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– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a fabulous practice for you: Freedom Glow. This is a little shout out
to our Freedom Flow videos that invite you to find
freedom within the form. But this one is super strong, gonna build some fire
some heat from within, get a little sweaty and
leave you feeling good. I’d like to thank Adidas Women for partnering up
with me on this video. Hop into something comfy
and let’s get started. (gentle instrumental music) Alrighty, my friends, let’s begin standing
at the top of the mat. Feet hip width apart. Mountain Pose. Big breath in.
Stand up nice and tall. And exhale,
relaxing the shoulders. Take a moment
to close your eyes. Trust me, trust yourself,
trust the video. Close your eyes. And spread
awareness throughout all four corners of your feet and see of you can find a gentle
lift up through the heart. Begin to deepen your breath. And commit to using your breath as a tool to guide you
throughout your practice today. Let’s rock and roll.
Bend the knees. Inhale, reach the
fingertips all the way up. Big full body stretch,
nothing fancy here. Fingertips kiss up and overhead. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Big breath in,
exhale rain it down press into all four
corners of the feet, keep lifting through the heart. Inhale reaching up
towards the sky. Big stretch, fingertips
kiss up and overhead. And exhale,
floating the fingertips down. Begin to synchronize the
movement with the breath. Inhale, reach it up. And this time on the exhale, Forward Fold, soft bend in the knees as you slowly take it down. Now find a little
freedom within the form. So you might walk the
fingertips to one side and then the other, you
might clasp the elbows and rock gently side to side. Perhaps you shake
the head a little yes and a little no. Be sure to take one moment
where you bend the knees generously sending some
love to the lower back. Keep breathing. Nice, long, smooth deep breaths. (rhythmic breathing) Then on your next inhale lift up halfway, lengthen
through the crown of the head,
palms come to the tops of the thighs and
we pull the elbows back like little grasshopper legs creating length, long neck. Big breath in here. Exhale. Forward Fold. Awesome work, press into
the feet and inhale. Big full body stretch. Reach for the skies,
spread the fingertips. Press down through the feet. Exhale, hands to heart, namaste. Begin to find a lift through
the front body energetically. A grounding through
the back body. Find support from within by drawing the navel
inward and upward. Connect to your center. And here we go inhale,
reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale halfway, lift
again, navel draws in. And exhale, Forward Fold. Awesome.
This time bend the knees. Plant the palms and step
the right toes back. Lower the right knee. Check to make sure front
knee is over front ankle. And then allow this
awareness from the lower body to slowly trickle up
through the spine. Opening through the chest. Big breath in. Big breath out just stretching it out. Inhale. On the exhale pulling back
through the left hip crease. Send the hips back. Left toes go up towards the sky. Keep breathing. When you’re ready, rolling through the
left foot nice and slow. Right hand comes to the Earth. And on your next breath in, peel the left
fingertips all the way up coming into a
nice low lunge twist. Open through the chest. Strong and steady. One more breath in and exhale all
the way back down. Great, plant the palms, wrists underneath the shoulders. Curl the back toes under and when you’re ready,
step it back to a Plank. Big breaths here. Rocking front and back. Making sure the hips
aren’t dipping low or coming up, but finding
that nice long line from the crown to the tail,
the sitting bones to the heels. Great bend the elbows;
press away from your yoga mat. Long neck. Remember the neck is an
extension of the spine here. Navel draws up, you got
this, one more breath. And then exhale slowly,
lower the knees, hook the elbows in
and lower down. Great, zip the legs up tight. Inhale. Slowly tucking the chin. Opening the heart forward,
Baby Cobra. Nice and slow
though here to start. Then we release. And two more times. Inhale. Tucking the chin to the chest. Lifting up, so really
activating the muscles of the upper back body here and warming up
through the spine. One more time, inhale. Open your heart
and exhale, release. Great curl the toes under. Walk them in line
with the hip points. Lift the kneecaps. Gaze straight down, inhale in. Exhale. Press up to top
of a pushup plank. Big breath in here. Exhale to Downward-Facing Dog. Take your dog for
a little walk here, stretch it out. Pedaling through the feet. Hands pressing evenly
into the yoga mat and tops of the
shoulders rotating out. Take a deep breath in. And on the exhale bend
the knees, look forward. Step, hop, or jump to the top. I guess a hop and
a jump’s the same thing. We’ll meet in Forward Fold. Big breath,
lifting up halfway, inhale. Exhale, Fold. Inhale, reach for the sky.
Big full body stretch here. Exhale hands to heart, namaste. Inhale in. Exhale release. Soft knees, inhale, reach it up. This time as you exhale,
bend the elbows, thumbs point
back pinkies forward, we open through the chest. Lengthen tailbone down, deep breath in,
lift through the sternum and then exhale. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale. Halfway Lift,
your version, again finding a little
freedom within the form today. Exhale Fold. Great this time plant the
palms, step the left toes back, lower the left knee. Front knee over front
ankle, breath deep here. Stretch it out. Opening up the hips. Letting that
awareness travel from the hips, the legs, all the
way up through the spine so we’re not collapsed over here. But finding length through the crown. Breath deep. Inhale in deeply. On your exhale, begin to pull back through that right hip crease. Right toes towards the sky. Nice runner’s stretch here. Pressing into the
top of the back foot. My left hip is stacked right
over my left knee here. Inhale in. Exhale, rolling through
that right foot. Left hand comes to the Earth
right underneath the shoulder. And on a big breath in,
I peel the right fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in, one more. And then exhale, slowly
release back to center. Awesome, plant the palms,
step it back to plank. Three breaths here, you got it. Wrists right
underneath the shoulders. Really spiking the heels
towards the back edge of your yoga mat,
super strong here. Navel draws up and
crown of the head reaches towards the front. Inhale in, exhale,
lower all the way down to the belly, nice and slow. Press into the tops of the feet. This time heels hip width apart. Inhale, Cobra. Exhale release. Curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps, inhale in, exhale. Strong, pressing up to Plank. Inhale in again. Exhale to Downward Dog. Awesome work,
continue to refine here. Find what feels good. Stay present. And when you’re ready drop
the left heel this time, inhale, lift the right leg up high. Exhale knee to nose,
navel draws up connecting to your center as
you inhale lift it up, Three-Legged Dog. Step into your power,
cultivating strength, knee to nose. One more time. Inhale. Exhale, knee to nose. Awesome. Step the right
foot up high lunge, take your time getting here, front knee over front ankle. Back heel is lifted. Take a second here to refine. Make sure you’re
not on a tightrope so, feet are nice and
hip distance apart. When you’re ready inhale,
reach for the sky. Strong posture here. Big beach ball overhead,
if you feel like the shoulders are tight. Bend the left knee
so you can get your pelvis underneath you. Lifting up through
the front body again. Grounding through the back body. Inhale in. Exhale, pivot on the
back foot and open out. Warrior Two. Strong and steady sink
deep into that front leg. Pull the pinkies back. Find length,
lift your heart, inhale in. Exhale out. Moving with the breath. Inhale. Reach the right
fingertips forward up and back. Peaceful Warrior big stretch
in the right side body here. Inhale in. Exhale all the way
to Extended Side Angle. Right elbow on the
top of the right thigh. Inhale, open the chest, left fingertips draw
up towards the sky. Big stretch, inhale. Exhale all the way back down
to your Lunge nice and slow. And strong. Step the right toes
back or keep them lifted for a one-legged
transition here. You can go belly to Cobra, or Chaturanga to
Upward-Facing Dog. So you have lots
of options here. Can change it up, find
freedom within the form as you grow your practice. Inhale, open the chest
in Cobra or Up-Dog and then exhale, Child’s Pose. Take a rest. (breathing deeply) Spread awareness
through the fingerprints and slowly make your
way back to all fours. Walk the knees right
underneath the hips, toes in line with the knees. Inhale in. Exhale, curl the toes under. Downward-Facing Dog. This time, drop the
right heel and inhale. Left leg, up high. Here we go, cultivating strength. Big breath in. Exhale, knee to nose. Rounding through,
navel draws up. Inhale, lift it up. Exhale, knee to nose. Last one, inhale. Reach! Exhale, knee to nose. Step it up. High Lunge. Take your time,
building from the ground up. Strong foundation here. And then big Power Pose, here, as you reach the
fingertips up high. Open through the chest. Again, no need to
be super tight, here. You can give
yourself lots of space. Navel draws in and up. So, active in the belly. You got this. Keep breathing,
relax your shoulders. Soft bend in the right knee, so you can get your pelvis
right underneath you. Then take a big breath in here. Use your exhale to open it out. Warrior Two to the right. Pull the pinkies back. Breathe deep here. Moving with the breath.
Inhale. Left fingertips reach
forward, up and back. Peaceful Warrior. Exhale, Extended Side Angle. Left elbow to the top of
the left thigh on an inhale. Right fingertips pull up,
up, up towards the sky. In my case,
a beautiful, blue sky. Inhale. Exhale all the way back
down to your Lunge. Plant the palms, step it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Up-Dog. Again, this practice
is meant to inspire and empower you to find a
little freedom within the form. Move slow and mindful. Keep breathing deep. We’ll meet in Child’s Pose. (deep breathing) Sweet.
Press into the fingerprints. When you’re ready,
slowly make your way back up. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. When you’re ready,
Downward-Facing Dog. So take your time
getting there. No rush. Bend the knees,
inhale, look forward. Slow walk up towards the
front, or you can hop. Make your way to the top. This time, feet together.
Really together. Forward Fold. Inhale, Halfway Lift.
Your version. And exhale, Fold. Inhale, reach for the sky. Press into the earth. Reach, reach, reach! And exhale, hands to heart. Jumping right in, here we go. Inhale. Stick with me. Reach for the sky. Exhale. Forward Fold. This time,
bend the knees generously. Belly comes to the
top of the thighs. Maybe you create
a little bit of space between the heels here. And when you’re ready, inhale. Strong and steady, reach
the fingertips forward. Big beach ball
in the hands here. So again, maybe not
so tight today as you sit back in
Utkatasana, Chair Pose. Breathe deep. Work to get the knees
back over the ankles and use the fingertips
coming forward as a little counterweight
for sending the hips back. One more big breath in here. You got this. Welcome that heat,
and then exhale. Let it go. Awesome. Plant the palms, step
or hop it back to Plank. Make your way to Downward Dog
by either going straight there or moving through a Vinyasa. When you arrive in Downward Dog, take the deepest breath
you’ve taken all day. Then exhale out
through the mouth. Great. Drop the left heel. Inhale. Lift the right leg up high. Exhale, this time right knee comes up and over to kiss the right elbow. Upper body’s in plank. Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. Cross it over. Right knee
kisses the left elbow. Waking up the muscles
of the abdominal wall. Moving nice and slow. This time right through
center, knee to nose. We’ve been here before. Inhale, lift if up. Light step as you step the
right foot all the way up into your Lunge. Big breath in
lifts you up again. High Lunge, strong and steady. Welcome that heat, that sweat. Stick with it.
Stay focused on your breath. Alright, here we go,
moving with the breath. Inhale, straighten both legs. Reach the fingertips all the way up. Lengthen through
the crown of the head. Fingertips kiss,
up and overhead. Toning that back calf, inhale. Then exhale.
Bend the front knee. Reach the left heel back and
float the fingertips down. Alright, we got this. Stay focused on the breath.
Inhale. Reach. Slow and steady. Exhale. Float it down. One more time. Inhale, reach. And this time,
as you exhale, Warrior Two. Refine. And moving with the breath. Open the palms up
towards the sky. Inhale, straighten both legs. Straighten that front leg, fingertips reach up and overhead. Exhale, maybe taking the
gaze, the focus, forward. Inhale, reach,
straightening the front leg. Exhale. Bend forward. Inhale, reach. Last one. Strong arms here,
strong legs. You got this. Draw the navel in, Warrior Two. Peaceful Warrior on the inhale. Inhale, reach up and over. Big stretch. And then exhale,
Extended Side Angle. Your version. Big breath in, open your heart. Exhale all the way down. Plant the palms,
inhale, look forward. Exhale, step it back. Move through a Vinyasa, or
straight to Downward Dog. In Down-Dog,
drop the right heel, inhale to lift the left leg up high. Here we go, cultivate strength. Left knee to left elbow. Gaze straight down,
upper body’s in Plank. Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, cross it over. Left knee to right elbow. Here we go, last one. Inhale. Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, extend the
left leg all the way up and then light step
all the way forward. Find your breath. On the inhale, High Lunge. Fingertips reach up
towards the sky. Welcome the heat, here. Sink deep into that front leg, front knee over front ankle. Here we go,
moving with the breath. Inhale, reach the fingertips up, lift up from the pelvic floor. Mula Bandha, navel draws in and up. Straighten both legs,
toning the right calf. And then exhale,
bend the front knee, float the fingertips down.
Great. Inhale, reach it up. Straighten both legs.
Hug the lower ribs in. Find that containment. That support from within. As you exhale, float it down. And last one, inhale, reach. Lift your heart. Exhale, Warrior Two. Take a moment to refine. Stay focused on the breath. Here we go. Inhale, straighten the
front leg, lift the heart. Fingertips kiss up and overhead. Exhale. Warrior Two. Inhale, reach. Strong and steady. Exhale, Warrior Two. And one more time. Inhale nice and slow. Exhale your Vajrasana Two. Beautiful. Open the left palm. Left fingertips reach
forward, up and back. We find that Peaceful Warrior. Big breath in. And then exhale, Extended
Side Angle. Your version. So you can take the left knee
to the top of the left thigh. In time, you could bring
the left fingertips all the way down to the earth. Finding freedom within the form. Big inhale here, open the heart. And exhale brings you
back to your Lunge. Awesome work, everyone. Plant the palms, move through
one last Vinyasa, here. Move with your breath. And then send
it to Child’s Pose. Whenever you’re ready.
Great job. Close your eyes, take a rest. Observe your breath. Press into the fingerprints,
slow and steady, rise up to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hips and then swing the toes
just to one side. Come to a seat. Hands come around to
the backs of the thighs. We loop the shoulders and,
nice and slow, starting with the tail,
we roll it down. Get centered on the mat. And then, when you’re ready, interlace the fingertips
behind the head. Elbows nice and wide. Scoop the tailbone up.
Tap into your center again. Your core strength. Here we go. Lifting the knees just
above the hip points, or slightly in front. You want to make
sure your lower back is nice and flush
with your yoga mat. Yogi bicycles, inhaling. Exhale, lift the head,
the neck, the chest. Keep the chin lifting up
towards the sky. So we’re not crunching here, but keeping the
elbows nice and wide, Creating this soft hammock
for the neck, here. You can extend the thumbs
for a little extra support. Here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, right elbow to left knee, extend the right leg out long. Inhale. Back to center. Exhale twist. Nice and slow, keep it going. Inhale. Exhale twist. Inhale. Exhale twist. Think about bringing
your shoulder to the center of your chest. So really getting into
those obliques, as well. Inhale. Exhale. Keep it going. Listen to
the sound of your breath. (breathes deeply) You got this. Do one more on
each side, nice and slow. Don’t rush. And then release. Ah! Bring the soles of the feet
together, knees nice and wide. Bring the hands to the belly and just give
yourself a little pet. Inhale, lots of love in. Exhale, lots of love out. Close your eyes,
relax your shoulders. And slowly, sending the
fingertips out left to right, big Texas T here, I’m just
gonna bring my right knee and slowly fold it over
to meet the left. If you want a little more,
you could hug the knees up towards the chest, or even
extend the top leg out long. Inhale in. Big exhale. Gently make your
way back to center. Maybe knees nice and wide. And then take it to the other side. Recline rest. Big inhale. On the exhale, bring it back. Wrap the arms around the shins, hug the knees into the chest. Inhale in. On the exhale, navel to spine;
activate your core muscles as you slowly peel the
nose up towards the knee. So it doesn’t have to touch,
but that’s the intention. Really rounding through the spine, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, keep the shoulders relaxed. A little Hedgehog Pose. If you want a little more, you can send the fingertips forward, open the palms to keep
that external rotation in the shoulder. Breathing deep,
scoop the tailbone up. One more breath, and then exhale, let it all go. (sighs deeply) Arms come down,
feet come to the mat. Then we slide one leg out. Then the other. Snuggle your shoulder blades right underneath your heart-space. Big breath in. On your exhale, let everything go. Finishing today in Savasana. Letting the nutrients of
our practice settle in. Remembering that, as we
work to strengthen the body, we have to kind of pay
attention to the full picture. Total-body health. In both mind and physical body. And just by taking this
time for yourself, for your spirit, too, so you can be the best
version of yourself. It’s important to take
this time so that we can be the best version of our
self for others as well. Serve others. Stay here as
long as time allows. Repeat this video regularly
to grow your practice and to cultivate strength
from within, mindfully. Gently draw the palms together. Bring the right up
to the third eye. Thumbs at the third eye point. Big breath in. Namaste. (deep breathing) (gentle instrumental music)

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  • What a beautiful view.  Where was this video shot?  Your style in this video is very different from any of the other ones I've watched thus far.  Very serious, all business.  Not till 19.32 did I feel like you relaxed for a quick second then you were back to all business.I'm only about 6 months into my Yoga practice and YOU have been with me since day 1.  Once the house is empty in the morning I get on the mat.  I make time for ME, something I never have done in the past.  I really, really enjoy and look forward to getting on the mat.  I even get up early on the weekends so that I make sure I take care of me first.  I recently started selecting the video that I'm going to do the night before and watch the video to learn proper form and how to transition into poses or see what the "bus stops" are since I'm working with at least 80 extra lbs.  I do attend a Yoga class on Sunday mornings.  The instructor came up to me last week when class was over and said that I've improved so much from when I first started in December.I do 80% of my Yoga classes with my eyes closed.  I find that I am less fidgety, more focused,  I'm able to "find what feels good" and that I'm more in tune with myself and my breathing.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, <3

  • I want to tell you a little story, Adriene.
    I have been doing wights lifting for five years now, and i loved it, I felt so strong and happy, but then I see people doing yoga and I think how could someone "wast" their time doing such a slow, low Intensity workout when you can lift weights. 😅Then I noticed that I'm not that flexible so I needed to try yoga to see if it helps. My first straggle was how to slow down and focus on my breathing, I failed miserably, I hated it, but deep down I liked it for challenging me to explore other part of me, discipline, and patience, listening to my body in a way that I didn't know about, it took me years to finally really practice yoga.
    Just 2 months a go I canceled my gym membership for the first time In years, I go there it least 4 times a week, and decided to only practice yoga part of mission to only do things out of love not fear. Yoga of course feels only love for me. I told myself everyday I'll stand on my matt even for just five minutes to make it party my morning routine.

    I asked the universe to send me the right channel for me. I typed in "yoga" and your videos came up.😊 and I'm glad it did.
    At first I was thinking this girl is sooo slow, she's not taking it seriously, she calls this practice? 😅 Every time I try other channels yoga practice I don't really enjoy it as much as I love yours, and your lovely smile and your silliness, so down to earth and quickly personality. I fell in love with your practice. I kept my word and every day I have been practicing yoga through your channel. I felt as if this journey was going to take forever for me to be good and be more flexible. But tonight I did yoga before bed and I watched this video and my body was vibrating when i started this video I felt so amazing than I noticed how flexible I was getting and, how much I was improving in my moves, my back foot has went all the way down when I was taking my dog for a walk (as you say😂) that was my first time! So I started crying from joy, because I thought it will take me years to do that.
    It made me really believe that i can achieve anything with patience and consistently and never giving up if it feels good and out of love. I wanted to say thank you for being part of my personal growth, you were a light on the tunnel, I can see you being your authentic self, your light that shines to others who seek it. My love to you. 💟❤️

  • hey Adriene can you do a YOGA for stoners? pretty pollllllleeeeeeeaaaseeeeee. Follow for a follow 😉 get the ratings up

  • lovely place you filmed it..where is it? awesome experience it was btw., thank you! just what i needed!

  • The internet connection was a bit unstable soo I got to enjoy a longer video than expected. Yep, only Adriene can make sluggish WiFi feel okay.

  • So last night I was one with my bed watching Netflix feeling miserable and thinking about doing your video for 'that time of the month' and pulled myself off the bed. Somehow this video popped up and I thought 'might as well'. I was NOT in the mood to sweat or work hard at all but work hard I did, sweat I did and I ROCKED the three-legged dog which I don't normally do. I felt AMAZING afterward! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Sore throat & head cold today but this flow has lifted my mood and energised me so now feeling more positive & ready for action, thx Adriene. B-)

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