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I am going to try on the lipsticks without wasting any time and subscribe to my channel also
like the video if you like my content I’m going to start with the most light
shade and this is pro lipstick pink 105 Tell your friends yeah I don’t know if
it’s clear enough so I’m going to try this I’m gonna get back closer look so this
is how it looks like and it’s a very nude pink
I would say it’s pretty shade so it’s a bit shiny and glossy shade it might work
on very fair skin tones like it’s making me look dark I guess so it’s it’s an okish one let’s go to the next one the next one is pro lipstick pink 104
wildflower yeah I don’t know it’s readable so let’s try this on and see if
it’s any different okay I have to use a lot of it so in
case of pigmentation or coverage I’ll give it a five out of ten or a six out
of ten but it’s a cheap product like the box costed me around pakistan rupees
five hundred it had 150 rupees delivery charges so it’s a cheap
product and you cannot expect a full coverage from such low cost lipsticks
and but this one looks a bit darker than the previous one I like this color
it’s not making me look that much dark and it totally goes with my t-shirt I
like this one okay the next one is the pro lipstick pink 101 flushed this one
looks good I’m going to looks darker than the rest but let’s see this is this is really pretty that’s the
kind of Pink i really wanted so it’s a 8 out of ten and I didn’t have to rub it or
use it that much so I really like this one
this is this is a yes for me okay the next one is pink lost 103 this looks
like a pretty pink and I don’t know it’s a bit darker than the previous one but
this is the next dark shade so let’s try it on okay justjust look at the shade and then
and after application the color which is on my lips it’s totally different
can you see that so I don’t know people who are try and test the swatches on so
people who are using the swatches on their arms what’s the logic of it I mean
if you rub it on your arm now just see the difference this is how
it looks on my lips and it’s totally different from the shade of the lipstick
and this is how it is looking on my arm still totally different from the shade
of the lipstick itself I mean you do understand that your arms the the skin
tone of your arms is totally different from the color your lips have your lips
are either pink or a dull pink or a bright pink whatever color of
your lips is it is totally different from the shade or the color of your skin
tone over here so how can you compare it I mean if you are buying the lipstick
do try it on your lips and do not try like this or judge a lipstick from their
arm swatches it’s it doesn’t make any sense to me
so I erupted the previous lipstick and this is the last one one or two candy
sweet pro lipstick this is the large shade and I’m hoping this is going to be
a very ravishing and very darker one it was just the last shade and I am
expecting a very pretty Pink this is how it looks so let’s just apply wow this is really good I really like it
I like it because this gets a more glamorous look and it is good for for
any evening event or if you are trying to look a bit loud and not so natural or
nude this one is for you I I totally recommend this one this is a lot of 10 I
would recommend so that is it and do not forget to subscribe to my channel and
keep supporting my channel because all I’ve got is you guys and have a nice
week bye bye

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