Freedom of Speech Conference part 4 Hamed Abdel Samad

[Music] [Music] you hello stucco thank you for inviting me and I’m very happy to be here in this wonderful town today we are celebrating 250 years of freedom of the press Act which is a wonderful achievement and we have a lot of question marks about the freedom of press today we should be really celebrating without raising those question marks today after 250 years we should not be asking today what’s going on what’s what’s going wrong in Sweden or in Europe we should be really celebrating but we still have some troubles so 250 years ago some people in this country figured out that we need some action for more freedom of press but do you remember what happened 388 years ago can you guess a wonderful ship called Vasa was sinking not far away from here you know why this ship was sinking first of all because it was overloaded and second because all of those who knew that there is a problem with this ship couldn’t say it because the king was insisting that this ship well we’ll go for its maiden voyage on time the king was busy in the war in Germany and they actually tested the ship before and figure out there is a problem with the balance of this ship but they broke the test because they were afraid that this may lead to a delay of the maiden voyage does that sound familiar today we are in a similar situation basically today with one difference many of us know that there is a problem with the ship many of us are screaming and warning and saying there is a problem with the ship but still those in charge insist that this ship might go on the Vasa royal ship made it only thousand three hundred meters and one was hit by the wind and was sinking it was recovered much later and now you can admire it in the wonderful Vasa Museum I hope that this is not going to be the future of Sweden to be watched at at a nice story at a museum I hope that this is not gonna be the future of Europe but if we continue doing like that if we continue following a doctrine dictated from above that that’s how we should discuss certain issues this might be the end it’s interesting that we are talking in Stockholm comedy club about the freedom of speech whenever I like when I when I was watching the wonderful speaker before me I was thinking of a famous scene from Fawlty Towers where a German is saying this is not funny you remember this scene Fawlty Towers the Germans a wonderful episode you should watch it for those of you who don’t know or haven’t watched it yet my dear American friends maybe there is a group of German tourists coming to a British Hotel Fawlty Towers and there is a lady in this hotel who is traumatized by the war she doesn’t want anybody to talk about the war so everybody of her family is telling John Cleese the waiter don’t mention the war don’t mention the war and because he was warned so many times he keeps making mistakes all the time so she is exchanging names like when she they are ordering hearing his saying Irma Hermann Goering and and they he’s asking him now I can take your orders and then he’s switching in a Nazi speech and saying orders must be obeyed all the time without a question something later and then he was making this funny walk of like this doing like this before turning this occasion to a comedy show I I feel I feel the same by the way like John Cleese many people in Germany as in Sweden and all over the world are all telling me all the time don’t mention Islam don’t mention the Prophet don’t mention migration don’t mention a few G’s all the time and whenever I hear that I feel more provoked that I have to talk about this when I was publishing my last book the case against Muhammad or Muhammad an aberrational in Germany many people were asking me why do you have to do that and my answer is always because you’re asking me because it’s still a question to ask because had it be another name the case against Jesus or Moses or Alexander the Great or Elvis Presley nobody will bother nobody will ask me why are you doing that so making a historic figure immune against criticism or satire or art painting is provoking me as a rational human being who is living in the middle of Europe in the 21st century so just because you are trying to make him immune is provoking me to ask questions around this so you say don’t mention Muhammad and I see I say like who married the girl when she was six years old no sorry I didn’t they mean to say that who killed the Jews who was killing war prisoners I I have to ask these questions that’s what I learned that’s what I learned when I came to Europe that what I thought when I came to Europe I really thought when I came to Europe that freedom of speech is something that matters for everyone but I was shocked to figure out what such is not the case many people would write me wonderful letters Thank You mr. up the summit for what you’re doing for the freedom of speech thank you for expressing what I cannot express publicly and is so sad message it’s so sad message that my name is protecting me while criticizing Islam well you can’t that’s a sad story that’s kind of discrimination that’s kind of discrimination that teachers and policemen social workers would come after my lecture and say thank you so much for saying what I cannot say why why can’t a teacher in the middle of Europe say what he thinks or what she thinks many people are wondering why are always under police protection why are you leading such a life I say because we are so few who are speaking up publicly if everyone who thinks like me will speak up I won’t be in danger anymore would be so many to be targeted targeted [Applause] so what did I do to be in such a situation I wrote a book two books so the first one with Islamic fascism in German to publish such a title in Germany Wow I was about to be crucified for that literally people like you publish a book about Islam and about fascism and it’s the same book you can imagine the political left in Germany which has dedicated their lives to fight against fascism 70 years too late there is no danger at all to be an anti-fascist today and to place official because it’s too late 70 years too late they are very provoked when I’m telling them if you want to fight fascism look at the fascism of the 21st century let look at the same structures the same principles the same moral superiority the same despise and hatred for human race why don’t you fight against that why are you actually are alive allies of those people and I was always trying to find questions what kind of affiliation the left is having with Islam Islamism I think for many reasons the left has been always searching for someone to patronize to be the advocate of so it’s at a certain point in history it was the Pala Taria the working class it’s almost disappearing so then it became the third world also we don’t use this term anymore the third world what’s that now it’s the Muslims the immigrants they need somebody to speak for to defend and they need somebody to give them hope that they might defeat capitalism and that they might bring the West into nice they might fight they find somebody who hates America and Israel as much as they do so that’s basically the Alliance but it’s not only the left it’s the political class in general it’s the political opportunism I’ve been asking myself why are people talking about freedom more when it comes to freedom of religion of certain Islamists in Europe more than they talk about freedom of speech when it comes to criticism of Islam why and I figure out there is a bunch of reasons for that first of all you have the political opportunism countries Sweden also Norway also Denmark Germany United Kingdom United States who have businesses and alliances with countries that we all know that they’re enemies of humanity but they are selling them weapons they have certain businesses with them and investments and they don’t want to annoy them I’m always stunned to see somebody like the American president or the American former secretive state and most likely the next president of night State Hillary Clinton saying there is absolutely no link between Islam and violence absolutely no link she didn’t say maybe 10 percent maybe 20 no link how do you know that how long have you been living there how much do you know about Islam but of course if you have some consultants who are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood who are whose main job is to defend Islam all the time then you will come up with such silly statements that nobody will take serious or only crazy people might take serious but it seems that we have so many crazy people in this world right now who believe that then you have after the political class you have the lobbyists of certain countries who are spread all over Europe and the West doing the jobs of these countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar United Arab Emirates and Kuwait and Turkey and you will find those lobbyists everywhere everywhere not only in the media but also at universities you will figure out that many research projects are funded actually by those states and then you know from the titles of those projects why they are funded by this test Islamophobia the rule of Islam and enlighting Europe or something like that you will find such projects they’re paid by Qatar and Saudi Arabia asked in Georgetown University what’s going on there Alwaleed bin Talal the Saudi many are there how much is he financing campaigns for promoting this idea of Islamophobia is the real problem not Islamic terrorism and you will find those lobbyists even in political parties in Europe so political organizations like Muslim brothers and Salafists and also the other Turkish organizations are allowed to organize themselves and also allowed to send members of them into the parties to kidnap the discussion of Islam so they start to be the consultant of the party leader on Islam and they bring their issues there and then they start to warn against people like me against people who have spoken before me that those are the real danger in the society they’re splitting us we love each other Islam is love Islam is peace and only those people are the problem kill the messenger kill the messenger the one who is telling you we have a problem is the problem the one who is pointing his fingers to the problem is the problem that’s their strategy and they are much much more successful in that than you think and after the lobbyists they come there so you feel it’s like a fortress with many walls that you have to fight against if you are criticizing Islam the political class their lobbyists then you have the political left of course we talked about that enough and you will find the normal Muslims who would blackmail you with their emotions with the feelings with their religious feelings mister up the summit why don’t you take care of their religious feelings of Muslims when you criticize the Prophet I always answer who takes care of my rational feelings the Prophet said many things which are attacking my rationality and my sense of humanity and my sense of humor too so why why only them are having the few who’s asking me how I feel like to live 24 hours on the police protection how it feels like to be in danger all the time for expressing my opinion openly I didn’t do any other cry than expressing my opinion should it shouldn’t it be a matter of course in Europe 2016 after all what we have been experiencing more than 230 years after Voltaire and Cayuga and can’t I don’t want to forget Swedish people you name them after this 25 250 years after this act of freedom of press why should we be discussing that today if we don’t have a problem with Islam why should we discuss this should be talking about something else in fact so and then who should criticize Islam that there is an army waiting for you so if you are have a white skin you lost the battle you are a racist you have no chance or you have the wrong translation of the Koran or you take the verses out of context okay or you don’t really know much about time because you basically don’t speak Arabic so what should they do with somebody like me who was learning the Quran since he was three years old who speaks perfect Arabic huh who has a father who was an imam and who spent basically most of his life studying this book and trying to understand it he’s a self-hating Muslim there must be something in his biography that made him hate Islam so much that he would come and attack it that way but could it be that it’s the experience I’m seeing in every Arab country I’m visiting the experience I’m seeing in my own family the experience I’m seeing in every country I lived in in Europe in the West now now there must be some other motivation those who are defending Islam are not searching for motivation you’re not searching from their motivation to defend Islam who is paying them or why they are doing that but when somebody’s criticizing Islam have to dig into his motivations you have to discredit him or her look at her eye on her see Ali and what what she has been fighting against all the time so it’s a long a long story so how can we deal with this issue what should we do well be listening today the two proposals the one to ignore the left and just go forward and the other one to confront the left which I I would rather agree with that more that we should confront should not ignore we should confront not only the left what we haven’t talked about today is how to deal with Muslims they are there so we should talk about that and that’s a serious issue having criticized all of that we need a strategy how we should deal with Muslims when we criticize Islam should we consider all of them as rapists and terrorists and violent on sources of troubles of course not this cannot be the solution that thing that made and still making this continent strong is humanism that the human being is more important than the ideology that the human being is in the center of the debate and we should never equate Muslim with Islam they in many cases they are not the same that’s what fundamentalists want to see them that’s what Muslims rather want to see them and that’s sadly enough what politics are trying to say them we want to talk about integration talk to the Muslim organization we want to talk about violence talk to the Muslim organization why why do you insist to Islamize each issue not every Muslim is a walking Quran most of Muslims also in Europe have no idea really what’s written in the graph many of them are having troubles and are causing troubles and we have to face that but many of them can also be our allies and to do that we have to do it on the basis of humanism of respecting human beings to be very honest in talking to them I have a Muslim family I have a lot of Muslim friends and I criticize Islam I didn’t know how many people in Europe are criticizing Islam much more fierce or a fiercer than I do I do that because I respect the people I face them with the truth I face them with the reality not all of them are happy otherwise I won’t need this protection but many of them are responding much more than you think I have a channel on YouTube in Arabic saying exactly the same faces I’m talking about about Mohammed about his crimes about his problems with women in fact I am the first person on German media who comes out and say publicly Mohammed was a war criminal yes that had consequences so I was invited by the state attorney to justify what I have said because somebody was accusing me of hate speech and I said hate speech against who I didn’t say anything about Muslims I’m criticizing a man who died 1400 years ago why should it be why should I be criminalized for saying about somebody who killed human beings a murderer why so the one who was asking me in fact was sometimes nodding with that understood why is this guy here in fact why should a writer sitting in front of state attorney to justify his opinion about a historic figure how crazy should it be but by doing that I’m laying the ground for a new era so the case is settled now then people can say Muhammad was a mass murderer it’s okay so today it’s okay and I fight for this right I fight for the right of the living Muhammad today or ally or Hasan to pray freely and have his freedom of religion but I fight for the right of every critic of Islam to say Muhammad was a mass murderer or a rapist that’s my that’s what how I understand freedom speech you can’t have one without the other that’s how basically we should deal with each other respecting human being doesn’t mean that we should stop criticism of what they think I might respect a human being but I don’t have to respect every garbage he’s believing in I don’t have to no matter what ideology and in fact it’s a sign of respect to say to somebody the truth it’s not a sign of respect to consider Muslims as children that cannot take criticism to consider them as a special species which is maybe might be ending soon we have to put it under protection there are many of them so take them seriously I’m not a racist when I’m criticizing Mohammed you are not a racist when you are criticizing the Koran you know who are the racist the racist who are thinking Muslims are not so far yet they cannot take the criticism they might get mad don’t mention the war don’t mention the word that’s that’s how they look they look at Muslim as this sick woman don’t mention the war no this is the real racism that’s what I call the bigotry of lowered expectations you look at them and think it’s a lower race they cannot be so far shut up Mohammed I will defend you that’s what many leftists are doing they don’t believe and the ability of this human being to be equal in every sense I am calling for equality equality of every human being in rights and in duties and if you have the same rights if we can criticize Jesus and Moses or any other figure if we can have a movie like The Life of Brian which is a wonderful movie then we should be having comedy about Mohammed not just a cartoon not just a critical book historic work it like equality in every sense but this equality between human beings doesn’t mean automatically equality among all cultures and that’s exactly what has been tried especially in Sweden since the 80s pushing this doctrine of multiculturalism as a religion as something that has no alternative as if all culture cultures are really equal in every sense now human beings are equal but cultures are not equal there are death cults you cannot equate them with a culture that respects human life and human rights there is a culture which is suppressing woman you cannot equate that with a culture which is giving women more rights but when we use the word culture it’s always we we tend to beautify it Oh culture is nice no there are horrible cultures on this planet and we cannot just say everything is fine and just by mixing them together everything will go fine now we need new rules definitely we cannot forget the fact that we have millions of Muslims living in the West we cannot put them into ships and send them back home most of them are born on the West in the West they are citizens of our societies and we challenge we need to challenge them with humanity with human rights and we need to show clear rules for us and for them and these rules should be valid for everybody no special rights and no discrimination of course and no racism of course not towards Islam as a religion you cannot be racist toward a religion but you can be racist toward a human being just by denying his life to exist his right to exist or to be a part of the society just because he has a darker or because because he has the wrong origin so we need to win those people on our side we need to reach out not only to the left but also to the Muslim and confront them and talk to them and convince them that is not racism to criticize there’s not create racism to talk about the issues be it rape crime or terrorism that’s my concept and that’s why I’m having all of these troubles but we are making some progress we’re making some progress it wouldn’t have been possible to publish a book with the title Islamic fascism or the case against Mohammed in Germany ten years ago impossible no publisher would do that it’s still difficult in Sweden among you my Swedish publisher is sitting and it’s interesting story how the publication of my book is going now the process is very interesting and it’s telling us something first of all after my book the Islamic fascism was published in Germany it became a best-seller and people were discussing about it and it got people mapped it was translated into French and it was supposed to be published two weeks ago on the 16th of September but just three weeks before the publication the French publisher got scared goes to a just short time after the attack of nice and the publisher was canceling the publication although everything was ready and he wrote my agent a letter saying why he stopped this publication he said I’m afraid that we will have a second Charlie Hebdo if we will publish this and I cannot guarantee the security of my co-workers had he stopped or finished his mail email on that point I would have accepted it because in fact it’s a matter of life or death to publish such a book and I cannot ask everybody else to take the same risk that I am taking I would have accepted it if he would have finished at that point but he had to disguise his fear as virtue so he was writing as a sign of tolerance toward Muslims and not to add water on the mills of the far-right wing and France it’s not a good time and I said ok now this is not the way because this is the one of many ways to blackmail me when I’m criticizing Islam not only the emotions of Muslims but aren’t you afraid that your books might add oil to the fire and cause violence on all of these things these are the same people the same people exactly the same people would that would always tell you that is and the terrorists are misusing the Koran for violence and misinterpreting the Koran for violence when it comes to my book there is no misusing then I’m always telling them you know I have never heard of somebody who was killed or decapitated while the perpetrator was quoting words from my book but exactly this happens every day with the Koran that you are defending and if Allah the Almighty cannot defend his own book against misuse how can I do it for human being impossible so what I have learned it’s been a long exhausting process for me and it’s still but I have learned that I don’t allow people to blackmail me not with their emotions with their feelings not with this story of the far wing and so on that position I’m standing on to criticize Islam is humanism and human rights I respect human beings also Muslims therefore I direct my criticism towards them and of course we should take care of the feelings of people but not in the sense in the Swedish interpretation of taking care of the feeling the people that if you are arranging a March or a demonstration with crosses to demonstrate solidarity with Iraqi Christians I’ve been exiled from their town who had been raped and killed and then the Swedish church is saying we should not do that in Sweden not to hurt the feelings of Muslims this is the wrong consequences this is the wrong consequences why should it hurt the feelings of Muslim in Sweden when Christian Swedes are wearing crosses and working in this industry why should it hurt their feelings more than the fact that their brothers in Islam are killing Christians in their countries that should provoke them more that should provoke them more and I’m always saying as long as the normal Muslims feel attacked by my books more than the atrocities in the name of Islam I’m not gonna stop as long as normal Muslims feel offended when they see a virtual bomb in the turban of the Prophet but they are not offended when the flag is of the Prophet is in the hand of is fighters while they’re killing real human beings while they’re raping real women I’m not gonna stop so I will continue writing books criticizing Islam I would continue writing books criticizing Islam I will continue making such public speeches as long as this is going on as long that there are writers and artists who are scared for their life just because they are making use of their genuine right to criticize a religion or a human being but I will also continue following this humanistic path and reminding people we should always do it as human being and we should always focus on the human being and we should not mix ideology with human beings thank you so much and be happy to receive your questions [Applause] Thank You Joan thank you now we have some type of crisis that was an excellent speech I’m very personal and I’d logical and strategic very inspiring about the human the human dimension humanism people sometimes mix Muslims and Islam too much I’m having the right yeah sound system so we have questions to our speakers yes can you stand up please speak loudly hello so when I commit war crimes from the past they demand demand sources so I provide them links from the most authentic hadith I can find but the problem is that some Muslims don’t follow Hadees at all they may think that the author of those hadith could make mistakes of Mohammed so how do you argue against are you living in Sweden so please read my last books that will come out that next the book the case against Muhammad especially this one I’m relying only on the authentic Quran verses and authentic hadith which are recognised by Muslims Buhari and Muslim and the official biography of Muhammad you know there is always the you know this red herring tactic that you know the red herring tactic yeah that’s like look at the red herring and you look somewhere else on the story is gone so you’ll tell them the Prophet killed actually nine hundred Jews who are were war prisoners and today we call that war crimes there are many ways to deal with that first of all if they are honest enough they will tell you yes this happened but it was the context of his time and everybody was fighting everybody everybody was killing everybody it’s not true I don’t know any similar case from that time that war criminals war prisoners were who surrendered himself had no weapons anymore were killed this in fact against the old Arab traditions if they surrendered you don’t kill them so the next tactic will be how do you know they were exactly nine hundred because there are some sources saying there are 400 to 600 some sources saying there only four four forty people who are being killed so he killed people but he killed them in context and we are not sure about the number that doesn’t make it any better so exactly the same no it was she was 17 it’s good Aisha herself was actually saying that she was six it’s right there but but this is exactly what Ann Marie was saying this morning like they would tell you like even this is a fact but what I feel about it is different so beat doesn’t mean beat and and six doesn’t mean necessarily six so because you know in Arabic and Indian numbers and all so they will take you with this with this red herring tactic and you it’s never ending story and then you tell them beating the woman and they look at India they burned their widow said like I don’t care I’m sorry don’t care for India I care about Islam what we are talking about Islam why you take me all the way along until India but this this is how the tactics of those people who cannot just admit yeah we have problems yes Mohammed cannot be a role model for our life today by far not the perfect well he is not the perfect man yes they are trying to depicting him and this is how we should discuss the issue why is it so difficult why is it so difficult your books are saying he killed and raped and did all of these things and now you try to justify it again just say like okay maybe the whole all these books are wrong we send this back to just say maybe all of these books are wrong no they wouldn’t say and if somebody will come in and say maybe Mohammed never ever lived there is a theory like this which is we have to take serious – no no no he existed and the proof are these books which are saying that he killed and raped and did all of this yeah do you believe that this man can be reformed and if you don’t believe it can be reformed what do you what’s your plan yeah now Islam cannot be reformed the thinking of human beings can be reformed the attitude towards Islam can be reformed emancipation emancipation from the dogmas of Islam are possible here is the living example in front of you you have been mentioning the Rushdie rules in the year 89 and February I was a high school student in Egypt and I heard about that fair I didn’t hear about the novel until how many was making the fat one so I was reading about and I was very angry I was a really deep religious Muslim I was very angry how could a writer dare criticize my prophet because for me he was that perfect man I’m very thankful for everybody who was provoking me who was shaking this image of the perfect man Muhammad in my mind because that helped me to think and help me to develop my approach towards this it didn’t happen overnight I was angry on Salman Rushdie soon enough I was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt I was going in demonstration saying kill America death to the Jews that that who I was and still I was open to think I was questioning I was raising questions until I started to study so sorryi I entered the field of so we have that in common I started to research about the origins of Islam the early history of Islam the relation to Christians and Jews in the early Islam and then I figure out this is a human story has nothing to do with Revelation or God or anything it’s very human Quran is a book which is full of frustration and anger why should God be frustrated here is a human being and this Quran is the mirror of this human being the mirror of his fears of his frustration of his wish for recognition a mirror for his earthly wishes so if he wants to marry the wife of his son he would need a verse from the Quran to make that legitimate so the Quran was basically the psychological mirror of Muhammad on the one hand and his lamp of Aladin on the one hand that will bring all his wishes into that’s how I started to change now I’m not publishing my books only in German or English and French and and Swedish I am publishing my books in Arabic – it’s very difficult and I’m having a youtube channel I talked about that where I say these things about maja but what they think about the Quran very rationally very rationally like I’m taking verses from the Koran I’m showing the contradiction I’m showing the human side I’m showing when God is saying what a pity why should God say what a pity that’s a very human experience and I’m saying this is not even degrading the Quran but it makes it a nice documentation of a certain period and if we look at the human side of it we may save lives but people would stop you from doing that to save the feelings of the Muslims no the lives are more important for me the human rights are more important than the feelings because you cannot define or catch the the feeling it’s like the red herring you cannot catch well slip away so I’m talking to the people about that and guess what and that’s why I’m saying we should reach out also to the Muslims a lot this my my channel have been viewed by 6.5 million people in the Arab world that’s totally new dimension young people want to discuss about these issues of course some of them are angry of course I’m getting death threats every hour of course but other people saying that makes sense and in the age of Internet you cannot suppress that anymore there has been a mistake in history once that the Ottoman Empire which was controlling their up world as the wonderful machine of the book print printing machine was appearing in the 16th century in Germany all the world wanted to make use out of that but the Ottoman Empire was afraid that this might lead to falsification of the Koran and the preachers and Imams were against that so we lost basically three hundred years because of that three hundred years of knowledge or four yeah well the first machine was coming to Istanbul 1790 29 29 26 was come 18 and 17 1778 was coming to Cairo with Napoleon but still away from the religious documents just for the courts and sold but now the internet nobody can stop it many people would like to stop the internet so that’s how I’m communicating with those 6 million people through the internet and they’re waiting every Monday for a new episode and it’s not it’s a matter of course today to talk about the crimes of Muhammad and Muslims will come and discuss and search in the sources and figure out oh my god you are you’re right it’s in the books because most of them didn’t read this books I’m showing it to them in a very simple language how they can go there and how can they find the sources so there is a revolution taking place therefore I say we need those people they are best allies in this issue we cannot exclude them just because they happen to be born in this religion or in this culture I don’t say that it’s not my right it’s not my right in my last book about the Quran I’m showing my attitude toward the Quran and I’m saying that this is a human experience but I’m dividing the Quran into different parts I’m saying we have the documentary part which is describing acts in the life of Muhammad and his community it’s a protocol of building up a community and a protocol of war and peace treaties – we don’t need that today I say to them because this is very limited to its time then we have the legal part of the Quran the the Sharia part which were cut which was cut to the needs of the people at that time about sexuality about heritage about adultery sexual alcohol all of these things it’s very specific situations and I’m explaining the context because everybody is telling you we should read the Quran in the context in the historical context that’s exactly what I’m doing I’m showing this context everybody would say we need a historical critical approach of the Quran and assessment of everybody would say that especially those wonderful university professors but when you come up with a real assessment critical historical-critical then that we say that you are offending the feelings of muslim come on what do you want what kind of criticism would you accept I’m always asking those professors of Islamic study who see it as their vocation at their mission to defend Islam they say yeah criticism is needed but then I’m always saying okay can you name me some of the critics of Islam that you would approve that you do accept which one do you like they wouldn’t find any name the most important thing is that they discredit people who speak openly about Islam that’s their job that’s the Revere that they have to defend we can have one more question where’s the microphone over there okay can you send the microphone over there I can give the night will not sneeze thank you for your very inspiring speech my problem is well my question is a bit difficult too because I’m a little confused by your speech that mean you’re talking about Islam as something which is not possible to reform if you stay to the yeah but still at the same time it’s a very real danger for Humanity in our sense of the world here in Western world so why should we appeal to humanity only and hope for the best and not just go to the bottom of the problem which is Islam in this case boom we were discussing that’s my question yeah I’m going to the bottom of the problem that’s that’s my job I’m always digging into the bottom of the problem now what I was trying to say is I didn’t complete counting the parts of the Quran that I was describing so I said we have the legal part we have depth like the political documentary of the Wars and peace and so on and of course we have the spiritual side of this religion and as somebody who grew up in a house of a mom as somebody who was having a wonderful grandmother who was a religious Muslim and who never had any political dimension of her faith she was praying five times a day and she was really good hearted person who didn’t hate anybody because of her religion or their religion and she was satisfied with that and she needed that therefore to continue answering a question it’s not my job to take this part away from the people and tell them leave Islam I’m saying you have to say goodbye to certain parts of Islam which is the political and the legal side and you can of course preserve the spiritual part which is very fine and also general general principles like justice like taking care of the environment and all of these things that’s fine every society needs like that but don’t make lows out of that so by showing the human dimension and it’s not degrading Islam or Quran by saying it’s a human book and it’s a human experience no that’s normal most of religions are like this having this human part of it otherwise it wouldn’t be I believe that’s my basic belief not God has created the human being according to his image but the human being has created God according to their image and Muhammed forever yeah yeah and Mohammed did the same in the Quran basically but he also was boring very old experiences from other religions a lot of Islam is having Jewish parts Christian parts man hair parts Subbiah parts there are two three parts and integrating that and it’s it’s a human experience with all what belongs to a human experience hatred and love longing and and and and and fear all of all what makes a human being you will find also in the religion so my hope is to neutralize the dangerous part the absolute istic parts of the religion and to keep it open to the private use if people need that for their spirituality I myself don’t need to pray anymore I myself don’t need to go to the mosque anymore but I cannot take the need and the desire of the people away that’s their decision thank you very much [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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  • For those who don't know Hamid I can say he is doing the best work to expose the reality of Islam in his Arabic TV the Box of Islam. He is well informed and honest and is making a very very big difference in the Arab world. Hamid speaks several languages.

  • Hamed is a great thinker, trying to rescue both the Europe dominated politically by the ignorant white leftists and Arab crowded by the extremists.

  • Der Mann ist unglaublich. Er spricht neben Arabisch perfekt Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch und alles, was er sagt, hat Hand und Fuss. Ein unbeugsamer Kämpfer für Freiheit und Menschenrechte, ein tapferer Mann.

  • We are such fools. The islamophobia thing invented by the Muslim Brotherhood. We are all fools and Muslims are laughing at us. We should be secular. Pursue your religion in your own time. This man lays it all out so well. I hope to hear more of him.

  • Thank you Hamed Abdel Samad for speaking for us. Europe is really screwed and there is no freedom of speech, only political correctness and tolerance for intolerant people (intolerant religion).
    We should all stand up for you and honest people like you.

  • 25:57: 'That's what I call the bigotry of low expectations'. Well, actually that's what Maajid Nawaz first called it, because he coined the phrase. Maajid is another speaker worth hearing in this debate.

  • most muslime will never accept our rules, because they make divine revelation superior, and that fact will never die.

  • wonderful speech as usual, thank you Mr. Abdul Samad for taking this risk and say out loud what most of us cant say abot Islam

  • Samad is a big hero. He stands up and speaks out when almost everybody run for cover. We need to stop the political correctness and start to call things with their names. Islam is a violent ideology. Islam is the biggest threat on humanity in our time. I know what I'm talking about. I was born muslim and have always defended islam. But I found out the ugly truth about this cult, I left islam because my human integrety means a lot for me. I've got my life back. I'm very happy man, but I keep fighting to help other leave this evil religion.
    Again thank you Samad!
    By ex-muslim

  • he's very intelligent and right. fuck all fscist liberal left that opened the door for unhuman and totaltrian ideology of Islam in the west.

  • Islam in Brief:
    Islamophobia :

  • guys…. this is Not a joke.

    we have political jihad waged against us already.

  • I feel they no one understand what he is talking about and how series it is, we are in the Middle East know exactly the mentality of Islam and how the Muslims Sheikhs in middle east talk about invading and take captive the European women. their price is our women as Muhammad did and he understood the Arabs way of thinking even he promised them that in Heaven they will have 70 mermaids…

  • One brave man. Respect.
    Faith and beliefs have no right human beings do.

    Lol!!! the case is made Mohammad was a mass murderer and a rapist.

  • Min recension av hans bok Den islamiska fascismen

  • it bothers me how the term 'islamophobia' has been connoted negatively by the left, media as well as by muslims. That makes it so hard to criticise that religion . Instead of identifying the true meaning 'phobia' meaning 'fear'. Why don't we acknowledge the fear that people have – instead of cussing them out? I'm an Islamophobe to a certain degree.

  • A great Egyptian intellectual, he speaks Arabic English German and french. He speaks about the most important of the subjects. The religion of war.

  • Islam needs to be BANNED in the WEST it should NEVER have been ALLOWED to DOMINATE OUR SOCIETY. That is what you get for being TOLERANT to these UNGRATEFUL ARSEHOLES.

  • I believe Murray is right Islam will have a hard landing in Western Europe. All we can do is make it less hard. Just my instinct. And I believe it will be Tragic too.

  • Critisizing islam its not à far right thematic its should be subject of every humanist! And yes we need more voices to help him. I agree with every single word that you say Hamed as an arabic speeker and ex-muslim. Proud of you

  • I have seen this speech more than 4 times and every time I see something great in hamed's personality . He's the most brilliant person in the world. Go a head hero

  • You should come to America and give some Lecture..
    Many People might call you a Hate Mongering Person,but not me.What you are doing is ENLIGHTENING Us and the Muslim too…Always take care..

  • an marvel contribution to freedom of speech thank you
    for humanists it does not make it any different if the prophet of an religion did fly with the help of an invented flying donkey or he could fly without any invented animals
    but if the swedish animal protectors find out what really happened both prophets are in trouble

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