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Into the Wednesday edition of wave three lessons live we talk a lot about first impressions in the importance of first impressions and they certainly are also the ability to enjoy a life that’s important as well and that’s what we’re gonna talk about freedom many dental implants with doctor Reagan Ackerman who joins me once again. Okay first impressions are important but it’s not all just about the cause medic look but you have a nice smile that you’re confident that is supported people wasn’t very important definitely the nice smile but like you said it’s not always about the smile functioning. Eighteen on a daily basis for a lot of my patients come to me for because they are struck wearing dentures they hate their denture they hate using all that glue and they just want to eat again they want better restaurant. Be able to choose anything on the menu and not have to pick and choose not be on soft foods diet not have to excuse themselves to go clean out their denture worry about it walked in on the table and things like that so those are the people I help with these many dental implants yeah it really that’s what’s great about the show is sometimes people on where. The technology that is available now this technology’s been. For about a year or so but have perhaps been twenty years that maybe wanted to an orthodontist now you’re not a can’t we can’t do that sort. They talk to you about the process of how long it was no pain in being thought no this is not. What the game. Is changed. Dr. Tell us a little bit what you a lot of bad. Then denture where the denture can snap into these implants and I can kind of show this model go ahead and do that I want to. Yeah so this is your your gum line again I plastic so mad in this is your mouth without teeth and then these are the many dental implants. And they are so minimally invasive when I place these you know I just number comes up a little bit I’m not making any incisions are sutures it’s not major surgery. You know I just you know place these implants and the day I put the implants and you will leave with your denture snapped on. To those implants and then you no longer have to wear dentures glue you got that confidence and that security didn’t know I mean I’m talking on this thing. To know that your denture is going to stay in and you can go eat more foods and just have that freedom smiling de again. And like I said a lot the advantage of these many implant that. Because they are so minute based in so small. Have to have a lot of bone the place so a lot of all that but they were candidates for implants. Or things like that. Our candidates with these many dental implants it is. Very very rare that you say no you’re not. It is pretty rare I would say like 95% of the people that walk through my door I can tell on that day or candidate for these many dental implants it is pretty rare that somebody doesn’t have enough phone for dummies. Fantastic so you’re in the part about enjoying life not only with a confident smile but- also being healthy. Because you know some of the more fibers food. The ones that are hard for denture where to eat things like peanuts which bid for you. Agree that pulls state anything that you have to chew and some. Probably really enjoy and. Mess Europe is the- largest corporate many lamps. Other procedure. And this one is really cool this is like your third seventeen right this is definitely the nicest thing we do in get rid of the denture completely them with this option so same thing imagine this is your mouth your guns out teeth we’re just gonna place for implants both on the exact same way minimally invasive incisions no stitches you know place them all the same day and then were able to make this bridge of teeth. And these teeth summit kind of glue onto those implants no plastic no plastic and it’s permanent and then you no longer have anything of your mouth you can taste your food again said these permanently cemented in your mouth so like it’s like you’re set it the most you know way of replacing your- I’m your you know your **** like in our. Thirteen waterpik. Flosser the edge this is a life changing for people you know when they do this you can eat whatever you want food again you know get rid of that denture completely another room actually had a patient come in a day a another reason a lot of people do this is on. Their lower all people. Phone on the ends in there I can’t wear dentures they’re not candidates for dentures so we can do this option for them and they don’t have to go through that big surgery. What we call tori removal and have to have all those all that though removed so this is a great option for people in that situation well I’m- is it is life changing it is. Making people happy if you have a question five seven one five two six three maybe you or a loved one would look throw away your dentures would that be nice. All right before we move on here. In the putting okay we want to see some before after pictures you always nice enough to share. Patient with us they were talking. Yes though yes so he came in I can really get a listen I mean he smiled obviously in this picture is before but had some ill fitting dentures no T. just very unhappy couldn’t he do what he wanted to do things like that and then we did the snap indentures. For him and falling on the small. So and he’s just so had the you know he’s a truck driver and he eats a lot of snacks on the road and everything and so now he can. Eat what he wants to eat and he just you know. You know happy to have this the mini dental implants and not have to use denture glue not have to worry about I know he’s where is lower denture because it was moving around so much so many people carry their lower dentures in their pockets because they don’t wear on. So easy you know definitely looks great there yeah yeah I can see the confidence of a smile when he would have that confident smile as well. Again any questions that you have five seven one five six three and so many advantages in fact I bet you this before doctor argument really. Is the downs. Okay because we- talked about. Don’t glue you’re gonna be able to eat the food that you love it costs only left two months later as well yeah usually can be about half or a third of the cost of the surgical implants so that’s one of the biggest reasons I got into this is to give people an option that didn’t have an option either they were told they weren’t a candidate because of their bones or financially they just couldn’t do it and this definitely gets people you know another option to consider yeah look up a little bit about at the demographic that you serve. Kind of ages are we talking about here everywhere is more than a year old was born without one of his front teeth just wanted you to do wind yet we didn’t want to do for it he then where to retain her with a fake to find it twenty four seven and those retainers king pretty a dirty and it you know gross looking after time wherein on that long so we were able to places to put. The implant today left do. You. Nice opportunity known as young as nineteen does all of the nine year olds before you know I mean aid there is no limit H. definitely so and I know a lot of older people worry about their medical history to and this is SO minimally invasive I usually don’t have take people off of any other medications you know I don’t have. The numbers things like that it’s pretty rare that you have a medical condition that you know says I can’t do these and again if you have any questions at all I have one for you okay so how durable are along with a last doctor yeah I mean the goals for ever yeah I mean there get been proven to be just as strong as the national surgical implants so I mean we want them to last forever for you though definitely if you like to give us a call at seven one five two six three we’re gonna go to break. Before the will of the information up on the screen if you have. Are you. If you are would be nice we can throw away those dentures just bags and bags of the office of people are thrilled with it so I can give us a call. Five seven one fiix One five two six e number to call for any questions that you have you mentioned the budget you can do a single tooth Juneteenth whatever the need may be how does that work can you show me what your other definitely so yeah I cannot. When I was talking about before with my patient this morning so he was innocent just one front tooth here so we’re able to just you know replace a single tooth with the many dental implant same process very you know minimally invasive no major surgery the and a lot of times to with the surgical implants if the wait like six months before you can get your tooth. With us you know you’re gonna leave with the tooth that day and get the permanent one you know four weeks later and not only can we just do a single tooth you know a lot of people are you know maybe miss in their back chewers their molars or have a partial that they want to get rid of. So we can do you know two or three teeth at a time you know really. Any combination for the most part but same thing and then we know make a bridge here that where the teeth submit on in blue on to these implants and then in there permanently not come in and out user water flosser to keep it in but then you can get rid of that partial so many people have a partial it covers the refer their mouth and they hate it. And we can replace those back teeth and give you something to chew with or you know like you said if you were in an accident or- a tooth we can do just that one tooth replace it so you know the many dental implants there’s lots of options in lots of ways that we can use these so. It’s important point out free consultations right yes yeah so it’s a free consultation and usually it’s a free X. ray as well we have a three D. X. ray you know to make sure that I know about the you know the other phone and everything. But definitely I used to do this call our offices at a point for a consultation at no charge you know I’ll spend time with you look X. rays look at you you know I will discuss. Your options and over off. And everything like that. Press one. All star doctor rate. All up for expertise. Available for Carolyn Carolyn welcome to the show thank you for calling. One on one. And for the extractions but I’ve got you know several great oral surgeons that I work very closely with and they know what I do and we work very well together that’s the only thing that we do not do in our office is the extractions but everything else start to finish will be done in our office impressions any real lines any adjustments place in the implants everything else is done in our office but the extractions we do refer you to an oral surgeon that’s a great question no okay for L. on jury so someone had one or two teeth. Obviously they want to match you can color match the team yes and now for those one throw away their dentures I am guessing the preferred color is super white white as you can get it so yeah everybody’s different I used to read there’s a lot of people that do one just to look natural and things like that but if you what whitened white is what you get so let me tell in the dark what would you call a lot of. You know and a lot of times we do what we can do what we call a try and where the teeth are set lacks so people get to see them in their mouth before anything is a final product and that’s really important that way they get to see it make sure they like everything before you know it they have you know it’s expected. Yeah I’m curious as far as the satisfied level or more people concerned with their looks the cosmic local people. And with. Time with of the and twenty food and. Maybe it’s a. A little both but honestly I think functionality probably trumps aesthetics because a lot of people are just so frustrated with not be on need not be aware anything of course we make them as aesthetically en as pretty you know that we always strive for that but but its kind of fifty fifty you know some people do come and they have a denture that they just hate the way it looks but functionality is a- blanket who doesn’t want to choose. You know yeah for sure we talk a lot about the foods you mess so it is that topic come up a lot when you have them in the chair to talk I think I’m is pretzels Rama’s steak wave corn on the cob Pena yeah everybody has their favorite vegetables just crunchy vegetables I think I have mentioned it before I had a patient come in after she had her treatment and. She’s like I finally got to you know to our cracker in. Yeah I heard it crunch in so long. You know things that we take advantage of that a lot of people struggle. With eating because of their dental situation yeah I can understand that it’s all very interesting so how fast is the process we know that it’s less invasive I mean really. It’s just a little bit of numbing and it’s like a pin **** and that’s it. No bleeding no surgery so we know it’s less invasive how long does it take to get all of this. Right so when we do the snap indentures you know once if we have to make a new dentures that once we have your dentures ready. The day I place the implants you leave with a denture snapped in that day so that’s a same day process. You know other things you know she was talking I haven’t have teeth taken out and things like that. Usually we do allow for four months of healing but they’re never going to be without teeth there are ways you know. That you’re you’re always going to have teeth and when they come for the free consultation I can explain that process and how that works. But yeah I mean the old traditional surgical method. I mean it could take up to a year before you. Got your to for were able to use that implant. For us if there is any waiting you know you may have to wait for weeks you know because the- the crowd the two figures to a lad to get made or things like that. But still significantly less time than the surgical method if you have a question five seven one five two six three. Okay I’m curious about how often afterwards like what’s the follow up. It’s my understanding that once you’re finished there’s really no reason for most of your clients to see there’s not a right right yeah most the time I some. Call me if you need me you know we’re on that you know so but with the snap indentures you know there’d. They take them out once a day and rinsing clean on. You know meeting saying they they call me but you pretty rare in with the permanent teeth you know saws are using their water picking keeping things clean. You know I rarely see people. And so. It’s nice so. Let’s grab another phone call. To Sylvester Sylvester. Thank you for calling you have a question for Dr alchemy. All right. Thank you may I know your said that it takes to get to the young go ahead and put the screw grand and leave them there for awhile. So are you are you time out for dentures like a single tooth. For the signals or large yeah I could save you money have your on. Your body deep in the back. Yeah so they day I paid place the implants you’ll leave with a temporary on there so can you can still choose with that temporary and you know for those four weeks but it takes about four weeks just to get the nice pretty permanent to back from the lab. That still for weeks is a lot less time than about six months to a year as with the surgical the other method but you always have something so I you know a place that implants are kind of what he’s called the screws that day and then you leave with a temporary. Kind of covers at those implants and if it’s in the front you know little look like a tooth and everything and then you come back about four weeks later and you get the permit to the knights of reading one good question thank you for the call Sylvester let’s grab another quickly Jennifer joins us now Jennifer welcome in. Hello hello hello. Hi. You have a question yes I’d like to ask about. He’s had exactly. Well I think it through that he’s not have a problem with the action the card de had a triple heart attack the first of the year and came third line okay so I’m just curious what there be any issue why he couldn’t have this done. And that’s a great question I’m definitely done a lot of patients that our diabetic and kind of what I was saying it is so minimally invasive that a lot of times you know you can’t have these middle many dental implants you know even if you are diabetic or had a heart conditions and things like that so you know I might you to if you. Come to the office for a free consultation and I can take a look and definitely but it sounds like he would still be a Canada so yeah I think people are apprehensive because you know if it was a major surgery then yes there would be call yes are definitely like that there’s really no stages no cutting open you right yeah so actually this model can cannot help show how minimally invasive this is when I. Say let’s see they can zoom in on it because it’s kind of yeah there we go so the big hole let’s see over here that’s for the old method the surgical implants and then the little hole which can barely the card is that it the whole that I made when I place an implant so. A lot less invasive you know minimal bleeding no swelling it is not your surgery verses you know I have a big place your job so that’s a lot but I can’t do it on you know a compromise patience. And not change medication. And like that. The source of infection out and so then they heal up and they get good bone and we can do them plan our meds they feel better as well for sure. A lot healthier yeah. Look better as well okay all five seven one five two six three we have one more segment if you’d like to squeeze in a call we appreciate that again many dental implants freedom. Many dental implants on wave three listens live Follor Reagan Ackerman and Kathy joins us first Kathy welcome and good afternoon thank you for watching. Yeah the question yeah I had three keys on the left side cheap. To the top and one at the bottom they were extracted. Back two years ago. So I wouldn’t have to have the jury. Now if your if you had his teeth taken out two years ago you you know your candidate probably right now to come in and have the implants placed and replace those teeth with the many dental implants yeah because you’ve already hill up more than enough and you’re ready to go you just need to call and- come in and have the consultation with me and let me take a look and- I could certainly help me out yes ma’am. Right thank you for the call looks grab another one here I can’t believe we have another so best. Fish it’s a beautiful way. Pretty rare I semester welcome in. Hello. Sorry I was at a hard time here and yes we can do that you know what the dentures or the permanent teeth if you want that gap clothes that we can I have some patients that have had that gap in the front especially we are fancy term for it is a vast amount and they want it because that’s their trademark and so we can keep the gap or weak close it it’s all up to you to and what you want to do so yeah definitely that’s a question. Yeah it’s up here and I do think sometimes it is a trademark some people I mean and they want their teeth the look the same. As they always have so they still. Baghdad. Yeah we can we make a denture with the gap or you know the permit teeth we can do that for sure. So five seven one five two six three I think it’s important point out once again. That the consultation is free obviously is a thirty minute show limited time. And you maybe need information that’s why we open up the phone lines however. Have news for you all the news is good news. But if you have questions may be specific to your loved one. In the consultation get free right now that arch so. And I can go over everything with all. On one thing we can I haven’t mentioned is a lot of people were told that they need major bone grafting. Sinus lifts and implants. And a lot of times I don’t have to do that because these are smaller implants so. So they’ve been told that. It was too expensive or they’re too afraid. You know please come to the free consultation set up in a- man. Take a lot. Yes it is and you can confirm or deny my guess is. That you her expression alive what it. Do that. He has. A lot. Yeah people you know but they were. Made on so many times a you know. What I’m- you know put an implant on a patient I can tell they’re a little anxious. And I get one in and they’re like that’s it I’m like that’s it and then it’s just like. A sigh of relief and then we for the rest of the winter. That wasn’t as bad as I thought. You know with. A little bit from childhood experience. Rate of the Dennis but yeah this is very simple and very minimally invasive. Let’s take a look at Chris again okay long before after because there. See to me to me not only can I see the beautiful smile. But the difference between the before and after the confidence to me is pretty obvious the first one yeah I smile added as to smile. In the second one that looks like a Jennie was rain again. The first one and only single like. Yeah you don’t have to take. Yeah I would think there’s a lot of people very proud of their smiles because we’ve all seen people whether it be at a party or event and they take their hand and they cut you know that the one you’re talking to you because their shame but they’re smaller that that is a shame in itself it is that and I have a lot of patients that do come in and say that. That they think people think they’re upset or other means. Because you don’t smile. They’re not all. I get to a personal level I mean they’re the nicest people in the world and then when I’m able to give amounts my back I mean it’s rewarding to me as well Statham and life changing yeah I wanna talk about that on on from your perspective I made from being a D. on practicing family general dentistry as they call it and now you’re changing life for the better people able to enjoy food. Must be great for his new gig. A lot of a lot more hugs you know it’s- it’s really nice I mean I can think it to patients this morning as- you know she was like I just can’t tell you that. Thank you enough that you changed my life. I think last week we had this big bouquet of flowers sent to us because she was so happy and it’s just. It it makes me feel really good about what I do. Share under its thousands of patients freedom many dental implant. Let’s put the location the information up on the screen. And again remind everyone free consultation so it doesn’t hurt to come and ask granite her. Come seen right across the valley high school. All right across valley there’s the number up on the screen. As I said the technology’s about twenty years old but if it’s new to you. I think you’re gonna be surprised minimally invasive last costly. It’s all good they’re durable eat the food that you love and smiled with confidence. All right what invite everyone to have a fantastic day and then we’ll see you tomorrow. For the Thursday edition of wave three listen live have a good one

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