Freedom Is My Religion

I’d like to clear up something once and for all if I may because from the correspondence I’ve received it’s clear that a number of people in what’s called the Atheist community have taken exception to some of my opinions and no longer consider me one of their own apparently I’ve violated some kind of a theists orthodoxy and I’ve been for want of a better word excommunicated and I have to say that really is quite an honor thank you very much indeed I feel so liberated now I could almost go into a church and give thanks almost you know if I cared what atheists thought about me I would never be able to bring myself to say a critical word about Islam and that’s what I think about the Atheist community you see I’ve noticed that many atheists are very happy to attack Christianity with the full force of their finely honed intellects driving home their arguments like fence posts yet when it comes to Islam it’s a different story suddenly atheism takes a backseat and political correctness steps forward and the argument gets inverted like an hourglass with the sand running in the opposite direction as they rush to find excuses for religious fascism and to condemn anyone who speaks against it as a racist what about all the Hindus and Sikhs I hear from who feel the same way about Islam are they racist as well atheists pride themselves on examining the evidence yet too often when evidence to do with Islam is presented its filtered through political correctness and rendered inadmissible because there seems to be a default assumption that drawing attention to the ongoing soft jihad against Western values that’s soft like a velvet hammer is somehow a slander on Muslims that the religion is essentially benign and that its critics are motivated primarily by bigotry and hate and I’ve encountered this attitude so many times now there are no longer surprised by it but I think the people who are afflicted with it are as much in denial as any religious bigot they’re equally irrational equally delusional they’re just slaves to a different dogma I’m an atheist but I don’t love a theism however I do love freedom I’ve said before that freedom is my religion and I wasn’t joking because we all know that you should never joke about something as solemn and sacred as religion I don’t worship freedom because I don’t worship anything but I do regard it as the highest virtue and the one from which all other virtues spring and of course it’s extremely Una’s lamech which between you and me is one of the best things about it but don’t tell anyone I said that as I would hate to cause disharmony I’m a fairly recent convert to the religion of freedom most of my life I’ve taken freedom for granted it’s just been there in the background being reliable and boring but since the rise of the European super-state along with multiculturalism the religion of peace and all the insane bollocks that goes with it I’m pleased to say that my appreciation for freedom as a concept has been fully awoken and has now reached genuinely religious proportions hallelujah it isn’t the usual kind of religion admittedly as it doesn’t require anyone to think less of themselves which might be a problem for somebody who believes there’s virtue in self hatred nor does it preach hatred against any group of people like for example homosexuals or Jews which will obviously limit its appeal among those of the single brain cell persuasion but if you measure religious conviction by strength of belief and why shouldn’t you then freedom is definitely my religion and I warmly recommend it to any atheists who may be looking for something tangible and worthwhile to believe in as clearly some of them are the reason I make videos can be summed up in three words Freedom From Religion and given the way the world is right now inevitably that means especially freedom from the religion of peace and if that makes me a bigot or a racist or a fascist or a hate monger or any of the other choice names that I’ve been called by atheists well then so be it I’ll just have to wear it because I don’t actually have a choice you see Islam rejects individual freedom and therefore in accordance with my deeply and sincerely held convictions I am obliged to reject Islam which I do it is to borrow a term Haram to me I avoid it the way a Muslim avoids pork to hear someone advocate the obscenity of Sharia is as offensive to me as it would be to Muslims if I were to stroll into my local mosque during Friday prayers handing out bottles of beer and bacon sandwiches however I believe that Islam wouldn’t be the problem it is today in the Western world and sherée it wouldn’t even be an issue if not for the grossly irresponsible self-indulgence of cultural guilt and political correctness which I believe has literally turned us into our own worst enemies it’s the rot in the foundations of Western society through which the poison of religious fascism is being allowed to seep and if we carry on as we are making ludicrous allowances for it mollycoddling hate tolerating intolerance and looking for excuses to make excuses for Islam our society will be poorer for it and our children will be less free especially the female ones and history will condemn us as the generation of liars and cowards that let it happen the generation that was morally and politically so far up its own rectum it didn’t even notice the lights going out and I don’t want that on my conscience thank you very much I don’t want to be the person who wishes they’d said something when they had the chance and frankly the last thing on my mind is what atheists may or may not think about it peace

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  • No. But I do my best to be open-minded. The fact that you're not telling me anything he says to you isn't really convincing me that he talks to you. Please. Just tell me.

  • We are in constant conversation. "Lord I'm here today for your honour, what should I say to this guy that begs at the street corner. Remind Him of My love for him and that I want him to have a life of prosperity. He was abandoned by his parents and doesn't know what parental love is." Then I share Gods love with the person.

  • Sounds like you have an undiciplined tulpa running around in your head. Might want to kill it before it slowly drives you insane as those things tend to do when left unchecked.


  • It's fun that you say that cause god has endorsed/done all the negative things you mentioned(hate, rape, molestation of children, murder).

  • Freedom yeah right. This was the same gentleman who praised a communist nation that slaughtered Christians in mass for simply existing. He is hypocrite and I wouldn't trust him with my freedom at all.

  • 1) Atheist Community?
    2) 0:22 – 0:43, how childish can someone get
    3) 0:33 Obviously you do care, otherwise you would not have made a whole video about it, even if you care barely at all.
    4) As tuschman168 said, I havent seen any youtubers who calm down on the Islam either

    I find people IRL to be more careful about it, but with what the media feeds (terrorism and such) which I understand. People get scared + In America is 85% Christian, so of course it comes to the front

    This all is Anacdotal

  • If your freedom is your religion, then you believe it to be a religion of one. Earlier, you advocate for the incarceration of all clergy. (different tirade) So that must mean freedom for you and you alone. That makes you a hypocrite. I agree with standing up to atrocities such as those advocated by Islam, but incarceration for simply believing in Jesus and hurting no one, is antithetical to freedom.

  • Pat Condell is not soft on the madness of any religion. Christianity has been driven back by human rights and secularism advancements. Islam now needs the same treatment. Importing backward religious extremism damages the freedoms the UK has fought for.

  • Right on.  Crypto-Stalinists have infiltrated official atheist groups.  And Stalinists and Crypto-Stalinists were the first and most to use the Big Lie.

    Reminds me of an excellent Brian Aldiss short story: "Danger: Religion" (it also targets official "Communism").

    Right on too about the heroin of Political Correctness – but I reject your "us" – this ideological attack on basic fairness and individual responsibility was brought in by the Ruling Elite to divide-and-conquer the working people who had made massive inroads against their greed, even into the 1970s.

    These Billionaire fiends knew they could get callow impressionable supported-by-parents full-time young university students to parrot and spread this propaganda (probably helped by their behind-the-scenes control of many fake-"socialist" organisations).

    Love your work Pat.  Don't stop.

  • I think he is actually directly referring to the AmazingAtheist I don't know if he denounced Pat or 'excommunicated' him but he certainly opposed Pat's views on the Mosque at ground zero. Also AmazingAtheist mainly attacks Christianity, he attacked Buddhism once but poorly quite hard to complain about a religion that keeps to itself apart from when Islam is involved. He also did have a go at Islam for about 5 videos then the other 1,000 seem to all be about Christians I guess the atheists really have it out for Christianity when they are only part of the problem.  Pat has got it right as usual as apart from the Catholic church being evil as usual and the WBC/Creationists being prats the Christians really haven't done much wrong recently compared to Islam.

  • Mankind has invented some Great Things..Starting with the Wheel going on to landing on the Moon…But the Religion is the worse thing invented by Mankind
    I just don't get it

  • Sikhism was created against Islam, by Guru Nanak, to create a warrior class against Islam that didn't pay tax against the Mughals (not as much as the Hindus), how many Hindu-Sikh wars have you heard of? None? Now how many Sikh-Muslim wars have you heard of? (Countless, they never end).

    Sikhism separated itself from Hinduism, as they were strict about non-violence for all, except Kshatriyas (warrior/soldier/politician/law enforcement caste). This way, Hindus couldn't really get freedom by themselves, and Guru Nanak (Founder of Sikhism), ensured anyone who wanted to fight, would fight.

    All Hindu families would give their eldest child to the Sikh faith, Muslims who woke up to their religious corruption, joint the Sikh faith, and all fought to protect the poor/innocent/weak, and against the corrupt Muslim Mughals.

    Anti-Islamic Views are as ancient as Islam itself, from Zoroastrianism to Sikhism to the great Rajput Clan, and so on.

  • Agreed Pat! I admit to have been a bit scared to criticize Islam for fear of being called racist. You're spot on here!

  • The concept that "freedom is the highest virtue" is incoherent.  Freedom is valuable to humanity only if it offers some human welfare.  Therefore, freedom is judged by the standard of human welfare.  Therefore freedom is of auxiliary value.  

  • My world view or belief system (I wouln't call it religion) can be described by what I call insurgent words of personal power…   and Freedom is only one of many of those… indeed I prefer a more qualified phrase… "Raw, Unadulterated Freedom"…  as the word freedom itself has been so denigrated and bastardized in North America by the state selling its menu of fraud.   But there are more words.  Resistance; Defiance; Revolution; Sedition; Rebellion; Anarchy; Autarchy; Non-compliance; Heresy; Independence; Civil Rights; the Right to be Left Alone; Self Sovereignty; Individualism; Self Determination…    there are more… you will recognize them when you see them hidden in our language as immutable ideas.  I did not invent these ideas, they exist indestructible inside the human language as insurgent words as weapons…   If any appeal to you you are free to adopt them as your own, and discard or disregard those that don't.

  • I am an atheist and I also tend to question Pat's logic here.  All I can think of is that a lot has changed in the four years since Pat recorded this video.

    In light of the recent developments in the mid East with ISIS and such, not to mention all the mayhem that other Islamic crazies have wrought, I have grown to believe that Islamic fundamentalism is a core tenet of Islam and not a fringe belief of those on the margins.

    So, cheer up, Pat.  There are a lot more atheists than you might think who are in full agreement with your statements.

  • No, Pat.

    Your religion is the worship of yourself.

    That is the inevitable consequence of your corrupt philosophy.

  • I wish I could tell you otherwise, but "freedom" is a logical contradiction if atheism is the basis of your argument. Take a long look at what you are saying and what the implication of atheistic materialism represents. When the christian speaks of freedom, he speaks in relation to being free from the ultimate penalty of sin in one's life, not in regard to some disassociation from the creator of all things. If one was truly free, then death would have no power. All else is empty boasting. But the Pat Condon I read will continue to complain until death swallows him. And then what?

  • Freedom, Pat? Really.

    Or is License to do whatever you want?

    Neitzschean will-to-power was an abysmal failure in Europe.

    And now Americans are being suckered into it.

    Liberty requires law and order.

    Without a set of Judeo-Christian cultural virtues, "freedom" means whatever you want it to mean.

    A dreary world of Pat Condells . . . Herds of independent minds . .


    At least with ancient myths and superstitions, such ancient patterns of how to live and love were not reduced down to . . .

    Dry, pedantic, finger wagging, bloviating auto-didacts like Condell.

    Give me ancient myth and superstition any day.

  • I was excommunicated by my fellow Atheists long before I'd ever heard of Pat Condell I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one. I agree with every single word that he just said!

    The overwhelming majority of Atheists are Liberal Leftists that belong to the new Secular Cult of Political Correctness.

  • Atheism is the New Left Wing Labour Party who has sold us all down the river without a boat, unlike the ones that are now coming to our shores in droves just for Votes.

    Thanks New Labour for that, and when in years to come your children and your children’s children are under the Islamic foot without any rights or free thinking you can all pat yourselves on the back and rejoice in your great Master plan.

  • You just made a reference to two other religions who you say support you against islam……ok Pat!Here's the challenge,……insult Allah and his prophet…..away you go then!

  • Even better,draw a picture of their prophet,hold it up to your camera and say "Here he is"……That's the geezer"!

  • Am I listening to myself ? Yes, in the voice of Pat Condell. I can give anything, but not my freedom. If anything is worth fighting , it's FREEDOM ONLY

  • Freedom without a moral responsibility to be bound by basic precepts found in the Bible has become a real nuisance and a headache for many people. A significant number of refugees going to Sweden and to many parts are Europe also have a idea of freedom from the teachings of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:28 “Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.” Many of those refugees in Europe and many criminals in this world also feel very happy to be free from the biblical teachings of Jesus in Matthew 19:18-19 stating that: “one should not kill, should avoid sexual perversity, should not steal, should not spread lies against other people, should honor their mother and father and that people should love others as they love themselves” We need to be careful of what kind of freedom I choose to live by.

    The freedom of some people from the teachings found in the Bible of Jesus Christ and the Apostles Paul, John, Peter and James has become the enslavement of many other people.

  • please don't tar all atheists with the same brush, all the atheists i know view islam as a wicked ideology as do i, i consider all religions to be nonsense but islam i see as dangerous nonsense its the regressive left that panders to islam with its pc bullshit not atheists, excepting that you are pretty much spot on!

  • You are right, Pat, some people are afraid to criticize Islam. I think all religion is shit but I dislike Christianity the most. It's not because I think Islam is any better or is beyond reproach, it's because I'm surrounded by Christians who think this is a christian nation and that marriage and morality is exclusive to their little club. American Muslims, Jews etc. don't appear to have the same sense of entitlement and superiority as American christians. I have found myself defending American Muslims simply to make clear one goofy set of beliefs gets the same rights as the other. I guess I view christians as the bully religion and feel the need to even the score

  • Atheists (and everyone else) should despise Islam every bit as much as Christianity. Muslims are far more dangerous and immoral than most Xians. Great videos Pat!

  • There is no group such as atheists. It's like saying "people wearing red clothes". It makes no sense.

    One atheist will have one view, another a completely different one. Would you describe the majority of people who do not support a specific political party as "not supporting the Labour Party people"? Therefore you can group them all together in what they think? No, exactly, so it makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Pat's video's are brilliant but the logic behind this one is confused – Pat delete this is my advice.

  • I'm only an atheist because I'm a skeptic. If new information arose, say maybe God showed up and was all "Hey, I'm God, you know, the Christian one!" then I would be a theist. Also, I would sign up for the war on heaven. If the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim God existed, it would be the greatest villain in human history.
    Super glad none of those dudes seem to exist.

  • Interesting as always, but this time, I can't agree with all that's described within (like I do with most of your uploads).   Cheers!

  • Alas, if you still believe religion is sacred, then you cant't count your mind free, sure ther is some residue of belief still nesting , and that will prevent complete freedom from taking it's full effect. I can bring thousands of peoofs to convince any religious or philosopher, the non-existance of any god , and the eternity of the universe (no begining no end), with every scietific and logic reasonable to human mind, you can depend on my word, try to examin me if you are doubting . l

  • Pat is a guy I would happily share a pint or two with. His ability to detect bullshit, discredit it, and ridicule it is unsurpassed. Seems like a pretty sound bloke to me. Keep up the good work Pat.

  • I often wonder why atheists give islam a free pass to hold such misogynistic beliefs and treat people as they do when they dont for christians or jews. Its sort of hypocritical and stupid. It destroys their credibility

  • Thankfully, I've never met a two-faced atheist like that.
    All the atheists I know despise Islam, even more than Christianity.

  • I think all religions should be equally scrutinised and criticised for bullshit or bigotry. If this makes me a racist, then fuck a doodle do, I don't give a shit.

  • I'm an atheist and I love Pat and his videos. Atheists who think we should bash Christianity but give Islam a free pass are total cucks.

  • That's because the Atheist community is busy trying to figure out how to ram those carrots, in and out of their poop holes without breaking them. Maybe they should switch back to ever reliable and traditional cucumber!!!

  • Pat don't insult people by saying beer and bacon sandwiches should be served in Mosques… roast belly of pork and cider is much better served in Mosques. Cider and pork is a much older tradition.

  • Pat Condell, 8 years later, and more real atheists have come forward to share like minded thoughts about Muslims. Muslims that don't follow their holy books to the death are also speaking out more online, when youtube doesn't shut them down.

  • Freedom from religion and
    freedom from the structure of man-made org religions.
    The divide that happened in the mind when man created/invented God.
    Can it be unified once again to be whole.
    If the mind is still divided then being atheist means nowt,, dead.
    If that higher—-lower self is maintained. the ''i'' and the ''me''.
    We can dump all the labels when these 2 are unified.
    Thought 'is' the root cause of this charade and thought
    represents your past and only you can sort it.

    The < so called > Holy mind is divided and the the mind made Whole is the opposite to all that.

  • Strange one this. I'm an Athiest, detest ALL religions ESPECIALLY islam, and don't know any Athiest's who baulk at criticising islam and it's lunatic followers.

  • I am SO GLAD that this man is speaking while he still can (like we all should) , and doing it so impeccably ! !

  • All religion is a form of mental disorder, but islam is the worst of them. It should be diagnosed as a mental illness.

  • Defending Islam is done by morons. If you happen to be an atheist, you are too stupid to breath. But nothing about Atheism requires one to defend Islam, it is just an unfortunate co-incidence of the Brain Dead trying to be PC.

  • They're happy to attack Christianity because Christianity has been de-fanged by hammering it with modernity and rational thought.

  • Whenever I need a break from the barbaric ignorance and arrogance of the people around me I watch Pat Condell and read the comments. Thank you mr. Condell and thank you commenters who are here for genuine reasons. This channel is the most logical thing on YouTube.

  • I REALLY ADMIRE this man, even though I AM A NOMINAL CHRISTIAN. I DO wish he could be more understanding about why people Believe. BUT…..hes 100% correct on those who Line Up To RIP Christianity, but run out to Defend "Opressed" Muslims!!!

  • As with the religious zealots trying to convert me to their (peaceful) religions, or “killing in the name of” to quote a song, trying to convince them of the worthiness of common sense and freedom is a hopeless task, a large proportion of the human race appears to have given a large proportion of its brain away, interesting times! 🤪

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