FREEDOM From Old Habits: Ep 11 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you so much. As usual I would like to read something. Exhale the old, limiting beliefs. Self-doubt and past pain. Today is a new day. A new start. And a new beginning. Inhale and begin a new life. Beautiful. Exhale the old, limiting beliefs Self-doubt and past pain. Exhale means we need to take it out of our system. Today is a new day, a new beginning. And very beautifully it says – inhale a new life. Very often, it could be a past situation or our perspective about a past situation Perspective about a person, a situation or about our own self. We hold on to our perspective for a very long time. When we understand the journey of a soul we realise that by holding on for so long And if we do not let go of all this before we leave the body The soul will carry all these beliefs. When the soul takes a new costume of a child, that child will hold these beliefs. You were talking about holding on to all these. Does it mean that whatever I think about them Is it about the image which I create about people or situation? My perspective about anything For example, my perspective could be that this situation is not good, or this person is not right. So whatever I have held on to for 40 years, even now when I go to that particular place I can recall all that. It could even be about anything pertaining to your life. If a person spoke something unpleasant to you. That line says – old belief systems, self-doubt and past pain. So there are 3 things.
Any old belief system like – he is like this, she is like that, this is the right way, that is how it is. So any old belief system which is not healthy for us. Self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence. No confidence about ourselves. Like we saw last time – I always fail, I just cannot do this, I am weak, this is not possible by me. All this is self-doubt. And then past pain – somebody wronged or harmed us When we felt they were wrong be created hurt. It got recorded here and we are holding on to it. That line is so beautiful – exhale all these. And inhale a new life. It says now is the new moment, the new day, a new life. I can get rid of so many blind beliefs if I exhale them all. For example we say a room with number 8 is unlucky. These are very small things. This is only about blind-belief. But there are a lot of painful ones that we have held on to. About a situation, or about something unpleasant that happened in a relationship. We believed that is how it is. So we did not release it from our system but held on to it for a very long time. So what we have held on to is affecting both the soul and the body. The line says – exhale it and make a new beginning today. Inhale a new life. If we just sit back and reflect today How many past situations, how many perspectives about different people, how many thoughts of self-doubt about ourselves If we take out 10 minutes to reflect on all these things which we have held on to Or if we write it down in a diary What all am I holding on to, which is not healthy for me. There will be a long list. But we will not know that it is not healthy when we are holding onto it. Anything which causes pain and discomfort. When it comes to our physical body we recognize – whether it is healthy, whether there are any aches and pains The entire system is functioning fine. Which means healthy. But if I feel a certain pain in some part of the body or stiffness. I will say this is a first sign of discomfort. It is not an illness, it is only a discomfort as of now. I am not comfortable if I am not able to easily get up sit or walk as before. Discomfort. If we don’t take any action at the first sign of discomfort. The discomfort keeps increasing And after a while it will escalate into a disease. The first sign which comes is not of disease, it is a discomfort. The door of my car started to make a slight noise whenever the vehicle moved. I told them that we will get the screw tightened. But they told me as long as the vehicle is moving, what is the problem. Live with the noise. Likewise when I just stretch my body We definitely stretched the body but what about the soul? But we don’t know about the soul’s discomfort. We know about the discomfort we feel. We know the discomfort but we don’t know that it will manifest into an illness. Suppose many years ago I got angry for the first time. Or I got tensed for the first time. It was the first sign of discomfort. If for the first time I had a problem seeing somebody successful. It is the first sign of jealousy. When the first time I spoke negative about a person, it was the first sign of criticism. But at that time we thought it was natural. It was discomfort. But because many people around me why experiencing that kind of discomfort, and they all said it is natural, I started feeling the same. So we called this discomfort as Natural. Like you shared if the vehicle was making a slight noise If we accepted that as normal That it is normal for the vehicle to make that noise Then we do not get it rectified but will continue to drive like that But gradually that discomfort will only increase. It would have started as a first-time anger or first-time anxiety Or first-time fear. It was a discomfort but we didn’t do anything about it. It gradually increased with time. Today we left out the word tension and we are using the word stress. We said we are very stressed. But we still pulled ourselves with that stress. Because the society said stress is normal. When this happened and we did not rectify it at the level of stress Today we are saying – I am feeling very depressed. First it started as – I am tense today. Then we said – I am stressed today. Now we have reached the stage where we say – I am very depressed today. So discomfort started increasing gradually. But now the quotation says, whatever it is, exhale it today. It can be a new beginning. This is a very powerful thing because when we meet so many brothers and sisters about changing their sanskars Or about changing their habits, the first belief system which majority express is They say it is very difficult. And then if you explain to them and discuss how to do it Again if you ask them if they will do it, they say they will try to do it. They are not sure and they don’t have the faith on themselves, that they can change their sanskar. Many people say – I am born like that, my nature is like that, I am like that since birth. Not a problem at all. Even if I am like that since birth, that is because it is a past carry-forward Sanskar. We can tame an animal or chain an elephant but can we not change our Sanskar? Anything which we have not done before, we feel it is difficult. We meet scientists, engineers, administrators, doctors and businessmen. They are accomplishing big things. They made huge contributions to the country and the world, studied so much, invented several things, created so many miracles in the outer world. They are souls who literally create miracles. But when it comes to changing their own Sanskars, they say it is very difficult. Some contribution and miracle towards themselves helps. Why does it seem difficult to them? Only because they have not done it in the past. For a Doctor who conducts surgery every day, performing a surgery comes easily to him. He does it every day he just reaches the hospital and gets down to work. But for someone who is never done it, it is an impossible task. But anyone who reads about it Learns about it and ties it, will be able to do it. But if we tell ourselves at the beginning – this is not possible. It means I did not even begin to do it. The biggest belief system which is blocking our transformation Is that it is very difficult to change Sanskars. Because we have been using that Sanskar or Habit for so many years, we have started to feel We feel we are slaves to that habit. We don’t control the habit but the habit controls us. When we are aware that we are creating anger and we can change the habit It means it is our choice. But if we feel that anger is not what we create, and it automatically comes. If we feel our mind intellect and body automatically go towards anger It means we are not using that habit, but that habit is controlling us. When we feel that the habit is controlling us, it means we have become slaves to that habit. And when we start feeling that we are slaves of a habit, then freedom, Liberation or coming out of that habit, feels impossible. So even though we want to come out of it and change that habit, our belief system block size from transformation. Many people say I wished to live like that, but maybe I will do that in my next birth. But how will they be able to do it the next birth? How will that be possible? What we try to convey when we say we will do it in the next birth We say – in this birth a lot of things have already gone haywire. It is all messy. So it is difficult to clean up the chaos which I have created in this life. Cleaning up the chaos in my habits and sons cast is impossible in this lifetime. So we conveniently say we will do it in the next birth. Because we feel the next birth will be clean and a new beginning. But our next birth will not be a new beginning. The next birth will start with this chaos which we carry forward. Suppose today I am a very weak soul with many addictions which I am unable to give up I don’t have the willpower. I am irritated, depressed and upset about it. suppose I leave the body in this state. I will not be born next as a very powerful soul. It is not possible that the child (next birth) will be very powerful and can do whatever he desires to. That is why we met so many parents who say that children are just not able to do things, no matter how much they are guided. They say their children don’t obey them. Even about small children, the parents say they don’t change their habits. When we say that a small child cannot change his habits Then what is the future of that child going to be? We are confirming that so deeply. Because when we are not able to change our own habits Today small kids are having food while operating in iPad. They are playing games while eating. It is okay because unawares, we have put in that habit in them. Because we thought, as long as the kid eats, it is okay for him to watch TV. So we adopted this practice with a 2-year-old or 3-year-old kid. We started feeding them that way and they started eating. So he now has the habit of eating whatever is fed at that time. But along with that he also has developed the habit of watching TV while eating. Now if a doctor or a counsellor or anybody else tells us that it is not a right habit. The immediate answer of the parent would be – now my child is habituated to eating like this. I have asked few parents why they give tea to a small child to drink. I used to tell them to give milk instead. They say – Now he is used to drinking tea and he is liking it. Now can we see what is happening. Whatever we are not able to do or whatever we feel is difficult to do So easily we told that about kids also – that they cannot change habits. It means the parent who talks about the child in that way is a weak soul himself. If that parent believes that habits cannot be changed Because that parent or soul believes that he himself is not able to change his habits So automatically his belief system will radiate to that child. This is also a technique for changing habits and we should know it well. Suppose you chose a habit, used that technique and changed that habit. Unless you do it at least once, you will not even know if you can do it or not. So suppose you made that conscious effort and changed one of your habits. So what will your belief system become? That habits can be changed. Not just habits but even deep-rooted Sanskars Habits we typically associate with external things like drinking tea or watching TV while eating. These are comparatively smaller things. But Sanskar of the soul – suppose you practiced on a Sanskar and saw that it can also be changed. So now you are very clear. Even if you have to advise somebody you will say – habits and sanskars can easily be changed. I can even give my own example then. So now your belief system is that Sanskars can be changed. Now suppose you see in a child a particular habit or sanskar, which you feel needs to be changed. You can make that effort from your end. You will not say – this is a habit, it cannot change. Why? Because now that is your belief system. How did that belief system get formed? By your own experience. So when your experience says that Sanskar can be changed What will be your vibration to your children at home? That sanskars can be changed. If there is a small child you will even help him to gradually make that effort And in a few days, you will be able to do it because it is very easy to change sanskars in children. When a soul takes a new costume it would have carried sanskars from the past birth. But it is not yet very attached to its new body and the new environment. Because of which that child’s Ego is very less. A kid’s power to absorb something and become like that is very high. When a soul is in the mother’s womb, that is when there is the highest influence. And later even soon after the child is born, there can be the highest influence on him. Even just with vibrations. Just with vibrations we can influence the child. There can be a child who has brought with him very heavy and negative Sanskars, but he is now born into a very Satvik family. That child can have an influence of that Satvik environment. They can also be a child who has brought with him a lot of satvik sanskars, but he is now born into a family where there are heavy sanskars. So now he gets influenced by those sanskars. Which means Sanskars influence children very quickly. It also means that changing sanskars in children is the easiest. Not just the small habits like drinking tea or watching TV while eating. Even deep sanskars can be changed. They are very soft so can be moulded. The more our ego increases, our attachment to our sanskars and belief systems also increases. That is when we find it difficult to change. But actually change can happen at any age, because change is for the soul. But at a young age we can change because of other people’s vibrations also. We can change even because of parents’ vibrations. So at that time parents and family will have the power that just by using their belief systems and their vibrations, they can bring changes in their child. But if the parent radiates this belief system to the child – that habits cannot change – then the child will also grow up to say the same thing about every habit. The child will later start saying – this is my habit, I cannot change it. The belief system came from the parent. They never thought the child that habits can be changed. That is why we always see on this program – whether it is parents or whether it is school We were only taught how to eat how to speak, how to read, how to write, how to walk. We were not taught how to think. We were never taught how to change our thoughts or our sanskars. This is only taught by spirituality, meditation and religion. Where do we otherwise listen to conversations regarding sanskars or thoughts. So now we need to change our very first belief system – and say that habits can be changed. It is the easiest thing to change. The easiest thing to change is a habit. By being aware? Just by wanting to change your habit, we can change that habit. Because when we are doing so many the other things in life we need to deal with several people. There are many other factors involved – other people, life situations, financial resources All these have some effect in taking us towards success. But when it comes to changing sanskars, we need not be dependent on anybody else. There is no dependency there. To change your own habit or sanskar, you are not dependent on anything or anyone else. Today even if we want to do a business we are dependent on the country’s economy. It is a dependency. If you have to do some work here, you will be dependent on today’s climate in this region, There are so many factors on which we are dependent when we have to do certain task. But when we need to change our Sanskar, it is the only one thing for which we are not dependent on anything. It is completely in our hands. Nobody else can do it for us either. If something is not dependent on anyone and it is dependent only on me, then it becomes the most easiest thing to do. Other people can only counsel us, they can’t do anything else. Nobody can even introduce an obstacle in your sanskar transformation. There is only one person who can put that obstacle – we ourselves. We ourselves introduce an obstacle in changing our sanskars, but nobody else can do that. And that is why that quotation was very beautiful – limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Inhale a new journey, new life. Exhale limiting beliefs and self-doubt. In today’s times Yoga and Pranayam have a lot of significance. When you are reading that quotation I just had this thought. That when we are doing yoga, pranayam, exercise or walk We do it for physical health. If we also start doing this along with that Because we are anyway doing it physically – inhale and exhale. We’re moving our hands, bending our back So there is always a ‘ This side’ and a ‘That side’. So if we also start doing this Because otherwise what happens is – physically the body is doing the exercises but mind is elsewhere, thinking of problems from here and there. So the vibrations to the body are not right. Let us do a small practice today. When we do the inhale-exhale, even if it is for just 15 minutes in the morning or evening. Let us choose for ourselves what to inhale and what to exhale. Suppose we are hurt about something or in pain And we want to feel powerful and peaceful So when we inhale, let us create a thought – I am a powerful, peaceful soul. So that with every inhalation, a beautiful thought gets created. I am a peaceful, powerful soul. And each time when we exhale, create a thought – I exhale my hurt, rejection and failure. See the difference that it will create. Then it will not just be a physical health exercise. It will not just be about stabilizing our breathing We will also be working on soul transformation. When exercising, associate each movement with a thought. I am a peaceful soul, I am a happy soul, I am a loveful soul. My illness is getting out of my system. All the hurt within me is getting out. All the past hurt that was stored is also getting out of me. We can exercise with this awareness. So that exercise will not only be for the body, but it will be for both the soul and body. Beautiful sister, thank you so much. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you.

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