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in 1946 one year after the end of a war that cost the life of some 40 million people to genocide famine and massacres the United Nation at its very first general assembly adopted the resolution 59 1 which states that freedom of information is a fundamental human right and the touchstone of all the freedom to which the United Nation is consecrated fast forward to 2016 70 years later what has become of this touch-tone freedom how have we progressed in the realization of this fundamental human rights to be realized regardless of frontiers I am a nice calaman the director of Columbia University global freedom of expression an initiative that seek to understand the international and national institution and norms that best protect freedom of expression in an interconnected global community I am a human rights expert with over 20 years experience working with civil society the United Nations and academia I have published widely in the field of human rights women's rights and accountability for human rights violations the universal declaration of human rights in its article 19 asserts that everyone shall enjoy the right to freedom of opinion and expression a right that is defined as a right to hold opinion without interference and to seek receive and impart information and ideas for any medium and regardless of frontiers do you want to know more about the international standard that protect freedom of expression do you want to learn how much freedom does free speech and 10 and when it can be legitimately curtail do you want to understand how internet and the information technology revolution has transformed the realization of freedom of expression then you come to the right place taught with the support of journalists press freedom activist and human rights defenders these calls is a formidable introduction to a complex human right at the heart of many global controversies from the Danish cartoon about a major religious figure to the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo from the execution of journalists working in conflict zone to the imprisonment of those reporting on terrorism from censorship to the internet firewall and government surveillance these are just some of the challenges that tell the remarkable 70 year journey of priedem of expression and information

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