Freedom of Poetry

It’s been great to see the children respond really excitedly and warmly to having the poets in school. They’ve all been shouting out our names as we go down the corridor One girl had made a whole long scroll, like an Anglo-Saxon scroll. They’ve all been coming and finding us in our different classrooms and showing us these things and the idea that kids have been excited enough to make something at home and follow it on themselves rather than just get back home and switch on their Xbox or whatever is obviously really thrilling for all of us. I see white tree leaves, and I see a big bush, bristles I see trees blowing. The brown trees, snakes are hunting, dancing frogs. So today is the culmination of all the work the poets and the children have done and the children are all here to perform the poems that they’ve wrote during the course of the week. Which is just an amazing thing I think it’s been proof of how much fun they’ve had and how successful the poets have been in encouraging them and inspiring them. It was such a warm fluffy coat I had. Clothes were like candyfloss, what an amazing view. Farms, rainbows, grass, hills, and trees, breathtaking. I have 80 billion trophies and that’s no word of a lie. I’m faster than Usain Bolt and that’s no word of a lie. I have a billion teeth and that’s no word of a lie. At first I wasn’t really keen on poetry but after this week I think I really like poetry now.

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