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It was not what America was supposed to look
like – but then, America made something happen The previous administration talked a lot about
faith. But its actions were consistently antagonistic
toward people of faith. I mean, when you have the Obama administration
in opposition to a group called… What was that? I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that. Oh! – When you have Barack Obama sending his
highly-trained government attorneys into fierce legal battle with – “The Little Sisters
of the Poor” – it says way more than any speech he ever gave. “Thanks Obama.” That’s the same president who put two Justices
on the Supreme Court, both in favor of redefining marriage. A ruling without even a hint of a constitutional
reason. That misguided decision is why Christians
are still in court today fighting for their businesses and their freedom. But rather than losing hope, Americans voted
for change. In May, President Trump released an executive
order on religious freedom. You may remember, it did a lot of telling
federal agencies to come up with stuff, but did not have much actual content. So little, in fact, that just about every
anti-everything-we-stand-for organization looked at it and said, “There’s not a thing
in here we can sue over.” It was positively brilliant in its – cotton-candy
fluffiness. That was Step 1. But now, we’re seeing Step 2. The Justice Department just released guidelines
on Religious Freedom. 25 pages worth. It does quite a bit. For example, it breathes new life into the
often-ignored-by-the-federal-government “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” You may recall, the previous administration
tried to tightly constrain religious freedom tightly within the four walls of a church
building. “They must be free to worship” This new guidance corrects that mean-spirited
antagonism, and says religious freedom also includes corporations, colleges and others
that regular people like us would look at and say, “Yep, they’re Christian.” For example: If a Christian family runs a
business on Christian principles for the glory of God and says so in many words – what
business does the government have telling them they can’t do that? There’s a lot more in there, but here’s the
main point: The experts appear to agree that there is
nothing new in here. It simply reaffirms what’s already in the
law and in the the Constitution regarding religious freedom. Which is to say: Freedom is what America looks

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