Freedom from Plastic || Lawrence Naresh || With English subtitles

What’s your name? “Earth” (Bhoomi) Earth? What sort of a name it is man? My mother used to be a nature lover sir . Boss,The guy in the photograph, I have kidnapped him. What’s my next move? Boss: I’m on my way ! Don’t let him talk ok boss. heyy ! Stay calm Bro, bro , please allow this bhoomi to take a good breathe. It’s my one last request. Damn , this bhoomi (earth) . Bro , Some water. Oh no , sorry bro , I can no more drink water from that plastic bottle , It fucked me both internally and externally The starting material used in plastic production is organic synthetic compound which is also called as Bisphenol-A. Using those plastic bottles ultimately leads you to Cancer , Obesity, High Blood Pressure And So On… What the fuck ? Really ? These many problems with a single plastic bottle ? Then, What’s the pollution to this ? See, That’s the problem with you. How come you guys don’t even know the difference between pollution and solution. simple. Let’s use old school technique. Start using pot water at home. Out of home , use stainless steel bottles, boxed-Water , copper bottles and there are many to use. Without any questions just start implementing these alternatives Man, I don’t get your plastic language . Is that the grocery In plastics ? hmm. Yeah ! Vegetables and Chicken meat for my wife. See, you people have a good digestion with every shit . Unfortunately , this Bhoomi (earth) Can’t digest plastic. By the way you guys kidnapped my Jute bag along with me First take out those groceries and shit and put them in that Jute bag Is that okay? Or else,cover my face , I’ll take a fresh fucking breathe. Stop your bullshit man, I’m done With You . Have a fest! What’s wrong with this guy ? Constantly tells he can’t breathe with plastics On . Lets just try it on myself for a moment Seems this fool finally understood my plastic language. Coming to the point, we kidnap our earth with plastics And Ultimately end Our Lives By Being Trapped in Plastics. Do u know exactly how much our earth is trying to fight and win over the biggest cancer called PLASTIC. No , you don’t . Truth is, our generation won’t do such good things.Listen up, dear future generations, this is for you Atleast start implenting the solutions to plastics using plastIc free things Freedom from plastics Is Necessary And Compulsory. GOOD BYE! Hello Sir ! Wake Up . Our Shoot Just ended Director Sir , two biriyani packets Please….

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