Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

now we’re going to look at the right to freedom of peaceful assembly freedom of peaceful assembly is the right to gather for a common purpose this can be done publicly or privately it includes the rights to participate in assemblies meetings protests strikes sit-ins demonstrations and other gatherings international law only protects assemblies when they are peaceful however an assembly does not lose its peaceful character due to sporadic violence or unlawful behaviors of some individuals the peaceful intentions of the people assembling should be presumed no assembly can be banned on the assumption that it may turn violence this right may not be denied to any one group it is open to everyone even counselor demonstrators have the right to assemble peacefully exercising freedom of peaceful assembly should not be subject to the permission of the authorities states may require notice but not authorization since public peaceful assemblies are held to convey a message they must be facilitated within sight and sound of their target audience under international law assemblies may be subject to certain restrictions however these restrictions must be provided by law and meet a strict test of necessity and proportionality all limitations to this right have to be justifiable in the interests of national security or public safety public order the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others restrictions should never impair the essence of the rights freedom must be the rule and not the exception so to recap states have the obligation to protect and fulfil the rights to peaceful assembly and to take measures that facilitate it enabling people’s capacity to express their opinions freedom of peaceful assembly is an important means through which people can exercise a freedom of expression

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