Hi guys! This is Olivier. We are here
standing at a kickstart weekend in Port Hope, Canada, and God has been
doing amazing things today. He came and met us in unexpected ways.
In particular, we just came back from the beach where some baptism just happened,
and our sister Michelle today got an encounter with God in a way
that wasn’t expected at all. Michelle, would you like to share
a little bit of what happened? Yeah. I came to the kickstart to learn
about how to pray for people. It was my main goal of being here –
to learn how to pray for people. I was totally surprised by actually God
wanted to minister to me and impact my life and change my life. Early on, when Oliver was preaching about
baptism, I realized that my understanding of baptism wasn’t exactly correct because
I got baptized when I was 16 or around 14 and 16, and I was more…
because there was a baptism service in my church, and that was just what we did,
so it wasn’t a baptism because I was truly wanting to repent and wanted
to change. It was more because that was what was happening.
So I went to Olivier, to ask him some questions, and he started to pray for me.
He started to pray, God came, Holy Spirit came and I was suddenly set free
from all this stuff in my life that has been holding me captive for many, many years,
I never realized. Some girls prayed with me and ministered
to me, and God set me free of stuff that has really held me back, just held me
captive for a long time, and a lot of that was connected to…
also just certain way of behaving that have become so accustomed to.
Anyway, just to stop, to give you the right kind of order of events, we then went to…
kind of put pause on what God is doing, And we went down to the beach and
I was baptized, which was completely different for me, because
I thought that my baptism earlier, when I was younger, was good.
I thought that was authentic, but this time it was so different because
this time it was me, just really repenting and asking God
to forgive me and come into a much more intimate and deeper understanding
of my relationship with Him and I realized that this baptism was very
different to a previous one, because it was authentic one.
So I was baptized. But we felt we needed to pray some more.
We came back and we prayed some more. And I think the biggest thing that happened
in my life with all of this is a… me realizing that… the biggest thing that
I was set free from was… For all these years, last 20 or 25 years
or so, of walking, I’ve been involved in church, I prayed for people, I’ve ministered,
I’ve seen God using me in many amazing ways, but this way has been the sense of me feeling
like I have to perform, that the Holy Spirit is here now and lots of
shaking and lots of manifestations. And I always thought, this is the Holy Spirit.
But I just discovered now that actually it’s not, it’s not even that, that I don’t
need to be doing, I didn’t need to be having any image of
shaking or any image of manifestations, I don’t need to look like I’m more spiritual.
Simply, just to enjoy God’s presence and He would be able to use me,
to pray for people, to enjoy His presence without any physical,
strange signs and strange happenings, and I realized that over the years
and all my involvement in church, we’ve been in meetings, we’ve prayed
and we’ve expected to see all this signs and wonders, but that would
be more than seeing people healed, and I realized that it was almost like
a deception, that I’ve been deceived in a way that I’ve been doing things.
What I’m loving now, it’s just the difference because all the years I would ask myself
a question and say: How come we have all the presence of what we
thought it was the Holy Spirit moving in meetings, and yet, we weren’t see
people saved. We weren’t see lives impacted,
we weren’t seeing people going out and praying for people to get saved,
and then spreading the gospel even further. I was always wondered why we never saw that.
And yet, it seemed like we were busy doing what God has called us to do.
And now I realized that lot of it it was just doing what we’ve been doing
for years, so-called enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit, but a lot of it was not
even God. It was just a way of behaving, a way of doing things, an old patterned,
that we’ve got used to do it, and yet, not impacting people’s lives.
So, the biggest thing for me this weekend it’s to just have a healthy understanding
of what being baptized in water is, that it’s accompanied with true repentance
and how that’s impacted my life, and being set free of different things
that were holding me back and behave in old sins. That’s been
a huge thing and just realizing that I want to go out and actually make
an impact and tell people about Jesus and see them baptized, and then see
them going and making a difference in other people’s lives.
So, that’s been the biggest thing. Glory to God. We’ve seen in the last years
that there was some movement, especially in some churches, where
the focus became so overemphasized on those kinds of manifestations,
in the way we interact with God, we feel like there is something more to go
and get, to be more spiritual… – Yes. to have more anointing, that we should
interact with Him and feel more of His presence with the shaking,
with laying down on the floor and having all those, sometimes convulsions,
as well, and what we see is the focus, the focus have just been overtaken on those
things, to make us feel more and more spiritual, when actually, the fruit of the Spirit
in our life contains the peace, the self-control, as an outcome of the presence of the Holy Spirit,
and us surrendering to Him. So, for Michelle it’s been really something,
God came today and met her with freedom, actually. Yes, that’s been a huge mindset shift for me,
because I always connected this outward manifestations, the shaking
and lots of strange movements, I connected that as being the power of
the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
I have walked that way for so many years, and yet, I always questioned, but come
if we have that, how come I’m not seeing people saved and see people come to Christ,
and seeing disciples, and people telling other people about Jesus,
how can we have all this stuff, but none of that. And I realized that lot
of it it’s just a deception, that you think that you have to have that
to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit. But in fact – you don’t. I am able to enjoy
His presence just by being prayed for, or come and pray, coming into God’s presence,
and just experiencing His peace and His calmness and His joy,
without all the outward manifestations. That has been the biggest mindset shift
for me – has been that. I was actually set free from
a lot of deception and an old way of behaving.
That I connected that old way of behaving with this incredible power, but all this
amazing power didn’t come with me, impacting people’s lives. The gospel, as I was sharing it today,
is really about repenting before God first, of the sins we have committed.
And being baptized to Christ, to wash away our sins and being united
with Him and being clothed with His righteousness.
And then we will receive the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit produces this fruit
in our life. And yes, the Holy Spirit brings some
gifts also. He gives us the power to go and be witnesses of Jesus.
But the outcome of true surrendered life to the presence of the Holy Spirit in us
is to live a holy life, to go, to make disciples, to share Christ with us, and not live
by the flesh anymore, not live by sight anymore, but by faith. Yes. You should not be living by actions,
and how we, so-called perform, but just by rather how we go daily
and live our lives. Yeah. God is amazing. It is beautiful what
He has done today. We have other video testimonies
of people also who have been set free from deception, from this kind of spirits
also that has crept in some churches and movements. We encourage you
to watch some of them. If you have questions, if you wonder,
if you are experiencing really the Holy Spirit if this is normal, what is going around you,
watch these videos, we’ll share links in the text. I hope and we
pray that God is going to speak to you through those testimonies. So, be blessed!
We thank you for that in Jesus name. Subtitles by the community


  • Superlative testimony! Praise Jesus – freedom from 'performance-based Christianity' to relationship-based Christianity! Natural water bodies in Canada in late October??? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Thanks for sharing this! I think that the point about being free from the need to perform is a great one. I also think that involuntary physical manifestations are not always an indicator of a wrong spirit – they are simply an indicator of power flowing through muscles and other body parts. Muscles tend to contract when an electric current travels through them, and thus the physical manifestations occur. Sometimes God's power and presence comes in a way that doesn't have the same impact on our bodies, but it is not uncommon when He is manifestly present in a strong way to have people reacting to His manifest presence.

  • This a good testimony for Babtizm in the washing and Repentane of Sin even in Jesus name are many and varied
    Manifestations of the Spirit, Not all recieve the same gifts and some are supposed to be done when praying to the Lord God, in ones secret place before God who rewards you openly*!*¤*!!!

  • For me it was the same Question.
    If all the shaking was the power of the Holy Spirit.then why did i see Zero new converts.

  • A wonderful testimony so well explained in Love. We are called to manifest Jesus to the world. Baptism always followed immediately after believing and repentance and being baptized into Christ Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Renewing our minds by god’s word is a life long commitment and becoming disciples of Jesus while making other disciples of Jesus teaching them all things and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. All blessings from Ireland in Jesus name

  • Who marked this down thumbs?? How can you not like that your sister has more freedom?? Praise God for his grace and kindness towards all of us. Be freed from pride in Jesus' name.

  • Id be careful, I went to a Kickstart and had a bad experience. Not everyone that is there is doing the right thing ..and they don't all necessarily have the Holy Spirit yet they are trying to do deliverance and baptisms, basically practicing on us. Goes well for some, and others not so much. I picked up speaking in tongues, the girl that was with me said, you are not leaving until you get the tongues. So we had to keep trying and trying. This to me is not how Ive seen the Holy Spirit come in when Torben does it. btw, which tongues I have no clue, because I certainly was not given the Holy spirit from the person from the Kickstart who closed my chakras, my third eye and any "doors" that were open. Torben literally said this was demonic and to get rebaptized until he realized I was saying it happened at the Kickstart. I asked one of the leaders afterwards if this is normal that they do this and he said, we follow where the spirit leads. Which spirit is my question if you are closing chakras and third eyes. This is not Biblical. I was also told by some nice person that also works with the Kickstart in Canada that they can't always monitor what happens. Well when you are dealing with inexperienced people who are not necessarily filled with the Holy Spirit attempting supernatural things, it is not a good thing at all. I am still suffering the consequences of that day, and the only solution I was offered was to reach back out to these people. Whom in the first place I was told by Oliver that he would be there when this was going I have noticed Torben in videos usually helping the people who are learning. Well Olivier was not there, and the other leader was apparently outside the cabin where I was praying on the building. I also had a child walking in and out of the room while I had two people (who had good intentions and were sweet) shouting in my ear for every possible spirit from my past to be gone..It brought up every bad thing I had just previously worked on getting rid of. Im more than sure some demons were brought back with this. Also baptism is renewal and the old man dying..which was a great thing, but why then does it make sense to do deliverance and bring up all the past right afterwards. Out of sequence and not how it is done in the Bible. I would not risk this with just anyone, even though apparently "anyone" can do this.

  • everytime I have been in God's presence it's just been this perfect peace, no shaking no manifestations, the only time I ever took waw during deliverance once, pppl must not get God's peaceful resence mixed up with anything demonic,if they're doing this in ur church you may want to think about leaving it.

  • What a beautiful testimony! So glad you were set free and now see the truth. We see many people in this movement that love it, and do not want to come out. Praise God you are out now! Many blessings to you!

  • I don't think that to get baptised ones more is the right thing to do. We are saved by grace alone through the blood of jesus not through baptism. I think this is dangereous. I am also wondering why there are so many "deliverances" while geting baptised? Cant see this in the bible…..

  • Thank for this. A very important message to the body of Christ for just communing with Him and surrendering our spirit to the Holy Spirit that the evidence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is displayed in our lives. Authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can wash away sin. Baptism is symbolic of our burial of the "old man" and reemerging renewed and committed in our walk with Lord. Amen.

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