Freedom Gundam First Launch Comparison DVD vs HD Remaster

A Gundam! Not quite. This is the ZGMF-X10A Freedom. But I like Gundam. It sounds stronger. It’s a new machine,
adding state-of-the-art technology… …to the abilities shown by
the mobile suits… …seized from the Earth Forces… …developed under orders of
the newly appointed Chairman Zala. Why are you letting me…? I feel that the strength you’ll
need is in this machine. Neither will alone…
nor strength alone… will be enough. That’s why. Will this take you where you wish to go?
Will it help you when you get there? Neither will alone…
nor strength alone. Damn! Who are you? I’m Lacus Clyne.
You are… Kira Yamato. Thank you. Will you be all right? I will be singing…
the song of peace. Take care of yourself. Yes. You too, Kira. Go, with all my strength. You shall be on your way. N-Jammer Canceller? Awesome. It’s got over four times
the power of the Strike. Neither will alone… …nor strength alone…! – Hey! What’s going on?
– The Freedom’s moving! Seal the airlocks! Contact headquarters!
Scramble!Identify yourself! Stop!What’s that mobile suit? Stop it! Let me go! – This guy!
– He’s fast!

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