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hey guys Anthony Mancuso here and this is my freedom profits review okay so right now we're on the sales page we're gonna go ahead and take a look at the headline and the whole sales page together look at the income proof the different claims that they're making and see if they hold up or not and see what may be stretching it a bit then I'm going to take you behind the scenes into the members area of freedom profits so that you get to see exactly what you get when you purchase this product alright then after that I'm gonna take you over to my blog where we're going to talk about the upgrades so just like with any other products any other digital product out there as soon as you purchase the main course you're then going to be offered additional ot OHS or upgrades which will enhance the product or offer some done-for-you solutions or extra training whatever the case may be so I'm gonna show you exactly what those are how much they cost and what I recommend before you spend a penny all right and then make sure that you watch this until the very end because like always I've put together a really sweet mega custom bonus bundle for you as well for anybody that purchases through my link alright so let's dive straight into it here it says how this college dropout went from 15k in debt to consistent six-figure profits with zero budget and zero risk all right thanks to this simple system and underground software okay um the thing is maybe I would think this was a little far-fetched if I was reading this and hadn't been through the training but I've actually went through the training and this is actually just exactly what this is alright this guy he is a college dropout who was in debt and he's able to use this system which is in freedom profits which is no risk because not you know spending money he doesn't have to spend money to make money it's I mean you know affiliate marketing or anything like you've seen before it's actually a really really clever way to earn good money online that I've never seen taught before all right but we're gonna get back into that when we go into the members area so it says watch to see how you two can make a fool can make full-time dollars and as little as an hour a day alright so it says your blueprint for banking 3 plus figures daily consistent profits online 100% beginner-friendly zero experience or skills needed copy and paste this proven method and get paid up front every time now this is huge this is definitely one of the more beginner friendly methods that i've seen in quite a while that I truly believe anybody can take just as it is and make really good money okay job quitting income possible within as little as three days from right now ah three days it's kind of quick I mean if you really really hustled with this you know but I'd say it's definitely possible within within a couple weeks you're gonna start making money very fast and you you can start you know maybe you'll hit what you know the money that you want to make but I wouldn't recommend quitting your job in three days just to be transparent you know wait till you start getting the consistent income coming in and what I always tell people is wait till you're a part-time income you know with this exceeds your full-time income at your job and then then you can quit with no you know kind of with no worries zero risk okay this is also huge a lot of people tell me Anthony listen I don't have money for paid traffic this is a great aspect of it because you're not having to put your hard-earned money on the table with paid ads or anything like that or any expensive tools all the income is verified and the automation software that they included is going to help you really explode your results and make this method much more hands-on all right scale to game-changing income without lifting a finger all right now they have some income proof $199 cash magnets 267 dollar cash magnets and even six hundred ninety seven dollar cash magnets and as you can see this earn these earnings are consistent all right they're they're really recent they're from August of this year okay so this is a very very recent method that's working right now right and these are methods from beta testers all right so newbies with no experience with this method or any experience with online marketing we're able to take this straight as it is and make five hundred fifty dollars cash and this is $1,100 recurring so that's really really good it says imagine making a risk-free six-figure income from anywhere in the world alright and this was this was actually my big thing I wanted to be able to make six figures no matter where I was or what I was doing I wanted to basically be able to you know design my life however I wanted and that's what I'm able to do now and that's what I want for you guys as well and to do that you need you know you need to have as many methods that you can use to generate some cash as proud as possible alright so what you will find is that once you kind of get into your groove you're gonna develop your one main breadwinner and your one main method that really brings in about seventy five to eighty percent of your money and then you have little you know kind of cash pullers that you can use to just supplement your income with okay and this can definitely actually fit into either one but it's um it can easily be your main method to generate money as well alright so then they have some more excuse me they have some more stuff down here like I said this is a great part you're getting paid guaranteed cash without ever risking your hard-earned money and like I just said actually you can you can choose if you want to do this there's a part time method for some extra cash or leverage it for a more job replacing income and you're able to bank money from anywhere in the world right now these are the three product creators Jason Fulton mas berry and this is the guy who's doing the training Abdullah a froth okay yeah and he's been able to make $300,000 in the past 18 months with no budget or paid ads which is which is absolutely huge okay if you know for a lot of you guys out there $300,000 is a huge chunk of money I mean for myself included $300,000 and then 18 months it's really good money so let's see you know just more income shots here complete beginners yet and this is one thing I really love about this is that a lot of methods say they're newbie friendly but when you actually get into them you know you do need previous experience or expensive tools with this this is about just about the fastest way and a cost effective way that you can kind of get in the game and start earning because you don't need to you don't need to go the whole spend money to make money route okay all right so all right so we've kind of went through the whole sales page I don't want to spend too much more time on this you but you are going to be getting you're gonna get the fast cash proven method you're gonna give the software to automate the whole process and you're going to get the paint-by-numbers video guides okay which is huge everything is so step by step in this alright and you're gonna get the case study zero to ten thousand nine hundred and fifty one dollars in sixty days verified case study all right now also I just want to mention that I have actually verified all the earnings with this to make sure that all of the money that was made and displayed on this page is actually from the method alright which is huge you know a lot of people come to me with products that I can't verify their their earnings and I simply won't review them or won't recommend them because it's very important for me to know you know what earning something came from so in order for me to bring it to you guys it has to fit that bill okay and this definitely does so let's see you're also getting this reviews are only available during launch week so you have to grab this quick weekly live streams and updates 997 value VIP Facebook community and coaching a 297 value and templates profiles and additional cash opportunities this is a $197 value alright like I said these are only available during launch week and these guys what I liked about them is they do stand behind their products alright so you have a hundred percent risk-free money back guarantee okay so now let's hop over into the members area so that I can show you exactly what you get when you purchase this product all right so here we go we have ruined the members area of freedom profits here and as you can see there's a welcome video which isn't there right now or wasn't last time I checked and you have all of these you have all of these different videos with inside and first they start off with a case study alright then they go into what is the freedom profit system how does it work why follow freedom profits anatomy of a product display identify your skills creative work mass exposure test your skills expand portfolio alright 35 shots the perfect proposal and then here is the freedom profits lead-gen software all right now everything's laid out very very simply in this members area now unfortunately I can't get too specific onto you know their proprietary method because of the fact that it wouldn't be fair to the product creators and it wouldn't be fair to the people that are gonna buy this because in order for it to work as effective as possible you know it's best that only the people that actually invest in this get to see you know good to see that work okay because of the fact that revealing it would kind of give too much away so but I wanna we're gonna talk to you I'm gonna talk more about what you're gonna be doing in my review section in a little bit but what I want to do now is hop over to my blog and talk about the funnel so just like with any other product we there's going to be upsells with this now let's take a look at them right now alright so the main course which we just seen freedom profits for $13 and this is gonna be the launch price like I said this is a two and one software plus training so it's more than likely that after the launch date not only will those launch week bonuses go away but you'll probably have to pay a separate price for the software and the training alright that's usually how it works I'm not a hundred percent sure how these guys will do it alright so like we've seen the main course is a video training course that shows you how to use a very simple method for earning online that I've never seen taught before ever alright now this is a huge thing love about this course is that it's literally wide open to to just exploit and start making some quick profits with very fast upgrade number one this is the done for you freedom profit systems you guys know I'm a big fan of done for you alright anytime I can get something done for me I always opt for it right this is going to be something that I'm gonna be grabbing myself upgrade number two freedom profits guaranteed success upgrade number three for forty seven dollars this is the freedom profits secret strategy upgrade number four for seventy seven dollars this is set this up on autopilot and upgrade number five for ninety seven dollars you're gonna get the license rights the slash reseller rights to this okay now I you guys know I always recommend license rights when they are buy the right sellers and Jason Fulton and mosh berry are one of the sellers you know selling teams that I'm always picking up their license rights alright so I do highly recommend this and you guys know a lot of times I don't necessarily recommend OTO Zoar upgrades or not recommend them what I usually do is I just you know tell you about them tell you the pricing and let you make your own decision just a quick just a quick word here is that these guys have done a very good job in this case of making sure that all of the upgrades complement the product really well and will make your life a lot easier so whatever you can you know grab I would recommend it alright so let's see here free so it's my freedom profits review okay all in all I was very impressed by this course because of the fact that it's something that I've never seen taught before and it's something that I know newbies are intermediate really people in any skill level can use it to start earning and really hit the ground running fast this isn't something that you need any previous experience for it's not something that's hard to do it all and if something that's easily repeatable and very scalable all right so once you start using the freedom province method you'll be able to scale up your earnings pretty quickly okay and it's something that it's not going to take you super long to do so even if you have a day job you know you can do this on the side and you know simply wait until your part-time income exceeds your income at your job because obviously that's what you know we all get into this to do right just to be able to quit our day job and you know live life on our own terms or you know for those of you that just literally want to do this on the side that's fine too all right so this course was backed up by really solid earning proof like I told you that I did verify and everything was earned with this actual method okay obviously like it says here this has nothing to do with affiliate marketing or the usual rehashed methods that are being released lately and this is a quick screenshot of the members area like we just seen let's see here all right but there were just like anything else there was a couple of things that that I didn't really like about freedom prophets were that I thought could have been a little bit better the first thing there wasn't really a clear overview of the course and exactly what you'll be doing to earn money with this training you know or just a simple way to think about it that'll really help you digest everything a lot better and make it easier to start earning with all right and also as soon as I started and got about maybe I'd say 40 you know it's a 50% through the training I realized a great great bonus that I could give you guys that would allow you to earn even more that is something that I would actually do myself with the freedom profits method and it's gonna allow you to make a lot more money with it okay so what I've done is I've created the freedom profits bonus bundle that I guarantee is gonna be bigger and better than what anybody else is offering and if you purchase this through my link you're gonna get access to my bonus bundle that's gonna be a tremendous value and it's gonna help you earn more with this course now once you have my bonuses you'll be able to start using them straightaway and you're gonna have a clear edge and advantage over anybody that's using the freedom profit system without them alright so with that said let's talk about my bonuses now like it says here I only have 50 available and like always you know only the first 50 people that grab this through my link are gonna have access to this and I'm sorry guys but I don't make any exceptions on this bonus number one freedom profits secret sauce so in this bonus you're going to get a complimentary training where I show you the secret sauce for making the most money with freedom profits alright this is an insider secret from me that you can use to start earning more bonus number two freedom profits overview alright so this is going to be a quick overview that's going to it's gonna be about five and seven minutes and it's gonna make this whole course much easier to digest and it'll make it easier for you to implement and it's gonna just give you a nice quick glimpse into the entire system all right bonus number three p1 profits 1952 dollars in 48 hours case study bonus number for money monster this is one of my other 100 to 200 per day methods bonus number five is freedom profits hands off now in this bonus you're going to be able to you know learn how to outsource all of the work that you'll have to do with freedom profits to earn money all right now because of the fet because you want to work smarter not harder alright in my business one of my biggest breakthroughs is when I started to outsource more all right it freed up more of my time and for the price that you're able to get some of this stuff done very very cheaply by professionals alright so a lot of the times I get stuff done really really nice for such a cheap price I would be losing money if I tried to do it myself alright and this is going to be a great resource alright so that's it out of me guys you'll be able to grab this through any of the links here on this page when freedom profits goes live and you'll be eligible for my bonus bundle it's going to be waiting for you inside your warrior Plus members area so all you'll have to do is click in the upper right hand side where it says purchase history and then click into freedom profits and then look for where it says affiliate bonuses alright if you're watching this on youtube please like subscribe and comment below and also if you're looking to get to this page from youtube you'll be able to see the link to this page in the description below as well where you can go ahead and read through my review this video will be right here you can read more about the funnel read more about my review or check out my bonuses and also make sure I still have any bonuses left alright guys so that's it out of me I'll see you guys next time take care

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  • Hi Anthony, Im Shon from Kenya. Im new to all this but I sure want to learn. Your review is amazing,its gives me some confidence in the program. Great job.

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