prisons
for instance in you know so I you know that method from
from a theologian the tragic question but really the whole
I think I handled it well I think I was able to come at a bad that
one no let’s carry that over into addiction and
some things you actually bring out in one appear two books we’re also talking about Inc
greening summit this from your other book overcoming addictive behavior arm and then use that it’s not something its is something wrong with the person’s
life addiction you make that statement its are this morning in a problem with
addiction there’s a problem with life is a light problem people don’t have sex
problems drug problems are gambling problems they have a life problem it I think that even the secular
world is starting to wake up to that boy if I can just get you tube stain we take the alcohol away from
an alcoholic and you gotta dry drunk me still God all kinds a problem you can
even deal with the reason why he went there that direction the first place in the
event that with the fact that the moment he went into that addictive behavior which is his flesh battered we all have
a I said his whole emotional development was arrested at that time so he may be
forty but he mostly maybe 15 in so you gotta deal with this as a as a
as a total life issue you can see this as an individual
problem in an individual family for instance that family has a problem in the third
person to church to church as a prop it affects everything we do so you you I think this one-dimensional kinda
thinking has really hurt our process of recovery and frankly is
let people among this time for break stay with us and
we’ll be right well you know that a lot of reasons why
people you know start drinkin even drugging him he could be peer pressure
it could be escape it could be the deal with pain in
their lives you know it could be just for social
reasons to begin with but a if you’re asking why they become
addicted which gasoline some that we’re talking about
here I think the reason people become
addicted is because the root problem years that people a they grow up believing lot lies about
themselves for example give you have my personal example I grew
up in a very dysfunctional home I grew up in my parents fault violently all the time and
so I was very insecure on what they are
told me I couldn’t do anything right so I thought I was inadequate the the lace and I was inferior to my
brother and sister so believe that was inferior are if
anything was done wrong they came looking for me usually as well and earned it so I i grew up feeling
guilty so here I am I’m a growing up I’m a teenager and I’m feel like I’m in secure inadequate
inferior in guilty a in so I begin to develop
patterns in ways of dealing with the learning to cope with life learning to I
just get through life the fan myself get by a trying to be a
successful vote for your and I developed these flash banners and
one arm turns out to be alcoholism it was something I could use so I you know what ideas are developed a
strong hole in that area that later becomes on addiction to me in
the not addiction is nothing but spiritual
bondage so basically what I’ve done is have
developed you know the spiritual bondage and in the root problem being that I
just I’m don’t know how even as a Christian to look to God to meet my basic needs and so what i do
is i take what I can with me alcoholism other people might might be different ones that might be
workaholics on perfection as long codependency sex addiction or other
things it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be drug or alcohol addiction the hope I can offer someone who has an addiction in doesn’t believe they have the power
to overcome an addiction if the agree with but they don’t have
the power overcoming the action in fact the
problem areas that most their dicks think that they KN they’re just like how was I mean I used
to leave for okay I I can overcome this if I will just
apply the right spiritual principles if I’ll pray a little bit longer read my
Bible but longer and get into a buttered
discipleship group get into an accountability group well
they were all real good things to do but by and large I was depending on
myself believing that what I could do would help me in a
neighbor may define freedom in Christ so you know I think the key to
overcoming any addictive behavior is coming to the
end of yourself in your resources in other words the best player in my
life was marked they have my brokenness when I came them to myself and my
resources I realize there was nothing that I could
do to free myself as Christians we know
there’s nothing that we can do the slavers lives but really there’s nothing that we
can do to make urself furry I mean that has to come from faith in Christ in jesus said you know
the truth and the truth will set you free and so I think there’s your great hope
for a person who’s at that point because I think then they’re willing to give up on themselves and really look
to Christ and trust him the to give them the freedom this
already there so they can experience it’s good to have you rejoin us sometime
for hope we’re talking with doctor New York Anderson about his book freedom from addiction for someone to
share something from a viewer I am a recovering drug and
alcohol addict and suffering from physical and
mental illness I am also having financial
difficulties I do not have any family and have no
free and to give me emotional support I feel very
lonely and scared I desperately need head please pray for me and of course as
we do with each and every prayer request it comes and a time for hope we have joined this person in prayer
this easy to read as we read yes and understand that indeed they are
scared they’re longley and those are the kind to people that
can reach out to God and we know with got there yes home in the the thing that this person is
missing if you will share your prayer request
with us will do the same thing with it we will turn to God also we
direct you to the time for hope website many great resource is there to help
people that are struggling and people that are hopeless will be
putting doctor anderson’s book on that resource Lee est as you are take and go to the website and get
resources from the time for hope resource Minister helping this ministry
financially and we would appreciate that me let’s
talk about this person when we get this kind of letter E and are no we tried to give it a media attention because it says at
desperately need hopefully you have to say to this
well I get a lot of emails like that and my first cuz it to be honest with
you where is the church means she has no family but worse the
church was the band’s chroniclers why do we get out alone in this week in
the Fellowship we with God first course in with his
people and inlet NJ this has always been my
frustration you know it I’m sitting here for 10
years in was to try to somehow or another quit the church to be a resource
for these kind people to have a ministry there that would would
legitimately help somebody like that we can answer folks I mean we we have an
answer in crisis in truth was that this person free but she needs somebody to come alongside
her she needs a is to be est connected in in some kind of a group that’s gonna
giver some some answers and then pick up and helper during that time and so I
think this is what the body crisis intended to be she needs a group praying for her chin a
chin a group supporting her she if she does she need someone to help
her mine professional helping that if that’s needed medical help is
needed are theirs all not team or is needed very much so
and if you listen to what she said you know kinda all alone I said the national average right now
somebody who is addicted to some kind of a chemical to go into treatment all the receivers
treatment the fear is ninety-seven percent if that’s all they do they just going to
treatment go through a program and ninety-seven percent will fail I if
they go on to their group and get into some kind of a a support network well maybe with the
sponsor even still about eighty percent will fail if
they go on to that group in into a church in the church about 70 percent apart first effort was
still fail if they have a support group a sponsor
and a good church only about 10 percent will fail but what
they’re really suggest to you is is that you need that kind of support encouragement to to walk through this
kind of a battle you probably won’t do it alone in if some people just look for that I
would want to Betty Ford prisons which their national fear is
ninety-seven percent I’ll but I will go out there will be isolated
always go know about it I will get treatment will recover this thing and how many have tried it in the failed
in and lobbyist avoid the shameless was but
I said that’s not going to be a long term answer and so we just gonna have to learn to
walk in the light nice run to God as we said earlier gotta go to his people anger in go to his people even though he
can use other like professionals and and sometimes hospitals and medical help but
the core the core is what you’re talking about is
doing the work and to live this life by herself no I mean so if you’re trying to solve all
your problems in isolation probably happen now let’s look at the problem
we’re talking about addiction and mainly in your books I what we you had Simcoe authors here am I can do your corals and again a
story within the book of my company with and his problem with alcohol when we
think I’ve alcohol there are 22 million Americans addicted and I believe it I’ll is to alcohol that we’re talking about
it’s only five percent of these army and who and then we we look at we can go out
on down the line but town in there have there has to be a
reason why we have such a great number of people struggling
with addiction me all what’s all you know the question is why whether
they get into it I think you could put in three 3 categories number one is for young
kids is party time hear it at the inhibitions go out as the
peer pressure have an issue in the that traps an awful
lot of our young people in in this that starts the data path
from for many many people the other one is I think will people
realize this is not just a blue-collar promise a primary a white-collar issue and that’s the Happy Hour issue the
pressure the stress of life and so here’s some temporary relief from that
source top of after work and then there’s a third category those
who are addicted because a pain prescription pain medication they got one dominating their mind is
now we’re leavin jill is Asian it’s how do I stop the pain had a rest stop the pain relief
them relief escape is what they’re looking for is in it time for another break and will
be right back 0 when the word addiction is referred to
we tend to think about a hall in drugs but there are many faces of addiction
including internet porn food work sports religion gamely
ministry relationship and others show body is an addiction said is tentacles reach in
so many directions it’s difficult to come up with a feeding
definition to cover them all but I’m going to
attempted addiction is any psychological emotional
or physiological dependence on a substance behavior pleasure or
person to relieve anxiety depression argue provide escape from reality to generate excitement and/or boost a person’s self
a stain addiction to control through obsessive
thinking and compulsive behavior one word that
will wrap all of this up is bondage when we become
addicted to something or someone we become a slave we are no longer free but the addiction becomes our master
your package and we follow if it is a substance week we must have it if it is an activity we must engage in yet if it’s a percent
we have to be with that person and this is true even when is paying for
it to be in relationship with the person to whom we are addicted those addicted
to porn will risk losing their families for the
3 I’ll engaging in their forbidden fantasies
addictive cravings are never satisfied they continued to cry out for more and
more is never enough I’ve heard the true story of a man who
stole the shoes all he is dead infants the as she lay in
the coffin when out and so fam to buy another drink even the lesser addictions such as food
and Recreation exert amazing control over their victims I don’t wanna leave you with this dark
picture but instead assure you that there is
hope of deliverance but you must want to be free and to be
free you must be willing to admit that you
have a problem and accept the reality that is too big
for you to tackle allowing you will need to help
a family free and and professionals and above all repentance toward God and a new or restored relationship with Jesus
Christ when he lives and reigns with the new
you have a resource bigger and more powerful and
any addiction welcome back to time for hope as we
close out our discussion with doctor Neil Anderson about it but freedom from addiction we’re also
cleaning from his companion book overcoming addictive behavior a smaller
but more can dance but says basically Neil what you’ve said
in the Big Book plus the story a jury and mike is in the
big book is in it mike was the number one stock broker in
Birmingham Alabama yourself into the stops in and for as a
result came to Christ and when he announced he was going to go
off to seminary his wife left so I media suffered a lot loss at that
time individually who’d lost ur person to death in and they will have to
seminarian he became old five-point Covenant Presbyterian pastor
and rose up in the same stops realize when they will say and people
was working for himself went back in became a stockbroker the hopeless
alcoholic and out as a result that he finally one day I
miss it to some remarkable story that they went through that he suddenly discovered what it
really was and meant to be a child of God never
drink again they’re just a wonderful couple in there have been real asset to our
ministry said that we’ve got let’s go back on that discovered Friday mean to really be a
child I’ve got one can be a child of God and
not discovered adequate mean is received him to them to get the right to become
children of God but poor mike was desperately trying to
become somebody he already is lhasa problem that’s this problem over
the church that ties directly into what we are concerned about II just book
in Minneapolis to Big Read recovery covers that they have their and
I wanna call here to find out where they had a the are they just buy all the stuff that we
heard for the world where they really into a kind of a crisis typeof a program when I was so thrilled
to hear the progress is being made in the industry in the Christian
industry in this here right now because I’ve never buy body into the disease model I don’t buy
secondly I don’t believe you should sit there in
a circle in reinforce a failure identity I’m not an alcoholic them a child a girl
you struggle with this right now but the answer either that is to really realize what it really
means to be in Christ to be alive and free in Christ to be a child of God and in and they were already there so I
was thrilled to hear that in is still a debate around the country
but but I I know why they say I wanna get out of denial and I totally agree
with that if you can see that you got a problem there’s nobody is going to help in
uniting the look for an answer whether to addiction or whether it like sexual addiction ties right into
this well at that conference I this first arrest is publicly I said how many here that are working with you
know chemical addiction realize that people looking for treatment are also sexually dictate how many would
say less than 50 percent we raise our here how we see more ninety
ever raise your hips now that our official poll but I that’s
what I’ve observed and they will not even seek answers for
that so our little book finding freedom in the sex-obsessed world is like a
companion to this because they will go in for what is
obviously you can be you can be chemically addicted in truth
matters is gonna show up in job performance is crucial your behavior
demean your health everything you can be sexually addicted be the
present in eight states is so you can carry on then charade for
years and it is far more prevalent the
chemical addiction far rather than in the church hall everywhere yes everywhere you go right now about 60
minutes had a program I downloaded the hard copy because I want to make sure
the facts right I would just after astonished their 800 million rentals the DVD’s VHS in arms and hardcore pornography 800
million that are available out there his profile
the biggest money-maker last year more money was spent in adult
education at all to my professional sports put together if you push the word sex into a search
engine like Google you get 800 million its okay less so we we’ve got a little bit time
left: had finest freedom from all over this addiction well you know I was their programs cock
rise to be held Christ will set you free in a and I
believe we here already as if we understood the truth and so it
all comes back into a whole life issue which would ensure
you got a deal with the whole person these people have dramatic needs if you
take that alcohol away from the alcoholic you discovered ride rocky still got
overwhelming need in this life is never learn how to deal with this pain how to
deal with the trials and tribulations a life Kenny
we go back to childhood oh and that needs it does go after child
case they can be any defamation in the Manhattan %uh that was carried over in implant
marriage a can be all kinds of neat but lot that
you talk to pat the live in alcohol or any other addiction will meet that need are it so I it still requires the truth that’s found
in Jesus cry absolutely man we we’ve got an
obligation I think with pols isn’t as a teacher people me pressing needs so that they may mean may not be a
fruitful we have pressing needs and nurtured how is christ is how does he
mean all my needs according to his riches in glory if you
had a definitive answer for that reason the matter is people with Rose he would not we’re not
even trying to take away the drug on the alcohol if that’s all you need is like taking
low ball away from the dog you’re going to have a dogfight you’re taking away his means of coping
all be wrong and I said we’re gonna throw mistake in
and I think like might find out himself I’ll spell
out their bold what I have this state what you give me an adequate answer for
this I will need to go this route anymore they don’t understand yeah even they’ve
got to come to understand that JC says that he’s made into back
onto s wisdom right just like site occasion redemption that we are
complete in chromium and that we can be healed
and restored from the these needs can be met and we
can be he own experience restoration me I’ve got to go yeah it all go it’s
great having you and of course we encourage our beers to
get both are three of your books and it’s been wonderful having you and
then wonderful having you on time for help and we look forward to your joining us
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