Freedom of Expression at UB

(inspiring classical music) (A. Scott Weber, Vice President for Student Live) Hello, I’m Scott Weber. At UB, we believe that a central part of our university’s mission is to allow diverse points of view to be expressed and heard. (Anyssa Evelyn, Vice President, UB Student Association) Freedom of expression
to me is being able to express how you really feel. (Gunnar Habrel, President, UB Student Association) Freedom of expression means being able to share your truth. (Aishat Keshiro, Diversity Advocate, UB Intercultural and Diversity Center) It’s exchanging of ideas, but also just being comfortable with someone to express yourself about something that’s
so important to you. (Jennie Gibson, Vice President, UB College Republicans) Different cultures,
backgrounds, experiences can give you a whole new perspective. (Gunnar Habrel) By listening, you’re showing
respect for that person. And you might learn
something in the process. (Anyssa Evelyn) We’re at a university
that values diversity, and that’s not just
diversity in ethnicity, race, that’s diversity in who you are. Your ideas, your opinions,
what you believe. (Mike Brown, Student Representative, UB Council) With how polarized our society and world have become,
we often just vilify the other side because we only see the extremes portrayed in media, and we forget that
people are complex beings with complex thoughts. (Jen Schechter, Graduate Student Association) It’s really important that we listen to what people are saying
rather than quickly judge them based on our
preconceived notions of them or the group they represent. (Liz Humphrey, Diversity Advocate, UB Intercultural Diversity Center) You should be able to explore your ideas and what you believe in, and have them be questioned. (A. Scott Weber) We should always listen
and learn from one another. At UB, it’s who we are and what we do. (inspiring orchestral music)

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