Freedom From Adversity – Matt Kahn

you as always what an honor and a pleasure
it is to be with you all of you during this most exciting time of spiritual
growth and expansion of the planet wouldn’t honour to bear witness to the
radiance and beauty that is blossoming within you and to live in complete and
absolute devotion for the liberation of your being see soon little Sam and for those of you that are this is
the first time here often what I provide is called a transmission
of presence and what that means is as I speak when I speak not just in this
setting but when I speak at all everything I say is intuitively based
meaning I’m hearing what you’re hearing as I’m speaking it and the beginning I
used to call myself a channel many years ago but a channel is someone who moves
their ego out of the way to bring through the insight but what happens
when the ego that you move aside disappears and then you are what you’re
transmitting and that’s what this is and in this living transmission what I am
speaking of what I’m saying is pointing to a deeper reality that’s already
within you and instead of having to think about what I’m saying what you
feel in your body is the experience of what the energy in the words is already
awakening within you so it’s a multi-sensory experience where all you
have to do is not worry about what I’m saying I mean the words are going to be
you know so there is something to the words of course but feel the words
feel the words let the words be a roadmap that leads you back to the home
you’ve never left let the words disarm your defenses let the words return you
to your natural state of eternal silence but the words I speak and that within
you that hears be recognized to be one in the same and all you have to do is
feel because if something is up deep truth
it will feel relieving and relaxing if something is not of the deep is true
they will feel tense and can create a sense of fear and there are times when
someone can transmit a truth that can frighten your ego that could make you
think like well maybe this isn’t true but the mastery of transmission is to
bring the highest wisdom through the most loving expression so that you are
as held and loved and supported cherished and honored as you are guided
across the threshold into a brand new paradigm of existence so this doesn’t
have to be threatening this doesn’t have to be intimidating this doesn’t have to
be challenging this can be relaxing this can be invigorating this can be
restorative and all you have to do is simply receive what we have all been
brought together to share I have been brought here to offer you’ve
been brought here to receive and so the party starts that’s how we do this dance
and a little bit of time we’ll have time for questions and answers in the
meantime I would just ask you to consider what I want to share with you
tonight just consider because tonight I want to talk to you about the on a topic
that I think is very interesting the topic is freedom from adversity when I
say freedom of adversity nearly always go yeah I’d like to be free of that
please give me some of that all right the funniest thing is you can
look around on people’s faces and they’re like yeah I want to be free of
adversity whether they’ve actually stopped to think to consider if they
even are in adversity so 100 percent of people want to be free of adversity even
though some of those people aren’t even in adverse situations so whether we are
in adversity or just don’t like the idea of adversity or just hope to minimize
whatever adversity might be up ahead we all kind of want to be free of it we all
want to be free of it in order to be free of adversity we must
talk about what adversity is that seems logical right this will be like me
telling you a bedtime story just let me tell you a little story let’s let’s
contemplate adversity because we all want to be free of it but not everyone
knows what it is most of the time we want to be free of adversity because
adversity is basically defined as something I don’t like something happens
your ego goes don’t like it and then you want to be free of it I never talking to someone about this I
said I said oh it seems like there’s some adversity in your life yes and they
told me what it was and I go oh I go why do you want to be free of that they say
cuz I don’t like it okay why don’t you like it because I don’t oh you don’t
like it because you don’t okay and what’s interesting about adversity is
most the time that’s as much thought as we give it I don’t like it because I
don’t already okay so what is the nature of this I don’t like it because I don’t
there’s got to be more to it than that and in fact there is when you go to the
movies you watch characters on a screen go through a series of experiences that
are going to take the development of their character from one position to the
next with an arc a storyline arc where the character starts at one point and
ends up at a different point and we sit there and watch an amusement
entertainment at the calamity of how these characters get into circumstances
of adversity which then creates the exciting experience of how are they
going to get out of it and we go to movies and we sit with our eyes glued to
the screen just letting the story tell the tale and then we leave the theater
not willing to live our lives that exact same way when we watch movies we know
it’s okay that the character is an adversity because this is just going to
set up a second act of and that just means like greater things
are going to come their way and this is going to make it more exciting for me to
watch in fact the more diversity the more exciting is to watch it but then
you come out of the theater and life apparently has different rules doesn’t
it the minute something goes the way you don’t want it to go I don’t like it
because I don’t when you watch a movie you understand the fact that everything
that happens to the character is only there to evolve the character into
higher aspects of itself and in our life we often forget that everything that
comes our way is only to evolve us into higher spectrums of consciousness and to
motivate greater energetic expansion every single thing that happens to you
is to motivate you to survive moments that will make you better than you’ve
ever been before movies show you that right you only a spiritual teacher
telling you that it’s obvious movie show you that so let’s define adversity
adversity can be defined as unexpected change unexpected change and when
unexpected change or adversity comes into your life the response an ego has
and when I say ego I mean the belief that you are the character in the film
and not the observer who witnesses from the theater because when you’re in a
theater you’re sitting in a chair in the screen is like 20 30 40 feet away from
you and so there’s distance so you want to go and follow the characters because
you see how far away you are but in this theater the seed in the
theater is also the seat inside the main character so it’s easy to get so close
that you actually think you’re the character playing out these experiences
of unavoidable unexpected change forgetting that you’re actually watching
this from within the body of the character
when you remember that you know that everything is here for your own growth
and evolution when you forget it unexpected change is interpreted as
stress you look around your life for anything to change it all based on a
premise of I don’t like it because I don’t which is fine when you think the
stress of adversity is because of the changes in your storyline you are then
motivated to change the moving parts of your storyline think thinking when I
change these moving parts then the adversity or the stress is going to
dissipate and after a certain period of time of changing so much of your life
there’s only so many careers you can have there’s only so many partners you
can have there’s only so many places you can live in the world eventually he
realized that changing the moving parts of your life doesn’t change the stress
of adversity it’s very interesting if you notice that you can change all these
things and they’re still a lingering stress caused by the adversity of
unavoidable change so let’s make this real simple if the if the unavoidable
change of circumstance is not what causes the stress of what you call
adversity there has to be another reason for it and there is
oh boy is there and I’m going to share with you probably now
I might take a breath but I’ll get to it huh someone’s at home watching this on
YouTube Lindsey connect just get to it when’s he going to teach me how to
change things that I don’t like because I don’t like it hilarious the circumstances of your life
is not what causes the stress of adversity adversity is unexpected change
but I will tell you straight out spirituality 101 in the fifth dimension
unexpected change does not cause stress in your body you have to know this and
that might feel like that makes sense but if you really stop it’s such a
central thing to behold there’s a very big myth that unexpected change causes
stress for example when we talk to one another in public how are you doing
right I am great which usually means the things that are feeding me are the same
or the things that are changing are feeding and amplifying my personality or
my ego into greater heights of whatever things are going my way if there is
unexpected change then it usually becomes oh god I’m not doing so good and
then here comes the adversity meter and we talk about all the things we’re
trying to change or all the things we can’t change
spirituality 101 in the fifth dimension unexpected change does not cause stress
in your body there you go that was unexpected none of
you look that stressed out point taken huh point taken so because
you’re residing in the body of the main character which is also you’re seeing
the theater it’s easy to think that you are the character that you are playing
out and when unexpected change happens it often makes the character you’re
portraying into a version of the character that you either are
embarrassed to be or are afraid is going to be less redeemable to the other
characters around you so as a way of saying I don’t like what this unexpected
change is doing to how this character looks I don’t think it’s going to make
me look at other people and that’s going to increase the likelihood that I’m
going to be rejected and abandoned and I don’t like that and so as a moment of
rebellion what we do is we say this unexpected change makes me not feel like
the greatest character in my reality and as a way of being in odds with the
universe I’m going to care for and love and support this character less as a
standoff until life changes this then I’ll let down my guard so think of this
when adversity comes into your life your resistance towards not knowing the
benefit of it is caring and loving for this character less because the belief
in the ego is if I love the character during adversity it might make it stick
around longer the truth is when you love the character in adversity you help them
through that adversity faster so it’s opposite so spirituality 101 and 5th
dimension unexpected change does not cause stress in your body your inability
to love the character in the story who’s facing unavoidable change
to love and care for them during this moment of unavoidable change is what
causes the unavoidable change to be perceived as a threat that makes sense
nothing will threaten you if you’re willing to love yourself through change
so basically threat says I am threatened by the change outside of me because I’m
not here supporting myself through life I’m only willing to love myself when
life goes my way and if life doesn’t go my way get me the hell away from this
person and it’s called being at odds with yourself and when you’re at odds
with yourself you act out the least desirable qualities and consciousness
you blame other people for your experiences you project judgments onto
others in between rounds of despising your circumstances
it’s called being stuck and the classic belief when you’re stuck is I’ll be
stuck until someone changes my life and until they do look out because I’m out
for blood life’s not going my way someone’s going to pay for it not that
we’ve ever experienced that wait you know maybe someone you know I don’t know unexpected change does not cause stress
in your body your inability or unwillingness to love yourself more when
unexpected change comes knocking in your door the fact that you are not a fully
present participant and loving and adoring yourself unconditionally is what
causes thing to threaten you when you love and support yourself you become the
safest person for you to be around when you’re the safest person for you to be
around nothing and I mean nothing can threaten you because the idea that
someone else can do something to you is because you’re not safe with yourself
the focus is always that person this situation because you’re not the safety
and the fifth dimension what we learn is unavoidable change is a catalyst to help
you let go of your attachments to help lighten the load so you can survive this
moment with far less than you came in with it’s a massive moment of
instantaneous transformation and it’s not something you expected or we’re
probably looking for and think about someone who goes through this quick of a
transformation doesn’t deserve less love they deserve more love more compassion
more care than any that ever before if you have a child and that child is
adjusting to a new school to new friends to living in a new state you would hold
that child in your arms as often as they wanted to and to love and adore them
through their adjustment but why don’t we treat ourselves the same way we have
been brought to the planet with the ability to co-create and bring children
into families so that we can learn to treat the children in a way that teaches
us how to treat our own hearts when we’re not around our children and if you
don’t have children in your life and just become a parent to your heart and
let’s get over the third dimensional epidemic of I’m nice to myself and I’m
relaxed in my body when life goes my way and if every any little thing happens to
me and some little thing comes and just starts to shift the foundation of my
safety I’m the first one I abandon and when you are the first one you abandon
you will have needs wants and desires that you’ll walk around this world
looking to cast the right character who will promise to give you those things
and they will fail you each time they will fail you by lying to you
and lying to themselves by promising to be the one to give you the things be
as they hope if they can deliver those things you’ll finally give to them what
they refuse to give to themselves so it’s a mutual lie as we all try to
pretend to be who or not to help other people feel better so that they can give
us what we refuse to give to ourselves we’re all going at this backwards the
reality is we need to learn that when adversity is present we don’t change the
adversity now there are circumstances that we do if we’re in a situation that
threatens our livelihood that’s putting us a danger that’s something different
what I’m talking about is a compulsive desire that the moment life turns up the
heat you want to check out and start changing and going somewhere else
eventually you’ll recognize the pattern and you’ll realize you’re not running
from adversity you’re running from the opportunity to love yourself and you’re
running towards someone who’s going to promise to love you only to give you
back your power through moments of disappointment that’s how people give us
back our power they disappoint the living shit out of us dissapointment says hey thanks for the
power you gave me I didn’t know what to do with it I just I said I was gonna do
all these things for you I wanted to because I thought if I could do those
things you do these things for me and it’d be this nice little dance I don’t
know what I’m doing you don’t know what you’re doing but we don’t need to tell
each other that we’re just going to lie and disappoint and lie and disappoint
and have anniversaries until we die until we die until we die that sound
lovely we’re going to lie and disappoint and have anniversaries until we die so
romantic so romantic and we laugh because we know the truth of it and the
truth of it is you want a partner who’s going to be there with you through thick
and thin and you don’t realize that you’re living in the skin of that
partner looking for someone else you’ve been waiting for an angel to walk with
you to carry you across a threshold and the Lord sent you that angel but that
angel is waiting for another angel you are that angel waiting for another angel
to come rescue you while you the angel pretend you’re someone in need of an
angel and that’s a silly game that only angels can play good way of putting it
good way of putting your brother the classic condition of an angel who’s
being initiated into Angel Academy which is what our journey of Earth is about
his angels pretend to be people waiting for angels that’s how you do an angel an
angel isn’t that necessarily the most shining light that’s there you know
feeding the hungry okay an angel is the one who’s waiting for an angel to rescue
them Nicole there’s an angel and you look at them and you go oh but you’re
the angel you’ve been waiting for and they totally doubt it and that’s how you
know how angelic they are that’s like the classic angel answer and so instead of putting on a front or
a persona or we try to present ourselves as our most like desirable version of
ourself which isn’t a bad thing but when you’re trying to present yourself in a
certain way which isn’t necessarily the way you are naturally right because
we’re who you are naturally doesn’t need to be presented right you don’t need to
present yourself if it’s who you are right it doesn’t require presentation
because you are right so when you present yourself it’s because you’re
trying to be desirable to someone else hoping that your presentation entices
them enough to get them to be for you what you’ve refused to be in your own
life and because you’ve refused to beat in your own life what are the odds that
you’re going to be able to do it for them zero hmm
Oh angels Oh angels so what do we do what we do is we recognize the tendency
to define ourselves by the circumstances of our life that are only manifesting to
take us from one level of consciousness to the next we recognize the tendency
that if I am being made to appear in my play as a character who seems less
desirable or isn’t the way I want to be seen or I don’t want to view myself this
way then that means I’m going through a tremendous amount of change growth is
occurring and that means I deserve more of my love more often here’s another way
of putting it the more life smashes you and the more you make decisions that he
regret means you deserve more love not less that’s the fifth dimension through
the eyes of the universe you act despicably you deserve more love life
smashes you to pieces only to let more love in in a societal setting no one in the
right mind wants their heartbroken but if you know how much more love you’ll be
able to let in once it’s smashed to pieces it might be a little more open to
it and you don’t have to try to have your heart smashed life knows what it’s
doing life’s got this you don’t have to work
at that life’s got this life knows how to smash it apart all you have to do is
stop chasing the little shards and pieces and stop trying to glue them back
together and making a mosaic out of something that’s meant to be destroyed
once your heart is broken that’s when you find your heart you don’t find your
heart until it’s broken open and it’s either broken open through inspiration
or shadow to pieces through deception and disappointment welcome to earth this
is how we do it this is how we do it here and when
adversity comes your way and you do not feel like you’re supported by life you
do not know what’s up ahead you’ve been put in a position of confusion
frustration loneliness right that’s because the experiences of frustration
loneliness boredom isolation are all feelings in your body of what it feels
like when ego is being unraveled out of your field and that’s when you deserve
the most amount of love not the least amount of love the subconscious tendency
is I’m not in a position to be seen by others because I’m going to appear less
desirable to them and so I am going to abandon myself because I only want to be
with myself when I’m the most desirable and I’m not going to say that’s wrong
I’m just going to ask you a question when does that work when is not being
with yourself when you’re less desirable made you more desirable when is someone
ever said my god you’re so desirable what’s your secret well when I when
adversity strikes and I’m the least desirable I ignore myself I ignore
myself i shun myself until I become desirable that’s how I do it doesn’t
work so we have to agree that every step forward is only here to inspire your
highest growth and that means I need to be the one that loves myself more and
when your attention and focus is not on loving yourself more your imagination
thanks I need some character in my life to do all the things for me that a I’m
not doing for myself and because I’m not doing it for myself are going to be the
things I won’t be able to do for them more disappointment so we take a step
back and we say it’s okay that unexpected change happens
because it’s only to inspire your deepest growth it’s okay that you cannot
control the terms and conditions of outcome because those have been
predetermined before incarnation begins you can’t change the outcome but you can
make choices that determine how you experience and how you feel and the
quality of the experience of what’s already meant to be like in a theater
when you’re watching a movie if you were to say I’m going to cross my legs and
I’m going to breathe a certain way because I think if I keep doing that
these two characters are going to end up together and then if they end up
together you’re going to say see it’s because I cross my legs and breathe a
certain way but that’s ridiculous but how many times in your life do you think
if I do this a certain way then I’m going to get to this outcome same thing
equal is nuts and even if it’s meant to be that those characters end up together
the ego is just the belief that it was because of my insane behavior that made
it that way but it was already meant to be whether you did nothing or anything
your choices don’t make things happen just like your choices don’t make the
movie characters act any which way that was film two years ago you don’t control
that an actor on the screen is looking for their car keys you can see it behind
them you walk up to the screen go ahead it’s right behind you they can’t hear
you they can’t hear you and then you walk away thinking the actor is ignoring
you God wouldn’t arrogant fool I was trying to help him he didn’t even take
my advice because you’re talking to a movie screen but when we’re doing it
this way we don’t realize we’re talking to a movie screen this is already meant
to be your choices do not create outcomes your choices determine the
quality of the movie or living out just because you go to a horror film doesn’t
mean everyone’s going to be horrified you might sit there and laugh and go
Wow what how exhilarating you might go there and go look at the special effects
it looks so real Bravo to the special effects designer you might go to a
comedy expecting to laugh you might be offended and you’re not laughing so the
movie doesn’t guarantee the genre doesn’t guarantee the experience your
perception guarantees your experience your choices don’t determine outcome
your choices determine the quality of your experience as you experience the
outcomes that guarantee your growth the growth is guaranteed but how you
experience it is up to you why do we get so freaked out with unexpected change
why do we blame ourselves and shun ourselves and not love ourselves because
we think we’re in control of outcomes and then when something adverse comes as
an outcome we blame ourselves because we think we’re doing it
newsflash you’re not when something good happens I must have manifested that
something adverse happens why did I manifest that there is something to
manifestation that in a future time I’ll probably go into and in other videos
I’ve talked about this but as far as today’s topic is concerned manifestation
for a lot of people in the spiritual journey become a big fat excuse when
things go my way I manifested it look at me something doesn’t go your way my
manifest that I think my chakras are broken for real my chakras are broken y’all
seriously look look what just happened my chakras are all broken someone
unplugged my chakras we laugh because we understand that excuse instead
everything is meant to help you grow your choices don’t determine outcome
your choices determine the quality of your experience and when you are the one
loving yourself more at every turn and letting the harshness of life soften
your approach with yourself that’s when unexpected change does not trigger
stress and that’s when you are free from adversity you’re not free from change
you’re free from allowing change to throw you out of alignment with your
highest wisdom and you’re free from needing or free from experiencing
unexpected change to pull you out of your heart where only your innocence
begs and pleads for your own loving attention and when your innocence begs
and pleads for your own innocent attention doesn’t get it
what does it do it either seeks it from others or lashes out at others that’s
the human condition that’s the third dimensional human
condition of the fifth dimension their dimensional so the remedy to adversity
is the things that inspire change isn’t my problem my problem is how little I
love myself when change your eyes –is the name of the game of fifth
dimensional spirituality is anything that’s worth its weight in the fifth
dimension is a teaching that will inspire you to treat yourself or others
the way you would speak to a five-year-old and pain
and if it’s not the way you would talk to a five-year-old and pain get it the
hell out of your life if you wouldn’t approach a five-year-old and pain and
say you know you should really drop that story you wouldn’t say that to a child
so don’t ever say that to yourself or anyone else on this planet don’t ever
say that if you would say to a five-year-old in pain it’s of no use to
you if a five-year-old in pain if you wouldn’t say to a five-year-old in pain
now honey why did you manifest that you wouldn’t say it to a five-year-old get
it the hell out of your reality if you wouldn’t look a five-year-old who’s in
pain and tears and shaking like a leaf and say maybe this is some karma from a
past life when you were a bad person you’re a sweet little kid now but boy
were you an evil one before and this is God paying you back you wouldn’t say it
to a five-year-old in pain don’t say to yourself or anyone else see this is how
we are in the fifth dimension how would you speak to a five-year-old
and pain treat yourself like that that’s freedom from adversity because adversity
is not the things that happen it’s how you respond and speak to yourself in
response to what happens that makes sense and when you know life does what
life does nothing you do is going to make life make it harder for you like
that’s a superstition like if I think this life is going to be harder on me
because I’m thinking this life’s not not dumb God’s not an idiot like if you have
a thought that’s not going to cause doomsday I got to tell you we’ve all had
outrageous thoughts children think there are monsters in their closets we don’t
have monsters and closets so if thoughts create reality why don’t we have a
monster epidemic in suburban America children believe everyday there’s a
monster there they’re willing it they’re believing it now their body is
responding what it would be like if there was a monster so their body’s
responding of this is what it would be like if there was a monster but it’s
only their experience it’s not like a child could think it deep enough and out
of the closet here we come a monster and God goes well if you didn’t want a
monster you should have not had those thoughts derp derp derp derp derp God’s
not dumb it doesn’t matter what you think it matters what you say to
yourself matters what you say to yourself when life falls apart because
true character is not just how you act when life’s going your way
true character is revealed the moment you don’t get your way the moment you
don’t get your way is the moment life says here’s the difference between
life’s plan for you and your plan for you and the classic scenario is if you
surrendered a life’s plan and the very beginning it might seem like you’re not
getting your way but if you hold tight you’re going to wind up getting more
than you could have ever imagined for yourself because life knows what life is
doing and the only people that don’t think that life knows what it’s doing
are those that are not loving themselves through unexpected change so don’t
prepare for a change don’t anticipate change just love the one who either
hates it is afraid of it or doesn’t know what to do when life stops working your
way and even if when sending love to your heart I love you even if you maybe
you’re not there yet love the one who doesn’t know how to do that love the one
who’s afraid to do that love the one who’s embarrassed to do that yeah I
could do that but or love the one who thinks understanding self-love is the
same thing as practicing self-love some people go I
understand what he’s saying about self-love as if that’s a replacement for
self-love that’s like saying to a five-year-old
child again analogy I understand that you want love and because I understand
that you want love that should be enough for you we laugh because that sounds
ridiculous but we do it to ourselves we understand me a self-love is very
important that yes self-love that’s mad guy all about
love this Matt guy is all about love but this Matt guy wants you to be about love
that’s the love revolution I want to inspire the love in you to come out and
play so that you can love yourself knowing every time you love your heart
you are transforming every heart in existence one I love you at the time to
be the I love you guy in a world of people that still hide from loving
themselves isn’t the mission the mission is to teach and inspire you to love your
own heart the way I always will and whether you’re ready to love your own
heart or not I will love your heart until the end of time until you join in amen when things go your way I love you when
things don’t go your way I love you when people deceive you I love you when
people disappoint you I love you when you’re miles away from liberation I love
you if you think you’ve attained liberation I love you if you think
there’s no self here to love I love you if you ask yourself who’s the one saying
I love you I love you oh by the way would you say that to a five-year-old
child who’s crying in pain oh who is the one in pain no you wouldn’t
drop that crap I’ve had people say that to me and there’s not like there isn’t
benefit in self inquiry but everything has a time and space and most of the
time it’s not relevant it’s not relevant because most people can’t ask that
question and get the insight and drop it they carry it with them and it becomes
dogmatic and annoying and it reeks if you wouldn’t say to a five-year-old
crying in pain crying in pain Oh No who is the one and you wouldn’t say that so
don’t say it to yourself because it’s not going to help what’s going to help
is I love you and just to be technical the eye is love love is love you as love
so it’s love loving love there you go I love you all right let’s get done with
that spiritual nonsense love is loving love I a name of love love a name of
love you a name of love okay just like every sound in existence is
God everything that’s ever happened in life is just God God God God God same
thing love love love now we get on to the living practice of no matter how
life is going for me I love myself no matter how far away I think I am from my
ideal reality I love myself no matter how much I desire my life to be
different even it’s not going to make me feel different
no matter how much I want other people to give me what I never give to myself
oh and newsflash if you don’t give it to yourself you will never be able to let
in what other people want to give use even if you find the perfect person who
is equipped to give it to you you’ll never be able to let it in until you
give it to yourself well that sucks so you might as well love yourself so when
the perfect person comes along you can have the perfect relationship but the
perfect relationship isn’t based on them it’s based on you being the perfect
version of yourself to let in what they have to give you love yourself and set
yourself up for that magnificent love affair freedom from adversity is when
your focus is on loving yourself instead of being on the lookout for a better
series of circumstances sometimes what we do like watch dogs like binoculars
looking looking all right looking waiting waiting for that boat to come
and rescue you from that island of disappointment instead forget it just
love yourself and the fear is if I stop looking for
this the rescue it might not come for me but you’ve been looking for the rescue
for years and it hasn’t come from you so why would stop doing the thing that
hasn’t worked bring about the very results you already have we fear if we
stop looking for the better circumstance it’s going to pass us by but looking for
it hasn’t brought it to us so the very thing you’re afraid that’s going to
happen if you stop is already happening right now
so let’s love yourself if you’re not in your most exciting circumstance if
you’re not living your dream come true reality if you’re not living your life
purpose whatever that means if you’re not the brightest shining light in your
opinion which is hilarious we’re all angels but we’re all not the brightest
light only in our opinion isn’t that hilarious
I’m not shining brightly according to WHO me what me only to you are you not
shining brightly and then someone goes god you’re shining brightly oh I don’t
believe that what is going on Iran drugs the answer is yes we’re on a drug called
ego and it’s okay it’s okay to be an ego because if you want to relinquish your
attachment to ego it has to be okay that you have one trying to get away from ego
trying to transcend ego the belief you have transcended ego in the very
conceptual way is how you create an attachment to ego right only ego is
offended by someone thinking you’re in an ego that’s how you tell if someone’s
an ego hey I think you’re in your ego what how dare you how dare you let me
give you a list of the of the spiritual things I’ve completed how dare you call
me an an ego Do You Know Who I am says ego I’m far more important how dare you
sir how dare you sir ma’am it’s okay it’s
okay that you have thoughts because when you have thoughts it’s just your
beautiful innocent mind that says like a child
I’m only saying the silly stuff to get your attention because I want your
loving attention I’m so afraid to ask for love I’m afraid I’ll be ridiculed
rejected or abandoned so I want your attention I’m afraid to ask for love so
all I can do is say really argumentative things to demand your attention without
asking for the love I don’t think I’m worth like oh oh I love you it tries to
be your helper you should do this I love you tries to pretend to be your life
coach this is a message from the universe I love you when this it’s noisy
I love you when this is congested I love you when this is acting all crazy I love
you because through this heart blesses all of this to love this can bless where
your focus is but to love this blesses everything simultaneously so your heart
is the center of the universe through the heart that you love all things are
transformed and would ever get your attention – a puppy nipping at your toes
– the noise of your mind demanding your attention by saying silly things because
it knows what will get your attention to your body responding and stress to
unexpected change and tragedy I love you I love you and one I love you at a time
you will be freed from adversity which is not to mean change won’t occur in
your life it means you will no longer judge things
as being good versus adverse and out of nowhere something will happen that
people around you will watch and go oh my god how are you doing with that
you might just smile and say how lucky am i I guess it’s time for me to change
in row again you’re not upset No if I was I would just love myself
through it I don’t need to try to be not ok with things I don’t need to try to
accept things because even if I didn’t accept things I would love the one who
doesn’t accept so to try to accept let’s check our math if you were in the
presence of a child who was crying in pain hey you should try to accept that
would you say that probably not hey you should accept that whoa they’re not
gonna know the hell you’re talking about a child crying hysterical you should
accept what is you wouldn’t say that so why say to yourself not because here’s
the thing accepting what is doesn’t require you because the fact that it’s
happening means life has already accepted what is accepting what is means
I don’t have to accept what’s happened it’s already happened I don’t have to
like what’s happening it’s already happening whether I like it or not
doesn’t really matter accepting what is means well that just happened well
thatch has happened thatch has happened all over the place that’s what accept
what is accept what is is is getting you out of denial because denial says that
that didn’t happen and accept what is is that happened I don’t like that it
happened I hate that it happen seriously that happened that’s what accept what is
is accept what is isn’t I should like this think about a child children
shouldn’t like anything right you have a child
something happens a toy gets taken away from them they can’t do they do it turn
around punch their friend in the face now I’m not saying that’s the greatest
choice in the world but that’s just the response of the person that’s not
looking at the child saying they didn’t accept what is that’s their way of
accepting what is now it’s not the highest form of
accepting what is but when you’re five you’re not going to be of the highest
esteem of accepting what is it’s going to be a little primal soul of the one
who doesn’t know how to accept what is and of course you don’t have to accept
what is because that’s not your responsibility
have you ever been a situation I’m trying to accept what is
that’s not acceptance at all that’s busy work right if you want to accept what is
just accept how you feel about it oh this totally just happened I hate it
there you go that’s accept what is ha this just
happened in my life all of a sudden I hate everything okay and now that you’ve
admitted how much you hate things let’s love the one who hates don’t want to
love the one who hates good let’s love the one who doesn’t want to love the one
who hates I don’t want to good let’s just rest in not wanting to and let that
one have a right to be present and just letting that one be present is how that
one is left and when you allow it to be present like that you won’t act it out
what makes you act it out is denying it the right to exist no no I shouldn’t
feel that way I have to practice accepting what is come on is that what
this is really all about there is accepting what is but it’s not spiritual
busywork accepting what is is admitting what
happens and loving whatever arises in response to what happens even if you
could accept what is and the way the teachings suggest sometimes then you
walk around with that gold badge I accepted what is and then what happens
then you have a friend who’s in adversity and what advice do you give
them you should accept what is I should know I have a gold medal in it see this
badge right here I did it right now I’m going to tell you how to live your life
oh you’re not accepting what is so now you’re an adversity now you’re in pain
and now I’m going to tell you you’re wrong yay spirituality who needs that
no one we all need love love is the new spirituality that’s what the love
revolution is spirituality is the love revolution awaken the love in your heart
love yourself the way no one else is loved you transform the fabric of
reality for the well-being of all one I love you at a time when you’re loving your heart accepting
what is is already happening loving yourself is the celebration of accepting
what is and when you try to accept what is in the absence of loving yourself
it’s more monotonous spiritual busy work and the worst thing that can happen is
you think you did it right and then you have something to share with other
people who only need your love I remember once I was talking to someone
on an airplane and at that point I was just some random person of them they
didn’t know anything about me I know anything about them I said how’s your
day they looked at me and I said you know sometimes life just sucks and I
looked at them and I said you know sometimes it does and I asked is your
life suck right now I said yeah I said I’m sorry to hear that I love you what so I’m sorry to hear that I love you
I said well you don’t really know me I said I know but of all the times in your
life isn’t right now where you need the most amount of love don’t let not
knowing me prevent you from receiving the support that you desire that’s a love revolution and that’s the
new spirituality of this fifth dimensional earth point if you wouldn’t
say it to a five-year-old child crying in pain don’t say it to yourself that’s
the new rule of thumb there’s nothing wrong with spiritual teachings they all
have their time in place the problem is how we apply them the problem is how we
interpret them there’s only one primary spiritual teaching you can take with you
everywhere I love you the measurement of an awake being is not how many
realizations they’ve had how many insights they’ve gathered how less of
themself is present which is all fine in the end the benchmark of an awakened
being is how freely their love is offered to themselves and how freely
their love transforms the world around them your inner world doesn’t match your
outer yet well you should love that heart and the more you love that heart
the more you send blessings to the world and tell the world and give the world
something much more redeemable and lovely to impersonate in front of you
you want the world to act loving towards you and to other people and love
yourself because when you love your own heart all
the awakening all the realizations all the activations all of this that’s
enlightenment and even the stages Beyond enlightenment come to you without
requiring you to chase after it your job is to surrender your will by loving your
heart by making choices that feel good to your body and in loving your heart
and engaging the practice of self-care you tell the universe that you are ready
for the activations awakenings healings and transformations that life will do
for you and your only job is to love what arises and that’s why I’m here with
you is to guide you through the journey of loving what arises and by the way it’s not a journey that
starts and ends with oh yeah I know how to love my heart that’s it the journey
of loving what arises goes through every stage of consciousness so this isn’t
where our journey ends this is where our journey begins this is where the love
revolution begins we have only just begun we have only just begun I assure
you of that there’s so much more to this but if we wish to be free of adversity
then we must surrender to love and talk to ourselves and talk to each other like
we would hurt vulnerable little children in the most honourable and beautiful way an enlightened being doesn’t try to get
someone to their side of the fence an enlightened being goes to someone else’s
side of the fence and just is the most peaceful relaxed loving expression on
their side of the fence so if your reality doesn’t feel worthy of love I
will travel to your side of the fence to love you unconditionally and be the most
peaceful loving expression until you realize your side of the fence isn’t so
bad at all and what you’ll realize is that your side of the fence is also my
side of the fence it’s just a matter of when you’re willing to love to join me
in loving you the way I already am like I said earlier the success of tonight is
that by the end of tonight after some questions the success is that you will
be as blessed to be in your presence as I am blessed to be in yours

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