Freedom | Heart Touching Motivational Video

Why do you want that dream so bad Why are you willing to put in all those extra hours? Why are you willing to sacrifice and fight for that dream It’s not for the money it’s for the freedom The opposite of freedom is slavery Being a slave to your own negative thoughts Being a slave to others expectations and opinions being a slave to limitations why are you prepared to risk everything for that dream that no one can see but you Why would you prefer to put in 80 hours a week for your own dream? Just so you don’t have to put in 40 for someone else’s freedom Freedom because you will never get that freedom working for Never be in control Only shot at freedom Going your own way is the only way do the shots It’s much harder that way and the chances of success are very slim but you have no chance of getting that freedom if you said Freedom is freedom of choice freedom of other Freedom of the mind freedom of naked thoughts You want freedom, you’re going to have to earn it Until you can say and living life on my targets created this If you want freedom there’s going to be an element of risk, there’s going to have to be There’s going to have to be late Persistence and most importantly trope Be able to hide your freedom person you are right now You want if you really they’re going to have to be calm You know the greatest thing money Freedom, you know the greatest things self It gives you freedom the more you develop yourself the more choices you have in life The more you learn the more you develop the more skills you grow Pray to your freedom if you think your success in life is determined by factors outside of your control Then you will never be in control If you don’t believe you can do it you will never did the ever required to do I’ll tell you who freedom will never come to freedom will never come to though Never to know who give up never to those who choose the easy path never to those who lack? self-discipline never Who refuse to work on themselves never to those who seek comfort? Never to those who seek security over their future Your results in life are determined by you your work You believe your sacrifice You want the success for the money alone money is paper it’s meaningless by itself, but That is priceless You freedom freedom to choose what? freedom to choose where to do what you Never lived a self-made human being who created a successful fulfilled life by luck chance Or having everything work out perfectly Freedom is earned A life you love will not come unless you are willing to earn it. Are you willing to earn it? How do you get that freedom that’s not one element there’s not one trick or head It’s a relentless pursuit of self-improvement and the more you improve The greater your chances of living a life on your own terms most people think this safe Doing that you sacrifice your freedom Always to bake on yourself And that’s why most people quit they don’t back themselves and that’s why they lose their freedom When you bet on yourself and bout yourself to win in the end a bit on your future When you actually apply what you learn and continue to learn and continue to quote and keep moving home with tiny steps Refusing to give up along that journey Eventually, you will win eventually you will get to a place where you decide what you want to do each day New boss to tell you what time to start when to take breaks or have holidays No one to decide what benefits you get or don’t get you earn your benefits Best part is I’ve never met someone that And just stop there Successful people don’t stop it Financially free they keep going because they have that passion both people left They choose to work and they choose to work harder than ever When they don’t have to because they love the process Have the freedom because they work minimal hours and get holidays Hours without a holiday People hate that job. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to spend half my life doing something I hate She’s pretty You want that freedom and And you don’t know how to get there here’s how Ever stop never stop learning never stop applying what? You have to force yourself to get better every single day. It’s those tiny improvements done 1 million time provements that seemed insignificant as one but when added up over years Work it – you can say I’m living life on Mars. I created this Then Sweetland once said there are two kinds of daydreaming That which is backed with action and the one which fades out in a nothingness Without action your dreams will remain dreams and fade into nothingness The only way your dreams have a chance of becoming your reality is with action consistent action intentional action action taken every single day with laser-like focus It’s your ticket to freedom the price you will pay for that ticket will not come cheap. It will not be easy But if you’re willing to pay that price Your future will be easier the more you grow The more freedom you will have the more you learn and apply that Learning the more freedom you will have the more Self-discipline. You have the more freedom You will have the more you are willing to intentionally suffer. Now the more freedom you will have in the future And said if you want it if You really want that freedom. You’re going to have to earn it You’re going to have to learn about it. And then you’re going to have to earn it. You’re going to have to educate yourself Sacrifice your time and dedicate everything for it and boy it will be worth it

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