Freedom of Ireland and The Rose Tree ( English Subtitles)

Hello friends, how are you all? We are back again with another video In this video, we will discuss about the poem “The Rose Tree”. The Rose Tree is a poem composed by Irish National poet “William Butler Yeats” First of all, we will talk about “William Butler Yeats”. Yeats who is generally known as W. B. Yeats
Was born on 13th June 1865 near Dublin, Capital of Ireland. He took his basic education from London. Yeats officially started his poetry from 1882. During early years of his poetry, he was influenced by poets like P.B.Shelly and Edmund Spenser and themes of his early poems were quiet similar to above mentioned poets. When Yeats started his poetry, British Empire had colonized Ireland too like other colonized country after invasions. During that era, there were many Irish freedom revolutions were going on in different parts of the country which influenced Irish Literature (Poetry & Prose both) In 1889, Yeats met an Irish Lady, Maud Gonne, who was a drama actress by profession.She was a beautiful lady and 23years old poet, Yeats completely fell in love with her. Although he tried his level best but he was not able to marry her but his relation with Maud Gonne pulled him towards the club of those people who were known as Irish Nationalists which put great impact on his poetries and writings too. Due to this impact, Yeats selected many of the themes in his poetry regarding this topic (Irish revolution) and The Rose Tree is one of them. It cannot be said with surety when this poem was composed or released exactly but one thing is confirmed that this poem is written and published after 1916. How, as Yeats used in this poem reference of his another poem “Easter Rising 1916”. If we talk about root cause of this poem, it can be said that this poem depicts two characters of Irish Freedom Fight, namely James Connolly & Patrick Pearse and their dialogues in which a Rose Tree has been depicted as symbol of Freedom Fight. Be aware that both characters are real characters while there conversation between them is fictional. In this conversation, procedures and reasons have been discussed because of which freedom fighter has become weak. In this conversation, procedures and reasons have been discussed because of which freedom fighter has become weak. What are those strategies through which this revolution may become lively again? In this poem, there are 3 stanzas which carries almost 18 lines. Here, Rose Tree has been depicted as symbol of Irish independence. I have highlighted important wordings of this poem with red color so, audience may understand the content easily. In first line, words “Lightly Spoken” has been used because masses were not allowed to talk openly against British Government. Conditions were difficult and those who tried to talk against British Empire they were arrested. In 3rd line, “Politic Word” show those policies Which British Rulers were making for Ireland To demolish Irish Revolution for Freedom and to make sure that all efforts of revolutionaries go in vain. In last line, word “Bitter Sea” shows Britain. Britain is used as a symbol of bitterness for Ireland. In 2nd Stanza, word “Water” shows that we (Irish) need to put more struggle & efforts for this cause because their freedom fight is getting weaker and they have to make it stronger again. Word “Green” shows that dry plant has to be watered in order to make it green again by spreading it (this revolution of freedom) all over the country. In line 6th, word “Garden’s” show Ireland, as it is used as yet another symbol for Ireland. Ireland is a garden in which fight for freedom is going on which should be made more powerful through efforts. In 3rd stanza of the poem, there is a phrase “well are parched away” it shows action during Easter 1916 where most of the Irish revolutionaries were either arrested or were killed. Now, many of the prime revolutionaries are no more in this revolution because of which it is getting weaker and there is no source of inspiration left for the people. Now, poet emphasizes to put more efforts. In 5th there is a phrase “Our own red blood” is used which shows that their new younger generation have to give sacrifice and they to come forward in order to defy government as independence is impossible without it.

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