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We have this thing we call
the Free Speech Challenge, challenging students at
different colleges to see if they’ll express
an opinion that’s unpopular.>>I don’t know if this
is super controversial. I guess it is in some ways. But I care a lot about climate change.>>I’m a big believer in women’s rights. I think, being a feminist, there’s a lot
of negative feelings that come with that.>>Do you wanna take our
Free Speech Challenge? Do you have any controversial
opinions of your own?>>Gun rights. I’m against that, but
I’m not worried to say it in front of you.>>Communism could work, right?>>Minimum wage should be livable,
not $7.25, it should be $10.>>I just wanna get rid of mass
consumption of GMO products and other things that are just
massly manufactured. I would like to eliminate that as a whole.>>Okay.>>I think a lot of people
here are against abortion. And I personally think in certain
circumstances that it’s perfectly okay.>>Should people be free to say
things that offend other people?>>I think they should,
cuz that’s who they are.>>Positivity should be supported.>>Sure. Should negativity be banned?>>I think so.>>I may not feel as comfortable having
someone yelling their opinions at me, but I respect the fact that they
have the right to do that.>>Yeah.>>I mean, Donald Trump was out
here saying whatever he wants.>>The delivery is very important. I think, also, others,
no matter which side you happen to be on, people are very quick to
talk instead of listen.>>Oh, yeah.>>And I think that’s a huge
component to this free speech>>To have that, it just furthers your knowledge
from different spectrums for people just to-
>>You have to hear different points of view.>>It gets you more educated,
more well-rounded, more aware of issues that don’t pertain to you necessarily but
issues surrounding the nation as a whole.>>I try to remind my students, you’re gonna change your mind about a lot
of things over time, and you should. None of us has all the answers. All of us are wrong about some things, and
the only way we’ll learn what those things are is to listen to others and
consider what they have to say.

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  • None of these opinions were unpopular. I'm not looking to start a debate here, but here's one of mine to set the bar for what an actual unpopular opinion looks like:

    – There's nothing morally wrong with incest assuming both parties give consent and use protection.

  • So I thought about it and here are some of my most controversial opinions in no particular order :

    Only land owners should be allowed to vote
    Repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Boot CAIR and any Iranian charity out of the US
    Poor people don't pay their fair share
    Fist fights should be legal
    Repeal the National Firearms Act of 1986 (people should be allowed to buy any and all weapons of wars)

  • All of those are the mainstream, left, social justice, college kid views. Nothing controversial or new, the net, media, news etc are saturated with their narrative.

    If one of them said screw big government, screw gun control, screw healthcare, screw minimum wage, woman have the same rights as man but chose different work time, paths in life and are less likely to negotiate their earnings with employers. Then i'd be impressed because you will be ostracized for saying this in college.

  • I ROTFL @ the "Communism could work" guy lol. Glad to see that many of the people were open to allowing the freedom of unpopular speech, even though most of them sounded really unsure if they thought it was a good idea.

    I expected the feminist chick to say that offensive/negative speech should be banned. Typical authoritarian SJW

    One of my controversial opinions?… I believe children are a form of property.

  • Not one of those students offered a truly "controversial" opinion. "No one died at Sandy Hook" is a controversial opinion; "the government sprays us with chemtrails", "government merely serves as legitimized force", or, "homosexuality is a sin and should be banned". THOSE are controversial opinions.

  • 'People shouldn't be allowed to produce the things other people want, but that I don't like'…. Probably against the drug war though.

    The downfall of Western culture will come from those who were and are young currently. I'll put my economist hat on for a second to say that lately I can't stop wondering if interest rates are playing a massive role in creating and/or growing this social justice warrior idealogical culture.

  • I think women need to learn their place. Otherwise they won't be able to be women. You can't be a woman AND equal do a man. It's one or the other. And if you think being equal to a man is the only thing that matters then that means you don't really value women or the role of a woman. Maybe some of you were brought by a stork. But the rest of us came out of a woman while and because she was being equal to a woman and NOT trying to be equal to a man.

  • None of those opinions seem controversial on most college campuses. How about "I'm a woman who's ardently pro life–not merely for religious reasons, but a consistent application of scientific principles. I'm also skeptical of some aspects popular third wave feminist philosophy which I perceive as embracing an identity of victim hood and unfair blame on other persons based solely on sexist and racist standards (if you are a white, straight male, apparently I'm supposed to think you're the devil. Well, if I were a "good feminist" I would)."

  • how about "tuition funded colleges shouldn't exist because they inherently make students into customers and give them leverage to get rid of professors they don't like"

  • These aren't controversial opinions for the average college kids. These are literally token, average opinions for North American people 15-25 years old haha. But regardless of whether I believe in what these guys believe, I have to say this free speech wall ix a hundred times better than the 'Words to Ban in 2016' wall that was at an art festival last month in my hometown (meninism was on there like 5 times. are you serious?)

  • None of these students said anything controversial as far as universities go. They could make a speech about these topics and I think most of not all the fellow students would be on board. I mean I think those stances are fine, and I support some of them but I'm not surprised and nothing said here is out of the norm from the young left.

  • How about: Some 'scientific' ideas accepted by society seem more like religious followings then scientific principles.Someone can completely understand you and know what you know but still rationally and logically disagree with you.

  • Lame no one anyone said anything that was even slightly controversial and then you had the girl who wanted "negative speech" to banned whatever that means.

  • Comments below suggest that these examples are just what we should expect from students indoctrinated by lefty college professors. If that is right, it would seem that these students are either 1) being taught by their lefty professors that these lefty opinions are controversial rather than correct or mainstream, or 2) finding out in college (despite their liberal professors) that their lefty positions are not accepted wisdom, but rather are controversial. To put the point another way, would you want the students to have learned in college that those are not controversial opinions?

  • It's fine if you think negativity should be banned but who then decides what constitutes as negative? Seems like a very dangerous, slippery slope to me. The people with the most outrageous opinions deserve to be protected the most.

  • I have no problem with any of their opinions, although i think they're wrong. What i have a problem with is when they say things like "I don't like GMOs, therefore GMOs should be banned" or "Im scared of people owning guns so we should remove people gun rights".

  • The most controversial thing one could say is that you believe that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by controlled demolition ( and I do). Since most people believe in the goodness of America, they won't even consider the possibility that the towers were brought down by our own government in order to justify invading the supposedly guilty countries.

  • He asked if negativity should be banned and that dumb college carbon copy said yes. I have no respect for my peers. This place is toast

  • I love the concept of the Free Speech Challenge, but I am astounded that ridiculously politically correct conformists consider their opinions "controversial". Is this what passes as courageous dissent and independent thinking on campuses nowadays?

  • Want controversial opinions try either Gary North(theocracy) or Hans Herman Hoppe view that we would have been better off with absolute monarchy than democracy though he would prefer Anarchocapitalism.

  • All of those opinions were mainstream. What the fuck.

    Downvoted because LearnLiberty didn't put any thought at FUCK ALL into this.

  • Opinions I hold that are controversial?

    Well, first off there's obviously libertarianism. Some of my professors consider it "dangerous." Of course though, the professor in question is also rather pro-war and doesn't think there is an underlying ethical nature to humanity at all, which is itself a rather controversial opinion.

    Next down the list from libertarianism would have to be that I think feminism has fallen from its original purposes and become a socialist agenda which, on occasion, coincidentally still stumbles upon a real women's rights issue and advocates it alongside absurdities. Abortions? Sure, so long as you can establish that the fetus is not a person. Government funded abortions though? Now we're stepping into the territory of absurdity, given the nature of political theft. "#freethenipple"? Sure. Feminism, early on, involved sexual liberty too. If men can walk around without shirts, why not women? Boobs? Tight abs and man pecs are pretty attractive too. And for that matter, why would we want to hide from our sight something which is attractive anyways? I somewhat understand concerns with genitalia, but I'm not so sure we need laws to prevent that since doing so is to make laws about being "offended" which is rather notable overreach on the parts of politicians. Equal opportunity in the work place? Definitely good. Cutting down on sexual assault? Sure. Domestic abuse? Yes, but interestingly I've heard it said that 60% of this is women "or children." That means that 40% is men. I doubt children take up less than 20%, so clearly this means the most assaulted group between women, children and men would be men. Strange, huh? Are these numbers the real numbers? I have my doubts. But if they are, this presents an interesting conundrum. Other statistics I'm looking up say 8 in 10 victims are women and this seems slightly more plausible. If it is the case, then certainly this is an issue of the individual rights of women. These issues strike me as serious issues, and yet I do not and doubt I ever will be willing to call myself a feminist. The movement has lost sight of its primary purpose and has strayed into sometimes violent and other times absurd territory, a path on which I cannot follow it.

    Next up would have to be religion. I think organised religion is absurd– yet, interestingly, I'm not an atheist or an agnostic. I am a neutral deist, meaning I think that some sort of a deity created the universe but (unlike a god, which is a powerful and interfering being) then went off to do whatever and left the universe to its own devices. This seems necessary in that the odds of the universe coming into being by a statistical accident are terribly low. But even if we grant this premise, as many atheists do (despite, ironically, not taking up the rational result of neutral deism!), this does not get us to any particular organised religion. Whatever deity it happens to be, it's equally likely to happen to be the Christian one as the Muslim one as the Greek ones, as the Hindu ones, etc. And more likely yet, it isn't an interfering agent in the day to day world at all– which makes all organised religions to be, still, absurd!

  • Here are some actually controversial opinions:

    1) Syrian refuges should not be allowed in such large numbers into European and other Western countries because they will bankrupt the welfare states they have so stupidly created and create even more "no go zones" than already exist in those countries. Every mass migration of one ethnic group in the U.S. has resulted in organized crime and exclusive neighborhoods. Italian Mafia, Russian Mob, Chinese Triads, Hispanic Gangs, all of them end the same way and result from the same stupid policy of allowing too many people of one culture to flood in simultaneously without any way of integrating them into the larger society. If you're going to accept Syrian refuges, do it slowly over time, or better yet just pay to locate them in other Middle Eastern countries which would be a more cost effective solution and allow them to enter countries where they are more culturally similar and will have an easier time integrating into the larger society.

    2) GMO production and consumption should be increased. There has been zero proof that GMOs are in any way less safe than organic products but GMOs have huge benefits. This is the liberal left's version of denying science because it's scary similar to how the conservative right wants to deny science because it contradicts religion. Look up no-till farming and golden rice if you want to know more.

    3) Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a falsehood. Carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has steadily risen for centuries as a result of human activity. However, global temperature increase does not fit this pattern at all. In fact, the last 20 years have seen no net global warming while CO2 continues to be added to the atmosphere at ever increasing rates. To claim that global warming is man made, catastrophic, and a result of CO2 is a blatant lie. Something else must be at play and we don't have to look far to see what; the sun. Changes in energy output from the sun much more closely match global temperature trends we see on our planet than CO2 emissions do. What's more, CO2 is not a pollutant. CO2 does not harm the environment or people and an increase in CO2 is actually beneficial for humans because it allows crops to grow faster, bigger, and healthier.

    4) Feminism is cancerous. Women should have equal rights and currently they do not. Women are more privileged than men in Western countries and the current 3rd wave feminism is not about equality but about more power for women. Women work part time more often and overtime less often but they receive more benefits from social security because they live longer after having paid less into the system. Women are never the victims of genital mutilation the way boys are circumcised in the West. Women receive shorter prison sentences than men and are more likely to be acquitted in a court of law. More women than men are attending college. Men are guilty until proven innocent in accusations of rape. Men are discriminated against in family court. The only debtor's prison in the entire Western world is exclusively reserved for men who can't pay child support. Only men are required to sign up for the draft. 90% or more of homeless people are men. 90% or more of work place deaths are men. The list goes on.

    Put that in a video, not this liberal mamby pamby crap.

  • When asked to say something "controversial" they blather out liberal talking points that pass as truths in US Campuses? Only 1-2 of them said anything remotely controversial, by college standards… most just repeated dogma. :/

  • 'I think negativity should be banned' > 'My controversial opinion is that I think controversial opinions should be banned'

  • Jesus Christ…should negativity be banned? Here are some unpopular opinions I'd like to express using my free speech… minimum wage is fucking stupid. Government should not regulate private contracts between employer and employee. Strict labor laws also make jobs rarer.

    This isn't even my opinion, 80% of economists agree the minimum wage crestes unemployment. Also, communism could work? Oh, it can work…. work to make life miserable. The Soviet Union, North Korea, and Cuba prove that.

  • Could Professor Baetjer have found someone with an actual controversial opinion? On a public university campus the following positions would be controversial (note that they are the opposite of those that appeared in the video). 1) Climate change is not a problem. 2) Women have equal rights in today’s society (equal pay, discrimination, etc.) 3) Guns should be more available 4) Minimum wage should be eliminated 5) Eliminate laws regulating GMO foods 6) Abortion should be outlawed. If someone said any of the above on the vast majority of campuses across the country, then they would be yelled at and demonized.

  • Controversial Opinion:
    We should be supporting Assad instead of 'freedom-fighters' (if anyone) and should be closer diplomatically to Russia instead of acting like we're playing some sort of game with the evil soviets still.

  • Seems to me that your college students have only heard one point of view their entire lives. They are the ones who are pushing the intolerance on the campus, not people who don't even attend it. Lots of pro communist, climate change, pro abortion, anti gun rights, anti – freedom of speech types interviewed. This video sums up the problems in our universities, no diversity of thought, just the talking points of the Left.

  • Fucking conformists – they look like any people interviewed on North Korean streets… or Soviet streets as well… Brainwashed slaves!

  • These things may be more controversial than people think…But apparently, youtube won't let me copy-paste from a text document, and I really don't want to type all that again. F*** you youtube.

  • Like many of my liberal friends, I support the right for people to be transgendered, but when I mention that by extension, people performing procedures to change their outward ethnicity (eg people in india lightening their skin, koreans altering their eyelids), their panties get tied up in a bunch.

  • Hey all,
    I was one of the students featured in the video. It seems like a lot of the people commenting here commit the fallacy of missing the point. I don't think the point of the video was to have a contest over who could say the most controversial opinion. Only the first question raised pertained to that. That was only one of many questions in the video.
    BTW I was one of the few who was NOT in favor of limiting speech, but added what I thought was another layer to a very dense and complicated topic: reflexivity, listening, and empathy. Mostly, these are not normative values for our culture, not even on college campuses.

  • Hmmm, controversial…Illuminati disappeared in the late 1700s. Masons (all kinds of testimonies that it's a cover for Illuminti) appeared and now are and have been in high levels of government. Thus, creating a council of NWO. In research, knowing that Masons in line of Illuminati want to shrink size of civilization to 500 million, so that they are easier to control. So, the governments get us into a huge WW3 along side of an invasion from ISIS/Muslims. Then, Obama can call for Martial Law.Finally the world will come together to combat, thus creating a world alliance and economy, hosted by a council of the highest powers, NWO. Illuminati wins. But, an alternate ending would be that Obamas the devil and the pope is the 2nd of Satin and these wars and uprising will bring truth to REVELATIONS!! have at this one! lol

  • I believe the freedom of speech should be unlimited. The government is not a master but a slave to us the individuals. What we say or think is ours to decide. I also believe that the free market is a great good and that Europe's tedency to Keynsian economics and regulations is going to destroy the free world. #speakfreely

  • Here is an actual controversial opinion. I dont believe people are gay and therefor cant have extra rights. I believe people may do things that are gay. Saying you should be treated different than someone else while claiming its equality is wrong. I play video games, that makes me a gamer. Should I have extra rights for all gamers now just because if things I do. Being gay means only that you engage in sexual activity with the same sex.

  • Before we've even started watching the video, here's the thing.
    "Freedom of speech: What's your opinion" is already quite a loaded statement/question, the fact that you have an opinion in and of itself and can express said opinion is what freedom of speech is…. so why have an opinion on the right to have an opinion?

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