FREEDOM from the human condition

Here on Earth, some of the most complex arrangements of matter in the known universe have come into existence. Life in all its diversity
developed. And the most wondrous of nature’s achievements is the human mind. With our conscious ability to comprehend and thus manage the relationship between
cause and effect, we have achieved so much. We’ve been truly inspired as we cured disease and sent man to the moon and yet despite our species’ magnificent
mental capabilities and undeniable capacity for immense sensitivity and
love, behind each wondrous scientific achievement and every sensitive artistic
expression and compassionate act, lies the shadow of humanity’s darker side. An unspeakable history of greed, hatred, rape, torture murder and war. A propensity for shocking deeds of
violence, depravity, indifference and cruelty. Historically we have simply excused the
darker aspects of our nature as a relic of a competitive and aggressive animal
past. Where the instinct to survive and reproduce genes dictated behaviour. But is
this not just a convenient excuse we used while we searched for the real
reason for our divisive nature? After all, words used to describe human
behaviour such as egocentric, arrogant, inspired, depressed, deluded, optimistic,
pessimistic, hateful, immoral, guilt-ridden, evil, psychotic, neurotic
or alienated all recognise the involvement of our species’ fully conscious thinking mind. They demonstrate that there is a psychological dimension to
our behaviour — that we don’t suffer from a genetic, opportunism-driven, animal
condition. We suffer from the psychologically-troubled, human condition. But if our animal instincts aren’t to blame does this mean humans simply have an
evil nature? For some two million years, which is the likely time we have been
fully conscious, we’ve wrestled with this problem which has in turn generated a
tremendous amount of guilt and subconsciously weighed heavily on us as
a species. World-renowned biologist, Jeremy Griffith, has dedicated his life
to understanding and explaining the human condition. And after decades of
research, his astonishing breakthroughs are finally ready to share. And many
experts agree they will save the world! The first concept in understanding the
human condition is relatively easy to grasp. Like all living creatures our
species must once have been instinctively controlled but then we
evolved a conscious mind, capable of understanding cause and effect and from
that moment on our conscious mind has been in a wrestling match with our
original instinctive orientations for the control of our lives. And it is this
conflict that is the cause of a human condition. Our newer, nerve-based conscious mind began to act independently of our instincts in-effect, defy them. When our instincts
resisted and gave conflicting instructions they in-effect criticised
our conscious minds search for knowledge. The inevitable result was that we became
angry, defensive and determined to prove our instinct’s criticism was undeserved. We unavoidably became sufferers of the HUMAN CONDITION. Freeing ourselves of this
suffering is the key to our future and will open the floodgates to the enormous
potential in humans that has been stifled. A whole new world will suddenly
open up for the human race. Our species’ journey to enlightenment truly does have
a happy ending. And if the conscious mind is nature’s greatest invention, which it
surely is, and it had to suffer living with unjust criticism from our instincts
for some two million years, we humans must be the absolute heroes… of the story of life on Earth! We invite you
to learn more about this world-saving breakthrough explanation that will
transform your life, and the life of every other human.

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