Freedom Go To Hell

Well, what a wonderful publicity coup for Mr Wilders. The whole thing has been a magnificent success, hasn’t it? Millions of people who didn’t even know that this film existed have now made a point of seeking it out on the internet thanks to the stupidity, the incompetence and the cowardice of the British government. Of course, some of the credit should also go to the idiotic Lord Ahmed who started the whole thing in the first place because he wanted to be a big hero in Pakistan. Unfortunately the only thing he has managed to achieve is to stereotype Muslims yet again as intolerant hysterical malcontents who can’t take criticism when everybody knows that’s not true. For those who don’t yet know, the British government yesterday debased itself and its people in an act of quite breathtaking dhimmitude. An elected parliamentarian from the Netherlands, Mr Wilders, was due to attend the House of Lords for a discussion about his film ‘Fitna’ but he was turned back at Heathrow airport because one Muslim member of the house, someone who, unlike Mr Wilders, hasn’t been elected by anybody, was so incensed by the prospect of free and open discussion between free people in a free society that he threatened to mobilise ten thousand angry Muslims to besiege Parliament illegally if Mr Wilders was allowed to attend. So what do you think the British government did in the face of this open threat to public order? Oh go on, have a guess. That’s right, they caved in like a bunch of spineless pussies. I couldn’t have put it better myself. The last thing they needed was an angry Muslim demonstration on their hands because then the police would have had to go around arresting people who complained about the violent hate-mongering slogans and the offensive anti-semitic chanting. And that might have been a little embarrassing. I think it’s pretty clear to most of us by now that religious censorship is moving towards us in the free world like an incoming tide, and if we don’t do something about it soon we’re going to find ourselves cut off like a bunch of stranded cockle-pickers. Since my last video a number of people contacted me to point out that one reason that the Netherlands is surrendering so completely to Islam is because the government there is controlled by Christians to whom religion is more important than community harmony and to whom any religious values in society are better than none. In other words, if you vote for Christians in Holland at the next election don’t bother crossing yourself, because you’re actually voting for Islam and you can wave your open tolerant society a permanent goodbye. In Britain we’ve known for some time that a vote for Labour is very much a vote for Islam. The Labour Party depends on the Muslim vote to have any chance at all of staying in power at the next election because they’ve alienated just about everybody else. And the ugly surveillance society they’ve foisted on us over the last 12 years tells us that the Labour Party despises freedom almost as much as Islam does, which is why they make such willing bedfellows. Although not in a gay way. I don’t want to insult anybody’s homophobic prejudices because that might cause offence. But as if to illustrate this fact, a government minister actually praised Muslims in Britain recently for raising the profile of religion, because, as he put it, secular commentators are afraid to criticise them. That’s right. It’s a good thing that people have been intimidated into silence in New Labour’s new Islamic Britain, that the threat of Muslim violence, which is what we’re actually talking about here, let’s be completely frank about this, has been a good thing for this country. Well, freedom go to hell, indeed. Maybe I’m naive, but I’m actually astonished that in 21st century Europe we find ourselves having to defend our freedom in our own countries not only from religious fascists who want to take it away, but from those among us who want to help them do it. I don’t think the Koran should be banned, but also I don’t think it should be protected from criticism the way it has been here, in this cowardly way. This issue cuts to the very foundations of our society. Free speech is the cornerstone of western civilisation. It has made us what we are, and without it we are nothing. And that’s precisely why it’s under such sustained attack from the footsoldiers of Islam. If these people are afraid of this film, and clearly they are, it means they’re afraid of their own scripture. They know it can’t be defended. They know that what the film says is actually true, unpalatable though it may be. Watch it for yourself, it’s only a few minutes long, and see if you disagree with a single frame. And then ask yourself how much more of your freedom needs to be whittled away to defend this intolerant misogynistic homophobic anti-semitic ideology from the robust and frank and open criticism that it so richly deserves. Peace. Well, we can all dream, can’t we? Or is that illegal, too, now?

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  • im talking about you and this islam fubic son of a biach that thinks the worrds problems revoles around blacksheeps in religious comimonets..
    as tho that even an aggment. look at the u.k mate and everthing this son talks about i found here.. highest amoght crime rape adulty muder rate. and this this basted thinks he can talk about other peoples limted blac sheeps.. hes lost hands down.. fucking islamafubic son of biach

  • asily . you do realys. we can take it annny time.. its only that we dont get involed with politic as we see it as haram as its someone elses thart we dont .. if in are minds was to tae over.. surly a long time ago would had maked the end of the u.k .. not freedom and this bullshit as your oun govments took that away along time ago for there oun intrests

  • Yeah the "tiny minority" of 32% of British Muslim students who agreed with a statement that says its every Muslims duty to bring an end to Western civilization and the tiny minority of 40% that want to live under Sharia

  • You are blind son, look at what have become of us , we now hate muslims because of what we see on TV. Ignorance

  • this guy is sum old pentioner and hes got nothing to do
    baisically you need to get out more and you can diss muslims yeah but your a zion i heard some one say if you dont have anything good to say dont say it and think about what your talking,( reading ) about go worship saten and i aint scard of nothing but ALLAH SWA

  • Winston Churchill said " An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last" Our government have become appeasers.

  • ok… lets just view it like this, within 20 years, sweden will (as history says that sweden has done before) repell against the government in sweden and clear out everything non-swedish, germany will follow on the notes and do the same. the muslims will try to take ireland and IRA will awake and fight back like crazy, the british will do the same, and whole of europe will be fighting against islam. just wait and see. christianity raped and conquered down there and failed, why not islam?

  • Such a person as depicted in that description would be rather pessimistic I think. Appeasers usually bow to might in the hope that they might be spared don't they?

  • Yes i know, but you get the point he was trying to make? A Dutch politician recently said. "we must treat the Muslims well, because once they are in power they will treat us well" Something to look forward to, NOT!

  • I'm well aware of that. The Bible also has the commands to kill unbelievers, but the Christians have found ways to ignored them. (for the most part)

  • Yes he did. And I don't need your permission.

    Gods word.
    2 Chronicles 15:13
    Deuteronomy 13
    Deuteronomy 17:2-7

    Jesus' word
    Luke 19:27

  • "It's too late," said Jesus.

    Flames covered her form as we walked on; her cries still fill my soul even now. Satan had deceived her.

    With sadness in His voice Jesus said, "Come, we will return tomorrow. It is time to go now."

  • She said, "Lord, when I was on earth, I worshiped the Hindu gods and many idols. I would not believe the gospel the missionaries preached to me, although I heard it many times. One day I died. I cried for my gods to save me from hell, but they could not. Now, Lord, I'd like to repent."

  • Jesus said, "O foolish people and slow of heart, awaken to the truth, and love one another with fervent love. Help the helpless. Give to those in need without any thought of getting anything in return.”

    "If you will repent, O earth, I will bless you and not curse you. Awaken from your sleep, and come unto Me. Humble yourselves and bow your hearts before Me, and I will come and live with you. You will be My people, and I will be your God."

  • I know that I am a sinner, and I repent of my sins. Wash me in Your blood, and make me clean. I have sinned against heaven and before You and am not worthy to be called a son. I receive You by faith as my Savior.'

  • "When the Word of God is fulfilled, then the end will come. No man knows the day nor the hour when the Son of God will return to the earth. Not even the Son knows, for that is known only by the Father. The Word is quickly being fulfilled. Come as a little child, and let Me cleanse you from the works of the flesh. Say to Me, 'Lord Jesus, come into my heart and forgive me of my sins.

  • partially true… unfortunately when he talks about attacks on freedom of speech, in the USA they are not coming from religionists.. they are coming from socialists and their anti-"hate speech" laws which prohibit open discussion re: protected "politically correct" (PC) groups.

  • A logical fallacy is being delusional enough to even put Geert Wilders in the same conversation together, let alone the same sentence. But knee jerk left wing idiocy never was much on logic to begin with.

  • mohamed the so called terrorist lying killing robbing enslaving so called prophet of bakward jizzzzlam. wake the F up.

  • White countries r being blended out of existence by a flood of non-white 3rd world immigration & govt FORCED integration

    No white schools, clubs, neighborhoods, cities; anything "white" is viewed as suspicious

    Deadly trojan horses like "diversity" & "multiculturalism" in reality mean "there must be FEWER whites"

    Non-white countries r NEVER targeted by these policies; ONLY white countries r targeted

    Instead of bullets & bombs, it's an insidious genocide of white people via social engineering

  • Islamic civilisation: No one can seriously contest today that the Muslim world is in a state that could only with kindness be called stagnation. It is militarily and economically weak, scientifically comatose, technologically living off infusions from the West, and politically plagued by tyrannies. Many in both the West and the Muslim world have come to ask whether Islam is compatible with modern ideas.

  • Muslims, during the last 800 years there has been no major invention or innovation brought forward by the Muslim world. Western civilization is to be lauded for conceiving concepts like Quantum Mechanics, genetic engineering, theory of relativity and for creation of antibiotics, electricity, computers and a host of other modern gadgets that has made life comfortable today. Muslims on the other hand have had almost negligible role to play in formulating such mind boggling ideas.

  • You might sound smart with your British accent but you are actually talking crap. Are all Wilders supporters so stupid and ignorant to see that things change and that we can't do anything about it? In my eyes yes. I think it's stupid to protect our history from the future. We'll only make a bigger mess of it.
    The Islam isn't a big threat. We only tell ourselves so.
    I am not a supporter of the Islam but I believe freedom of speech is also for Muslims.
    Freedom of speech without limits!



    IN 2012.

  • People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into white countries.
    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if EVERY and ONLY white countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites
    But if I tell the truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that Iam anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  • this muslim problem is most eveident here in india, where muslims constitute only around 15 % of the population but due to their unity on every subject anti national, are the largest united votebank.

  • OMG, it's true. we can't just be sleepy about being atheists, just to slip thru thru the weeds, but we have TO MAKE WESTERN SOCIETY SECULAR, AND BY GOD, I WILL SACRIFICE MY TALENTS FOR OUR FUCKING FREEDOM, and curse you who agree but isn't ball forward enough to say I WILL MAKE MY VOICE KNOWN. please

  • Seriuosly this happens in the UK and in the Netherlands some of the nations that brought the modern democracy to the world?

  • this old tosser has loads of shit on here. hope i'm wrong but if anything bad happens in his area you know where to go

  • Pejorative: a word or grammatical form of expression, that connotes negativity and expresses contempt or distaste.

  • Often we hear anti-whites use the term "minorities" used to refer to Africans, Indians, ect

    But In 1900 my people, white people, comprised 33% of world population, today we are at 9% and dropping like a rock. Not only are we a minority in the world but because of immigration & assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries our children are poised to be minorities IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within a few decades.

    This is genocide. This is evil and this must stop!


  • Everybody loves multiracialism, and any escape is illegal.

    If Diversity is so great how come we have white flight
    If Diversity is so great how come our political leaders don't send there kids to urban schools
    If Diversity is so great how come it has to be forced
    If Diversity is so great how come it needs an army of police, lawyers, politicians, diversity consultants and a host of new laws?

    Racist is a hate word

  • The Labour party denouncing secularists? I thought the Labour party was Britain's biggest group of liberals.

  • The UK has been in the abyss since 1776 and will stay that way forever. This country is so irrelevant that I question how I even came to this video in the first place.

  • No other religion is protected from criticism like Islam. Why is that? Just thinking about that statement will give you a hint as to the corruption and hypocrisy inherent in it and in those that defend and support it.

  • There are some very good Muslim people, and it's unfortunate that their Quaran bible promotes murdering Gays, Jews, Infidels etc. It is very sad that all of Europe will have Islamic governemnts by 2050. Two million Britts have fled the country recently, and eight millions moved in to replace them. There are many Britts moving here in Costa Rica, those of retirement age. North America is also going down hill over the same issue.

  • islam thrives on our cowardice to criticize it, out of our fear of violent backlash and intimidation. Fuck mohammed, fuck islam, and fuck isalm trying to bully its way around the world. Criticize it. Open your eyes. Stop being ignorant utopian hippies that want to defend islam because it is trendy to do so. Some ideologies are wrong, certainly islam, which practices gender inequality, murder for apostasy and homosexuality etc. islam claims to islamify the whole world, and it is happening. CUNTS.

  • You can draw, dress up as and ridicule Jesus. You can do the same to Buddha. To Lord Krishna. To the Virgin Mary.
    At worst, you'll get yelled at.

    Do the same with Mohammed and you're liable to be attacked and have death warrants put out on you.
    Islam thrives on fear, and these cretins think caving in to the threats helps the moderate Muslims?

    Surrendering to Islamic fearmongering hurts Muslims as much as it does all of us, and ensures a dark future under their blood stained banner.

  • What do you think the UK will be like in 20 years? How many Christians will be left? Will they be brave enouph to stand up to this assault? Your Government is already out of control. And you have no Guns, LOL. Remember your common law? Americans do, sorta.

  • Well, Atheists, in this world, are basically "up a creek without a paddle". Atheists believe they can reason a better world into place. Without such tenants as love or hate, which are not really reason based, they will be overrun by those who do love, and by those who do hate. Reason is a wonderful thing, but seeing as the smartest people probably know about .0000001% of all there is to know, none of us is really playing with a full deck, we just look smart to those who know slightly less.

  • I don't like Labour supporting Islam, but they are the party behind the India/Porkistan Partition, NHS and many other great deeds.
    Though, all the parties that are choosing not to act on Islam, are all supporting Islam if you ask me.

  • As an American Christian Anglophile AND fan of Pat Condell , I simply cannot understand what is going on in Great Britain in regard to civil liberties. The hallmark of an evolved society is the freedom to express divergent views even when they may be critical of particular ideologies espoused by certain groups or associations of people. Here in America, the LAW of the land is the U. S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. (Part 1)

  • (Part 2) No person or association of persons or philosophical position or private contract between individuals may eclipse it in any way. Nobody and nothing ranks above it or may negate any part of it. If Sharia law were attempted to be imposed in America, I'm certain it would result in bloodshed boardering on revolution. The question is FREEDOM. You either have it or you don't. There's no in between.

  • Wake up my fellow Americans – If we don't wake up & wake up fast we can look just like Britain. It's not pretty

  • Pat, your views on Christianity offend me. But fear not; the notion of brutally decapitating you never crossed my mind. Keep up the awesome work, brother! God knows (pun intended) the world desperately needs your voice.

  • We've been living a complete lie since 2000 yrs ago and more.

    Only the money God wins.

    We are still their slaves. Well you may get a lil freedom.

    Destroyed our relationship with Nature
    and then went to work to rape the planet
    for the money God.
    Fk Abraham who was/is Satan.

  • Well then….. the good and decent people outside of the intolerant, violent, kid fucking and woman beating Islamic Supremacy culture need to mobilize hordes to go out and kick in the dicks of these fucking assholes then,,,,where is the debate and why are countries in western europe putting up with this faggotry?!

  • Muslins has infiltrated every way of life every where. If they cannot invade u by the sward they do it by producing more babies….

  • I've been watching you for awhile and I love your wit your biased commentary and your cynicism . Your complete lack of verbal discipline and your devotion to what's right and so many other fine qualities that make a free man with free speech may it last forever .PEACE BABY

  • It is no coincidence that 1929 was also the year when the terror began. Many Ukrainian farmers, known in Russian as Kulaks, had remained steadfast in the refusal to join the collective farms, as they were antithetical to the independent sensibilities of most rural Ukrainians. This opposition to Moscow’s policy was met with fierce reprisals from Yakovlev’s ministry, who fermented class warfare between urban and rural Ukrainians, vowing to “liquidate them [Kulaks] as a class”. The production quotas were sharply increased, ensuring that they could not be met, and punitive measures were then enforced as a result. Communist activists and Red Army staff were sent house-to-house in rural Ukrainian villages, confiscating every trace a food they found. The Death Penalty was the punishment for any man, woman or child, who took so much as a handful of grain from their own farms.

    “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
    Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

    “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
    The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

    “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
    Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

    “Judaism is Marxism, communism”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

    “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

    “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”
    The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11

    “The picture which the Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to world Jewry.”
    The Youngstown Jewish Times, Sept. 18, 1936, page 51

  • Just because someone says they are Christian that doesn't mean Born Again John3:3.If it not Born Again then it's just religion.Islam is the Problem and he right about Islam.

  • Oh yes Muslims are allowed to shout about their hatred of Jews supported by Socialist worker morons! Not anti Semitic though is it Mr Corbyn?

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