Freedom from schizophrenia, a twin’s quest: Cyndi Shannon Weickert at TEDxSydney 2014

Translator: Gabriella Patricola
Reviewer: Shlomo Adam I grew up with a healthy twin brother,
Scott David Shannon. We loved our mum and our grandparents. We had many childhood friends
to climb trees, go swimming, and play ‘hide and go seek’ with. We enjoyed school
but we enjoyed vacations more. As twins we were close. We were sometimes sworn allies
and other times serious competitors. As we began to change
from children into teenagers, we drifted apart. In fact, Scott was drifting from everyone,
becoming focused on his motorcycle and on listening to rock music. At age 16 I remember watching him zone out
during trigonometry class. Now that may seem
like normal male adolescent behavior, but not for Scott, as he and I were both trying for 100%
on the state math exams. So I was puzzled,
‘Why isn’t he paying attention?’ Later, I remember him begging Mum
to allow him to quit high school and he shied away from even
close neighbourhood friends. I didn’t realise it at that time, but I was watching my twin brother
begin to descend into madness. Mum allowed us,
allowed Scott, to quit high school. I was still in high school, but she moved us to a neighbourhood town,
enrolled Scott in a community college and bought him a car. And most times things felt quite normal, but Scott did spend
a lot of time in his room claiming to be receiving
special voice messages, and this was well before iPhones. In fact, there was no phone
in his room at all. I remember, over eating pieces
of our 17th birthday cake together, that Scott started saying
very strange things, like, ‘You are not my sister.
You are the daughter of the devil’. We tried to talk Scott out of these
bizarre beliefs and others like it, but mostly we dismissed
his irrational speech and hoped it would go away. Instead, things turned
from bad to worse one night when he shoved my mum up against the wall,
started calling her names and began to choke her. Mum said, ‘Call the police’, so I did. The police came, handcuffed my brother,
arrested him and threw him in jail. At the station, in front of my mum,
he told the police, ‘She is not my mother.
My mother is Yoko Ono’. At this moment in time
I didn’t recognise my twin brother as the same person I knew
and played with as a child. It was only after his arrest that Scott was diagnosed
with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia was a label
I had not encountered. Schizophrenia was a label
that would change my life. I didn’t know that one percent
of the entire world’s population suffers from schizophrenia. I didn’t know that auditory hallucinations
and delusions were common features of the disease. I did not know
that there weren’t medications that could treat schizophrenia
satisfactorily. Nor did I know that my twin brother would have to spend time
in a state mental institution where he would feel poisoned
by the first antipsychotics he received. It took me months to years to realise
just how sick Scott was and that he wasn’t going
to get better any time soon and that something major had to be done
to bring Scott back to his former self. I was convinced that having schizophrenia
was not Scott’s fault, was not my mum’s fault, but his illness had a biological basis
just like diabetes does. So my journey to understand this illness, my search for answers
and my quest for a cure began. That was 30 years ago. What clues did I have
that guided me in my quest? I had three, from my own experience
with my twin’s illness, hardly objective, but real to me. So these three clues, what were they? Number one: Scott and I
shared the same womb, so it was unlikely
that Scott’s schizophrenia was due to an early embryonic event. Number two: Scott was a normal kid,
very bright, in fact, a boy genius. So, his brain was developing
just fine during childhood. Number three: something major
had to have happened to Scott during adolescence, whereas I appeared to be spared
from this terrible event. The obvious difference? He was a male and I was a female. So this led to my curiosity
around sex differences in schizophrenia. And I learned that males and females
experience schizophrenia differently. Males tend to get schizophrenia
earlier on in life, be more treatment-resistant
and have more severe symptoms. Women with schizophrenia
have worse symptoms at times when oestrogen levels are low. This led me and others
to consider and postulate that somehow oestrogen was protective
against schizophrenia. At this point in my story I must teach you
two very important things about how sex hormones act
in the human body and the human brain. Number one: testosterone, that we tend
to think of as the male hormone, gets converted quickly and directly
into oestrogren once it hits the brain. Number two: sex hormone action
is not only controlled by the levels of hormones
circulating in your blood, but on the location, the amount
and the type of the oestrogen receptor that’s in your brain. Now, these receptors are proteins that are necessary to detect
the hormonal signal, capture it and transmit
a meaningful message to the cell. Since Scott’s schizophrenia
was impacting his ability to think clearly I hypothesised
that these oestrogen receptors may be found in areas of the brain
responsible for reasoning and language. However, I ran into huge
road blocks in the field, where eminent neuroscientists were saying, ‘There are no oestrogen receptors
in the cerebral cortex’. It took me ten years
to develop the sensitive molecular tools to provide convincing evidence
that the oestrogen receptors were in the brain areas
responsible for rational thought. Now, during these experiments,
I found, surprisingly, that the male brain and the female brain
have equal levels of oestrogen receptor. So, males listening today, while you may not feel very in touch
with your ‘inner female’, your brain neurons sure are! (Laughter) So, in terms of the damaging event
in schizophrenia, I hypothesised that both males
and females with schizophrenia may be less responsive to oestrogen because they have lower than normal
oestrogen receptors in their cerebral cortex. However I found that oestrogen
receptors were equal in schizophrenia sufferers
and in healthy controls. At this point, most scientists
would have thrown in the towel on the oestrogen hypothesis, but I wasn’t ready to give up,
so I was forced to rethink my strategy. During my long effort to prove that oestrogen receptor was alive and well
in the cerebral cortex, I discovered there wasn’t
just one oestrogen receptor, but there were a dozen different flavors
of oestrogen receptors in the cerebral cortex. This again was greeted
with skepticism by the scientists who wanted a nice tight package,
‘one gene, one receptor’. Anything more than that
was considered artifact. So my findings were originally dismissed. However we now know
that this type of variation is common, and is in fact the rule for human genes. In the case of oestrogen receptors
this was important, because it allowed for a lot of diversity
in how each person’s brain could respond uniquely
to the same hormonal signal. So getting back to my quest to figure out
how is the oestrogen receptor altered, or how is the brain response to oestrogen
changed in the people with schizophrenia, I asked, ‘Is the type of oestrogen
receptor different?’ And, bingo! I found that in the brains
of people with schizophrenia, they were more likely to express
a mutated or altered form of the oestrogen receptor. I was 39 years old, I was working at the National Institute
of Health in America, I was a postdoctoral fellow,
and this is my Eureka moment. I finally figured out
how the oestrogen receptor was broken, what a molecular basis
for an abnormal response to oestrogen could be. Once you have the critical information
on how the oestrogen receptor is broken you can now determine ways to fix it. Meanwhile, my brother was going on and off
various antipsychotics, and at certain points he did feel better. One day he said, ‘Cindy,
can I come help you in the Lab’? And I knew he had
the motivation and the smarts, but I also knew he lacked the education, so I suggested that he goes and studies
general chemistry first. I was really proud of him for finishing
his first semester of general chemistry with above-average grades, but then social anxiety took over. He couldn’t focus on the material
or sit for exams, so he never finished his second semester
of general chemistry. I was getting really
frustrated and impatient that the research was taking so long and I really wanted to help Scott, and people like him
were denied their opportunity in life, due to having schizophrenia. I couldn’t offer my brother his dream job,
but then I was offered mine, altough it came with challenges. I had to move from Washington DC
all the way to here, Sydney, Australia. It also came with tremendous opportunity and that was to work with my husband,
Dr. Thomas Weickert. He’s a cognitive neuroscientist
trained in clinical trials, and making this move allowed us
to collaborate and work together and to finally translate those oestrogen
receptor discoveries I made at the bench into a novel treatment
for people with schizophrenia. Tom and I agreed that we want to stimulate
the oestrogen receptor. We also agreed that we want to try
to improve cognition in males and females with schizophrenia because this is one of the most treatment-
resistant aspects of the disease. Tom and I also agreed that we didn’t want
to make a brand new compound. Because we were lousy organic chemists, we didn’t have a billion dollars
hanging around, and we didn’t want to wait
a couple of more decades. We wanted a medicine that we could use
in the here and now. So Tom and I chose SERM,
a selective oestrogen receptor modulator. This drug is already in use
for osteoporosis, thus we repurposed the available drug
that was already known to be safe and we used it in schizophrenia. Tom and I wrote our first federal grant
and our clinical trial was born. Meanwhile, back in my childhood home,
my brother was slipping from me. It was harder to make
our regular calls work and he had to e-mail me
with his worries and requests, which just it isn’t the same. Scott’s health got worse, and he developed diabetes
and put on weight. I was the one he relied on, and I was getting
harder and harder to reach. So I did make it home in between
scientific meetings for a few weeks, to visit my family, and I told Scott about the trial and we discussed
how wonderful it was going to be when we licked this damn disease, and he voiced he wouldn’t
be afraid to travel and see the world with me. And I imagined him being able to pursue
his interest in math and engineering. During this break,
my family celebrated Thanksgiving, where we eat roast turkey, stuffing,
and pumpkin pie. It’s our family’s tradition
to go around the table before we eat and say what we are thankful for. My brother said, ‘I’m thankful
for my family, my home, my dog’ – we did have a great hound dog,
Mookie – ‘and my car’. When it was my turn, I said,
‘I’m thankful for you, Scott, because you’ve given meaning to my life’. Indeed, he gave me something to live for,
to find the cure for schizophrenia. Scott won’t have the chance
to travel the world with me, or to get that higher degree,
or even try the SERM, because he died, on Thanksgiving night. It makes me extremely sad
that I can’t help my brother. But I chose to fight this damn disease,
to continue to fight. And today, today
I’m more hopefull than ever that we can beat my brother’s illness. The clinical trial
took three and a half years to complete, with over 80 people enrolled
in Sydney and Adelaide. I’m pleased to report
the positive, preliminary data where with six weeks of SERM therapy, we found an improvement
in memory and attention. Perhaps, with these
renewed cognitive skills, people will be able to resume studies,
gain more meaningful employment and have more confidence in daily life. It feels so amazing to be here
at this place, in this time. Am I really in the Opera House? Pinch me! To be here at this place, in this time,
and sharing with you that finally we have a ray of hope
that the molecular pathology that we’ve been digging up
for the past 20 years can be turned into rational
drug development for males and females with schizophrenia, that we can succeed where
many large drug companies have not, this gives tremendous momentum to our team and I believe we can and we will
cure schizophrenia now. And I do hope for your support
in this mission. I’d like to remember
my twin brother, Scott David Shannon, for the man that he was and the lives that he touched
with his kindness and bravery. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Freedom from schizophrenia, a twin’s quest: Cyndi Shannon Weickert at TEDxSydney 2014

  • Thank you so much for this talk, and all your hard work Cyndi. I too, have a non identical twin, but female, with paranoid schizophrenia and bi-polar. The pain and "loss" of her, is possibly only truely understood by you, and others with non identical twins. Please continue, with your husband, to find a solution to this harrowing, never ending disease. I'm exhausted with it all, and worry a great deal about Dianas' future. I live in London, an amazing capital, but people are so cruel and ignorent about this last "taboo", why, oh why? All the social services etc, load her up with pills, or endless sectionings, in the past. Scott David Shannon, will not be forgotten. xxx

  • Ontroerende lezing van Prof Shannon Weickert. Prachtige, oprechte vrouw die tevens briljant is in haar vak! Er is, mede dankzij haar, nu hoop voor de vele mensen met schizofrenie.

  • My Mum has been suffering from schizo-affective disorder since 9/11. She is now 56 and lives in supported accommodation for mentally ill, in Adelaide. She left her husband after 30 yrs because the voices told her so. My 2 oldest sister didn't want to have anything to do with her so I took her in my place and looked after her on full time basis. But after 2 years I could not provide the amount of care that was needed. Her psych meds were no longer effective, even though they had all been increased to their max dosage. She's constantly talks to herself and all the residents including the management yell & scream at her to make her shut up but it doesn't work as she is totally in another world. I feel extremely sorry for her. Apart from losing her identity, family and dignity she has even lost her independency and has to put up with all the abuse and neglect on daily basis from the one place that is meant to be understanding of her situation. I visit her everyday and spend few hours with her, give her shower & take her for drive & just generally make sure she is ok. She is diabetic too now and it's always high because her medications makes her so hungry and she constantly wants to eat…. she is so miserable in every possible way… She is so lonely and her life has no meaning…. she can't even manage to do the very basics anymore. .. like making herself a cup of tea.

    The system around mental health is sickening… There is hardly any support available and the little very thing that in place is just for formality…. Everyone passes on their responsibilities to someone else and it's just going around the circle. .. I have no hope for any of this to get better. I have no hope that anyone will help me to get her better. I have no hope that anyone will try to save her before she dies. She will just die lonely in her room and no one will bother to go and check up on her. I just hope somewhere in her paranoid mind she knows I have never stopped loving her & never stopped exhausting the system for her, even though I know nothing will change. This lady is still in denial and the least she can do is not to add salt on the wound by making empty promises. It is what it is

  • She hasn't found a cure for Schizophrenia.Her clinical trial involved only 80 people;hardly representative of the global population.

  • Amazing work Prof Weickert – such an orginal piece of work, what a story.. And a wonderful use of an existing drug to improve memory and attention in people with schizophrenia. I'd like to see a movie made now !

  • I bet we are way too far to put an end to this terrible plague. But I hope people would one day be able to find a cure, it would be awesome.

    From someone suffering feom it.

  • I am in tears. I feel your pain. I know what is was like growing up for you. I have an older brother with schizophrenia. He is 10 years older than me and I don't think he is going to live much longer. I also dedicated my life in helping my brother. However, unlike you I did it the wrong way. God bless your soul. I wish you nothing but the best.

  • I must say that this video touched me, from a personal point of view as well as when she mentioned her brother suffering from this disease. To devoting herself to science to find a cure for schizophrenia to help her brother and many others suffering, only to have her brother pass away almost brought tears to my eyes (something in which I am not able to do due to me having schizophrenia myself). I am not sure which emotion to feel when it comes to science making an effort for people with this disease due to what seems like a complete lack of knowledge on how to actually treat it efficiently. Sure they have anti psychotics which that can dose you up with and make you feel a little better about things but this does not always take away the symptoms of the
    I am sure there are millions waiting day to day waiting to hear about some big breakthrough in treating schizophrenia and other mental health conditions that will take away their symptoms allowing them to live a full life again. From watching the rate of progress I am afraid those people might have to wait for a very long time. Science doesn’t seem up to the task for tackling the brain at this period of time. This statement is not trying to put anyone down for lack of effort or not trying their absolute best to do something about it. No cure will just come out of thin air, it will take a momentous occasion of hard core scientific breakthroughs to happen to truly make a difference. If that does happen it might even take some years for it to even be allowed on the open market due to the way the system works (I read somewhere there other day for a new drug development it takes from 10 -15 years and close to 4 billion dollars to get just one approved)As for Cyndi, I have nothing but respect for you going outside the “norms” of traditional treatment methods for schizophrenia and finding another link to the disease. Something that might never of happened for many years if you had not been so persistent. I truly commend
    you, regardsJeremy

  • THank so much 4 taking on this great challenge. I know someone with this disease N I know he will appreciate also have immense gratitude for what u r trying to accomplish. Thank u Renee

  • Super biological explanation …… What about your interaction with mom ,childhood experienced , psychodynamic ……

  • My own brother suffers also from schizophrenia and eel all suffer from and with him too. He's attacking us… we don't know what to do… On one hand he's our brother and the other hand he's ill but he says that we are the one who are ill and crazy.
    if there only could be a book "how to deal with a schizophrenia person" and get them to treatment…
    Prayin' for you all!

  • Sorry about your brother. It's a horrible disease. Symptoms do worsen during a woman's period. At 1%, is it an yet another autoimmune disorder? It would be interesting to know if the incidence of auto-immune disorders runs higher in families with a member suffering from schizophrenia.

  • How did he die? Was he killed by the neuroleptics?

    So – Osteoporosis drugs, messing with hormones – what could possibly go wrong?

  • You don't know what you talking about. You don't even know the "root cause" why 1% of the world population hear AVH. You can blame it on estrogen receptors (proteins), Dopamine receptor D2 (DR2 protein), D-amino acid oxidase activator (DAOA) also known as LG72; SG72 (proteins), but you will never know the actual "root cause" of schizophrenia. The world leading psychiatrist's agreed on one thing, they don't know what the "root cause" is. Many have concluded that schizophrenia is not a brain disease (i.e. biological). Many say that hiding the problem [root cause] with antipsychotics only produces negative symptoms, which seems fine with big drug companies who just want to keep you sick as a means to an end.

  • I need help im so afraid my girlfriend (28) has this terrible illness evil voices tell her things and she is afraid of them. Im so scared she will have to live with this pain. Please someone help

  • This is so fucking interesting! What a breakthrough in science! It needs dedication and common sense sometimes really gives the right impulses instead of following some old ideas that were created by stupid cliches. Great lady ^^

  • My father suffers from schizofrenia, but he's able to live a normal (still difficult) life thanks to medication and therapy. My granddad also had schizofrenia, but he wasn't that lucky and he never got treated or taken to a doctor. He killed my grandma in the course of a psihotic crisis. He was diagnosed with severe schizofrenia after the crime in the late 60' and put down in a psychiatric clinic. After realising what he had done he killed himself as soon as he had the chance. Believe me if I say that my grandfather was a good man and it was the illness and not him who did that horrible thing.
    You brought me into tears, Cyndi. Even if my suffering doesn't compare to my dads I have to say that his condition made my childhood complicated and leaded me to depression, anxiety and it somehow made me develop borderline

  • My son suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's been rough just like everyone here has commented. Is there anything more on the Osteoporosis Drug and if they have done any more clinical trials?

  • One of my doctors told me I did better because I'm female. I had a hard time until they gave me medicine. It works in the thinking part of the brain while it shrinks regions with my personality. The first year out of the army, I went on several shopping sprees, masturbated constantly, ate very little and puked everything up and drove my car hundreds of miles. I'm much better on medicine, like I said. I still can't work, but I'm going to go to school and do the only thing I can: write.

  • My brother has suffered for now 25 years with this disease. Lives quite and cut out in room . Has largely failed to carry out even personal daily activities . Can this drug help him ?

  • FOR ANYBODY SUFFERING FROM SCHIZOPHRENIA. I am a daughter of a Schizophrenic patient and I read scientific literature and scientific studies on the internet for years now ………and I urge everybody who is in touch with this horrible disease to Google Schizophrenia and Gluten and also Schizophrenia and Casein and also Schizophrenia and Autoimmune disease. Schience has proven that it is an allergic reaction to GLUTEN and to CASEIN. Gluten and Casein (all grains and all milk products) in fact, in those certain persons who do suffer from schizophrenia, do trigger an Autoimmune Reaction to the BRAIN, which in turn is destroyed by the bodies autoimmune system. There are hundreds of articles on these topics. If you have any chance or control of the situation get your loved ones or yourself off the HORRIBLE Anti-Psychotics who do nothing else but kill you, get the patient and off the GRAINS and MILK. My mum was totally out of control from 1997 to 2007, while also dying from the NEUROLEPTICS. Then I managed to make her change her diet and she was symptom-free and medicine-free from 2007 to 2013. This is scandalous!!! 6 years of no symptoms and no medication for a 66 year old patient that had been previously been totally "lost" in delusions, and paranoia……she even was homeless for a month because she was so paranoid. But she recovered from that and lived 6 years in peace and without meds!!!!!! At that point her diet changed back to milk and bread, since she is in an elderly-home and her symptoms came back with a vengeance! She is heavily medicated ever since, with all the horrible side effects such as Parkinson tremor etc. This really is what a living-Death does look like. I do know that all the scientific literature IS true, because I have seen it to be true. Of course no psychiatrist in the world wants to hear this – they just want to keep pushing the deadly drugs – because this is where the money sits for them. So take action for yourself and for your loved one. Please – if you can – try changing your loved one's diet. And watch Dr. Peter Osborne and Dr. Tom 'Bryan on the topic of GLUTEN and SCHIZOPHRENIA.

  • I did not expect that "Freedom from schizophrenia" did not give freedom to your brother. My heart aches. the pain is higher when some one you love also have this terrible illness.

  • My 2 yang brothers suffering of schizophrenia and I just went back to live with my parents to try help Tham to deal with but now it's became one problem for me,sometimes I can't hold,sometidays I not my self but hear this words it's comfortable than I can't tell on words but you must know what it's, thank you xx

  • Most people claim to be in touch with reality, and thus they claim to be sane. Now obviously if you are in touch with reality, you know what it is and what makes it work. However, if you claim to be in touch with reality, yet know nothing of it other than living within it, then obviously you are detached from reality in a big big big way. What "you" see of reality, is not really there at all. You are far far far away from seeing the completeness of reality. For those who do actually see reality for what it is, things such as the phenomena that are described today under the title of Einstein's theory of Special Relativity(SR), are completely obvious. They did not have to be taught SR. They did not have to learn the SR mathematical equations, for here too they are derived by one’s self. And so when we have people who know not of reality, and thus are detached from reality, saying that the so called schizophrenics are detached from reality, the side effects are devastating. What really is going on, is being 100% ignored.

  • These messages he received and the irrational (to the others) beliefs could very well be perceived and EXPLAINED alternatively IN OTHER CIRCLES and cultures that do NOT view this behavior as " madness" or an illness-disease and do NOT only focus on THE BODY, biology and anatomy but SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE and include THE SPIRIT too.
    They could easily label him
    a Shaman or a Channeler of the Spirit World and not as a "sick" and STIGMATIZED individual.

    All this is just a matter of perspective, subjective INTERPRETATION and MEANING giving. What really occurs is hidden-denied and repressed subconscious material SURFACING to be processed and healed and the antipsychotic drugs or chemical substances WILL definitely NOT do that since their only job is to take care of the symptoms, not the cause, and thus to RE-repress and RE-deny all this dark material.

    Also the intense, almost OBSESSIONAL focus on biology is a GOOD COPING MECHANISM for those people who don't accept the TRAUMA theories of psychology, trauma caused in childhood by families and siblings and thus they try to make it (like this woman) their life's mission to prove that the cause is Chemical in order to AVOID GUILT and remorses to absolve THEMSELVES from that burden and that respondibility.
    She even said that!
    Why can't she see HER OWN DEFENSE MECHANISMS that influence her life, her decisions, and her obsessions ?
    I mean it is so obvious that all this QUEST of hers and playing the SAVIOR role is only her way of appeasing her enormous ( but denied) GUILT and pain about her brother.

  • I do wish people would refrain from the negative comments. She made no claim to cure. It was more a description of her journey to help. Medications have come a long way and studies with identical twins have given insight into biological links to this diorder. Did you know that the flu virus contracted during pregnancy increases thr risk of schizophrenia in the child? Baby steps are much better than no steps at all. This is a devastating disease that affects the person with the disease and all that care about them.

  • The sad part is that she thought something was wrong with her brother and tried to 'fix' him. She could have just accepted him for who he was and tried to understand him from a different perspective.

  • I stopped just after 3:33 because nobody claims to know that there are no medications that can treat what is told to be wrong with us. What is mostly wrong is not us but the disease of others. Most suicides are caused by those who play normal and play victim on those of us classed as sch… I do not sit much to care saying hi I'm schizophrenic. I am Michael. But nobody will ever understand unless they had groups of individuals claiming one thing in an appearance of one mind based on nothing but fear and loathing and therefore hatred leading to a want to destroy those with labels, unless they actually got destroyed. Yet ask most with that label in the right and caring approach that is far more dismissed than the whole matter actually is, and we would say we do not wish hurt nor harm nor labeling on anyone. Because when all is said and done and those seen as disposable are gone, it is then sighed that those left are released from their suffering. I could share more from this side of the spectrum, but I certainly do not wish anything further. The Beautiful Mind has a greater heart than a cold world stuck in its own Illness. But that is fine by mainstreaming ideology. Not many at all know the truth behind this, and those that do are those that try anything to get us in the grave. It was told however, a time will come where a true healing will take place. I pray you see that day and believe it. As I said I am Michael, just as you all have a name. You should have love in your name, but too many force a label. I once wrote a page on this similar point, and ended by saying how we all share one tag they label us with which nobody wants to talk about. That is the one they hang on our toe. I also said if lucky we get one of them. Some do not. In spiritual circles we are told that death is not real and we live forever. If that be true, how does one explain the former if the latter stands. Thought provoking perhaps. Or liability in words. God Bless ✝️

  • Well im not a good story-teller, im schizophrenian myself, I just wish you continue your good research since u do it with all your heart, if u could bring this new treatment to Canada that would be awesome. Dont let other ppl discourage you, Good Luck.

  • This is so beautiful. I am soooo sorry for your loss, but happy for all your great progress and amazing work to find this cure

  • There must be a way to heal this. My brother is also suffering from it and I am forcing him on a raw diet now with nuts and fruits and after that on a water fast.
    Although he does not trust me and thinks I am someone who murdered his brother (myself) and keeps shouting at me.
    This makes me so sad.
    Before he was 15 years treated by "physicians" which missdiagnosed him for sure. He did not have this disease but to due to medication and years of abuse and abandonment he slipped into fears and paranoia and now is stuck in his delusions.
    Due to all his paranoia and delusions I recently also almost slipped into a psychosis but managed to avoid it with waterfasting for 2 days, and keep doing it in order to be stable.

    There is also the movie Crazywise which I havent watched yet, but it saw the trailer seeing that these diseases where cured by shamanic means.
    If there is any more information here on people who tried this please share!

  • Trying to put this together in my mind. So it has to do with estrogen blocking. Estrogen receptor blocking helps? So, he is your twin brother, yes? yet you have more estrogen then he does, obviously, since he is a male with more testosterone. So, why aren't you schizophrenic? Somebody school me, please.

  • My psychosis was 7 months long … what the votes did to me is far too much to tell, I spent 10 hours every day bathing for months and this overwhelming being tortured me in every imaginable way. Nobody ever interriert what I've been through … Absolutely nobody .. not my parents, not the doctors and since I'm a loner also no friends … it's been 3 years since I was released from the hospital .. I was 13 months in there and nobody talked to me about my inner world. I become more and more a heartless sick psychopath every day .. I do not know any human I still like .. I hate you all …

  • My brother had schizophrenia. He went to a doctor that put him on ortomolecular vitamin nutrition. And today he is independent. And healthy. Niacin trratment and vitamin. C. Are part of the treatment.

  • 50 mg of zinc one hour before meals 3 times a day, and 10,000 micrograms of B12 per day. Cured my brother in 2 years. Once cured take 50mg zinc per day to remain cured.

  • Madness? That’s a little extreme. I have schizophrenia and it’s not madness!! It’s a horrible illness that people get.

    I’m sorry but it’s just a medical problem just like a horrible surgery. It feels like someone put people into my head and they say horrible things.

    I started hearing voices at 13. They started out mean and cruel. Not towards anyone but me. I have never heard voices tell me to hurt/ kill someone else.

  • Can someone help me please. My father had schizophrenia and my 16 year old son was dx at 14. Im having trouble finding any psychiatrist that treats adolescents, with early onset schizophrenia. We live in PA. I'll go anywhere for help. Thank you. ✌❤

  • I'm thinking I've become too far disconnected without any hope. I no longer trust anyone after all the "help" and I'm realizing I just can't and don't even want to connect with the rest of the world. I can't move forward. There's no point in being alive. I need to kill myself .

  • Unfortunately schizophrenia is not something that can just easily be cured. I certainly wouldn't be making promises or even bother trying to look for a cure. It's not like cancer where you can and do make progress to an extent. Mental illnesses are just that. Mental illnesses.

  • Freedom from schizophrenia. If you want to cast out demons make sure to fast and cast them out of you. Do a fast where you only drink water and no food. Fast from 8am to 6pm from morning until the evening. Tell the specific demon that is attacking you to go out of you in the name of Jesus. Repeat telling this demon to go out of you in the name of Jesus over and over untill you feel you have said it enough. You can repeat this up to 5 minutes if necessary. You want to keep repeating this to make sure you completely cast the demon out. It may take more than one fast to cast the demon out. The reason for the fast is because in the bible it says howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. A lot of times people will try to cast out demons but it wont work because they only come out of you if you fast. Try casting them out while fasting because you dont know which kind of demon it is. The reason for the times I picked to fast is because in the bible a lot of times people would fast from morning till the evening. You want to tell the demon to go out of you in the name of Jesus because that is how Jesus did it in the bible so make sure to use those words. Make sure that you have faith and belief that you will cast the demons out because in the bible it says to ask in faith with nothing wavering. The bible says that if you doubt then you should not expect to receive anything from God. It also helps to cast the demons out if you are saved. The bible says and these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out devils. So just like the 12 disciples if you are saved you to have the power to cast out devils and heal the sick. Jesus is the son of God!

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