Freedom | Intro to the Spiritual Exercises

What’s keeping you from peace
and joy in your life? I’m Br. Mark Mackey and I’d
like to talk to you about freedom in the Spiritual Exercises
of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Certain things imprison us and keep
us from the happiness we seek. We’ve all been there and some of
us may be there now Toxic relationships, bad habits,
addictions, physical and emotional wounds that just don’t
seem to heal. There are also some more
subtle barriers: A perfectionism that
becomes obsessive, a fear of getting hurt that
inhibits deep relationships a laziness that stagnates
our plans and our dreams, and a selfishness that
leaves no room for love. To really enjoy life, we need
freedom from these attachments that hold
us back. We must ask God to show
us a way out of this prison Even if it takes a lot of time
and trust to make that happen. Freeing ourselves from these
attachments we begin to see a
new sort of freedom. Freedom for love: Love of God of others of our earth and of ourselves. The Spiritual Exercises of
St. Ignatius of Loyola are the handbook that takes
us through this movement from attachments to
freedom for love. Join us in future episodes As we take you along this journey
To freedom, peace, and love.

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