Freedom of Speech at Sam Houston State University

I’m gonna break down the five freedoms
protected by the First Amendment for you real fast. In fact, I bet I can do it
under a minute, go ahead time me. First up is the freedom of
religion. It allows you to choose to follow whatever religion you
want and the government cannot favor one religion over another. Next is the freedom of
speech, no one can restrict your right to free speech simply because they don’t
like what you have to say. There’s actually a couple of exclusions and spoiler alert, hate speech is not one of them. Piggybacking off of free speech is
the freedom of the press, this allows the people the right to report news and
opinions freely. The right to peacefully assemble allows anyone to gather on
public property including right here on our campus. Sam Houston State does
have a couple of restrictions though so that activities don’t interfere with classes.
And last but not least is the right to petition the government. This allows
citizens to officially gripe against the government without being punished.
If you want to learn more about your First Amendment rights at Sam, check out our
website SHSU.EDU/Expressiveactivity

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