Freedom Has A Price

FFFFFZ house of an was an original church may do so
at this time and follow shot on downstairs we see inevitable four its welding to me were most touching
tributes of a debatable Kobe and signature
sound I’m proud to be able to call America might to be able to live in freedom different from a lot of people in the
world is persecution is running rampant in our world
there a lot of Christians that
are suffering afterward that that I do believe
that we either going to be
suffering more and more persecution because I believe we are living
and the last days I believe Jesus could come most any time and we need to be prepared at to give our life as a sacrifice
as did the knot the cave and two
individuals who would have us
except things that are ungodly to condone that they have your but the scripture describes is
about as an abomination to deny the one true god to denied Jesus as the only begotten son of god because there are those who want
two give their opinion and said that this is what truth is and get scripture will declare something different this is Memorial Day weekend I’ve attended quite a few
celebrations of Memorial Day was
thinking on telephoning some
friends of I’ve attended one is back in
Darwin Minnesota and sell all its other big
island like 300 people but close to 1/3 people show up and their parades there’s the celebrations there are flags waving because on this day we honor the
military service of men and
women who died yes that many that believes it going into military service
is not something that they
should do I saw sign downtown pleasant
hill and said home of the brick home of the furry because of the braves though individuals who are
willing to give their life for the cause of the freedom
that we hold dear it’s interesting a lot of times
when we think of danger coming that we scatter and persecute arose in the days
of the early church people ran for their lives but
they took the faith without after the bombing of Pearl
Harbor after the destruction of the
twin towers and $2.00 and up a
20001911 individuals decided they needed
do something and stepped up and joined to fight the cause of freedom freedom has a price if there was not if there had not be any
individuals who were willing to fight for freedom we might very well be speaking a
totally different language in the country totally different
from what we have we have blessed nation and on this day which she used
to be called decoration day
celebrated on the 30th of many there are two raids patriotic
speeches flags everywhere and up Friday for a living and what we
consider to be the greatest country in the world but there were men and women who
get a life that this be possible we are free to worship the way
we want and when we want but we are sold for 80 that thing was that Blake and
Leo bottom of the ball to god
that I allowed to take place in this
country we say we are free people freedom and its place to the
nation of Israel they celebrate
their freedom annually they celebrate Passover which
commemorates their liberation
from Egypt and when god lead them out in a
mighty weight injections gave them their gold
and silver just no peace here
take it leaves they were liberated from forum
from the 400 years he spent
their inimitable the slavery they endured you can read the script read in
the mysteries in the book of
exodus and read the problems and
struggles they endured and they were people that were
happy to leave but then exit is 16 to tells us that once they’re out there the began
thinking of maybe we should move
last and they start to complain and being given their freedom but now they’ve even what we’ll
have a we had back then exit is chapters that this
chapter 16 vs. To win three of the whole
congregation of the sock of Israel bundled
against Somoza Sunday around in
the wilderness was added as a set of them would we allowed that we had
guided by the lord’s hand in the
land of Egypt when we sat by
cox’s meet when we take Bradley till fall for you have got us out into this wilderness to
kill this whole assembly with
longer is AT&T’s we have food was Andre why did you bring a solid grumbling complaining later on in the 17th chapter of exodus
and first three they grumble about whether the
people first and therefore water
and they grumbled against Moses
and said why not why now if you and livestock with first and yet they were grumbling that
in Egypt today they celebrate Passover to remember their liberation but when they came out of Egypt
and grumble that they did not
help have enough data that saves
them both and from that for the
g but that whole generation was wiped out a lack of faith tailback whole generation look at the book of numbers and
chapter 13 just that I commit
that chapter two yet it’s a story in this prize and
they go away and god says I
would give you this land and they didn’t have faith to
trust and the god that brought a
mop from Egypt the money and they looked around they traveled for 40 days and can not of the 12 spies come
back and they said the Chinese and we can to reduce
their too big for us we can’t
call and they lacked in faith and the cost of that whole
generation their promised Home Life because
god said because of their lack
of faith and this belief there would be 40 years one year for each day that they
traveled in the end of the
promised land looking at it that whole generation would die
because they did not fully I turn a life is what god wants
god wants us to believe our
freedom is to be god’s children and is offered to all of us but it’s an individual choice and if we choose to say I’d rather have the things of
this world will sacrifice a richer life of freedom to come to god has a great price opportunity to have eternal life has a great price and you all know what that price
was it cost Jesus his life god gave that his only begotten
son somebody had died in order that we would have
freedom Jesus according to mark chapter canyon and first 45 that the man did not come to be
served but two was served and the son of man that has come to give his life are ransom for
many everybody has the opportunity but unfortunately not everybody’s going to take the opportunity and accept
the upper two where today I believe the
scripture is god’s truth but we live in a time when we
have relative terms that what it was true for you might be fine for you but I
believe this and it’s true for me to love people do not accept
scripture as being authoritative matter of
fact we’re living in a time now where when I share my fate of
what god’s word says people get angry because I’m not agreeing with what they
believe to be true prayer in schools thing standing up for and saying
what is true free speech does not exist much
anymore unless you agree with their opinion of speech to be god’s people allegedly in
turn two loop chapter 14 this and what I picked as a text
to bring board from Jesus says end all local rights
jesus’ words if anyone comes to
me and does not hate his own
father and mother and wife and children
and brothers and sisters yes even his own life he cannot be a mighty cycle does not he can let’s dig a little bit because the page does not mean despise and
totally disallow take an individual you have to go back and look at
the root meaning of which Jesus
was saying that does not mean
despise or malice or bitterness
he when you marry your spouse by the valley is to have a goal
for richer or poorer in sickness
and health but you Gotta love god more than
your spots Jesus gave his whole life she had his blood that might
have life devotion to family fathers mothers sisters
brother’s ants of calls to EDS family relationships must come second to the love of god and we have a family immensely but if we played our family I
have god then we’re making our family two B, nothing is to be higher in, only in their text Erin Luke chapter
14 sign that first 28th at the
illustrates to which one of you wants to
build a tower and is not first
set down there and calculate the
cost to see if he has enough to
com otherwise when use lay the
foundation was not able to
finish all observed beginner ridicule
him saying this man began to build is not
able to finish is one of the reasons why of all the processes may be slow you sit down and figure how much
is this project going to cost
you get two or three people to
make an estimate under repair and often what we do we take we take all the lowest bid but
is that always wise those one man that he took a bid to build a house and he had the lowest bid but what he did was when he
built the house is a cut corners they use some inferior material he shaved off here he shaved off
their buddy completed the house and it
looked nice but it wasn’t inferior to what
it could be and as he won a save
some money and I did built the house said you’ve done a wonderful job I’m giving you this house paddy known that he was going to
get bounced we cut corners now
I’ll probably affect he would’ve
not shaved off here are used in but he didn’t know that he was
going to get house but for someone else I’ll cut corners Jesus didn’t cut corners he could call the legion of
angel them at the scripture says he could call
10,000 m but he didn’t he did not accept the vinegar to deaden the pain
out when he was mailed to the
crops he felt the file Fiori of this in these past Pratt and future of the hearing world on him with all the wide word and he say father waiting for second he had all the evil eye on him but the person who builds a
tower has to check to see if he’s got
enough to finish the project in a
Christian life it is a
commitment is a lifetime
commitment some of you couple weeks ago to me you graduated but it was also service that was
called commencement because
you’re you’re moving into
something you are commencing
into a new l and you heard it said before and
I know you you agree baptism is the beginning of a
whole new life your new creature
and Christ we forbidden second
Corinthians 517 is a new
creature Wesley given what claim washed
and the blood of the lambs but a lot of people do not understand that cost of accepting Jesus Christ because they been taught a
foreign concept that one’s there in the water
once they get whacked by having it flown on them as a
baby there aren’t any for life now you start out as a paid you need
to learn you need to read you
need a crawl and you need to
stay in the word had been preaching for coming on 48 to 50 years of white bread dons Pastor Dan many years
beyond that and we know that you have to
make studying god’s word of daily habit you have to do
what continually one of the vs. That I’ve started to get into a even after all these years is one that I’ve struggled with all my life I’m still working on it
because if we take modern thinking a lot size third century teachings and of scripture and put them back
into the old testament and new testament writings people have come up a different
meanings of theology and sum up either buried thought
provoking and very convincing which you needed to make you can’t just read in on Sunday
and spend from 11:50 in church and come back next week and
think we’ve got it it’s got you
can get in your life you can’t
practice it karate is something that he’s
practicing and he’s moving up
the chain of of the political
ladder of success is at the
right’s Josh yet playing ball you get a practice I am a lousy goal for their fat guy and played golf since we lived in Minnesota asset because of moving to MIT
and misery I am and had I am
playing golf since shoulder
surgery but even when I played I wasn’t really good I had
fallen but in order to be proficient you have to practice enough to
put a lot of Time &Energy into
it but got a good cook doesn’t call once a week a person who plays the piano or
organ or get tired or trumpeter
violin or hot talk to any other
instrument does not just practic just here and there it something
steady and committing your life to
Jesus Christ means becoming a
child of god and making Jesus
same year ended lower deck and
master an obedience service to our god not by Sunday and was dealing with
the topic I was trying to find averse that
we never did find it benefits
today that elegy to bring up bloop sex for a six white you call me larded lard and do not and do it and do not
do what I say that’s like saying my I love you and purposely disobey are I want you to clean your room
mama I love you and then leave and assessed Jesus said if you love me you well keep light commandments
it’s not a suggestion by keeping
my commandments is proof that
you do love me if you call me lo then you will do as I say and you study that word lord and master you get a term that is thrown
around again and psychology today you hear it’s you hear it when people are
getting therapy to their marriage when there’d dealing with
conflict the largest control Juneau in individual who is very
controlling and then try to control you in a
you’ll want them to court trial
you there’s a conflict to Jesus to be Leonard he has to
be a controller and people are in conflict because they
don’t like scripture says that he’s deplored you must do what he says we do
live in a very narcissistic
society called me generation lot of
people appear interested in
entitlements I want you to read it but the world is like today I want to share with you what
the world is like today you can
look out there and see what
people are doing you can view it
on TV they even not boast unique
things and share their
frustrations and dislikes of
people on face book but a note was written as easy years ago second Timothy three 125 and this is what the world is
like today second Timothy follow along with me as we’re a
second Timothy chapter three will realize that’s in the Las
Vegas difficult times will come from then will be lovers of self lovers of money boastful arrogant RE filers disobedient to parents ungrateful unholy I’m loving it reconcilable malicious gossips without self control that all haters of good treacherous recollect conceded that lovers a pleasure rather than lovers of god can lead to a form of godliness although they have denied its
power of voice system and as these do you see that 28 you back to do instead any it’s all right now and these are is the scriptures
said it these things will happen that in the last day is what does
that mean only a last days of week in the
last day is for decades for me and for centuries before you know the individual from we prayed
for downstairs celebrating
hundred year old and 100 years
old is one of the exceptions to the
role most people do not live longer and son that don’t see 50 we look at between 78 EN9 E.
Yale and we’re beginning to
expect that the kids expect to
bury their parents someday parents don’t expect to bury
their children I like is only a certain length and I need to take to be the
bearer of bad news that is not the normal rainfall world diving should got a shed god it terry and not send his son for 50 years most of this in this room that
will not be a life so life is fragile not affect
some retooling of the day were
actually 3 minutes from nine hold your breath beholden to long yield of 2:00 AM executives and I and I
decided not to try it between art world I mean the
last day for us could be
tomorrow to a and were playing someone to
lisa’s father whose knowledge
and up space and not doing well in all his
base really a number and others that you know
suffering from disease but it’s also a time that we do not know the day when
Jesus is gonna come we focus a lot of attention when see them come less look at
what’s gonna happen prior to as many men will be disobedient to parents I’m
thankful unholy and everything else we
read in second Timothy 3125 and that’s happening right now so you need to get ready made Jesus your lord on our
regular basis have no other gods before the
creator not your family not sure things not your pledge not your money no other gods before him but we do in our society today people put a lot of things ahead and downtown had breakfast this
morning I guess there might be an 20 people are struck ideally mother was wearing a
suit but I also know from the way
people were dressed that most of them church was not the thing that
was coming in the future a
couple hours there were people in their
dressed in nice close and they probably
were y’all dressed in a nice close
and not a suit and your air the suit because it’s up to its but when you see some coming in
with a motorcycle jacket and
helmet you don’t think that’s probably
going to be church with flying up either
destination today other things are put ahead of
god and Jesus is not your lord he needs to be your freedom has a price that things are the world need to be put aside family
needs to be second in god needs to be a we need to pay the price you
can’t continue to be the bully and if you have a bad David met
at manager after the question
yesterday in the Candace boller offer an
unanswered and came back 30 minutes later
apologized for his attitude that we all of a bad day that Jesus must be king of Kings
of our life god bless peace
supreme we need to make jesus’ lord of
all and if we call him lower the two he says are closing song is one 123 reducing the first and last vs.
a song Jesus paid all first and
last police

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