Freedom of communication – “Sveglio” Language School, Bologna (ENG-IT-RUS subtitles)

Yet now your beauty begs For scraps on floors, and dregs Else destined to the gutter, As bread and butter. You eye, with longing tense, Cheap gauds for thirty cents, Which, pardon me, these days I cannot raise. No scent, or pearl, or stone, But nothing save your own Thin nudity for dower, Pass on, my flower! Charles BAUDELAIRE, “À une mendiante rousse” The first memory I have of Bologna? The first memory I have is that the city city and the people around, everything seemed strange and unfamiliar. It was a situation a bit ‘complicated because I didn’ t know what to do, where to go. I often wondered why I was in Bologna. I felt like the main character in “English Man in New York” *, an alien.
* is a song by English artist Sting While looking for a room I was sleeping in a flat with Arab boys who couldn’t even speak English, we had to communicate with gestures. It was an interesting experience. Bologna can be described with the word “multikulturell” (multicultural). The city shows me that is inevitabile learning foreign languages if you want to succeed in this world. We live in globalization I remember that once I have met a German guy in a bar. And we just chatted about culture. And then I found out that he was Italian! He had studied german for so long, fantastic! I am from Australia. I have come to Bologna for studies and I have found a job here, teaching English at “Sveglio Language School”. I also study Italian with “Sveglio” and I can tell you that the quality of the classes are excellent and all my needs are satisfied. Through the cultural events they organized I also get to study the Italian culture as well as a language. The French culture is very rich, and the language – very particular and magnificent. For me it is the “fall language” I would like to share this beauty with the world. “I am alien, I’m a little alien, I’m an Englishman in New York”. Now I learn Russian. “It’s very good, companion!” Believe in the dreams, believe in the freedom… freedom of communication.

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