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>>I’ve talked to Chris Rock and
Larry the Cable Guy, they don’t even wanna do
college campuses anymore.>>I hear that all the time. I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me don’t
go near colleges, they’re so PC.>>Censor not, lest you be censored. The offensive speech of one generation is
often the freedom movement of the next. This can result in a never-ending
cycle where the roles of oppressor and oppressed switch back and forth. Speech about sex is probably
the most instructive example of this historical process. Sexually provocative speech and images remain largely unprotected by
the First Amendment until the 1950s. Even James Joyce’s classic tome Ulysses
was banned in the United States for obscenity, as was D.H.
Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. But then in a series of
Supreme Court cases, spurred both by the sexual
revolution of the 1960s. And by a strong interpretation of the
First Amendment, sexual speech gradually earned its proper place among the kind
of speech that should be protected. An early high watermark for acceptance of
sexual expression or low Point depends on your point of view, came with the 1972
mass release of the XXX film, Deep Throat. What’s hard for a lot of people to fathom
today is that Deep Throat was shown in many mainstream theaters
across the country. This permissiveness did not last long,
the sexually open minded 70s gave way to the more conservative 80s and a strange
coalition started brewing between social conservatives and anti pornography
feminists like Catharine MacKinnon. The seemingly opposing groups agreed for different reasons that pornography
was dangerous and should be stopped. We see this strange double
mindedness on campuses today. While universities often like to show
themselves as being progressive by supporting sex positive speech, they
are also increasingly clamping down on sexually explicit speech,
imagery and even jokes. A second type of expression where norms
were once very constrained were then liberalized and now seem to be going back
in the Victorian direction is comedy. Famed comedian Lenny Bruce
was sentence to prison for his racy comedy act in the 1960s. But after he died, the right to offend comedy not only
became widely accepted, but expected. This idea prevailed for several decades. However, the pendulum seems to be swinging
back, particularly on college campuses. And this time, it is not the police or
feds who are demanding inoffensive comedy. It’s students. Even comedians as
prominent as Chris Rock and the late great George Carlin said that
they didn’t like playing college campuses, because these venues
have become too uptight. For the last few decades the idea that you
should not censor expression you dislike, because one day, you could be the censored seems to
be falling on deaf ears on campus. The truest support of free speech is to
defend those ideas and yes, jokes and pictures that we may hate. Not out of concern for
the protection of the ideas we love, but because we prefer to live in an open
society rather than a closed one.

7 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech: Why Are Sex and Comedy Censored? – Learn Liberty

  • If you can't find what you want in college, theaters, or on tv, we've got the internet for that. I don't think the maker of this video is competent enough to realize that in the internet age, we have more options for free speech than ever before because of computers and the internet.

  • Red flag: when the very nursery of the next generation of thinkers and doers becomes a place where free speech is frowned upon…

  • I like the information presented, but I do not appreciate the biased perspective it is presented in. This is not even about a few comedians being unable to perform at a few college. This is about a few comedians not receiving as much support from the students at said colleges. Comedy is about making your message relevant to the audience, and if you cannot accomplish that task then you should not go to that audience, which is what is happening. This is not a problem, it is the solution. Students, and everyone else as well, have the right to voice their opinion about what they view as inappropriate, and should not be forced to support what does not fit their opinion.

  • You know society is reminding me more and more of Fahrenheit 452 by Ray Bradbury. The people were the ones who demanded the censorship of all books not the government. Well and the technology and how they used it, how people cut themselves off from the world with technology and repressed everyone else.

  • I don't see anything wrong about audiences choosing what to listen.
    It's not the Law trying to stop you what you want to say, it's just that the people you want to talk to may not be willing to listen.
    Free speech doesn't equate to other people obligated to hear you, it just means government shouldn't be able to punish you for saying what you want to say without bothering other people. As a matter of fact, if you make too much noise near my house, I'd kick your ass.

    I can guess why Learn Liberty wants to promote more open mind attitude from college kids, but the way they present a misleading info such as "mere 1% of campus space for free speech" gives me a bit of cringe. Colleges do have a right to decide what goes on in their property. If you want more open minded college, the only solution is to find one.

    I understand it's frustrating to see so many over educated noobs unwilling to listen to logic and reason, but they should be listening to you because they want to, not because they feel obligated for sake of free speech.
    I should also mention that they've been quite dogmatic in this subject. I mean making similar videos on single topic for bunch of times so far.

    Well at least they're not suggesting using Law to force colleges to allow free speech in campus. I can give credit for not going over the line there.

  • I think you guys should leave the source of the information (ideas, graphs, charts, quotes, etc) in the description of the video. Sometimes I spend a lot of time researching for this data so I can decide about its liability, It would be great help if you put the links to the sources in the description. Thanks!

  • This annoyes me, so fucking much. ''Think of the children''. Yeah! Think of the children! They'll never know how re-production works until they're 12-13 years old! And that's also why they think of it as if it was disqusting too. Because that's where ''You pee from''

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