Freedom of Movement

travel size guitar with 22 flets, short scale, detachable neck. Acoustic? or Electric? Both! Fix your iPhone to the guitar by magnet power. Touch screen is always in a place where fingers can reach. Inside of the guitar, there is no battery. We use iPhone’s. Put a 1/4 Stereo Phone Plug to Output Jack. connect the other mini stereo plug to the mobile speaker. You can output various sounds using the iOS application. Amp & Pedals simulator, tuner, DAW, Drums, Bass, even your corches. All in the iPhone. I remember the first time I got on the usual train with Sony’s WALKMAN. The familiar scenery of the train window seemed to be a movie with background music. I also found that Dylan is nice when taking a bus. Apple’s iPod also changed the world. When shuffling the library of thousands of songs, I thought that the best DJ exclusive to me appeared. So music gained freedom of movement. But still music production is not leaving the studio due to the anchor of heavy equipment and electrical power. Elga Guitars created the guitar world WALKMAN by attaching an iPhone to a travel size guitar. This is the reinvention of the guitar in the era of mobiles. Guitar sound acquired freedom of movement. With Elga Guitars, future guitar music will reflect the local wind, the smell of the earth, the brightness of the day and the temperature and humidity, in short, the roots more.

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