Freedom Locomotion VR Trailer

I think I’ve done it. I’ve solved the VR locomotion problem I call this: the Freedom Locomotion System and I think it’s as close to solving the issue of immersive VR locomotion as we can get within the current practical limitations of VR once you start moving your body and you’re walking falling climbing and jumping you become invested in that virtual space

6 thoughts on “Freedom Locomotion VR Trailer

  • I don't understand how camera shaking while running is considered a realistic imitation of reality in games. Yes when people are running the head is practicality 'shaking' but the eyes DON'T shake like that. The human eye moves in his socket if you don't know that also it's fast focusing eliminates part of the head's shaking. Every time I see a game with this feature gives me a headache.

  • Very cool. We run arcade management software for a bunch of vr joints around the states and Canada. i will make sure to tell their people to play this so they can get their customers on it.

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