Freedom from sexual sin in Jesus name

When I came out
of the water, I had an image come more or less as
soon as I stepped out an image of this sexual
sin that I’ve committed with the man who was 15 years older than me
I had an image of that that used to torn me all the time, but
I can only see his head and I couldn’t see the rest of the
sin. I couldn’t see the action and I just
felt in that moment God by saying it isn’t
yours anymore. You don’t have to hold onto this it doesn’t have to
have a grip on your heart. My name is Charlotte and I have
been at the kickstart weekend since Friday and it has been
a really wonderful experience and there was a lead up to
this weekend and I was seeking something more than the
church the Sunday the the Sunday Christianity
that I had been a part of before.
I had an encounter with God when I
was 15 years old at something called Soul Survivor and and it
was really really a wonderful wonderful weekend at Soul Survivor
a wonderful week, and I felt very close to God I felt I
could feel his presence and it was the first time I even considered.
Yes, there is a God. Not I believe in him, I know there is
I felt him. experienced him and so after that. I told some
people. They said so the next step is that you get baptized.
So I said that’s amazing. This is what I want you know and
and the main thing about getting baptized was you’re
giving your life to Jesus but no one explained about
what that meant and there is no talk of turning away
from sin. It was almost like this would just happened is this
going to be taken from you. There is no talk of making
a choice to I don’t want this life anymore. I’m turning
around and I’m doing this life. And what I found was the
more time went on I was getting deeper and deeper
into sin because it almost and then I’d
feel bad because I was convicted of this sin so I’d go
back and just be crying and I’d tell someone. And they would say: Don’t
worry he’s forgiving you just try not to do it again
and there was no hard thing to say this is
what repentance is you choose you take away the old life you
turn around and you say I don’t want anymore and I’m ready to
give up and deny myself take up my cross and follow Jesus.
There was nothing of that. People weren’t doing that even the older people
in the church and so I just looked around and thought this
is normal and the result of that was that my life consisted
of six months of like living the Christian Life which is exactly
the same as my fellow atheist saying I’m trying to live a
good life. This is what I want. I want a good life and
I’m really really trying. Same as this Christian here. There’s
no difference. So what I found was from my journey
from 15 to now where I am now 25. Is that the
church and the the teaching I
was receiving I fell into very deep sin
and specifically sexual sin. I had a
relationship with a man for nearly two years,
which wasn’t a real relationship at all. It was based
on sex and had had various others and in
different contexts, but this one particularly gripped me because
I was so dirty I was so. I
was I was just used if he wanted to have sex with me
and he’d call me and I’d go over and there was there was
no doubt in my mind that I would do that and
I found that the deeper I got into this the more
I came away from who I was and eventually totally lost
who I was and and felt that I had
no value and I didn’t care what happened
to me. When I stepped away from this
man. Partly out of choice partly because he didn’t want to anymore. He
was just as broken as I was. I got into
another relationship. Very shortly afterwards which I felt was
healthier, but it was still under the same thing of needing a
man and needing to not be by myself in this
time I thought yeah, I’m changing my life around them
doing good stuff now, because I’m not doing this dirty
horrible sex thing but I would be revisited very
very often maybe even every night about what I
had done. And this this particular relationship with the man
for 2 years it ruined me and it made me
feel like I couldn’t be changed. It made me feel like I would
always be dirty and I would have an image a specific
image of of like a sexual thing that I had done with
him and and or or just various things I had done with him and
it’d keep coming to my mind just walking down the road, on
the bus, when I was with like friends and I was with my
mum it’d come up and it would just like a hit. It
would be horrible to to feel and remember it and I honestly
thought that would never ever be free from that and almost felt
like I deserved that because if you’re going to do that kind of
thing it’s going to keep coming back to you and
then. I started to seek God again
and understand what repentance was through Torbens teachings
and various others and just looking at the words as
it is with no other things over it. Just as it is
about repentance about turning away denying yourself burying the
old life and I’m becoming a new man in
Christ or woman and when I came to the
kickstart weekend I wanted to be baptized for that reason.
I wanted to to die to the old life and there is
almost a little bit of doubt in my mind the night before, like:
Can you actually die to this life that you have that
in you and one thing came straight away. Oh no
actually it’s it’s not in my strength. It’s in Gods strength,
but it’s also a choice and I was still having this doubt and I
went to my Bible and I read in John where it says. I am the
light of the world and and if you follow me, you will
not have to stumble around in darkness any longer and
that was enough confirmation for me that God
was saying you are free from this. You don’t have to hold
on to it. So then I was baptized and when I stepped out
of the water and it was the baptism. I
kind of expected lots of things to happen in the Holy
Spirit to come and take over me and demons to come out of me
that actually I just felt an immense sense of peace
and I actually spoke in tongues for the
first time. So I got out and an image
came to my head as soon as I got out of the water and
it was the same image that had taunted me for all these years
and that had reminded me of my sin and I
could only see the head of man this man, I knew it was that
sin somehow. I knew that’s what it was but God was saying you can’t
see this sin because I’m taking it away from you. It’s not
yours any longer. He is taking it. And that freed me. And I want
everybody else any other woman any other girl who is young
and they’re going through the same thing where they feel that they’re
not worthy. You are worthy you are valuable and God wants to
use the longer that you hold onto this sin that is apparently
making you feel so good, the further away you going to get
from burring that life and when you make that choice to leave it
behind you will be free and he will use you in
amazing ways. Jesus is the way the truth and the
life. There’s. You can try so many other things and none
of them will lead you to freedom none of them
will lead you home to him and and he. There’s
nothing else. There’s nothing else. Subtitles by the community

45 thoughts on “Freedom from sexual sin in Jesus name

  • Pray for me, I want to serve God in Christ Jesus…and bring in a Harvest. Luke 14:33 Whosoever KJV then Mark 16:15 because of Romans 10:14-17… Matthew 6:25-33 Matthew 6:33 1Timothy 6:7-8

  • Or is it just easier to believe that you are a new creation in Jesus? When sex images come from my old life i dont care .. i just know im new , and that is in the past. Believe!!

  • Once more a sister dare to come out with that kind of testimony. Thank you Jesus. Freedom from SIN !! is possible only with Jesus. God is a GOOD God! Repent! Get Baptised and receive the Holy Spirit.. turn around 180 degrees and walk with Jesus and Have a relationship with God (cleave onto Him always).. Shalom. Blessings.

  • 100% correct testimony showing that sex should be confined to marriage because of all it entails and requires. You're a beautiful young woman and bless you for turning on your past and embracing Jesus. I tell myself every day and pray that 'today I do better than I did yesterday'.

  • I came here disguised myself as Batman,lol. Me and my girlfriendd have been dating each other for 2 years. I am a devoted christian so is she. We speak in tongues… We believe and confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior everyday. We pray before we talk through phone… And we give time for daily devotion together. I believe she is God's will for me and she does, too. The problem is we have sexual sin issue. It seems both of us are stuck in this thing. We both want to get out of this and have tried many times. But, upto now, they are all futile. Any advice?

  • Amen, water is a figure of the law, we are buried and slew in the law, to now be married to another, to be married to Christ. Now we have new life. God bless you sister.

  • That was the lie I also lived with my whole life. I was a Christian by yet I was constantly sinning and asking God to forgive me. I had no idea who God really was until I finally repented with all my heart, i was delivered from demons, I was baptized in the only name under heaven in which we must be saved and His Holy Spirit changed me, and I was born again, and sin is no longer my master. God is calling radical Christians who are going to tell the truth about sin, because without holiness no one will see the Lord, I don’t think He exaggerated. God bless you all and if it’s the will of God I’ll also be at the kickstart in Tampa to serve in any way the body of Christ needs me.

  • Sin (the idea that you can sin) is the single most destructive force implanted into the human psyche. It says that you think, act, and desire outside of the rules of a “perfect” creation. Therefore, you are defective, a sinner. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  • Fantastic video… thank you Charlotte for sharing your testimony of freedom to repent and walk ‘washed clean’ before Jesus.

  • I can relate to this story so much. I was recently delivered from spirit of lust and addiction to pornography. I don't know where to start. God is beyond amazing! This story has encouraged me tremendously!

  • Amen sista great testimony the devil is a deceiver we believe him when we have no hope we fall for it. Jesus loves us he wants the best for us we come to him at the end of our rope, broken down in a deep, dark pit he reaches down lifts us up dusts us off and makes us new.
    The devil was trying to make you feel like you weren't worthy the day before your baptism but God stepped in and showed you the truth take care sista have a great day God is good

  • "let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous. He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God." (1 John 3, NKJV)

  • This is the BEST ministry on the planet!!!! Thank you God for teaching us how to make disciples!!! Thank You for calling your people to obey!!!! Amen!!!!!! Thank You EVERYONE who fasts and prays and digs in and wrestles with God until His grace be upon you. It's a blessing to everyone! Amen!!!

  • I trust that you have been blessed. If you are not yet born again, we invite you to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life by saying these words of prayer:

    “Oh Lord God, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Your word says, “…that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”. I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. I believe Jesus died for me and that he was buried and raised from the dead. Right now, I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. I receive by faith eternal life into my spirit. Thank you lord for saving my soul. I now have Christ dwelling in me. I am saved, I am born again, I am a new creation. Halleluyah!

    Congratulations! You are now a child of God. Welcome to this great family!!


    The Bible says in Romans 10:9 ‘… if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. To say the prayer of salvation,

  • I'm confused, I've heard Mike preach about sin. What happened to reading the bible aswell? People always say read the gospels when you're a new believer. I think people need to stop blaming congregations (churches) and actually take responsibility for their choices. There is nothing TLR taught that you couldn't have learnt from a church or simply your bible. If I've sinned sexually I have to take that responsibility….not blame the church when so many encourage marriage first and no sex outside of marriage. I remember my old pastor from a baptist church telling me that my boyfriend at the time was just a friend…he would say with a smile "Oh, your friend." lol and he would even encourage not to even kiss until marriage. You've stated a name, 'Soul Survior' as a church that does teach about sin when Mike is given great stories from God to get a point across…one was about his temptation for chocolate cake and what happened. Sorry, but I think TLR needs to stop promoting false church bashing.

  • Is this girl from England? She seems to have an English accent. God bless her for explaining true repentance.

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