Freedom from Self-Doubt | Sadhguru At IIT

Two major problems we all face our
identity crisis and self-doubt and self-doubt especially legs as women so
what advice can you give us doubt is a very good thing
only a fool is dead sure of everything only idiots are dead sure of what
they’re doing either you must be an idiot or you must be a fanatic then
you’re dead sure otherwise every moment there is a doubt about everything it’s a
good way to live confidence see we’ll come to that doubt
means you have an active intelligence constantly looking at everything of all
possibilities because there is nothing here in the world which is 100% yes or
100% no you are always looking for pluses and minuses and seeing how to
gather more pluses and act is there a hundred percent plus in the world or is
there a hundred percent minus in the world there is no such thing is there
anybody here who is 100 percent + 100 % – absolutely wonderful and absolutely
nasty no they’re like that so this is always there only thing is doubt is good
you must encourage doubt within yourself otherwise you will either become a
fanatic for a fool thinking you have attained to certain 80 no doubt is good
but you must be joyfully confused okay if you get confused you make yourself
miserable that’s the problem if you joyfully confuse like me you have
no issue because you constantly nurtured confusion now out of that after much
doubt and considering considering everything in the universe
slowly clarity arises now you talked about confidence confidence is a
terrible thing because confidence means without clarity
you have attained to certainty confidence is the first step towards
fanaticism you will see nobody’s or as confident as
a fanatic isn’t it because you become a one-track mind you never questioned
yourself you never questioned your actions you never questioned your
thoughts and emotions you just become certain so this kind of certainty is of
no use this will come because you believe something you simply believe
something believing something gives you confidence but not clarity but you will
walk through the world negotiate this world well only when there is clarity
not when there is confidence confidence is a way of blundering through life see
right now if you want to walk through let’s say one of the rows between two
rows let’s say your vision is not clear but you have confidence what will you do
hello please tell her if somebody whose vision is not clear walk through one of
these two between these two rows what will they do they will step on
everybody’s feet but they’re confident right now this is what is happening
people who believe in absolutism about everything they are confident they know
they’re doing the right thing and going to heaven it doesn’t matter what
horrendous things they create yes or no they are dead sure I’m sorry they are
not dead unfortunately they are so sure that they are going straight to heaven
they know in which direction heaven is you know yeah yeah but the planet is
round you are sitting approximately at probably 12 degrees latitude and it’s
spinning so if you look up inevitably you looking up in the wrong direction
that is not something that they will consider they know this is the way to
heaven but the earth is spinning always pointing in the wrong direction isn’t it
but they are dead sure because they believe this is it so confidence is a
very bad thing that’s been nurtured in people what you need is clarity clarity
needs work upon yourself it will not come simply
like that that you expressed doubt about everything and consider and consider and
consider constantly slowly CAC clarity will rise out of that because you see
clearly you have clarity confidence you don’t have to see clearly just like that
you believe you’re right then you’re confident confidence is a terrible
substitute for clarity please bring clarity into your lives if
you are a confident or you’re not engineering engineering manager if
you’re a confident manager without clarity you will be a blundering fool
with people yes but if you have clarity you don’t have to claim you’re a manager
everybody will line up behind you to ask what to do next because they see clarity
in you Thank You Satoru my next question is on
courage or bravery as a child I was I’ve always heard that three important
aspects of life are education will and courage in some way we say Calvi Selvam
theorem so as students of IIT Madras the education aspect is taken care we also
believe that the wealth part will be taken care once we graduate from IIT
Madras courage becomes a question mark could you give me some insights on
courage see when you do something beyond a little bit of reason you call it
courageous but when somebody else does does the same thing we think he’s stupid
he’s risking his life okay when we step back from something we call it caution
when somebody else step back we say is a coward so this courage business is a
very relative thing what is courage what is not courage the question is just this if you there are some people who are
capable of walking into situations without knowing a thing about it
okay but whether they can walk out of it or not is a big question mark again I’m
going back to the same thing if you had absolute clarity about everything you
would know how to act in that situation or whatever that is and you would
largely know the consequence of that action if it is a calculated effort and
you took the action it may succeed it may not succeed because there are many
factors that you could have overlooked but if you had enough clarity the
chances of success are much much better but if you just have this veeram in you
too much okay and you took steps because you’re
courageous when things don’t work others will see that it was the stupidest thing
to do so you must understand you will be attributed with all kinds of qualities
positive qualities as long as you’re successful the moment you fail people
will see the same things that they said was courageous they will say after five
years he is an utter fool what a thing he has done to himself and to everybody
so the important thing is the purpose of human action is success it doesn’t
matter whether it’s a big thing or a small thing that you do if you don’t
talk to the children if you if you take any kind of action which
produces positive result then people say you’re intelligent alright maybe you’re
not maybe it was just chance but they will say you’re intelligent because most
of the world is not able to recognize anything other than success it is not
the best way to live but that is the reality this is what we have done to lie
that we are too much result oriented not process oriented if our processes are
right results will come but because we’re in such a hurry for results we are
too result-oriented because of that we build this kind of
cities which no process only I built you out I built my house you built your
house everybody appreciated clapped their hands and said oh he has got his
own house it’s a it’s a disaster for the city but
I got my own house all right so this excessively success oriented society
he’s dangerous because we will miss all the processes will bypass processes and
do things ad hoc it may succeed see anything will
succeed 50% of the time even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing
yes if you’re playing cricket with your eyes closed also if you swing the bat
you may hit it alright so 50% of the time lot of things may
happen by chance but that is not what young people should depend on you must
build a process within yourself which is reliable it doesn’t matter somebody
approves it disapproves it whether the world approves it or disapproves it
whether it appreciates or depreciates it doesn’t matter you built a solid process
for yourself that it’s always always reliable for you if you do this if
there’s an opportunity in the world maybe it’ll become a big success
otherwise maybe it will be something like that but you will have the beauty
of always standing and firm ground within yourself never struggling with
anything that happens to you in your life this is what you must build success
in the world come depending upon what the world is
ready for I was the same person 40 years ago but at that time everybody thought
I’m no good but today they think I’m a great mystic yogi nonsense whatever okay
because not because they experience Who I am because everywhere is recognized
they are also clapping their hands that’s all so what the flock says it
doesn’t matter have you built an appropriate process which has absolute
integrity within itself and clarity is the basis of your process if you have
done this it doesn’t matter whether the world accepts you or not you are
successful because as a human being you’re successful you are successful in
the world or not depends on what the world is ready for right now

16 thoughts on “Freedom from Self-Doubt | Sadhguru At IIT

  • Damn that was way too intense. I hope this generation youth understand the process of oneself to oneness through spiritual path or path of universal truth. By the way this is first time as first comment. 😀

  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful wisdom! The second portion after the advertisement answers the self-doubt question too. U don’t need to decide if U have succeeded or failed based on the claps or hatred of the world. This is at another level of enlightenment and I am so happy to hear this man speak of it. Simple and beautiful and powerful guidance for me. Just what I needed today. Tomorrow I go to office and I have to deal with an a**hole boss who tricks me by saying my deadlines r earlier than they actually are. Fools me many times and people laugh and I feel stupid. I sit till late night regularly becoz of several cheats like him in my office. I don’t know how to tackle him. I hope tomorrow will be a good day. No worries, let it come.

  • How come no one ever told me this!! I wasted half of my life acting confident on things that I am not clear. I am very thankful to the questioner and to Sudhguru’s wisdom.

  • Incredibly useful knowledge, it can change your life. Do not force yourself to be confident, because you'll act like a fool. You may believe strongly in something, but that doesn't mean you'll be right or do the right actions. If you want to improve your confidence naturally, you must have clarity, understanding. To have more clarity you must be joyfully doubtful of everything. Once you doubt everything and work on your clarity, not only your intelligence will raise but you'll be more confident. And to be successful in the world, you must be successful for yourself first, no matter what. Now, if there are opportunities and you found them, and you are successful for yourself first, then the desired result may come.

  • The voice is very low n i had to switch off the fans of the room to hear it clearly.. It is expected fromiitians to have atleast good cameras to maintain sound quality for such an important event. I wished to point out that issue.. Rest the teaching were great as usual.

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