Freedom Of Speech (Just Watch What You Say About Women)

…..the sign on the war memorial said “Wet paint”, so I did. Interesting. Hi, I am Hugh Jass, and I am joined by Mary Hinge, the award-winning feminist author, who wants
to discuss freedom of speech in Great Britain. Hello, Mary, and welcome. Hello, Hugh, and thank you. I am guessing you have something to plug before we get started, so let’s hear it. I certainly do. I have created the holy grail of science, an infinite energy source, a never-ending supply of power for the world. That is remarkable. How does it work? Well I can’t give away all the secrets, but
I can tell you the reason it is unlimited is because it is harnessed from the insignificance
of feminism, giving us all far more energy than we’ll ever
need. At last, something to thank feminism for. Moving on, what do you want to discuss today? I would like to talk about freedom of speech
in Britain Don’t you mean Great Britain? Absolutely not, as it is no longer worthy of such a title,
in fact, it should probably be renamed, “Disgraceful, Disgusting, Over-Sensitive, Unfair, Misandry-Ridden, Hypocritical, Feminist Shithole Britain”, as that would be more fitting. That rolls right off the tongue. I sense something has pissed you off, am I
right? Yes you are. Britain has gone to the dogs, and a once great
nation is now reduced to a land of eggshells on which men must walk, even in private. Freedom of speech no longer exists, and to
think of the many thousands of men who gave their lives for us to have such freedom, only to watch it be totally destroyed by feminists, and apologetic men who pander to angry, over-sensitive women, it is absolutely shameful
and pitiful. Yes, I am pissed off. I am sure you have more details, let’s hear them. Sure. The land which was once famous for it’s stiff upper lip, is now famous for its quivering lip. To be more specific, it is Sky Sports recent sacking of Andy Gray,
and the obviously forced resignation of Richard Keys that has pissed me off, and made me utterly ashamed of my homeland. I have heard of them, but please tell us about them for people who
don’t know. Certainly. Richard Keys is a TV presenter, and has been for many years, he was working alongside Andy Gray, who is
an ex-football player, and also a pundit on Sky Sports. You said Gray was sacked, and Keys resigned, but why were they forced
out their jobs? Well there are two reasons, the genuine reason, and the official reason. What is the genuine reason? It is because Andy Gray is suing a newspaper
called the “News Of The World”, for allegedly hacking
his phone. That newspaper is owned by the same man who
owns, surprise surprise, Sky Sports, and that man is Sir Rupert Murdoch. The thing is, the genuine reason doesn’t offend me, I can totally understand an employer wanting to get rid of an employee who was suing them, but this was not the official reason given, and it’s the official reason that is an insult to everything Britain used to stand
for. And what is the official reason? The official reason given is that they made sexist comments about two specific women, and one about all women. Oh my God, I am horrified. What did they say? I will quote exactly what they said, and be
thankful you are sitting down, Hugh, as it is brutally offensive, and may upset you. They were talking about a female official
at a match, and how they thought she had made a poor decision during the game. They thought she had made a bad ruling on
an offside decision, so Keys said, “Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her”, and Gray said, “Women don’t know the offside rule”. That is so shocking, I think I am going to faint. Don’t pass out just yet, Hugh, it gets worse, much worse, you’d better take a deep breath for this one. When they were discussing an article in the
newspaper, which was written by a woman called Karren Brady, Keys said, “See charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, Love”. I don’t think my heart can take this. So I assume this caused outrage because it
went out live on air? No, that is what is so frightening about it. You see, they were not on the air at the time, and they assumed their microphones were turned off, so they had what they thought was a private conversation. This still did not go on air, it was leaked. So to sum up, both men have lost their jobs,
because they said something during a private conversation, that overly sensitive women, who were not actually
part of the conversation, might not like. That is what Britain has now become, a place
where a man can lose his job, because he said something during a private
conversation, that some carpet-munching man hater somewhere, might not like, that is what it all boils down to. You mentioned Karren Brady, please tell us about her. Certainly. She is currently the vice chairman of a team
called West Ham, who I believe are known as “The Pliers”. It’s “The Hammers”. Oh right, sorry. Anyway, she is considered a successful businesswoman,
and is always touted as such in the media. Of course, she is no such thing, as she is only where she is because of daddy’s money and daddy’s influence, as he was a football chairman, who is worth fifty million. She also has a serious problem with her hearing. What kind of problem? She hears things in a different way from the
rest of us. You see, when Keys said, “Do me a favour, Love”, what she actually heard was, “All women should
be cemented feet first into the ground, then slowly steamrollered, and then set on fire”. What a strange problem. The comments that upset her were about something
she had written about sexism, what was it she wrote? I’ll just quote what she said, “Over the past few weeks for the first time
in my life, I am experiencing sexism at it’s rankest, lies about my personal life, and a level of calculated mischief that is simply
appalling”. An absolute steaming pile of hollow horseshit. No specifics, no examples, no facts whatsoever,
she just says she suffers from sexism, so it must be true. I tell you, if you put her brain in a hazelnut shell, it would still rattle. I hear that. Did she spout any other undiluted bullshit? She sure did, listen to this mince. When asked if she thought they should apologise for what they said, she opened her mouth and allowed this keister gravy to pour out, “I don’t think they should just apologise to
me, I think they should apologise to all women”. It’s pretty obvious the wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead. I mean, she really thinks that they should apologise to over 3 billion people on the planet, because they had a bit of harmless banter
during a private conversation, and made a very small joke using a well-worn stereotype. Remember, they did not use foul language, and they did not call anyone any names, they simply shared a joke in private. Unbelievable. It certainly is. I would like to know just who the Hell Karren
think she is to not only speak on behalf of all women, as
if they don’t have their own opinions, but to also take offense on behalf of every woman
on the planet. The truth is, most intelligent women would
never allow such a comment to upset them, as they would either roll their eyes, or better
yet, give as good as they got. But women like Karren are desperate for victim
status, so jump all over such comments, as not only
do they give her victim status, but also a distraction, so no one notices where her team are in the league. And where are The Hammers in the league? Sadly, out of 20 teams, they are 20th. It’s a shame to see a club with such a great
history being ruined by a feminist daddy’s girl. Poor Hammers, good luck to them. Anything else you can tell us about daddy’s
girl? Of course. She makes an appearance on a show called “The Apprentice”, which is nowhere near as good as the American
version. She only gets on there because it’s on the BBC, and they are a
bunch of women-pleasing ass lickers, so they have her on as a token businesswoman. Pitiful. I heard she was an award winner, is that correct? Technically, yes, but all of the awards she has won, all have
the word “Woman” in their title, like, “Cosmopolitan’s woman of the year”, “Businesswoman of the year”, “The Natwest spirit
of everywomen award for services to women in business”. It would appear that she has great difficulty
competing with men for awards, which is easily proven by looking at where her team are right
now, hence her pathetic screams of “Sexism!” to excuse her woeful failings at West Ham. True that. So Gray and Keys lose their jobs, which they have earned on merit, because a
sour-faced, angry woman, who needs an excuse for her failures, claims she was upset, and
of course if she is upset, that must obviously mean the other 3 billion plus women on
the planet are upset as well, about the same thing? Exactly, it is truly unbelievable. What other reactions have there been? Too many to mention, but it’s safe to say that
almost every woman who has the ability to put a sentence together, has pretended they were offended by this. It’s equally safe to say that every single woman who claims she finds
this offensive, is nothing more than a pig-ignorant, hypocritical,
mallet head, as it is an absolutely rock-solid guarantee,
that they have said far worse about men during their private conversations with their friends. Other people whose stupidity is actually considered a public hazard, will focus on the fact that Gray and Keys have plenty of money, and say
they shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Fools. Have any other hypocrites stupidly opened their mouthes? God yes. Rio Ferdinand showed his true mangina colours, by saying that Gray and Keys were prehistoric. I mean come on Rio, you shouldn’t have any problems with the women, you play for the best team in Britain, you
must be fighting them off with a shitty stick, yet you pathetically try to get on their good
side by claiming Gray and Keys were prehistoric. As if he has never in his life made a harmless
stereotypical joke about women, even though we all make jokes about the other
gender. What a bell-end. I hear that. I assume if you can lose your job for saying
derogatory remarks about the other gender, then those hounds on Loose Women must be shitting
themselves. No, they were born with an axe wound. You see, because they were blessed with a
stench trench, the same rules do not apply to them, so they can say what they want, when they want, and no matter how utterly disgusting it is, their brain dead audience will applaud like
a bunch of hypnotised zombies, which ironically, is what they look like. I saw their audience once, and from then on, they replaced the ogres in
my nightmares. I’m not surprised, they are a scary bunch. As I say, they can talk about what they want, on live TV, at lunchtime, five days a week. If they are not talking about how big their
knockers are every two seconds, they are talking about where
in the house their husband has a shit, how long he takes, and how bad it smells. I mean, what kind of sick maniac would you
have to be, to talk about your husband’s shitting routine
on live television? The kind who sniffs industrial solvent. Exactly. They can’t manage to string three sentences
together without mentioning sex, or talking about men’s cocks. This is on TV when children could see it, it is utterly filthy
and disgusting beyond belief, how they can get away with it. while two men
lose their jobs for something they said in private, is just a joke and an insult. I agree. So women are so sensitive, and lack the ability to understand fun,
that men have to walk on eggshells, whereas men are just expected to put up with all the
verbal abuse from women, even if the most vile things are said about them? Pretty much. As I said, Britain has lost it’s right to be
called great, and it’s got a long way to go to get the right back. Very true. Well, Mary, we will have to leave it there for
now, thank you for telling us about the extremely
sad situation Britain finds itself in. However, I will not thank you for making me think about
Loose Women, I will need to be pickled in vodka for a week
to forget those repulsive witches. Any time, Hugh. Before we go, I have a joke for you. Great stuff, let’s hear it. What is the difference between a battery, and
Karren Brady? I don’t know. A battery has a positive side. until next time, goodbye.

30 thoughts on “Freedom Of Speech (Just Watch What You Say About Women)

  • Damn. What a shit country Britain has become.
    Between the US, Canada and the UK, the UK may actually be the most misandric of them all.

  • Love that battery joke at the end.

    Here's one you may have heard :

    How many Feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    That's not funny

  • @6oodfella if its worse than the US in feminism than its prettie bad, hier in the US even in Psych klasse theres bullshit about how woman are better at Math and other things NOTHING for men just how great woman are this was sommthing the teacher(female) showed us und onlie 1 thing was positiv for men, exzept that woman made up for it with a similar abilitie XD

  • What do you expect from main stream media ……… They FAIL on all fronts, but people keep on lapping up the BS they spout . It's a sorry state the world's in , and we are slowly but surely sliding towards the nadir. Well at least when it hits the tards will get their just desserts, they sowed the BS, now they'll reap the rewards. It's just unfortunate these greedy pigs won't be the only ones who go down

  • @ShriekoftheVulture3 It's very difficult writing as a feminist, while being an MRA, I often get sidetracked and forget the fact she's a feminist 🙂

  • @rodneys0909 some mras and masculinists believe we can go about this not apposing feminism or working together. i believe that is as good as a sniveling slavedog begging musillini for a treat. i believe we will face more opposition and libel and even violence simply for not conscribing to their poison. i believe just like in fight club.society will get a very rude wake up call eventually.awaking them up to truth. just as true are evolution, the world is round etc, men are not oppressors

  • @rodneys0909 some mras and masculinists believe we can go about this not apposing feminism or working together. i believe that is as good as a sniveling slavedog begging musillini for a treat. i believe we will face more opposition and libel and even violence simply for not conscribing to their poison. i believe just like in fight club.society will get a very rude wake up call eventually.awaking them up to truth. just as true are evolution, the world is round etc, men are not oppressors

  • If she was given the choice between two candidates for a job with the same qualifications, and the only difference was gender, she'd pick the woman, thinking she's being a good person, completely unaware that she's being a sexist.

  • OK, now I'm scared. So the real reason for femism's success is that they've succesfully (and clandestinely) been able to create a Zero Point Module that draws energy from the pure vacuum of space. What's next? Collapsium, neubles, a friggin ISCOG?

    One question though: who's the mangina scientist that developed it for them?

  • I live in England, and it's not just jokes about women that will get you fired. The only groups you can joke about are white men and christians (and I'm not christian). Every other group has "victim status", and it's a joke. White men in this country are subjected to of all sorts of hypocritical nonsense from everyone else on an hourly basis – and they wonder why we are getting so pissed off about it! "white male privilege" my ass.

  • The internet is the only format that has not been taken over by Political Correctness, which is the most destructive force ever devised. I have no doubt it will eventually destroy us.

    Women are so use to being protected by Political Correctness in the news media, radio and TV that they have been brainwashed into a delusion of false self-aggrandizement.

  • US, Spain, Argentina, France, UK, Austrailia, and Canada are all feminist/misandric shit-holes.

    God, misandry is a pandemic.

  • Karen Bradys drivel is an insult to intelligent women. These kind of women are dangerous it's like on family guy where Peter griffin is bantering with his male coworkers then a woman walks in and she is offended by the banter and sues the company for 'sexual harrasement' just because of a sexist joke most intelligent women would either roll their eyes at or give as good as they get. It's childish and deluded especially as women are the worst for being sexist like the kind of women who host show

  • Shows like loose women. These kind of women hold normal women back by constantly ridiculing men, banging on about how great women are and how women are victims and men are a pain. It's so childish. As for women who work in mostly male environments they should either join in with the male banter or walk away.

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